Debian Hamradio Rig Control packages

Debian Hamradio Rig Control Packages

This metapackage will install packages useful for rig control and programming.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
chirp 20240413-1 New upstream version 20240706 available Configuration tool for amateur radios
dmrconfig 1.1+git20190919.e47491e-6 Configuration utility for DMR radios
flrig 1.3.42-1 ham radio transceiver control program
grig 0.9.0-1 アマチュア無線制御ライブラリへのグラフィカルユーザーインターフェース
icom 20120228-4 CI-V インターフェイスの ICOM 無線機を制御するソフトウェア
kappanhang 1.3-2 Remotely open audio channels and a serial port to an Icom transceiver
libhamlib-utils 4.5.5-4 Utilities to support the hamlib radio control library
qdmr 0.11.2-1 New upstream version 0.11.3 available GUI application to program DMR radios
remotetrx 15.11-2 Remote controller for radio transceivers
tk2 1.1-10.1 ICOM IC-R2 レシーバー用 Tk GUI
tk5 0.6-6.2 ICOM IC-R5 レシーバの実験的ソフトウェア
tmd710-tncsetup 1.13.1-2 tool to configure the TNC on several Kenwood radios
wfview 1.64-2 remote-control and waterfall for modern ICOM radios