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This metapackage will install Debian packages that provide neuroscientific datasets. These datasets can be useful as common data files for applications (e.g. stereotaxic atlases), as example data for online tutorials or teaching, and as input data for analysis algorithms in demonstrations or test suites.


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Unofficial packages built by somebody else

MNI stereotaxic space human brain template
Responsible: NeuroDebian team
License: custom, DFSG-compliant

This is an unbiased standard magnetic resonance imaging template volume for the normal human population. It has been created by the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) using anatomical data from the International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM).

The package provides a 1x1x1 mm and 0.5x0.5x0.5 mm resolution templates (hemissphere-symetric and asymetric non-linearily co-registered versions), some including T1w, T2w, PDw modalities, T2 relaxometry, and tissue probability maps. In addition, it contains a lobe atlas, and masks for brain, eyes and face.

Please cite: V.S. Fonov, A.C. Evans, R.C. McKinstry, C.R. Almli and D.L. Collins: Unbiased nonlinear average age-appropriate brain templates from birth to adulthood. (2009)
Remark of Debian Science team: This package is waiting for the Debian data package archive to become available.
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