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Total bugs: 97
Open bugs: 94
Fixed bugs: 3
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Development 102 (814)
Gps 94 (482)
Openstreetmap 44 (245)
Remote sensing 20 (39)
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Map server 2 (15)
Workstation 51 (249)
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important 9 6
normal 30 9
minor 6 2
wishlist 27 5

Summary bugs page of task Gps

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (482)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

9 important, 30 normal, 6 minor, 27 wishlist
824499 foxtrotgps: can't load GPX files using the mouse menu
824500 foxtrotgps: please show info of track
866393 foxtrotgps: Missing info directory entry
357192 gpsbabel: gpx output <name> and <number> inconsistent
452057 gpsbabel: GPSBabel should read gpsdrivetrack format as track and filter invalid positions
452059 gpsbabel: Please add gpsd support for -T realtime track recording option.
493311 gpsbabel: Does not use position data from GLL sentence. moreinfo
512515 gpsbabel: Filter tracks by enclosed area
522332 gpsbabel: truncated output for --help confirmed
583303 /usr/bin/gpsbabelfe: input fields not disabled
588617 gpsbabel: Documentation of udev rule for non-root users
618852 strip all height information
618853 spurious "?"
618854 relative URLs fail
618855 add strip time data option
618856 replace homebrew "Usage" with SYNOPSIS
641138 gpsbabel: Command line option "-f usb:1" causes segmentation fault.
684807 gpsbabel: fails with negative altitude in exif data fixed-upstream, upstream
698326 man page non-standard
698350 HTML entities left undecoded when using -i gpx
715988 [Mayhem] Bug report on gpsbabel: gpsbabel crashes with exit status 139
749701 gpsbabel: Segfault after upgrade
803243 gpsbabel -D 9999 should at least say that it saw input lines
803507 broken link to people/
803509 man page repeats things 39 times making it barely readable
803512 man page Usage jams the two most vital lines together
804476 gpsbabel: Fails for dg-100 after upgrade to version 1.5.2-1
805355 gpsbabel does not read .fit files from Garmin Edge 810
810420 gpsbabel: please switch to libusb 1.0 upstream
862298 much more than just file types are listed
862299 Usage should use two lines
287340 gpsd should allow manually starting the daemon from /etc/init.d wontfix
526561 libgps17 v 2.38 breaks BU-353 (Sirf) GPS
542966 gpsd: Way to circumvent bluetooth GPS grash while switching from NMEA to SiRF binary upstream
562592 libgps19: Shouldn't conflicts with fso-gpsd wontfix
562611 libgps19: why the conflict with fso-gpsd? wontfix
649064 Only a short time does not work properly gpsd. moreinfo
682170 python-gps: when trying to plot gps fixes via gnuplot a error is generated
689187 python-gps: fakegps segfaults on NMEA file
689188 python-gps: fakegps segfaults on NMEA file
697664 gpsd hotplug doesn't result in working gpsd on Raspberry Pi moreinfo
818332 gpsd: Install fails if IPv6 is disabled on loopback
845072 gpsd-clients depends on X11 libraries
864338 gpsd: Provide a way to initialize GPS mode on cards like Ericsson F5521gw or F3507g
874905 [gpsd] Future Qt4 removal from Buster pending
879963 gpsd: FTBFS on non-Linux: daemon not declared patch, upstream
880361 gpsd-clients: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/gpsd-clients/examples/gps -> gpsd-3.17/../gps
883286 Please ship a python3-gps package
884055 gpsd: gpsmon u-blox time reporting incorrect patch, upstream
688452 Conflicting declarations of gl_in_hook
699423 marble: Segfaults while typing in coordinates
731733 marble-data: OSM license has been changed quite a while ago upstream
759422 please follow upstream versionning scheme
766024 marble: South Sudan not marked on "Political Map" confirmed, upstream
783734 marble: shows place that does not exist upstream
799712 marble: now stores config in .config/Unknown\ Organisation rather than /
806189 marble-touch: insufficient dependency renders package useless
816477 jumps to 0, 0 on mouse move after startup
817825 marble: enable experimental vector tiling patch
826350 marble: API change in breaks routing patch
835552 marble-qt: doesn't give choice between country locale and computer locale
841232 marble: Does not follow symlinks
841233 marble: Does not follow symlinks
854796 marble: name in .desktop file should be "marble"
863639 marble: renders a small globe instead of calculating direction
879756 marble-maps: does not start
884027 marble-qt: Update pulls in 81 MB of KDE (libkf5*) libraries despite package description says "no KDE dependencies"
521825 navit: please rethink menu categories patch
527841 [navit] split configuration file fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
569131 navit: gyspy vehicle
592538 Broken icons in the package
601135 navit can't read my garmin img file wontfix

Open bugs in suggested packages

6 important, 9 normal, 2 minor, 5 wishlist
473362 A useful technique for matching EXIF time and GPX time
474957 gpscorrelate: Please mention what image viewer can be used for images with geographic data
483471 gpscorrelate-gui: Program committed suicide
502065 Disproportionate use of RAM on big GPX files
576744 gpscorrelate -r -n -v ignores '-n' and deletes all geodata in exif
683772 gpscorrelate: provide a --force option to overwrite existing GPS tags patch
718257 Use the current timezone by default
718372 gpscorrelate-gui: dies silently when correlating read-only photos
779390 gpscorrelate: Does not properly set the GPSTimeStamp tag patch
522096 viking: Upload to OSM does not report errors fixed-upstream, upstream
650980 viking: fails to build when automake is installed unreproducible
682474 viking: viking crash in libgps
746815 viking: fails to load image thumbnails when some Unicode chars in the pathname
761965 viking: Starter lands in "misc" not "science" in the xfce application menu
761966 viking: Accelerators on buttons are shown wrong l10n
788651 viking: Viking immediately segfaults after start
792457 viking: crashed in gdk_rgb_convert_0888 when zooming (bad pointer?) fixed-upstream, upstream
820603 viking: please make the build reproducible (fileordering) fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
826368 viking: crash in __strncmp_sse42 when zooming
830046 viking: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
860993 viking: OSM (Cycle) layers require API key
875871 viking: Crashes with segmentation violation in gdk_draw_arc

Done bugs

854798 marble: set correct homepage for marble
879094 marble: FTBFS in unstable - missing symbols buster, sid
836685 qlandkartegt: [PATCH] Fix build error on archs where char is unsigned by default patch
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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