Debian Multimedia Packages

The Debian Multimedia Pure Blend contains 861 packages which are grouped by metapackages. Each metapackage will cause the installation of packages for a specific topic. The following table lists the metapackages of Debian Multimedia:

Ambisonics Packages for working with ambisonics (3D surround sound)
Animation Packages for creating animations
Audio plugins Audio processing plugins, synths and virtual instruments
Audio Utilities packages for manipulating & cataloging music and audio
Broadcasting Packages for broadcasting media publicly or in the home
Csound Packages for working with Csound
Development Extra packages for developers and package compiling
DJing Packages for Disc Jockeys
Beat Packages for drums & beats
Firewire Packages for your firewire audiocard / interface
Graphics Packages for making and editing artwork
Guitar Packages for playing with your (virtual) guitar gear
JACK JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) and ALSA related packages
LADI LADI, Linuxaudio session management, packages
Looping Packages for looping music and audio
MIDI MIDI related packages
Mixing Packages for mixing and mastering your music
Musician Packages for musicians
Photography Packages for working with digital photography
Players Packages which makes your multimedia tools complete
Pure Data Packages for working with Pure Data
Recording Packages for audio recording
Samplers Software samplers
Sound synthesis Packages for sound synthesis
SuperCollider Packages for working with SuperCollider
Video Video packages