Debian Astro GDL packages

IDL/GDL packages for astronomy

GDL (GNU Data Language) is a free replacement for the commercial software IDL (Interactive Data Language). It has full syntax compatibility with IDL 7.1 and is usable for astronomical data analysis. This metapackage will install astronomy related packages usable with GDL; especially the IDL Astronomy Users Library.

Official Debian packages with high relevance

Package Version Description
gdl-astrolib 2022.09.12+dfsg-1 Low-level astronomy software for GDL
gdl-coyote 2019.01.29-1 GDL library from D. Fannings IDL courses
gdl-mpfit 1.85+2017.01.03-4 Robust non-linear least squares curve fitting for GDL
gnudatalanguage 0.9.9-10 Free IDL compatible incremental compiler
python3-gdl 1.0.4-1 Python interface for the GNU Data Language