Debian Hamradio Data Modes packages

Debian Hamradio Data Modes Packages

This metapackage will install packages useful for using data modes, such as RTTY and SSTV, including weak signal modes, such as JT65, with Debian.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
comptext 1.0.1-4 Gui based tool to compare two text streams
comptty 1.0.1-4 GUI based tool to compare two RTTY streams
flamp 2.2.03-1 New upstream version 2.2.13 available ??? missing short description for package flamp :-(
fldigi 3.23.14-1 digital modem program for hamradio operators
flmsg 4.0.23-1 amateur radio forms management editor
flwrap 1.3.6-1 amateur radio file encapsulation/compression utility
js8call 2.2.0+ds-5 Amateur Radio Digital Mode providing weak signal messaging
pat 0.13.1-1 New upstream version 0.16.0 available Winlink client for amateur radio email
psk31lx 2.2-1 PSK31 terminal application with text-based user interface
qsstv 9.4.4-3 Qt-based slow-scan TV and fax
twpsk 4.3-1 Soundcard-based X program for operating PSK31
wsjtx 2.7.0~rc3+repack-1~bpo12+1 New upstream version 2.7.0~rc5 available Weak-signal amateur radio communications