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Open bugs: 93
Fixed bugs: 17
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Development 93 (691)
Gps 89 (456)
Openstreetmap 51 (323)
Remote sensing 19 (34)
Statistics 1 (9)
Map server 1 (15)
Workstation 48 (250)
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important 15 0
normal 48 2
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Summary bugs page of task Development

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (691)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

15 important, 48 normal, 6 minor, 21 wishlist
466284 Adding documentation upstream, wontfix
838496 cgal: FTBFS on armel: no FPU rounding mode support wontfix
531693 Include docs
793955 emoslib FTBFS on multiple architectures, test failures.
867275 libemos-data: broken symlinks: /usr/share/emos/bufrtables/?<number>.TXT -> ?_<hash>.distinct
287340 gpsd should allow manually starting the daemon from /etc/init.d wontfix
526561 libgps17 v 2.38 breaks BU-353 (Sirf) GPS
542966 gpsd: Way to circumvent bluetooth GPS grash while switching from NMEA to SiRF binary upstream
562592 libgps19: Shouldn't conflicts with fso-gpsd wontfix
562611 libgps19: why the conflict with fso-gpsd? wontfix
649064 Only a short time does not work properly gpsd. moreinfo
682170 python-gps: when trying to plot gps fixes via gnuplot a error is generated
689187 python-gps: fakegps segfaults on NMEA file
689188 python-gps: fakegps segfaults on NMEA file
697664 gpsd hotplug doesn't result in working gpsd on Raspberry Pi moreinfo
806927 Bad Library Dependency in gpsd 3.9-3~bpo70+1
818332 gpsd: Install fails if IPv6 is disabled on loopback
845072 gpsd-clients depends on X11 libraries
864338 gpsd: Provide a way to initialize GPS mode on cards like Ericsson F5521gw or F3507g
379913 grass-doc: whatis parse errors in manpages upstream
853433 grass: ftbfs with GCC-7 buster, sid, upstream
790242 gts: FTBFS with glibc 2.21 and gcc-5
638753 libhdf5-serial-1.8.7: threadsafe memory leaks
703439 H5Cpp.h missing in libhdf5-openmpi-dev and libhdf5-mpich2-dev? wontfix
715959 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: gif2h5 crashes with exit status 139
716008 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5copy crashes with exit status 139
716010 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5diff crashes with exit status 139
716011 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5dump crashes with exit status 139
716012 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5import crashes with exit status 139
748587 Duplicate and conflicting definitions of variable FILENAME upstream
839784 libhdf5-dev: pkg-config file references ONLY the C library
855810 libhdf5-openmpi-100 doesn't work on arm64
837429 libdap23: Package description mentions link to official documentation but link is not present
656546 allow not giving a key
177956 length greater than 1000000 fails upstream
796745 possibly build additional hdf4-tools-alt (without netcdf support)
540780 Supply versioned symbols for libterralib library
831903 libterralib: please make the build reproducible patch
699423 marble: Segfaults while typing in coordinates
731733 marble-data: OSM license has been changed quite a while ago upstream
759422 please follow upstream versionning scheme
766024 marble: South Sudan not marked on "Political Map" confirmed, upstream
783734 marble: shows place that does not exist upstream
799712 marble: now stores config in .config/Unknown\ Organisation rather than /
816477 jumps to 0, 0 on mouse move after startup
817825 marble: enable experimental vector tiling patch
826350 marble: API change in breaks routing patch
835552 marble-qt: doesn't give choice between country locale and computer locale
841232 marble: Does not follow symlinks
841233 marble: Does not follow symlinks
854796 marble: name in .desktop file should be "marble"
854798 marble: set correct homepage for marble
863639 marble: renders a small globe instead of calculating direction
708638 [netcdf] add a version netCDF with parallel I/O
583203 ogdi-dfsg: hard-codes tcl version in source
716225 [Mayhem] Bug report on ogdi-bin: ogdi_import crashes with exit status 139
751607 ogdi-dfsg: dyn_SelectLayer passes literal struct instead of pointer-to-struct
254772 libopencv0.9: libopencv doesn't actually work on PPC moreinfo
557548 libhighgui1: Video output broken.
594543 libhighgui2.1: Video capture from FireWire camera garbled (looks like stereo fields)
610400 opencv: usage of external lapack breaks cvCalibrateCamera2
643277 python-opencv: Cannot read video anymore after upgrading to 2.1.0-7 confirmed
697191 duplicate flann library: libopencv-flann-dev vs libflann-dev wontfix
734373 OpenCV: please build SIFT and SURF modules
735528 opencv: segfault on reading some video
759806 opencv-contrib unsatisfied dependency
768008 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/opencv.pc: pkg-config file almost certainly broken
839396 libopencv-calib3d2.4v5: Crash at start when using calib3d with core and improc
843513 Build DICOM
851321 import cv2 gives error with k5_buf_free
853588 opencv: ftbfs with GCC-7 buster, sid
862796 [opencv] README.source is not up to date
868433 Needs rebuild for gdal-abi-2.2
858171 openscenegraph outdated
829902 osm-gps-map: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
567727 paraview: Locale-dependent number format in .pvd files fixed-upstream
641542 paraview: Please use xdmf2 package rather than internal versionof xdmf
654839 paraview should depend on libvtk5-dev
688875 paraview: cannot select and copy current time upstream
753685 dist-packages/paraview/ColorMaps.xml missing
754968 paraview: cmake crashes when find paraview
784505 [paraview] Qt4's WebKit removal
806811 Add dependency for `paraview' - libgl1-mesa-dri
820453 paraview: "Help -> ParaView Guide" gives error
823529 paraview-python: Cannot import vtk inside pvpython
835002 Updating the paraview Uploaders list
837796 paraview: segfaults when performing query-based selections
842405 paraview: can't load hdf5 file: vtkSISourceProxy: Failed to create vtkXdmfReader
826188 python-geohash: Python3 package request
837666 udunits: license change

Open bugs in suggested packages

1 serious, 2 normal
857676 python-cf-doc: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/python-cf-doc/html/_static/requirejs.min.js -> ../../../../javascript/requirejs/requirejs.min.js
861082 non working home page links
854167 src:python-cartopy: Version 0.14.x is not compatible with matplotlib>=2.0 / owslib>=0.14

Done bugs

868311 Missing documentation
868759 gdal-bin: Segmentation fault with SQLite driver. moreinfo, unreproducible
868850 gdal-bin: Almost all gdal commands (gdalinfo, ogr2ogr) terminate with "double free or corruption"
866428 grass: depends on obsolete python-imaging (replace with python3-pil or python-pil) buster, sid
863885 libterralib: superfluous Conflicts/Replaces on libterralib3 cause problems on upgrades to stretch jessie, patch
836057 libmapnik-dev depends on libcurl4-gnutls-dev
805099 opencv: Please package opencv 3.0. It is mandatory for digikam 5
822483 opencv-doc contains no documentation
865247 Please update dependencies from latex-xcolor to tl-latex-recommended buster, sid
867097 opencv: Build-dependency latex-xcolor no longer available buster, sid
812282 paraview: FTBFS with GCC 6: cmake error
853607 pdal: ftbfs with GCC-7 buster, fixed-upstream, sid, upstream
868341 postgis: FTBFS: *** [check] Segmentation fault
809690 mention where to send bug reports on the man page upstream
867549 pysal FTBFS with python 3.6 as supported version buster, sid
864695 python-qgis-common: missing conflict with python-qgis 2.4.0-1+b1
838915 saga: Segmentation fault in CSG_Projections::WKT_to_Proj4() with merge layers
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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