Debian Astro Java packages

Java-Pakete für die Astronomie

Dieses Metapaket installiert Pakete, die für die Entwicklung von Java-Anwendungen für die Astronomie nützlich sind. Abgesehen von der Verwaltung von FITS-Dateien wird es hauptsächlich für VO-Anwendungen verwendet.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
adql-java 1.5-2 Parse, manipulate and translate ADQL queries with Java
eag-healpix-java 2017.09.06-2 Handling of HEALPix sky pixellization
jel-java 2.1.2-2 Library for evaluating algebraic expressions in Java
libcds-healpix-java 0.30.2+ds-1 CDS HEALPix library in Java
libcds-moc-java 5.0-2 Multi-Order Coverage maps Virtual Observatory library
libcds-savot-java 4.0.0-2 Simple Access to VOTable (SAVOT) library for Virtual Observatory
libfits-java 1.15.2-1 Java library for the I/O handling of FITS files
libhealpix-java 3.31-1 New upstream version 3.82 available HEALPix representation of spherical data - Java library
libjcdf-java 1.2.4+dfsg-1 Java library to read files in the NASA Common Data Format
libjsamp-java 1.3.5-1 Java Simple Application Messaging Protocol library
libjsofa-java 0~20210512-1 Pure Java translation of the IAU's C SOFA software library
skyview-java 3.5.7+repack-1 Image generation from a range of remote databases (Java package)

Packaging has started and developers might try the packaging code in VCS

Package Version Description
libcassis-java 5.1.1-1 Virtual Observatory aware spectrum analysis tool library
libivoafits-java 0.3-1 Java helper library for viewing FITS images