Debian Astro Telescope Control packages

Telescope control and data processing

This metapackage will install Debian Astro packages to control (mainly amateur) telescopes and do their data reduction.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
aravis-tools 0.6.0-2 Aravis based tools for GenICam cameras
freeture 1.3.0-1 Free software to capTure meteors
gcx 1.3-1.1 ??? missing short description for package gcx :-(
indi-bin 2.0.3+dfsg-1 New upstream version 2.0.6 available INDI server, drivers and tools
indi-webcam 1.0+20221222161740-1 INDI Driver for web cameras
kstars 4.14.2-1 New upstream version 3.6.7 available desktop planetarium, observation planning and telescope control
linguider 4.1.1-1 Astronomical autoguiding program for Linux 1.2-7 GNUstep app for processing planetary astronomical images
wxastrocapture 1.8.1+git20140821.796e1a1+dfsg-2 Windows linuX Astronomy Capture

No known packages available but some record of interest (WNPP bug)

Package Version Description
audela Free and open source astronomy software
rts2 Open source observatory manager