Debian Hamradio Project
A Debian Pure Blend is a Debian internal project which assembles a set of packages that might help users to solve certain tasks of their work. The list on the right shows the tasks of debian-hamradio.
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Debian Hamradio Package Thermometer

Package stabletestingunstablestable-bpoexperimentalNEWUNRELEASEDupstreamtasks
acfax (PTS, VCS, UP) 981011-17981011-17981011-17981011datamodes
airspy-host (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.9-31.0.9-31.0.9-31.0.9sdr
aldo (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.7.7-10.7.7-10.7.7-10.7.7morse training
ampr-ripd (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.4-12.4-12.4-12.4packetmodes
antennavis (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3.1-40.3.1-40.3.1-40.3.1antenna
aprsdigi (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.10.0-23.10.0-23.10.0-23.10.0packetmodes
aprx (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.9.0+dfsg-22.9.0+dfsg-22.9.0+dfsg-22.9.0packetmodes
ax25-apps (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.8-rc4-20.0.8-rc4-20.0.8-rc4-20.0.8-rc5+git20190411+0ff1383-10.0.8~rc5packetmodes
ax25mail-utils (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.13-10.13-10.13-10.13packetmodes
ax25-tools (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.10-rc4-30.0.10-rc4-30.0.10-rc4-30.0.10-rc5+git20190411+3595f87-10.0.10-rc5packetmodes
baycomepp (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.10-150.10-150.10-15packetmodes
baycomusb (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.10-140.10-140.10-14packetmodes
bladerf (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.2017.12~rc1-20.2019.07-40.2019.07-42019.07sdr
chirp (PTS, VCS, UP) 20190104-120200227-120200521rigcontrol
comptext (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.1-31.0.1-41.0.1-41.0.1datamodes
comptty (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.1-31.0.1-41.0.1-41.0.1datamodes
cqrlog (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.3.0-22.4.0-32.4.0-32.4.0logging
cubicsdr (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.2.5+dfsg-10.2.5+dfsg-30.2.5+dfsg-30.2.5sdr
cutesdr (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.20-31.20-41.20-4sdr
cwdaemon (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.10.2-20.10.2-20.10.2-20.10.2morse
direwolf (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4+dfsg-11.5+dfsg-41.5+dfsg-41.5packetmodes
d-rats (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3.3-4digitalvoice
dream (VCS, UP) 2.1.1-1sdr
ebook2cw (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.8.2-20.8.2-20.8.2-20.8.3morse
fbb (PTS, VCS, UP) 7.07-37.07-37.07-37.09packetmodes
fccexam (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0.7-11.0.7-11.0.7-1training
flamp (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2.04-12.2.05-12.2.05-12.2.05datamodes
fldigi (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.01-14.1.06-24.1.06-2datamodes
fllog (VCS, UP) 1.1.8-1logging
flmsg (PTS, VCS, UP)
flnet (VCS, UP) 7.2.1-1tools
flrig (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.42-11.3.49-11.3.49-11.3.50rigcontrol
flwkey (VCS, UP) 1.1.6-1morse
flwrap (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.5-11.3.5-11.3.5-11.3.5datamodes
freedv (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.1-31.4-21.4-21.4digitalvoice
gnss-sdr (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.0.10-40.0.12-10.0.12-10.0.12sdr nonamateur
gnuais (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3.3-80.3.3-80.3.3-80.3.3nonamateur
gnuradio (PTS, VCS, UP)
gpredict (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.3-33-gca42d22-12.3-33-gca42d22-12.3-33-gca42d22-12.3satellite
gqrx-sdr (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.11.5-12.12.1-12.12.1-12.12.1sdr
grig (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.8.1-20.8.1-20.8.1-20.8.1rigcontrol
gsmc (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.2.1-11.2.1-11.2.1-11.1antenna
hackrf (PTS, VCS, UP) 2018.01.1-22018.01.1-22018.01.1-22018.01.1sdr
hamexam (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.6.0-21.7.0-31.7.0-3training
hamfax (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.8.1-1datamodes
hamlib (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.3-53.3-103.3-103.3rigcontrol
icom (PTS, VCS, UP) 20120228-320120228-320120228-3rigcontrol
inspectrum (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.2-10.2.2-10.2.2-10.2.2sdr
klog (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.9.6-11.1-11.1-11.1logging
kvasd-installer (VCS, UP) 1.12.8-1datamodes
libosmosdr (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.1.8.effcaa7-70.1.8.effcaa7-70.1.8.effcaa7-7sdr
linpsk (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.5-
linsim (VCS, UP) 2.0.0-1datamodes
lysdr (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0~git20141206+dfsg1-11.0~git20141206+dfsg1-2sdr
morse (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.5-12.5-12.5-12.5morse training
morse2ascii (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.2+dfsg-30.2+dfsg-30.2+dfsg-30.No-Trackmorse
multimon (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.0-7.11.0-7.11.0-7.1packetmodes
nec2c (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3-31.3-31.3-31.3antenna
owx (PTS, VCS, UP) 0~20110415-3.10~20110415-3.10~20110415-3.1rigcontrol
psk31lx (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.2-12.2-12.2-12.2datamodes
pydxcluster (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.21-2tools
pyqso (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.1.0-11.1.0-11.1.0-11.1.0logging
qrq (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.3.1-30.3.3-30.3.3-30.3.3morse
qsstv (PTS, VCS, UP) 9.2.6+repack-19.4.4-19.4.4-19.4.4datamodes
quisk (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.15-14.1.55-14.1.55-14.1.57sdr
rtl-sdr (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.6-10.6.0-30.6.0-30.6.0sdr
sdrangelove (PTS, VCS, UP)
soundmodem (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.20-50.20-50.20-5packetmodes
splat (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.4.2-21.4.2-31.4.2-3antenna tools
tk2 (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.1-101.1-101.1-101.1rigcontrol
tk5 (PTS, VCS, UP) 0.6-6.20.6-6.20.6-6.2rigcontrol
tlf (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3.2-11.4.1-11.4.1-11.4.1logging
trustedqsl (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.4.3-12.5.3-12.5.4-12.5.4logging
tucnak (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.09-14.09-14.09-14.21logging
twclock (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.4-23.5-13.5-13.5tools
twpsk (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.3-14.3-14.3-14.3datamodes
unixcw (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.5.1-33.5.1-33.5.1-33.5.1training morse
uronode (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.9-12.10-12.10-12.11packetmodes
wsjtx (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.0.0+repack-22.2.0~rc1+repack-12.2.0~rc2+repack-12.2.0~rc2datamodes
wspr (VCS, UP) 4.0.4-1datamodes
wwl (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.3+db-21.3+db-21.3+db-21.3tools
xastir (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.1.0-52.1.6-12.1.6-12.1.6packetmodes
xdx (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.5.0-22.5.0-22.5.0-22.5.0tools
xlog (PTS, VCS, UP) 2.0.14-12.0.17-22.0.17-22.0.19logging
xnec2c (PTS, VCS, UP) 4.1.1-14.1.1-14.1.1-14.1.1antenna
yagiuda (PTS, VCS, UP) 1.19-91.19-91.19-9antenna
z8530-utils2 (PTS, VCS, UP) 3.0-1-93.0-1-103.0-1-103.0-1packetmodes