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Bugs of task broadcasting
Total bugs: 143
Open bugs: 121
Fixed bugs: 22
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Animation 109 (559)
Audio plugins 67 (588)
Audio utilities 186 (837)
Broadcasting 121 (773)
Csound 13 (77)
Development 1597 (5738)
Djing 30 (151)
Beat 16 (89)
Firewire 29 (255)
Graphics 263 (1242)
Guitar 54 (214)
Jack 186 (1306)
Ladi 5 (54)
Looping 21 (95)
Midi 125 (473)
Mixing 111 (999)
Musician 46 (258)
Photography 272 (1628)
Players 272 (1926)
Pure data 16 (159)
Recording 131 (1027)
Samplers 4 (54)
Sound synthesis 47 (362)
Supercollider 3 (18)
Video 277 (2177)
critical 0 0
grave 0 0
serious 0 1
important 22 3
normal 36 23
minor 7 4
wishlist 18 7

Summary bugs page of task Broadcasting

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (773)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

22 important, 36 normal, 7 minor, 18 wishlist
687227 crtmpserver fails to relay a live stream
719119 crtmpserver: shutdown immediately after startup
719469 crtmpserver: externalStreams = drop down and never reconnect
853838 crtmpserver: upstream home gone/moved - is dead upstream
878279 crtmpserver: security patch to disallow rtmp streaming from unknown remote ip addresses
396511 darkice: segmentation fault with jack_auto if in jack no source connection(jackstart -d dummy -C 0 -P 0)
590215 in combo with darkice cheese leaves audio in un-usable state
883126 darkice cannot connect to IPv6 icecast server ipv6
806508 dleyna-renderer: new upstream release 0.5.0
814219 dleyna-renderer: Error in `/usr/lib/dleyna-renderer/dleyna-renderer-service': double free or corruption
868951 dleyna-renderer causing long shutdown time
779731 dleyna-server-service: The pakage load by using video or vlc and use 100 perzent of one cpu. Sometimes it doesn't stop.
848863 dleyna-server: Segfault when plugging in a secondary screen unreproducible
887888 dleyna-server: general protection error
772257 dvblast: bashism in /bin/sh script
662125 forked-daapd: scans whole DB on startup which takes ages moreinfo
703162 forked-daapd: Segfaults on remote connect moreinfo
880569 forked-daapd: segfaults on start up (converting old format db)
888345 forked-daapd: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, fixed-upstream, sid
892376 forked-daapd: iPhone Remote kills forked-daapd
610764 gmediaserver: Several fixes from upstream to work with a PS3 patch
610766 gmediaserver: Enable warm database reload patch
660537 Support Matroska Media Containers
884245 gmediaserver: FTBFS against upnp 1.8 buster, sid
887379 gmediaserver FTCBFS: perl build dependency unsatisfiable patch
857544 groovebasin: Please package groovebasin 1.5.1
398842 icecast2: modifies data in potentially read-only /usr partition moreinfo
475889 icecast2: Binding on random port
585029 Icecast should create pid file by default
585847 logrotate script does not rotate archived log files moreinfo
732452 icecast2: Icecast 2.3.2 doesn't list all mount points
744815 icecast2: not compiled against SSL for server side SSL
309356 ices2: Monaural audio not properly recoded from stdin
680743 Request: Reactivation of RoarAudio support in ices2
901466 ices2 FTCBFS: m4/shout.m4 hard codes the build architecture pkg-config patch, upstream
448614 idjc: integration with easytag autocomplete tagging facilities, and also with the mpd scrobbler upstream
885308 idjc: Depends on unmaintained pygtk buster, sid
890150 idjc: Please switch to python-gobject-2/python-gi buster, sid
691763 Wish: Please support some low res (SDTV) skin moreinfo, wontfix
700726 xbmc: [INTL:de] German translation of goom2 fixed-upstream, l10n, upstream, wontfix
709117 xbmc can't eject my cd(s)/dvd(s) moreinfo, upstream
711482 Fails to pick up new items during library scan upstream
711489 AWX Web-Interface not updating upstream, wontfix
712371 AWX Web-Interface key capture interferes with search dialog upstream, wontfix
721235 CVE-2013-1438: xbmc: multiple vulnerabilities security, upstream
747428 [xbmc] passwords are stored in plain xml file confirmed, security, upstream
752604 Please add date to log's timestamp confirmed
754096 xbmc: Working ... moreinfo
754186 xbmc: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer confirmed, upstream
754469 xbmc: play next upstream, wontfix
754707 xbmc: Copy/Paste confirmed, upstream
763647 xbmc-bin: crashes while trying to handle CD/DVD drives although no media is present moreinfo
770358 xbmc: streams working with any player but xbmc moreinfo
786688 xbmc: CVE-2015-3885 confirmed, fixed-upstream, security, upstream
786989 xbmc: Eject/Load fails to eject my DVD upstream, wontfix
842651 skip empty files confirmed, upstream
844162 src:kodi: validation failure with new fontforge confirmed, upstream
845450 kodi-bin: kodi is stuck in left_right stereoscopic mode
849272 kodi: Don't restore geometry confirmed, upstream, wontfix
852635 kodi: Does not play DVD iso from remote location when libdvdcss is installed confirmed
855115 kodi does not work wireless xbox360 controller moreinfo, upstream
855225 kodi: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
857309 kodi: 'kodi' user does not exist confirmed
860482 Missing dependencies for *xinit* and *dbus-x11* used in systemd service unit
860486 Systemd service unit fails with permission error in X.Org Server
861274 xbmc: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
863483 kodi: Provide polkit file for shutdown actions for kodi-standalone
865357 kodi: Debians language/keyboard settings ignored by Kodi l10n
869616 Kodi Remote-Control-Interface repeats always the same key
877767 kodi: supports insecure download of non-free addons patch, security, upstream
879735 kodi support on cubox-i (i.mx6)
881286 kodi: incorrect use of drain packets in avcodec_decode_* api upstream
883851 kodi: Crash Loop when inserting Audio CD confirmed
885606 crash at startup: double free or corruption
888383 kodi: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, fixed-upstream, sid
890216 kodi-standalone: Start user daemon for auto-mount of file systems
897229 distorted, green screen on skip forward or backward confirmed
886499 kodi-pvr-hdhomerun: Incompatible with Kodi 2:17.1+dfsg1-3 from Stretch
882998 [pulseaudio-dlna] pulseaudio-dlna wrongly uses os.path.join which breaks discovery of the pulse socket patch
890283 pulseaudio-dlna: Please package newer upstream snapshot
894806 pulseaudio-dlna: please use Python 3
829713 tsdecrypt: please make the build reproducible fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
839125 voctomix: please provide simple instructions how to set up a basic configuration

Open bugs in suggested packages

1 serious, 3 important, 23 normal, 4 minor, 7 wishlist
873430 python3-mediagoblin: requires pyexiv2 unavailable for Python 3.x
884210 mediagoblin: fails to clean after build: rm: cannot remove './docs/build': Is a directory
404645 vlc: Elapsed time not reported by `vlc cdda://@1' unreproducible, upstream
508067 vlc: Lack of documentation concerning file logging facility confirmed, upstream
517462 vlc creates infinite playlist from Quicktime "Multiple URLs" file confirmed, upstream
524668 vlc does not work properly with jack confirmed, moreinfo, upstream
537811 fullscreen mode requires a window manager confirmed, upstream
570136 vlc-nox: Please allow to select subtitles using the http interface upstream
579938 vlc disconnects JACK between tracks/songs confirmed, moreinfo, upstream
604422 vlc: please add subtitle configuration from the http interface upstream
613122 vlc: Video coordinates/window decorations confirmed, upstream
673333 vlc: logic for window position is broken: window is sometimes partly off-screen help, upstream
704221 vlc: doesn't document cdda:// confirmed, upstream
737230 vlc: confusing message opening midi file
743997 vlc: "Start time" cannot exceed 23 hours confirmed, upstream
778911 vlc: Please make N Curses interface configurable upstream
792538 When a video is playing or paused, vlc execs "xdg-screensaver reset" every 30 seconds, flickering the screen upstream
792830 vlc: playing tree playlist stops at the end of a branch when Auto start is disabled and the next branch has not been unfolded upstream
812651 VLC should warn user when libdvdcss is not installed when trying to play encrypted DVD
830745 vlc: Freeze after the end of a video when the file is not here anymore and repeat is enabled upstream
842513 vlc: altivec setting broken help, upstream
842613 vlc: should warn when choosing a DVB channel that isn't from the same transponder. upstream
852773 vlc: VLC Crashes when a video is being started to play moreinfo
853263 vlc: [~~opening non-existing file makes vlc go crazy upstream
860555 vlc: [h264 @ 0x7f8bdc14f340] qmmco: unref short failure when streaming rtsp://
862375 vlc: Fast-forwarding using touchpad horizontal scroll decrese volume moreinfo
865182 vlc: add lyrics in id3tag upstream
884532 vlc is crashing when screensaver is on
884864 vlc: Convert/Save fails to copy a CD
890292 vlc: convert / save file selection unable to clear list / select multiple files from list upstream
891273 VLC positions itself under tint2 and always plays videos fullscreen moreinfo
894662 vlc: nvlc does not play youtube videos after update to v3.0.1-3, vlc and cvlc play the same url normally moreinfo
898330 vlc: Building package with address sanitizer fails
898428 vlc-plugin-base: memory corruption in vlc_module_unload -> avcodec_close moreinfo
899384 vlc: Hardware acceleration fails after upgrade to 3.0.2 moreinfo
900306 vlc: bit sample indicator always on 32 bit with audio files moreinfo
901023 vlc: Hadware decoding does not work with 3.0.2 upstream
901577 vlc: Please add support for architecture "riscv64" patch, pending, upstream

Done bugs

716031 [Mayhem] Bug report on idjc: idjcsourceclient crashes with exit status 139
831630 idjc: please make the build reproducible patch
888330 idjc: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, fixed-upstream, sid
900754 idjc: missing dependency on libogg
875980 kodi-pvr-vuplus: PVR addon not compatible with Kodi from same Debian release
602985 vlc: please prompt for Samba credentials confirmed, upstream
734100 vlc: Video stuttering with ALSA output fixed-upstream, upstream
757463 vlc unblanks X screen when paused confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
765969 [vlc] green line under some Mpeg-4 XVID videos fixed-upstream
768808 libvlccore-dev: Missing vlc_interface.h fixed-upstream, upstream
769739 vlc: Can't play videos in webm format on YouTube moreinfo
771037 [vlc] intermittent green overlay on video with audio muting when playing youtube videos moreinfo
772503 vlc: CRC errors in FLAC files, not occurring in other players fixed-upstream, upstream
773129 vlc: recording DVB programs broken, causes SIGFPE crash
776172 vlc: crash (segmentation fault) on a webm file moreinfo, unreproducible
792647 vlc: Totally garbles up HLS streams without error message
853847 vlc: After suspend VLC does not suppress xscreensaver during playback
853849 vlc: VLC should detect pause and activate screensaver
857769 vlc: Make the complete wayland session crash when in fullscreen
885415 vlc: When jumping to another position in a video there is no sound for several (5+) seconds moreinfo
900027 vlc: VLC doesn't parse arguments properly moreinfo
901252 vlc: Fail to launch, QPainter not active moreinfo, upstream
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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