Debian Edu wiki
Debian Edu is a Debian based operating system that fits the requirements of schools and similar institutions. It allows one to set up a complete network and integrates a large number of educational software packages grouped into topic or education level related meta-packages; it's a Debian Pure Blend. Dedicated official Debian installation media are available.

Detailed information is provided on the Debian Edu Wiki and in the manuals.

Just try Debian Edu, if you

  • have to administrate a computer lab or a whole school network
  • would like to install servers, workstations and laptops which will then work together
  • want the stability of Debian with network services already preconfigured
  • wish to have a web-based tool to manage systems and several hundred or more user accounts
  • asked yourself if and how older computers could be used

Download / Installation / Manuals

The status page for the current (Bookworm) release contains up-to-date download locations. Detailed installation instructions are part of the related manuals; these manuals are available in more then ten languages.

GOsa² Administration Tool

Debian Edu 12 (Bookworm) Xfce Desktop