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Bugs of task sdr
Total bugs: 25
Open bugs: 24
Fixed bugs: 1
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Antennas 4 (21)
Data modes 8 (81)
Logging 7 (51)
Morse 7 (72)
Packet modes 29 (150)
Rig control 10 (90)
Tools 18 (108)
Training 3 (42)
critical 0 0
grave 0 0
serious 0 0
important 10 0
normal 11 0
minor 1 0
wishlist 2 0

Summary bugs page of task Software defined radio

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (252)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

10 important, 11 normal, 1 minor, 2 wishlist
984157 gnss-sdr: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
798181 gnuradio: Some files take way too long to compile
946120 gnuradio: gr_modtool crash
788109 wishlist: would be good to offer an alsa binary for systems without pulseaudio
839164 /usr/bin/gqrx: Frequency option - wish
989625 gqrx-sdr: Should not depend on pulseaudio package directly
971473 gr-dab: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
875467 gr-hpsdr: FTBFS on kFreeBSD: sockaddr_dl and LLADDR undeclared
822659 gr-osmosdr: Version in jessie-backports built only for amd64 architecture
956262 gr-osmosdr segfaults when editing a block
967931 hackrf: HackRF 2018.01.1-2 causes USB kernel panics when invoked multiple times - already fixed in upstream
990628 please package 2021.03.1
964875 libmirisdr: Package v1.1.2 patch
973584 osmo-sdr: Incorrect Section and Tag for osmo-sdr and miri-sdr packages
979538 limesuite-udev: /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/64-limesuite.rules:5 Invalid value for OPTIONS key, ignoring: 'last_rule'
951250 rtl-sdr package lacks example udev rules, readme file
715618 [Mayhem] Bug report on uhd-host: addr_test crashes with exit status 139
715699 [Mayhem] Bug report on uhd-host: buffer_test crashes with exit status 139
715705 [Mayhem] Bug report on uhd-host: byteswap_test crashes with exit status 139
715752 [Mayhem] Bug report on uhd-host: convert_test crashes with exit status 139
715868 [Mayhem] Bug report on uhd-host: error_test crashes with exit status 139
977330 uhd: reproducible builds: Embeds timestamp in build log patch
984375 uhd: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
986829 uhd-host: Update sysctl configuration filename and path

Open bugs in suggested packages

Done bugs

971469 gnss-sdr: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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