Debian Astro Radio astronomy packages

Radio Astronomy Software

This metapackage will install Debian Astro packages for radio astronomy. It should contain most of the required tools that a radio astronomer require for setting up a data reduction pipeline.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
aoflagger 2.13.0-1 Find RFI in radio astronomical observations
aoflagger-dev 3.0.0-2 Find RFI in radio astronomical observations (development files)
casacore-data 1.2 Data for Common Astronomy Software Applications core library
casacore-dev 2.2.0-2 CASA core library development files
cassbeam 1.1-2 Cassegrain antenna modelling
libpurify-dev 2.0.0-5 New upstream version 3.0.1 available Routines for radio interferometric imaging (development files)
purify 2.0.0-1 New upstream version 3.0.1 available Collection of routines for radio interferometric imaging
python3-bdsf 1.9.2-3 Python Blob Detection and Source Finder
python3-casacore 3.3.1-1 Python bindings to the casacore library
python3-radio-beam 0.3.2-1 Python Tools for Radio Beam IO and Manipulation
python3-spectral-cube 0.4.3-2 Manipulate astronomical data cubes with Python
wsclean 2.2.1-1 Fast generic widefield interferometric imager
wsclean-dev 2.10.1-1 Fast generic widefield interferometric imager (development files)

Packaging has started and developers might try the packaging code in VCS

Package Version Description
casarest Old AIPS++ code not included in casacore
casasynthesis-dev 0.1-1 CASA modules needed for processing synthesis data (development files)
meqtrees-timba Implementing and solving arbitrary Measurement Equations
oskar 2.6.1-1 Simulator for the Open Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope
python-meqtrees-cattery MeqTrees-based frameworks for simulation and calibration of radio interferometers
sagecal GPU/MIC accelerated radio interferometric calibration program