Debian Astro

Debian Astro is a "Debian Pure Blend" with the aim to develop a Debian based operating system that fits the requirements of both professional and hobby astronomers. It integrates a large number of software packages covering telescope control, data reduction, presentation and other fields.

Featured packages

Stellarium: real-time photo-realistic sky generator

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Glueviz: Linked data visualization

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Saods9: Image display tool for astronomy

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Splash: Visualisation tool for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulation

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On an existing Debian Stretch installation, you can get the Debian Astro Pure Blend just by installing its metapackages. During the installation on a new system, this will be possible during the installation process.

If you're new to Debian and you'd like to try the Debian Astro Pure Blend without installing it on your computer, or if you'd like to perform a fresh installation of Debian with all the astronomy software ready-to-go, you might find the live images useful. Images will be produced that can be run from DVDs or USB sticks on both 32-bit and 64-bit Intel architectures.

Note: Debian Astro is not available under Debian Jessie. Our plan is to deliver the first version together with Debian Stretch.