Debian Games Packages

The Debian Games Pure Blend contains 690 packages which are grouped by metapackages. Each metapackage will cause the installation of packages for a specific topic. The following table lists the metapackages of Debian Games:

adventure Debian's adventure games
arcade Debian's arcade games
board 데비안의 보드 게임들
C, C++ and D development development of games in C/C++/D
card 데비안의 카드 게임들
chess 데비안의 체스 게임들
console 데비안 콘솔 게임
content development development of game content
education 데비안 교육용 게임들
emulator Debian's emulators for games
finest 데비안 최고의 게임
fps Debian's first-person shooter games
java development development of games in Java
minesweeper Debian's minesweeper games
mud Debian's multi-user-dungeon games
perl development development of games in Perl
platform 데비안 플랫폼 게임
programming 데비안 프로그래밍 게임
puzzle Debian's puzzle games
python3 development development of games in Python 3
racing Debian's racing games
rogue 데비안의 roguelike 게임들
rpg Debian 롤플레잉 게임
shoot 'em up Debian's shoot 'em up games
simulation Debian의 시뮬레이션 게임
sport Debian's sport games
strategy 데비안의 전략 게임
tetris Debian's tetris-like games
toys 데비안의 toy 게임들
typing Debian's typing games