Debian Science Packages

The Debian Science Pure Blend contains 1820 packages which are grouped by metapackages. Each metapackage will cause the installation of packages for a specific topic. The following table lists the metapackages of Debian Science:

Brain-computer interface Debian Science Brain-computer interface packages
Biology Debian Science - Pakete für die Biologie
Chemistry Debian Science - Chemie-Pakete
Data acquisition Debian Science - Pakete zur Datenerfassung
Data acquisition development Debian Science - Entwicklungshilfen für Programme zur Datenerfassung
Data Management Debian Science Pakete zur Datenverwaltung
Devices Debian Science specific devices support
Distributed Computing Debian Science - Pakete für »Distributed Computing«
Economics Debian Science - Pakete für die Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Electrophysiology Debian Science - Elektrophysiologie-Pakete
Engineering Debian Science - Pakete für die Ingenieurwissenschaften
Engineering-dev Debian Science - Pakete für die Entwicklung von ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Anwendungen
Financial engineering Debian Science - Financial Engineering und Computational Finance
Geography Debian Science - Geografie-Pakete
Geometry Debian Science - Geometriepakete
High Energy Physics Debian Science Pakete für Hochenergiephysik
High Energy Physics (devel) Debian Science - Entwicklungspakete für Hochenergiephysik
Image analysis Debian Science image analysis packages
Image analysis development Debian Science development of image analysis applications
Linguistics Debian Science - Linguistik-Pakete
Logic Debian Science - Logik-Pakete
Machine Learning Debian Science Machine Learning packages
Mathematics Debian Science: Mathematik-Pakete
Mathematics-dev Debian Science - Entwicklungshilfen für Mathematik-Programme
Meteorology Debian Science Meteorology packages
Meteorology-dev Debian Science Meteorology-dev packages
Nanoscale Physics Debian Science - Pakete für Nanophysik
Nanoscale Physics Development Debian Science Nanoscale Physics development packages
Cognitive Neuroscience Debian Science - Pakete für kognitive Neurowissenschaft
Neuroscience Datasets Debian Science packages for Neuroscience Datasets
Modeling of neural systems Debian Science packages for modeling of neural systems
Numerical Computation Debian Science - Pakete für numerische Berechnungen
Physics Debian Science - Physik-Pakete
Physics-dev Debian Science Physics-dev packages
Presentation Debian Science - Werkzeuge zur Erstellung von Präsentationen
Psychophysics Debian Science - Psychophysik-Pakete
Robotics Debian-Robotikpaket
Robotics-dev Debian Robotics development packages
Simulations Debian Science Simulation packages
Social Debian Science social sciences packages
Statistics »Debian Science« Statistik-Pakete
Tools Debian Science generic tools for scientific work
typesetting Debian Science: Pakete für den Schriftsatz
Viewing Debian Science: Pakete zur Datenvisualisierung
Viewing-dev Debian Science development of visualisation applications
Workflow workflow management systems useful for scientific research