Debian Astro Data reduction packages

Data reduction pipelines for astronomy

The term data reduction in astronomy means the data processing from the raw exposures up to scientific usable data. This includes the basic CCD processing, the astrometric and photometric calibrations, the reprocessing, error estimation and other steps.

This metapackage will install astronomy data reduction pipelines that can be used universally, but also those for specific telescopes.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
astromatic 1.1 Astronomical pipeline software collection 0.70+dfsg-1 Astrometry plate solver
eso-pipelines 1.3 ESO VLT Instrument pipeline collection
esorex 3.13.1-1 Execution Tool for European Southern Observatory pipelines
fitsh 0.9.2-1 New upstream version 0.9.3 available Software package for astronomical image processing
gnuastro 0.13.50-1 GNU Astronomy Utilities programs
missfits 2.8.0-3 Basic maintenance and packaging tasks on FITS files
montage 6.0+dfsg-6 Toolkit for assembling FITS images into mosaics
munipack 0.5.11-2 Astronomical photometry software package
psfex 3.17.1+dfsg-5 Point Spread Function model extractor
python3-astroscrappy 1.0.5-1 Optimized Cosmic Ray Annihilation in Python
python3-ccdproc 1.2.0-1 Basic data reductions of astronomy CCD images
python3-cpl 0.7.2-1 Control pipeline recipes from the ESO (Python3)
python3-montage-wrapper 0.9.8-4 Python-3 wrapper for the Montage mosaicking toolkit
python3-photutils 0.6-1 Astropy affiliated package for image photometry (Python 3)
scamp 2.9.2-2 Compute astrometric and photometric solutions
sextractor 2.19.5+dfsg-1 Dummy transitional package for name change
source-extractor 2.25.0+ds-3 Source extractor for astronomical images
stiff 2.4.0-2 convert scientific FITS images to the TIFF format
swarp 2.38.0+dfsg-3 Resample and co-add together FITS images
theli 3.0.3-1 New upstream version 3.0.4 available Astronomical image data reduction pipeline
weightwatcher 1.12-1 Combine maps and polygon data for astronomical image processing
yorick-mira 1.1.0+git20170124.3bd1c3~dfsg1-2 New upstream version 2.0.0b available optical interferometry image reconstruction within Yorick

Official Debian packages with lower relevance

Package Version Description
cpl-plugin-amber 4.4.0+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the AMBER instrument
cpl-plugin-fors 5.5.6+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the FORS1/2 instruments
cpl-plugin-giraf 2.16.3+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the GIRAFFE instrument
cpl-plugin-hawki 1.8.14+dfsg-2 ESO data reduction pipeline for the HAWK-I instrument
cpl-plugin-kmos 2.1.0+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the KMOS instrument
cpl-plugin-muse 1.6.2+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the MUSE instrument
cpl-plugin-naco 4.4.9+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the NaCo instrument
cpl-plugin-sinfo 2.5.2+dfsg-2 ESO data reduction pipeline SINFONI
cpl-plugin-uves 5.9.1+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the UVES instrument
cpl-plugin-vimos 4.1.1+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the VIMOS instrument
cpl-plugin-visir 4.3.7+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the VISIR instrument
cpl-plugin-xshoo 2.5.2+dfsg-1 ESO data reduction pipeline for the XSHOOTER instrument