Debian Astro Development packages

C/C++ development packages for astronomy

This metapackage will install Debian Astro packages which might be helpful for the development of (mainly C/C++) astronomical applications. Note that Java, Python and Tcl/Tk packages are not included here; they can be installed by selecting the according tasks.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
aoflagger-dev 2.9.0-1 Find RFI in radio astronomical observations (development files)
casacore-dev 3.3.0-4 CASA core library development files
giza-dev 1.1.0-1 Lightweight scientific plotting library (development files)
libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl 1.05-2 Perl extension for using the cfitsio library
libastrometry-dev 0.70+dfsg-1 Astrometry plate solver (development files)
libatlas-dev 3.8.4-9+deb7u1 New upstream version 3.11.41 available Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, C header files
libccfits-dev 2.5+dfsg-2 static library for I/O with FITS format data files
libcfitsio-dev 3.490-3 library for I/O with FITS format data files (development files)
libchealpix-dev 3.11.4-2 HEALPix representation of spherical data - C development library
libcpl-dev 6.1.1-2 ESO library for automated astronomical data-reduction
liberfa-dev 1.7.1-1 Essential Routines for Fundamental Astronomy (development files)
libfftw3-dev 3.3.4-2 Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms - development
libgnuastro-dev 0.8-1 GNU Astronomy Utilities development files
libgsl-dev 2.6+dfsg-2 GNU Scientific Library (GSL) -- development package
libgyoto6-dev 1.2.0-2 development files for libgyoto
libhdf5-dev 1.12.0+repack-1~exp2 New upstream version 1.12.0 available HDF5 - development files - serial version
liblapack-dev 3.5.0-4 Library of linear algebra routines 3 - static version
liblorene-dev 0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1 development files for the LORENE framework for numerical relativity
libnexstar-dev 0.15-1 Celestron/SkyWatcher telescope control library development files
libnova-dev 0.14.0-2.1 development files for libnova astronomical library
libplplot-dev 5.10.0+dfsg2-0.4 Scientific plotting library (development files)
libpluto-jpl-eph-dev 0.0~git20180228-1.1 development files to interact with JPL ephemeres data
libpluto-lunar-dev 0.0~git20180825.e34c1d1-1 New upstream version 0.0~git20201128.42787b5 available development files for astronomical Lunar library
libpurify-dev 2.0.0-5 New upstream version 3.0.1 available Routines for radio interferometric imaging (development files)
libqfits-dev 6.2.0-8 Development files for libqfits
libsopt-dev 2.0.0-2 Development package for Sparse OPTimisation library
libwcstools-dev 3.9.6-1 Handle the WCS of a FITS image (development files)
postgresql-pgsphere 1.1.1+2018.10.13-1 Spherical data types for PostgreSQL
postgresql-q3c 1.6.0-1 PostgreSQL extension used for indexing the sky
voro++-dev 0.4.6+dfsg1-3 library for the computation of the Voronoi diagram (dev files)
wcslib-dev 4.24-1 Header files and static library for wcslib and pgsbox
wsclean-dev 2.10.1-1 Fast generic widefield interferometric imager (development files)

Official Debian packages with lower relevance

Package Version Description
slang-cfitsio 0.3.8+nosvn-5 read and write FITS files from S-Lang

Debian packages in contrib or non-free

Package Version Description
libpgsbox-dev 4.24-1 (contrib) Header files and static library for libpgsbox
pgplot5 5.2.2-19.3 (non-free) large subroutine library for plotting scientific data