Debian Astro Catalogs packages

Astronomy catalogs

This metapackage will install a selection astronomical catalogs. Please note that due to their size, most catalogs are not included in Debian. Check the CDS web service for additional catalogs if needed.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
astrometry-data-tycho2 2-4 Tycho-2 index files
stardata-common 0.8+nmu1 Common framework to manage astronomy packages

Debian packages in contrib or non-free

Package Version Description
astrometry-data-2mass 1.1 (contrib) 2MASS index files downloader
gliese 3.0.95-2 (non-free) stellar data set from the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars
yale 5.0.95-3 (non-free) stellar data set from the Yale Bright Star Catalog