Debian Hamradio Antennas packages

Debian Hamradio Antenna Packages

This metapackage will install packages useful when working with antennas in Debian.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
antennavis 0.3.1-4 antenna radiation pattern visualization software
gsmc 1.2.1-1 Smith Chart calculator for impedance matching
linsmith 0.99.30-1 tool to generate Smith Charts
nec2c 1.3-3 Translation of the NEC2 FORTRAN source code to the C language
splat 1.4.2-2 analyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links
xnec2c 4.1.1-1 calculate and display radio antenna properties
yagiuda 1.19-9 software to analyse performance of Yagi-Uda antennas