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Here you can find software that is useful to build a content management system for medical care.


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Debian Med Content Management packages

Packaging has started and developers might try the packaging code in VCS

platform for data management and productivity tasks in neuroimaging
Versions of package xnat
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License: XNAT_SLA
Debian package not available

The primary functionality of XNAT is to provide a place to store and control access to neuroimaging data. This includes sophisticated user control, search and retrieval, and archiving capabilities. As open-source software, XNAT also supports a wide variety of research-based processing pipelines, and is able to link up with supercomputer processing power to dramatically shorten image processing time.

Please cite: Daniel S. Marcus, Timothy R. Olsen, Mohana Ramaratnam and Randy L. Buckner: The Extensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit (XNAT): An informatics platform for managing, exploring, and sharing neuroimaging data.. (PubMed,eprint) Neuroinformatics 5(1):11-34 (2007)
Content management for science, technology and medicine
License: unknown
Debian package not available

ZMS (Zope based Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine) is a ready to use solution for efficient electronic publishing. An easy to handle graphical user interface for editors and flexible modelling features (multiple languages, Metadata, content objects, XML import/export, workflow etc.) allow an optimum of productivity: A basic configuration to start with can be created with a few mouse clicks.

ZMS is perfectly suitable for hospitals, research institutions, NGOs and small to medium-size international companies.

The ZMS concept is based on a consulting approach for the rational publishing on the internet: the professional user is able to pursue a consequently efficiency oriented producing base with the ZMS software and can hereby also achieve important economic results in the so-called low budget area. The modulation possibilities of the ZMS components and the experienced producing steps makes out of ZMS an incomparable fast tool.

Remark of Debian Med team: Zope ZMS needs Zope 2.x which is not any more packaged for

Debian and thus we can here only give a hint that this software exists and might be useful for content management in medical care.

No known packages available

database management system for clinical imaging
License: BSD, BIRN
Debian package not available
Language: java

The Human Imaging Database (HID) is an extensible database management system developed to handle the increasingly large and diverse datasets collected as part of the MBIRN and FBIRN collaboratories and throughout clinical imaging communities at large.

Please register by following this link if you are using hid.
Please cite: Keator, D.B.; Grethe, J.S.; Marcus, D.; Ozyurt, B.; Gadde, S.; Murphy, S.; Pieper, S.; Greve, D.;Notestine, R.; Bockholt, H.J.; Papadopoulos, P.: A National Human Neuroimaging Collaboratory Enabled By The Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) (2008)
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