DebiChem Packages

The DebiChem Pure Blend contains 96 packages which are grouped by metapackages. Each metapackage will cause the installation of packages for a specific topic. The following table lists the metapackages of DebiChem:

Analytical Biochemistry DebiChem - Analytische Biochemie
Cheminformatics DebiChem - Chemoinformatik
Crystallography DebiChem - Kristallografie
C/C++/Fortran Development DebiChem C/C++/Fortran Development
Input Preparation and Output Processing DebiChem input preparation and output processing
Molecular Ab Initio Calculations DebiChem Molecular Ab Initio Calculations
Molecular Dynamics DebiChem Molecular Dynamics
Molecular Modelling DebiChem 3D Molecular Modelling and Visualization
Periodic Ab Initio Calculations DebiChem Periodic Ab Initio Calculations
Semi Empirical Calculations DebiChem - semiempirische Pakete
Chemical Formula/Structure Editors DebiChem chemical formular/structure editors
3D Visualization DebiChem 3D Viewers