Debian Edu Packages

The Debian Edu Pure Blend contains 830 packages which are grouped by metapackages. Each metapackage will cause the installation of packages for a specific topic. The following table lists the metapackages of Debian Edu:

Astronomy Debian Edu - astronomirelaterede programmer
Chemistry Debian Edu - kemirelaterede programmer
Common Debian Edu - fælles pakker
Gnome Debian Edu - GNOME-skrivebordsprogrammer
KDE KDE-skrivebordsprogrammer for Debian Edu
LXDE LXDE-skrivebordsprogrammer for Debian Edu LXDE
LXQt Debian Edu LXQt desktop applications
MATE Debian Edu - MATE-skrivebordsprogrammer
Desktop-other Skrivebordsprogrammer for andre end GNOME og KDE for Debian Edu
Xfce Debian Edu - Xfce-skrivebordsprogrammer
Development programudvikling af undervisningsprogrammer for Debian Edu
Electronics elektronikrelaterede programmer for Debian Edu
Geography Debian Edu-programmer for geografi
Graphics grafikrelaterede programmer for Debian Edu
Danish Debian Edu-programmer for installationer med dansk sprog
Danish Desktop Debian Edu Desktop-programmer for installationer med dansk sprog
German Debian Edu-programmer for tyske installationer
Spanish Debian Edu-programmer for spanske installationer
French Debian Edu-programmer for franske installationer
Hebrew Debian Edu-programmer for hebraiske installationer
Hebrew Desktop Debian Edu-skrivebordsprogrammer for hebraiske installationer
Italian Debian Edu-programmer for italienske installationer
Japanese Debian Edu-programmer for japanske installationer
Japanese Desktop Debian Edu-skrivebordsprogrammer for japanske installationer
Norwegian Debian Edu-programmer for norske installationer
Norwegian Desktop Debian Edu-skrivebordsprogrammer for norske installationer
North Sami Debian Edu-programmer for nordsamiske installationer
Traditional Chinese Debian Edu-programmer for traditionel kinesisk installationer
Traditional Chinese Desktop Debian Edu-skrivebordsprogrammer for traditionel kinesisk installationer
Language sprogrelaterede undervisningsprogrammer for Debian Edu
Laptop Debain Edu laptop-pakker
Logic-games logiske spil for Debian Edu
LTSP-server Debian Edu-netværksopsatte LTSP-serverpakker
Main-server pakker for hovedserveren for Debian Edu
Mathematics matematiske programmer for Debian Edu
Misc Debian Edu - diverse programmer til undervisning
Music Debian Edu - musik- og lydprogrammer
Networked stationary Debian Edu - netværkspakker
Networked Debian Edu - fælles netværkspakker
Physics Debian Edu - fysikrelaterede programmer
Primary-School Debian Edu applications for primary school level
Roaming-workstation Debian Edu-netværk - pakker for roamingarbejdsstationer
Standalone Debian Edu - uafhængige arbejdsstationspakker
Thin-Client Debian Edu - netværkspakker for tynde klienter
Video Debian Edu video applications
Workstation Debian Edu - netværkspakker for arbejdsstationer