Debian Astro Python packages

Python 2 packages for astronomy

This metapackage will install Python 2 packages for astronomy. The packages can be used for interactive analysis, or to create specific programs.

Note that Python 2 is legacy only, Python 3 is the present and future of the language. The support for Python 2 will end in 2020. Please use Python 2 only if you don't have a choice.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
ipython 0.13.1-2+deb7u1 Enhanced interactive Python 2 shell
python 2.6.6-3+squeeze7 interactive high-level object-oriented language (Python2 version)
python-aplpy 1.1.1-1 Astronomical Plotting Library in Python 2
python-asdf 1.2.1-2 Python library for the Advanced Scientific Data Format
python-astlib 0.8.0-4 General Python tools for astronomy
python-astrometry 0.70+dfsg-1 Astrometry plate solver (Python package)
python-astroml 0.3-6 New upstream version 1.0~a1 available Python Machine Learning library for astronomy
python-astroplan 0.2-5 Observation planning package for astronomers (Python 2)
python-astropy 1.3-8 Core functionality for performing astrophysics with Python
python-astropy-affiliated 1.2 Collection of all astropy affiliated packages (Python 2)
python-astroquery 0.3.4+dfsg-3 Python online astronomical database querying (Python 2)
python-astroscrappy 1.0.5-1 Optimized Cosmic Ray Annihilation in Python 2
python-casacore 2.1.2-3 Python 2 bindings to the casacore library
python-ccdproc 1.2.0-1 Basic data reductions of astronomy CCD images (Python 2)
python-cpl 0.3.6-1 Control pipeline recipes from the European Southern Observatory
python-drizzle 1.3-2 Dithered image combination for Python 2
python-emcee 2.2.1-1 Affine-invariant ensemble MCMC sampling for Python
python-ephem Compute positions of the planets and stars with Python 2
python-fitsio 0.9.10+dfsg-1 Python 2 library to read from and write to FITS files
python-galpy 1.2-1 Python 2 package for galactic dynamics
python-gdl 0.9.7-2 Python interface for the GNU Data Language
python-ginga 2.6.1-2 New upstream version 3.0.1 available Astronomical image toolkit for Python 2
python-glue 0.9.1+dfsg-1 Python 2 library for data interaction
python-gyoto 1.2.0-2 General relativistic geodesic integration for the Python 2 language
python-healpy 1.10.3-2 HEALPix representation of spherical data - Python interface
python-lmfit 0.9.11+dfsg-2 New upstream version 1.0.1 available Least-Squares Minimization with Constraints (Python 2)
python-matplotlib 2.2.3-6 Python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab
python-montage-wrapper 0.9.8-4 Python-2 wrapper for the Montage mosaicking toolkit
python-mvpa2 2.3.1-2 multivariate pattern analysis with Python v. 2
python-numpy 1.6.2-1.2 New upstream version 1.16.6 available Numerical Python adds a fast array facility to the Python language
python-pandas 0.23.3+dfsg-3 New upstream version 1.0.4 available data structures for "relational" or "labeled" data
python-photutils 0.3-3 Astropy affiliated package for image photometry
python-pyavm 0.9.2-3 Python module to handle Astronomy Visualization Metadata Standard
python-pydl 0.5.3-3 Library of IDL astronomy routines converted to Python 2
python-pyds9 1.7-1 Communication with the ds9 image display program (Python-2)
python-pyfftw 0.9.2+dfsg-2 Pythonic wrapper around FFTW - Python 2
python-pymc 2.2+ds-1 Bayesian statistical models and fitting algorithms
python-pymoc 0.4.2-1 Python 2 Multi-Order Coverage maps for Virtual Observatory
python-pyregion 1.2-4 Python module to parse ds9 region files (Python 2)
python-pysynphot Python Synthetic Photometry Utilities
python-pyvo 0.5.0+dfsg-1 Python library for data services of the Virtual observatory (VO)
python-reproject 0.3.1-4 Reproject astronomical images with Python 2
python-scipy 0.7.2+dfsg1-1 scientific tools for Python
python-skimage 0.12.3-8 New upstream version 0.17.2 available Python modules for image processing
python-sklearn 0.11.0-2+deb7u1 New upstream version 0.23.1 available Python modules for machine learning and data mining - Python 2
python-spectral-cube 0.4.0-2 Manipulate astronomical data cubes with Python 2
python-specutils 0.2.2-1 Base classes and utilities for astronomical spectra in Python 2
python-sunpy 0.7.4-2 New upstream version 2.0~rc2 available Software library for solar physics based on Python
python-vispy 0.4.0-1 interactive visualization in Python 2
python-yt 3.5.0-1 Framework for analyzing and visualizing simulation data (Python 2)

Packaging has started and developers might try the packaging code in VCS

Package Version Description
python-extinction 0.3.0-1 Fast interstellar dust extinction laws (Python 2)

No known packages available but some record of interest (WNPP bug)

Package Version Description
python-gavovotable A library to process VOTables using python
python-pyspeckit Toolkit for fitting and manipulating spectroscopic data
python-sherpa Modeling and fitting in Python
python-sncosmo Python library for high-level supervova cosmology analysis