Debian Edu Packages

The Debian Edu Pure Blend contains 551 packages which are grouped by metapackages. Each metapackage will cause the installation of packages for a specific topic. The following table lists the metapackages of Debian Edu:

Astronomy 데비안 Edu 천문학 관련 어플리케이션
Chemistry 데비안 Edu 화학 관련 어플리케이션
Common 데비안 Edu 공통 기본 패키지
Cinnamon Debian Edu Cinnamon desktop applications
Gnome Debian Edu GNOME 데스크탑 어플리케이션
KDE 데비안 Edu KDE 데스크탑 어플리케이션
LXDE Debian Edu LXDE desktop applications
LXQt Debian Edu LXQt desktop applications
MATE Debian Edu MATE desktop applications
Desktop-other Debian Edu 일반 데스크탑 어플리케이션
Xfce Debian Edu Xfce desktop applications
Development Debian Edu software development related educational applications
Electronics Debian Edu electronics related applications
Geography Debian Edu applications for geography
Graphics Debian Edu graphics related applications
High-School Debian Edu applications for high school level
Language Debian Edu language related educational applications
Laptop 데비안 교육용 랩탑 패키지
Logic-games Debian Edu logic games
LTSP-Server Debian Edu LTSP server packages
Main-server Debian Edu main server packages
Mathematics Debian Edu mathematical applications
Misc Debian Edu miscellaneous applications for education
Music Debian Edu music and sound applications
Networked stationary Debian Edu additional packages for networked systems
Networked common Debian Edu common packages for networked systems
Physics Debian Edu physics related applications
Pre-School Debian Edu applications for pre school level
Primary-School Debian Edu applications for primary school level
Roaming-workstation Debian Edu roaming workstation packages
Secondary-School Debian Edu applications for secondary school level
Standalone Debian Edu standalone workstation packages
LTSP-Thin-Client Debian Edu LTSP thin client packages
Video Debian Edu video applications
Workstation Debian Edu networked workstation packages