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Bugs of task photography
Total bugs: 289
Open bugs: 279
Fixed bugs: 10
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Broadcasting 132 (850)
Csound 10 (50)
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Looping 21 (95)
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important 29 20
normal 99 21
minor 22 5
wishlist 67 13

Summary bugs page of task Photography

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (1610)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 serious, 29 important, 99 normal, 22 minor, 67 wishlist
682397 darktable: recommend opencl package
696644 assertion failure on kfreebsd upstream
713974 darktable: export as web gallery broken
722082 darktable: versioned dependencies on libcolord1 not tight enough moreinfo
740110 darktable: should check for disk full on import, edit
778916 darktable: manual focus only works in big steps on Canon EF-S 60mm 1:2.8 USM macro
855359 darktable: 2.2.1 binary very slow compared to self-compiled
405020 upload dialog should not be modal upstream
542951 kipi-plugins: Separate plugins with extra dependencies wontfix
546403 kipi-plugins: includes Adobe DNG SDK, with problematic license
585456 [digikam] please don't depend on marble-data wontfix
628631 Photo uploading should use existing selection upstream
628635 Photo selection dialog makes it hard to select multiple photos upstream
677234 digikam: External mySql database is not migrated from schema version 5 to 6 fixed-upstream
718908 digikam: Renaming of image files very slow upstream
721826 digikam: saves Mysql password in plain text upstream
729217 digikam: Digikam crashes when importing from mtpfs mounted Android device
731619 digikam: Should warn the user immediately when database not writable upstream
743824 digikam: Digikam no longer displays any album thumbnails moreinfo, upstream
763590 digikam: Updated digikam crashes on encountering *.7z files
799778 digikam: Not able to import pictures from CANON EOS350D after upgrading from 3.5 upstream
803978 digikam: Digikam image editor frequently crashes on PgUp/PgDown
842610 digikam lost track of photos when renaming an album
845479 src:digikam: Missing icons when used outside a DE
846630 digikam freezes when trying to select target location in export to remote storage window under gnome
849830 [src:digikam] Some sources are not included in your package
857421 Many plugins are lost since Jessie
860416 digikam: can't switch map source
869148 digikam cannot import photos from iphone
879255 digikam: HTML export tool missing from tools menu
879298 Updating the digikam Uploaders list
879493 digikam: Please rebuild digikam using libkf5kipi32.0.0 available in experimental
880445 digikam: Please make it installable using experimental packages
883893 digikam: freezing when using geolocation editor
512581 enfuse: Enfuse has no method for specifying the swapfile location
884230 needs updated build-deps (add texlive-fonts-extra)
722227 ExifData: Unknown tag 0xea1c (entry 33 in 'EXIF')
858102 exif FTCBFS: uses the build architecture pkg-config patch, upstream
856593 facedetect: if facedetect is installed without recommends there is a missing depends to opencv-data
413173 feh: Autozoom fails on two screen system
478605 xinerama support broken by recent patches
657172 digs through dots if no file is specified
663422 long file name sends menu off the screen
715923 _xgeWireToEvent: Unknown extension 141, this should never happen.
733827 feh: Fails to display a very large image
821926 fgallery: Please support geolocation patch
25998 gimp: a graphics by gimp image would be nice
55983 Gimp store "swap" file in ~/.Gimp - should use /tmp.
69019 Please add mailcap entries
199265 gimp1.3: more selective undo wontfix
227535 gimp1.3: antierase keybinding to alt conflicts with sawfish window manager upstream, wontfix
263283 gimp: ability to preview despeckle & destripe for entire image upstream
265935 gimp: text background color should be also adjustable in text selector window
270837 gimp: Move layer up/down button tries to move the wrong layer
292885 gimp: Rotate toolbox tool causes garbage to appear
304259 gimp: Please add mailcap entries
324651 gimp: should be able to work with CMYK and spot-colours upstream
330817 gimp-2.2 fails to convert TIF tp PNG correctly upstream
332801 gimp: allow directories as arguments
336679 gimp hangs when fileopen in a big folder the second time sarge
336870 gimp: put version info into default comment upstream
376821 gimp: Crash while using Gimp Text Editor without Anti-Aliasing unreproducible
406566 gimp: "Info window" doesn't show EXIF information
408171 gimp: brush selection dialog has squares but no circles
408428 gimp: whopping swap file left lying around
421153 gimp gladly opens enormous images without warning
426273 add ability to use rotate tool without popping up a dialog
431072 gimp receives an X Window System error (RenderBadPicture)
436109 gimp-data: Please split gimp-locales
453135 Please user ${TMPDIR} for the swapspace
453711 Error in man page: $HOME gets ignored
487695 gimp dies after glib tries to allocate lots of memory
499813 gimp: please allow saving multi-page PDFs fixed-upstream
520915 gimp: cannot open remote image
525077 gimp stole .ps and .pdf associations in GNOME with lenny->sid upgrade
539447 gimp: GIMP stop my keybord frfom working
555401 gimp: GPS Information
567023 gimp not save comment field to 'default' when 'remember parameters' used wontfix
568646 gimp: oversized tif files with lzw compression wontfix
577623 Inaccurate colormap choices when converting RGB to indexed fixed-upstream
591423 acquire screenshot "snap" button scary
600417 gimp: Incorrect handling of transparency from indexed PNG
613995 no help buttons in toolbox
618436 mention why cannot move before anchoring
618438 always some message upon startup
634898 gimp: Create symetric guide missing
641797 error message to calling shell when saving to a new file
641856 gimp: please behave more like Photoshop when changing image resolution
651587 gimp: GTK3 interface
672894 gimp: toolbox window hangs in endless loop
674819 gimp: save/export distinction is a pointless inconvenience to users wontfix
680726 gimp: Hangs for several seconds on full disk.
681806 gimp: Lose tool mode selection after a ctrl-x/ctrl-c unreproducible
682705 gimp 2nd level dialogs freeze unreproducible
682791 gimp: XMP metadata parser breakage: End of element <exif:Flash> not expected in this context fixed-upstream
687181 gimp locks up when changing font in text tool with XIM enabled
691047 gimp: Gimp steals focus, and migrates between desktops while opening files
695428 gimp: When switching workspaces, gimp closes toolbox windows.
698724 screenshot is not multi-screen-aware
699319 gimp: gif animation model incompatible with real world
700227 GIMP hangs
701903 gimp: Single window mode can't be maximized and window's height is too high and can't be reduced
710811 the many error messages sent to the calling shell on Debian
711179 tons of GTK error messages upon exit
724482 gimp: Gimp freezes and crashes in enlightenment.
726080 gimp-data: conffiles not removed
737725 libgimp2.0: Please build multiarch library
745092 gimp: web-page plug-in is missing patch
759704 pcmanfm opens gimp instead of okular to view a PDF file
765891 gimp: Cannot view help without locally installed help files
772033 gimp: Gimp evades certain window manager settings - places dialogs on wrong monitor
773155 gimp: toolbar appears with garbage all the time
803508 lots of GEGL-gegl-operation warnings
809064 [gimp] Cage Transform tool freezes UI fixed-upstream, patch
811107 gimp: Automatic threshold doesn't work on binarized image
814886 gimp: screenshot with 'select a region to grab' sometimes produces spurious frame lines
827083 gimp: please support jpeg2000
831018 gimp: Restore 02_help-message.patch patch
832358 gimp: Fill fills some pixels with lower opacity fixed-upstream
856453 Ctrl+D discard all changes and close the image creates new copy upstream
856692 Problems detected on Galician translation fixed-upstream, patch
857109 It should turn off color selection or show a message in gray mode. upstream
860766 gimp-data recommendations
862336 gimp: "extension" should be "extensions" in man page
863398 [gimp] menu bar not visibile
869514 gimp: Crash while using Gimp Text Editor
870568 gimp: Please package new release 2.8.22
872419 gimp: Toolbox icons missed
872424 libgimp2.0-dev: move *.pc files to a multiarch location patch
880186 gimp: screenshot does not work with wayland fixed-upstream, patch
884091 gimp: bad dependency
686920 gimp-plugin-registry: Spelling and Grammer Errors in control file (package description) W/ Patches patch
695047 gimp-plugin-registry: Include BIMP - Batch Image Manipulation Plugin
714111 Subject: gimp-plugin-registry: resynthesize produces garbage and will not remove the selected area completly.
728259 gimp-plugin-registry: normalmap plugin segfaults when I press 3D Preview button
731027 gimp-plugin-registry: Letter Drop fails with... substring: end out of bounds: 1
741309 gimp-plugin-registry: [script] cannot be used because it has not been added to an image
758451 FTBFS with clang instead of gcc patch
178249 gphoto2: debian woody on sun blade 100 - Step #2 of initialization failed! woody
231856 gphoto2: Capturing with Canon G5 supposed to work but does not fixed-upstream
242849 gphoto2: failure to create new images with empty memory on camera upstream
242850 gphoto2: wrong recognition of last file on camera
246266 does't check for failure to read input from user upstream
251934 gphoto2: Canon Powershot S45 image download failure: "gp_port_read() returned error (-34) or no data" upstream
286886 gphoto2 can no longer delete photos
292032 gphoto2: saves wrong date on movies upstream
295098 gphoto2: --get-all-audio-data doesn't (on Canon A60 at least) upstream
296841 gphoto2: Progress bar chews CPU upstream
310891 gphoto2: The first --get-all-files attempt always fails on Canon A80 upstream
323505 gphoto2 does not report permissions problems when accessing usb filesystem
328934 gphoto2: --shell could support wildcards upstream
341619 gphoto2: how to masquerade as older known camera model
341621 gphoto2: mention where the documentation is
341637 gphoto2: mention how generic PTP is upstream
342167 gphoto2: Segmentation fault upstream
342168 gphoto2: can't turn off debugging upstream
342884 gphoto2.1.gz: add arguments to shell mode section upstream
342886 gphoto2: --camera without --port upstream
385725 gphoto2: Timeout for delete-all-files operation for HP Photo Smart C20 to short upstream
400561 'gphoto2 --filename=%Y%m%d-%H%M%S-%03n.%C' is broken
429421 gphoto2 holds each downloaded object fully in RAM before writing to disk upstream
462447 gphoto2 detects Canon PowerShot G3, but gives Error (-114: 'OS error in camera communication')
545757 gphoto2: in shell mode ls and tab-completion use different sorting
585719 gphoto2 does not respect umask
593847 gphoto2 could not claim the USB device
610207 gphoto2: Error (-60: 'Could not lock the device')
690035 gphoto2: Wrong date and time stamp on downloaded images
696547 mounts wrong device when multiple devices connected moreinfo
727219 smbnetfs mountpoints incorrectly listead as a device
758982 gphoto2: Can't access RAW-Files (CRW, DNG) on Camera
760096 gphoto2: Fails to initialize CanonPowerShot G5 after upgrade from stable
770428 gphoto2: Fails to read Nikon Coolpix 2200
795925 gphoto2: Error (-7: 'I/O problem')
476748 gphotofs does not play nicely with autofs upstream
608052 fetches all file data when opening upstream
879724 gphotofs FTCBFS: uses the build architecture pkg-config patch, upstream
491229 hugin: Asks users to report bugs upstream wontfix
496476 hugin: 'Add images' dialog needs a preview pane and thumbnail view
551006 hugin: Hugin crashes at startup with "segmentation fault"
603773 windows lack 'close' choices
638029 hugin: Segfault when trying to perform step 2 is assistant
702805 hugin crashes on startup after showing the splashscreen
711997 hugin: Hugin fails with segfault; program partially unusable fixed-upstream
712997 "Move/Drag" panel not "dragging"
779003 hugin-tools: fulla ignores -s option
799730 [hugin] Blending images fails with unspecified error
536652 qtpfsgui: imageopen dialog is extension-case-sensitive
685301 luminance-hdr description does not advertise CR2 support
567680 Please add resize option "set longest side to ..."
638985 nautilus-image-converter does not convert/mogrify upstream
829873 nautilus-image-converter: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
802317 Do not export all the symbols upstream, wontfix
822583 [sparc64] generating compression 0 writing copying Bus error confirmed, upstream
873885 openexr: CVE-2017-9111 CVE-2017-9113 CVE-2017-9114 CVE-2017-9115 patch, security
877352 openexr: CVE-2017-12596 security, upstream
878551 openexr: CVE-2017-14988 security, upstream
668476 openimageio-tools: handling of gamma for JPEG files in "iv" is weird upstream
838053 openimageio: Embedded libsquish library now available in debian
883552 openimageio-tools: missing /usr/bin/iv
694425 pfstmo: Please support arch powerpcspe buster, jessie, sid, stretch
749156 pfstools: FTBFS with clang instead of gcc
764428 pngquant: FTBFS on hppa: Unsupported compiler option
857175 Please enable SSE support on amd64 patch
376945 ufraw: converting .cr2 files to jpg creates invalid IFD0 header
396878 ufraw: Uses incorrect temperature values for Nikon D70s white balance presets
498896 gimp-ufraw: Cancel not working for Setting Options->Configuration->Save Image defaults
559848 ufraw: unhelpful default for save file name
565630 ufraw: crash when opening too much curves
565633 ufraw: crash when opening too much curves
574869 ufraw: writes invalid TIFF files
587605 ufraw: locale-related glibc corruption when handling wrong utf-8 data in .ufrawrc
588684 ufraw: crash when over or underexposure indicator buttons are used
673506 ufraw-batch: output path ignored in batch mode
687073 ufraw-batch: better handling of relativ paths in .ufraw files
730290 gimp-ufraw: tiff files are opened by gimp-ufraw instead by plain gimp
787569 ufraw: Errors converting Nikkon NEF files
878732 ufraw-batch: NULL pointer dereference when running with --conf option
878733 ufraw-batch: NULL pointer dereference when running with --conf option

Open bugs in suggested packages

2 serious, 20 important, 21 normal, 5 minor, 13 wishlist
731777 ffdiaporama: new upstream version available
759117 ffdiaporama: please enable parallel building patch
802570 ffdiaporama: Program crash when trying to create a movie with codec H264 in 1080p 25 FPS newcomer
873191 ffdiaporama: please switch to ffmpeg buster, sid
874874 [ffdiaporama] Future Qt4 removal from Buster fixed-upstream
691763 Wish: Please support some low res (SDTV) skin moreinfo, wontfix
700726 xbmc: [INTL:de] German translation of goom2 fixed-upstream, l10n, upstream, wontfix
709117 xbmc can't eject my cd(s)/dvd(s) moreinfo, upstream
711482 Fails to pick up new items during library scan upstream
711489 AWX Web-Interface not updating upstream, wontfix
712371 AWX Web-Interface key capture interferes with search dialog upstream, wontfix
721235 CVE-2013-1438: xbmc: multiple vulnerabilities security, upstream
747428 [xbmc] passwords are stored in plain xml file confirmed, security, upstream
752604 Please add date to log's timestamp confirmed
754096 xbmc: Working ... moreinfo
754186 xbmc: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer confirmed, upstream
754469 xbmc: play next upstream, wontfix
754707 xbmc: Copy/Paste confirmed, upstream
763647 xbmc-bin: crashes while trying to handle CD/DVD drives although no media is present moreinfo
770358 xbmc: streams working with any player but xbmc moreinfo
786688 xbmc: CVE-2015-3885 confirmed, fixed-upstream, security, upstream
786989 xbmc: Eject/Load fails to eject my DVD upstream, wontfix
842651 skip empty files confirmed, upstream
844162 src:kodi: validation failure with new fontforge confirmed, upstream
845450 kodi-bin: kodi is stuck in left_right stereoscopic mode
849272 kodi: Don't restore geometry confirmed, upstream, wontfix
852635 kodi: Does not play DVD iso from remote location when libdvdcss is installed confirmed
855115 kodi does not work wireless xbox360 controller moreinfo, upstream
855225 kodi: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
857309 kodi: 'kodi' user does not exist confirmed
860482 Missing dependencies for *xinit* and *dbus-x11* used in systemd service unit
860484 Use secure HTTPS URLs where possible
860486 Systemd service unit fails with permission error in X.Org Server
861274 xbmc: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
863483 kodi: Provide polkit file for shutdown actions for kodi-standalone
863925 kodi not work moreinfo, unreproducible
865357 kodi: Debians language/keyboard settings ignored by Kodi l10n
866437 kodi: depends on obsolete python-imaging (replace with python3-pil or python-pil) buster, sid
869616 Kodi Remote-Control-Interface repeats always the same key
876876 kodi-bin: kodi does not work on arm64 - "Failed to find matching visual" in kodi.log patch
877767 kodi: supports insecure download of non-free addons patch, security, upstream
877798 kodi: FTBFS on alpha: tests don't start upstream
879735 kodi support on cubox-i (i.mx6)
881286 kodi: incorrect use of drain packets in avcodec_decode_* api upstream
881536 ffmpeg: Breaks sound in kodi
883851 kodi: Crash Loop when inserting Audio CD
873430 python3-mediagoblin: requires pyexiv2 unavailable for Python 3.x
884210 mediagoblin: fails to clean after build: rm: cannot remove './docs/build': Is a directory
866210 posterazor: unable to load
685982 Background color is changed to black when exporting to svg upstream
880650 pstoedit: plot-svg fails with ghostscript error: DELAYBIND deprecated
780621 xsane: Not enough space in root partition: xsane gives broken images but upstream
799028 xsane: Copy mode checkbox for compressed ps does not seem compressed
842999 xsane: XSane takes ages to start and do anything
852687 xsane: Only scans top 5 cm with HP 6970 (xscanimage works)
862972 xsane: Typo in Preferences>Copy dialog pending
864486 xsane: XSane writes bogus icm_profile field in output patch
867667 xsane: Preview window empty/unusable
870058 xsane failing since stretch upgrade moreinfo
880119 cannot install xsane on combined sid experimental system without downgrading other packages
883670 xsane: Broken sending emails

Done bugs

792163 Reviewing kipi-plugins dependencies
834131 digikam: no video playback and no video thumbnails
874675 kipi-plugins: flickr uploader: restricts video uploads to max photo size patch, upstream
876154 digikam: FTBFS: error: missing binary operator before token "defined" buster, sid
884257 digikam: Experimental version no more installable
878689 please drop transitional package qtpfsgui
875069 [opencolorio] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
864078 openexr: CVE-2017-9110 CVE-2017-9112 CVE-2017-9116 patch, security
881679 openimageio: FTBFS on arm{el,hf}: mixes GLES and classic OpenGL upstream
875094 [pfstools] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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