Debian Astro Tcl/tk packages

Tcl/Tk packages for astronomy

This metapackage will install packages that are useful to develop Tcl/Tk applications for astronomy.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
blt-dev 2.4z-4.2 graphics extension library for Tcl/Tk - development files
ftools-pow 5.5.2+dfsg-1 Curve plotting and image display interface tool
skycat 3.1.2+starlink1~b+dfsg-5 Image visualization and access to catalogs and data for astronomy
tcl-fitstcl 2.4-3 Tcl interface to FITS files
tcl-funtools 1.4.7-4 Minimal buy-in FITS library (Tcl interface)
tcl-xpa 2.1.18-1 Seamless communication between Unix programs (Tcl interface)
tcl8.6 8.6.10+dfsg-1 Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.6 - shell
tk8.6 8.6.10-1 Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11 v8.6 - windowing shell
tkblt-dev 3.2.23-1 Graphics extension library for Tcl/Tk (development files)
tksao 8.0.1+repack-2 Tk widgets for astronomical imaging and data visualization