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Bugs of task audio-utilities
Total bugs: 203
Open bugs: 185
Fixed bugs: 18
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Audio utilities 185 (802)
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Sound synthesis 48 (403)
Supercollider 7 (81)
Video 271 (2097)
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grave 0 0
serious 1 0
important 16 28
normal 21 58
minor 7 8
wishlist 30 16

Summary bugs page of task Audio utilities

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (802)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 serious, 16 important, 21 normal, 7 minor, 30 wishlist
480018 python-aubio seriously lacks documentation.
789895 bs1770gain: How can the list of supported formats be found?
882224 bs1770gain: enable dh-autoreconf
883198 bs1770gain: use after free while running bs1770gain with "poc output" option security
910451 bs1770gain segfaults on MP3 files
297641 easytag: Song time as part of a file name
528030 easytag: User interface does not fit on 1024x768 screen confirmed, upstream
545924 easytag: please support multiartist CDDB files
689803 easytag: Maximizing is not possible (using Gnome3) confirmed, upstream
758859 easytag: Text difficult to read due to light blue background colour in user interface
834209 easytag: no alert when cannot save
839061 easytag: Error reading and writing tags for big mp4 video files > 4 or 5 GB lfs
849397 Easytag mistaken for a File Manager wontfix
849398 Easytag Mistake for a File Manager wontfix
872050 easytag: "delete files" asks once per file
872186 easytag: please don't disallow multiple instances
898654 [easytag] Removes replaygain tags from Ogg files
299403 ecasound2.2: Menu Icon please
580914 ecasound-el: uses obsolete elisp syntax upstream
764051 Changing the value of a plugin parameter doesn't work patch
800840 ecasound FTBFS on Alpha: use of infinities despite compilation with -ffast-math
698923 Ability to specify release when there are multiple
736445 flactag: use discid_read_sparse if available patch
736458 flactag: checkflac hardcodes device
769465 improved batch processing workflow
800802 checkflac usage
814813 spurious output to stderr
845048 gmusicbrowser freezes after pulseaudio restart
858245 gmusicbrowser: Search-as-you-type causes crash
839081 after suspend (S3) with a rbind-mounted mp3fs: "Transport endpoint is not connected"
862676 mp3fs: please make the build reproducible patch
697518 pacpl: Please use pipes when encoding to a single format confirmed, upstream
905491 soundtouch: CVE-2018-1000223: Heap-based buffer overflow in SoundStretch/WavFile.cpp:WavInFile::readHeaderBlock() fixed-upstream, security, upstream
905504 soundtouch: CVE-2018-14044 CVE-2018-14045 fixed-upstream, security, upstream
203872 Add support for .mpc and .ape
250392 Add support for non-standard mp3 files with WAV header confirmed
552305 play: "no handler for file extension `*'" should be a warning
552306 play: file handler for directories
706967 sox: [Wheezy] play issues Segmentation fault
786646 sox: play(1) confused about mp3 length, can segv
823417 sox: output file truncated when "upsampling" large files upstream
881131 bs1770gain: divide by zero while running bs1770gain security
881132 bs1770gain: stack buffer overflow while running bs1770gain security
895840 sox: nroff typo in man page, switches from Times Roman to Courier
897565 sox: null file (-n) contains inexplicable noise
905166 Enable support for Opus
875195 [stretchplayer] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
157334 oggenc leaves a file after trying to encode with invalid quality setting upstream
160419 ogg123 ignores write errors upstream
198765 vorbis-tools: input buffer drains not handled upstream
225316 oggenc: native endianness option
340887 ogg123: option to make audioscrobbling easier
340888 ogginfo: speedier operation
364716 vorbis-tools: new feature 'vorbiscomment -e' to launch an editor patch
488458 vorbis-tools: should accept input in libsndfile formats
538025 vorbis-tools: oggenc displays useless warning even if --quiet is set confirmed
544231 vorbis-tools: medium output option for oggenc
547207 ogg123: widely different CPU usage between invocations
578720 vorbis-tools: Sends invalid argument to ALSA when playing some files wontfix
601274 vorbis-tools: vorbiscomment should allow for delimiter other than newline patch
655204 oggenc: ability to parse tags from filenames
655205 oggenc: auto-incrementing tracknumber
775983 oggenc: Invalid memory access with low sampling rate confirmed
795708 /usr/bin/ogg123: ogg123: Metadata_block_picture comments spew base64 all over the screen
835070 vorbis-tools: ogg123 segfaults on playing ogg files patch
842796 ogg123 always segfaults after playing file
881130 vorbis-tools: use uninitialized local value as a pointer running oggenc security
899864 vorbis-tools: Invalid maintainer address
774427 wavpack: Some curly quotes in wavpack(1) should be straight
807261 xcfa: Can't edit Title/Artist/Album/... info in CD tab
814937 xcfa: Wrong "Artist" field when encoding CD -> ogg
829398 xcfa: Buffer overflow with more than 45 tracks
884529 xcfa: dvd+rw-tools and imagemagick are dependencies, not recommendations
832095 patch for SSE-optimizing resampling of stereo signals patch, upstream
897049 zita-resampler FTCBFS: multiple reasons patch

Open bugs in suggested packages

28 important, 58 normal, 8 minor, 16 wishlist
581196 Time synchronisation problem between jackdmp(jack2) and ardour buster, jessie, sid, stretch
598849 ardour: Ardour Segfaults while using Behringer BCF2000 with mackieprotocol
800834 ardour: Freesound search stops work confirmed, upstream
823963 ardour: Incorrect balance behaviour for stereo bus sends
856122 calf-plugins: UI not loaded in ardour (works in the standelone app)
861712 [ardour] ardour crash with this sample project moreinfo, unreproducible
874598 ardour: GUI doesn't load
878000 ardour5 does not start on debian/testing it spins trying to load GTK2 breeze theme
832120 ardour3: could not create project in "/home/rouven/Ardour/blablabla" moreinfo
272598 audacity: update nyquist interface
284576 Doesn't work with 8-bit sound drivers wontfix
299483 interface: clicking stop button twice should move cursor to start
299484 audacity: Playing the sound shouldn't block editting
299497 audacity: trimming moreinfo
313038 audacity: please package the reference documentation wontfix
341811 audacity: Clicking "Stop" after recording makes the program hang moreinfo, unreproducible
401368 audacity: does not create mp3 header
423007 audacity crash when choosing second oss recording device
429996 audacity: consumes excessive swap when directory for temporary files does not exist and is on a filesystem almost out of free space
432090 audacity: add a command "Remove temporal files" to chains editor
447532 "repeat amplify" does not do the same thing as selecting "amplify" again from the menu
448572 audacity: Causes a hard lock on local x-windows when run remotely
458206 sound device does not work anymore, using alsa
491557 audacity: Generates click sound when starting.
493952 Support auxiliary lines
498802 audacity: introduces noise in every audio file
512168 audacity: Hangs without displaying GUI
512786 audacity recording freezes in 1.3.6-2
516692 audacity: no PulseAudio devices presented
520395 Audacity sometimes suddenly hangs when playing a file
528817 audacity: Can't 'drag and drop'-open a file with non-ascii characters in pathname
536313 audacity: error when input device is usb mic
547639 audacity: would be nice to see better curve-fitting at extreme zooms
548722 audacity: leaves empty /tmp/audacity-$USER directory behind
549348 audacity: crash when exporting
550409 /usr/bin/audacity: Cutting selection (ctrl-x) cuts extra seconds past the end of selection
552137 No sound in-/output on OSS
569087 audacity: Clip fix fails with Nyquist error then segmentation fault
579022 audacity: cannot record stuff
585380 [audacity] hangs suddenly, can't find a pattern. Here is one bug trace.
589419 audacity: hangs when playing recorded file
593842 audacity: main window mostly blank with RTL locales (Hebrew, Arabic) confirmed
604628 audacity: would like non-sticky initial directory for import
617599 audacity: 32 bits floats 64 bits long and snd_fft behaviour
618304 audacity: 99% CPU load, when nothing loaded in the program
625536 raw import with >100kHz sample rate ignores given rate
625793 setting preferences resets all open projects' sample rates to default
647662 audacity: Program crash, uncatched exception.
651566 audacity freeze on variable speed play simple use.
676713 audacity: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt still compiles some files with -O2
682742 audacity: creates temporary directory with wrong permissions
685198 audacity: places temporary files in /tmp/audacity-$user instead of one of $TMP $TMPDIR $TEMP $TEMPDIR
686709 Audacity hangs up when trying to stop playing
711007 audacity: Plays garbled sound and then hangs
712896 audacity: doesn't restore the volume level where it was before launch upstream
744105 audacity: Audacity burns CPU time upstream
745365 nyqist/snd_add: passes 3 arguments to function taking only 2
748485 audacity: steals window manager focus frequently upstream
772500 typing something in a textbox gets interpreted as audacity commands
773125 audacity: Device Toolbar garbled
774181 audacity: Always appends the .aiff extension when exporting to WAV
774414 Audacity fault in Metedata edit screen
774578 audacity: Assertion Failed when pressing both mouse buttons
777030 audacity: crashes on startup (debug info included)
794337 audacity: please include higher resolution icon (patch included) patch
810684 audacity: Freeze during playback
831369 audacity: In LADSPA effect settings, sliders cannot handle negative integers
850463 audacity FTCBFS: wrong use of AC_CHECK_FILE patch, upstream
852683 audacity: Starting Audacity disables headphone jack output
855482 audacity: data lost when saved (but still opened) project is removed upstream
856026 audacity: Fails to start
861975 audacity doesn't start moreinfo, unreproducible
864332 audacity: FTBFS on hurd-i386, and cruft binary packages
872662 audacity: 'Edit Metadata' Window is too large, 'Ok' button is not available anymore
874263 audacity: Sound playback is distorted or clipped
880717 audacity: New upstream release
890558 audacity-data: opening project fails with "orphaned block-files"
890559 audacity-data: opening project fails with "orphaned block-files"
907222 Preferences: Tracks>Spectrograms panel (only) does not respect GTK theme
910203 audacity: please upgrade audacity to 2.3.0
127850 ERROR: Cannot determine disk status on every write with PlexWriter 12/10/32S
146785 cdrdao: can't handle spaces in cue file track names
162596 cdrdao: a verify option would be nice for "write"
185551 cdrdao: gives real time shceduling failure warning too late
208246 cdrdao: on the fly copy doesn't work
214655 cdrdao: removes toc files although writing failed
215304 cdrdao: Problem with blanking a disk!
245706 cdrdao: incorrectly insists that blank disk is not empty
273054 k3b: Can't burn data CDs
370605 cdrdao prematurely terminates "scanbus" when it fails to open a device
465316 cdrdao: the -v option doesn't check its parameter for validity
478978 [cdrdao] O_EXCL patch introduced regression
483552 /usr/bin/cdrdao: cdrdao read-toc silently drops index marks when creating table of contents
504300 Segfault in i_cblock_destructor with cdrdao read-cd
589003 cdrdao deletes cue file
655392 cdrdao lacks documentation for noburnfree
655739 Language codes not documented in cdrdao.
656000 CD-TEXT supported on HL-DT-ST, DVDRAM GU10N
663418 cdrdao: would be good to have a switch to generate and use a WAV file instead of .bin
724534 cdrdao: Typo in informational log message. upstream
781285 cdrdao: Should be able to handle mono WAV files
815646 empty quoted ISRC strings
884099 toc2cue: does not preserve PRE_EMPHASIS flag
846551 qtractor: Hangs when opening a file chooser dialog
642227 WARNING: SegmentNotationHelper::makeNoteViable(): No valid split for event
740201 rosegarden: Rosegarden has been built in "debug" mode patch
785576 rosegarden: crash. start, click view help, moreinfo, unreproducible
840879 rosegarden: Please announce supported hardware using AppStream
904717 rosegarden "Tie Notes at Barlines" has no effect on some imported MIDI
827063 spek: segfault on first run

Done bugs

883355 aubio: CVE-2017-17054: divide by zero in function new_aubio_source_wavread() fixed-upstream, security, upstream
884232 ffmpeg: CVE-2017-17555 security, upstream
884237 aubio: CVE-2017-17554 security, upstream
904906 aubio: CVE-2018-14523: global-buffer-overflow fixed-upstream, security, upstream
904907 aubio: CVE-2018-14522: SEGV signal can occur in aubio_pitch_set_unit in pitch/pitch.c fixed-upstream, security, upstream
904908 aubio: CVE-2018-14521: SEGV signal can occur in aubio_source_avcodec_readframe in io/source_avcodec.c fixed-upstream, security, upstream
447528 if audacity is running, cannot open a second project from file browser fixed-upstream
673616 audacity: Please enable LADSPA v2 pending
764075 audacity: new version of audacity out pending
789434 audacity: Keyboard shortcuts interference when renaming tracks or other inputs confirmed, fixed-upstream
790882 audacity: Enter track name containing "r" starts record confirmed, fixed-upstream
806185 audacity: upgrade to 2.1.1 pending
858173 audacity: please upgrade audacity to 2.1.3
855251 easytag corrupt ogg files upstream
878009 easytag fails to add tags to .ogg files upstream
886272 easytag: re-enable ogg support after corruption bug is fixed upstream
886369 easytag: remove mentioned OGG support from package description patch
892385 easytag-nautilus: Move appstream metadata here patch
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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