Debian GIS Project
A Debian Pure Blend is a Debian internal project which assembles a set of packages that might help users to solve certain tasks of their work. The list on the right shows the tasks of debian-gis.
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Debian GIS Package Thermometer

Package stabletestingunstablestable-bpoexperimentalNEWUNRELEASEDupstreamtasks
avce00 (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.0.0-32.0.0-32.0.0-3workstation
cgal (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.5-24.6-34.6-3devel
creepy (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2~alpha-1osm
dans-gdal-scripts (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.23-20.23-30.23-3remotesensing
doris (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.06~beta2+dfsg-34.06~beta2+dfsg-34.06~beta2+dfsg-3remotesensing
e00compr (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.1-21.0.1-21.0.1-2workstation
emerillon (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.1.90-10.1.90-10.1.90-1osm
emoslib (PTS, VCS, UP) 000392+dfsg.1-3000392+dfsg.1-3000392+dfsg.1-3devel
epr-api (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2-22.2-22.3~dev20140814b-1devel remotesensing
foxtrotgps (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2.0-11.2.0-11.2.0-1gps
freexl (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.0g-1+deb8u11.0.1-21.0.1-2workstation devel
fyba (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.1-14.1.1-14.1.1-2devel
g2clib (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4.0-21.4.0-21.4.0-2devel
garmindev (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3.4+svn3432-20.3.4+svn3432-30.3.4+svn3432-3gps
gdal (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.10.1+dfsg-81.10.1+dfsg-81.10.1+dfsg-81.11.2+dfsg-1~exp3workstation remotesensing devel
gebabbel (VCS, UP) osm
geographiclib (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.37-31.42-11.42-11.43-1~exp1workstation devel
geoip (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.6.2-41.6.5-21.6.5-2devel workstation
geolinks (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.1-10.0.1-10.0.1-1workstation
geos (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.4.2-63.4.2-73.4.2-7devel workstation
gmt (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.5.12-14.5.12-14.5.12-1workstation devel
gmt-gshhs (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2.0-22.2.0-22.2.0-2data
googleearth-package (PTS, VCS, UP) workstation
gosmore (PTS, VCS, UP)
gpsbabel (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.5.0-31.5.0-31.5.0-3gps
gpscorrelate (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.6.1-41.6.1-41.6.1-4gps osm
gpsd (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.11-33.11-33.11-33.12-1gps devel
gpsdrive (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.10~pre4-6.dfsg-5.2gps
gpsman (PTS, VCS, UP)
gpsmanshp (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2.3-41.2.3-41.2.3-4workstation
gpsprune (PTS, VCS, UP) 17-117.2-117.2-117.2-2~exp1osm
gpstrans (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.41-40.41-40.41-4gps
gpx2shp (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.71.0-10.71.0-10.71.0-1gps
gpxviewer (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.4.3-1osm
grace (PTS, VCS, UP) 5.1.24-35.1.25-15.1.25-1workstation
grass (PTS, VCS, UP) 6.4.4-16.4.4-16.4.4-17.0.0-1~exp1workstation devel
gsdview (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.6.5-1remotesensing
gts (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.7.6+darcs121130-
h5utils (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.12.1-
hdf-eos5 (PTS, VCS, UP) 5.1.15.dfsg.1-45.1.15.dfsg.1-45.1.15.dfsg.1-4devel
hdf5 (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.8.13+docs-151.8.13+docs-151.8.13+docs-151.8.15+docs-2devel workstation
hyantesite (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.0-11.3.0-11.3.0-1statistics
imposm (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.5.0-32.5.0-32.5.0-3osm
imposm-parser (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.6-
jmapviewer (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.03+dfsg-21.03+dfsg-21.03+dfsg-21.08+dfsg-1~exp1osm
josm (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.svn7643+dfsg1-10.0.svn7643+dfsg1-10.0.svn7643+dfsg1-10.0.svn8159+dfsg1-1~exp10.0.svn4487+dfsg2-3osm
josm-plugins (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.svn30763+ds1-10.0.svn30763+ds1-10.0.svn30763+ds1-10.0.svn31074+ds1-1~exp1osm
jts (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.11-11.11-11.11-1workstation
laszip (WNPP, VCS, UP) 2.2.0-1devel
leaflet (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.7.3~dfsg-10.7.3~dfsg-10.7.3~dfsg-1osm
libcitygml (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.14+svn134-2+3p2p10.14+svn134-2+3p2p10.14+svn134-2+3p2p1devel
libdap (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.12.0-13.12.0-13.12.0-1devel
libepsilon (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.9.2-20.9.2-30.9.2-3devel workstation
libgaiagraphics (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.5-30.5-30.5-3workstation
libgctp (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.0-12.0-12.0-1devel
libgdal-grass (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.10.1-31.10.1-31.10.1-31.11.2-1~exp2workstation
libgeo-coder-osm-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.03-10.03-1osm
libgeo-google-mapobject-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.06-20.06-20.06-2devel
libgeo-googleearth-pluggable-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.15-20.15-20.15-20.15-3devel
libgeo-gpx-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.26-10.26-20.26-2devel
libgeo-osm-tiles-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.04-40.04-40.04-40.04-5osm
libgeo-point-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.96-10.96-10.96-10.96-2workstation
libgeo-proj4-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.05-11.05-21.05-2workstation devel
libgeotiff-dfsg (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4.0-51.4.1-11.4.1-1devel workstation
libgeotiff-epsg (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4.0-11.4.1-11.4.1-1workstation
libgrits (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.8.1-10.8.1-10.8.1-1devel
libhdf4 (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.2.10-34.2.10- workstation
libkml (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.0~r864+dfsg-11.3.0~r864+git20131113-9b50572+dfsg1-11.3.0~r864+git20131113-9b50572+dfsg1-1devel workstation
libkmlframework-java (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.20090718-10.0.20090718-10.0.20090718-1devel
liblas (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.8.0-11.8.0-21.8.0-2devel workstation
libosm-gary68-perl (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0~svn26727-10.0~svn26727-10.0~svn26727-1osm
librasterlite (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.1g-41.1g-51.1g-5devel workstation
librewms (VCS, UP) 1.0.0a-1~exp2workstation
libterralib (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.3.0+dfsg.1-24.3.0+dfsg.1-24.3.0+dfsg.1-2devel
mapcache (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2.1-21.2.1-31.2.1-3web devel
mapnik (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2.0+ds1-72.2.0+ds1-72.2.0+ds1-7devel workstation
mapready (VCS, UP) 2.3.17-1remotesensing
mapserver (PTS, VCS, UP) 6.4.1-56.4.1-66.4.1-6web devel
marble (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.14.2-14.14.2-14.14.2-1devel gps
memphis (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.2.3-20.2.3-20.2.3-2osm
merkaartor (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.18.1-30.18.1-30.18.1-3osm
mipp (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.9.1-20.9.1-20.9.1-2remotesensing
mkgmap (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.0+svn3333-10.0.0+svn3552-10.0.0+svn3552-1osm
mkgmapgui (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.1.ds-21.1.ds-41.1.ds-4osm
modestmaps-py (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.1-11.3.1-11.3.1-1devel
monav (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3-80.3-80.3-8osm
mtkbabel (PTS, VCS, UP)
musmap (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.9.1.cvs20060116web
navit (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.5.0~svn5900+dfsg.1-10.5.0~svn5900+dfsg.1-10.5.0~svn5900+dfsg.1-1osm gps
nco (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.4.2-14.4.8-14.4.9-1remotesensing workstation
ncview (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.93g-12.1.5+ds1-12.1.5+ds1-1workstation remotesensing
netcdf (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.3- workstation devel
node-carto (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.9.5-20.9.5-20.9.5-2osm
node-osmium (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.3.0-1osm
node-rbush (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4.0-11.4.0-1osm
obdgpslogger (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.16-1.20.16-1.20.16-1.2gps
ogdi-dfsg (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.2.0~beta2- workstation
openbmap-logger (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.4.0-60.4.0-60.4.0-6gps
opencpn (WNPP, VCS, UP) 2.5.0+dfsg-1workstation
opencv (PTS, VCS, UP)
openev (WNPP, VCS, UP) 1.9.0-cvs20051112-1remotesensing
openjump (VCS, UP) 1.0-5workstation
openlayers (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.11+ds1-12.13.1+ds2-12.13.1+ds2-12.11+ds1-2osm
openlayers3 (WNPP, VCS, UP) 3.1.1-1osm
openscenegraph (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.2.1-63.2.1-63.2.1-6workstation devel
openstreetmap-map-icons (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.svn30763-10.0.svn31107-10.0.svn31107-1osm
osgearth (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.5.0+dfsg-22.5.0+dfsg-22.5.0+dfsg-32.6.0+dfsg-1~exp3workstation
osm-gps-map (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.2-21.0.2-31.0.2-30.7.3-2devel workstation osm
osm2pgsql (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.86.0-10.87.3-30.87.3-3osm
osmcoastline (WNPP, VCS, UP) 2.0.1-1osm
osmctools (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3-10.5-10.5-1osm
osmembrane (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.0+svn906+dfsg-1osm
osmium (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0~20140910-9a069af-10.0~20150428-7f23002-10.0~20150428-7f23002-1devel osm
osmium-contrib (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.0~20150306-0c4f263-1osm
osmium-tool (WNPP, VCS, UP) 1.0.1-1osm
osmosis (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.43.1-30.43.1-50.43.1-5osm
osmpbf (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.3-21.3.3-31.3.3-3osm
osrm (WNPP, VCS, UP) 4.6.1-1osm
ossim (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.8.16-31.8.16-31.8.16-3workstation remotesensing devel
owslib (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.8.10-10.8.10-10.8.13-10.8.13-1~expweb
paraview (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.0+dfsg+1-14.1.0+dfsg+1-24.1.0+dfsg+1-2devel
pg-comparator (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2.5-22.2.5-22.2.5-2workstation
pktools (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.5.3-12.6.3-12.6.3-1workstation devel
polsarpro (WNPP, VCS, UP) 4.2.0+dfsg-1remotesensing
postgis (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.1.4+dfsg-32.1.7+dfsg-12.1.7+dfsg-1workstation devel
pprepair (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0~20150323-6284890-10.0~20150323-6284890-1workstation
prepair (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.7-20.7-2workstation
proj (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.8.0-54.9.1-14.9.1-1workstation devel
proj-rdnap (PTS, VCS, UP) 2008-42008-4workstation
pycoast (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.5.2-10.5.2-10.5.2-1remotesensing
pycsw (WNPP, VCS, UP) 1.10.1+dfsg-1web
pyepr (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.8.1-20.8.2-10.8.2-1workstation remotesensing
pykdtree (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.2-10.2-10.2-1remotesensing
pyorbital (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3.2-10.3.2-10.3.2-1remotesensing
pyosmium (WNPP, VCS, UP) 2.1.0-1osm
pyresample (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.1.0-11.1.0-11.1.0-1remotesensing
pyshp (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2.1-11.2.1+ds-11.2.1+ds-1workstation
pyspatialite (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.0.1-63.0.1-63.0.1-6workstation
python-affine (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.1.0-11.1.0-1workstation
python-cligj (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.1.0-10.1.0-1devel
python-descartes (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.1-11.0.1-1workstation
python-geohash (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.8.3-10.8.3-10.8.3-1devel
python-geojson (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.9-21.0.9-2devel
python-geopandas (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.1.1-1workstation
python-mpop (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.0-11.0.0-11.0.0-1remotesensing
python-osmapi (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.5.0-10.5.0-1osm
python-pyproj (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.8.9-
qgis (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.4.0-12.8.1+dfsg1-12.8.1+dfsg1-1web workstation devel
qlandkartegt (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.7.7-31.8.1+ds-11.8.1+ds-11.8.1+ds-2~exp2gps osm
qmapshack (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.6.0-11.2.2-11.2.2-1gps
r-cran-deldir (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.1-6-10.1-6-10.1-6-1statistics
r-cran-gpclib (VCS, UP) 1.5-5-1statistics
r-cran-gstat (VCS, UP) 0.9.59-1statistics
r-cran-mapdata (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2-3-12.2-3-12.2-3-1statistics
r-cran-mapproj (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2-2-11.2-2-11.2-2-1statistics
r-cran-maps (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.3-7-12.3-9-12.3-9-1statistics
r-cran-pbsmapping (VCS, UP) 2.59-1statistics
r-cran-sp (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0-15-11.0-15-11.0-15-1statistics
r-cran-spatstat (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.37-0-11.37-0-11.37-0-1statistics
r-cran-spdep (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.5-74-1statistics
r-cran-tripack (VCS, UP) 1.2.11-1statistics
readosm (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.0b+dfsg1-21.0.0d-11.0.0d-1osm devel
rel2gpx (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.27-10.27-10.27-1osm
roadmap (WNPP, VCS, UP) 1.0.12-1workstation
routino (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.7- osm
ruby-hdfeos5 (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2-31.2-41.2-4devel
ruby-netcdf (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.6.6-20.6.6-20.6.6-2devel
s3d (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.2.2-100.2.2-100.2.2-100.2.2-11workstation
saga (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.1.2+dfsg-32.1.4+dfsg-12.1.4+dfsg-1workstation devel
savi (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4.6-11.4.6-11.4.6-1workstation
shapelib (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.0-41.3.0-41.3.0-4workstation devel
sjjb-map-icons (WNPP, VCS, UP) 20110406-1osm
snaphu (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4.2-21.4.2-21.4.2-2remotesensing
sosi2osm (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.0-11.0.0-11.0.0-2osm
spatialindex (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.8.1-31.8.1-31.8.1-31.8.5-1~exp2devel
spatialite (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.1-104.1.1-104.1.1-104.2.1~rc1-1~exp5devel workstation
spatialite-gui (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.7.1-51.7.1-51.7.1-5workstation
spatialite-tools (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.1-44.1.1-54.1.1-54.2.1~rc1-3workstation
thuban (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2.2-61.2.2-61.2.2-6workstation
tilecache (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.11-22.11-22.11-2osm web
tilelite (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.1.5-20.1.5-20.1.5-2web osm
tilemill (WNPP, VCS, UP) 0.10.1+ds1-1web
tilestache (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.31.0-11.31.0-11.31.0-1web osm
tinyows (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.1.0-51.1.0-61.1.0-6web
totalopenstation (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3-40.3.1-10.3.1-1workstation
twms (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.05t-20.05t-20.05t-2web
udunits (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2.17-12.2.17-12.2.17-1devel
viking (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.5.1-11.5.1-11.5.1-1osm