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Bugs of task video
Total bugs: 330
Open bugs: 298
Fixed bugs: 32
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Ambisonics 11 (102)
Animation 124 (661)
Audio plugins 56 (486)
Audio utilities 190 (884)
Broadcasting 142 (973)
Csound 12 (68)
Development 1595 (5555)
Djing 32 (134)
Beat 15 (91)
Firewire 33 (354)
Graphics 270 (1258)
Guitar 54 (172)
Jack 183 (1309)
Ladi 5 (54)
Looping 21 (95)
Midi 123 (480)
Mixing 107 (965)
Musician 48 (295)
Photography 280 (1646)
Players 281 (2023)
Pure data 15 (150)
Recording 130 (1012)
Samplers 3 (25)
Sound synthesis 39 (272)
Supercollider 4 (27)
Video 298 (2387)
critical 0 0
grave 1 0
serious 3 1
important 64 21
normal 117 21
minor 24 4
wishlist 39 3

Summary bugs page of task Video

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (2387)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 grave, 3 serious, 64 important, 117 normal, 24 minor, 39 wishlist
584621 blender: possible symlink attack security
775460 please consider packaging the manual
796685 blender: does not display objects moreinfo, unreproducible
833962 blender: Doesn't work input with russian characters into text editor. l10n
857494 blender: Mouse pointer disappears / moved off screen upstream
857718 blender: enable GPU rendering with openCL
886728 blender: Doesn't work input with russian characters into text editor. l10n
888350 blender: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
219328 Camorama can't create ~/Webcam_Pictures upstream
219329 Camorama doesn't show any image and crashes with the image set to large upstream
244236 camorama: No way to save settings which aren't preferences
309149 camorama: Malformed filename when using remote capture with appended timestamp
309155 Authentication failure for FTP upload causes camorama to become unresponsive.
326745 camorama: couldn't detect the camera
338936 camorama crashes on selecting laplace or mirror image.
390218 camorama: doesn't handle my ov511 right
504205 camorama does not work correctly with "vivi" (format=YUYV)
504208 camorama does not work with mmap()+vivi driver
553523 camorama: Gtk-WARNING (from GtkSpinButton)
591901 camorama: Error message in .xsession-errors
784272 camorama: Warning message for .desktop file
800586 camorama cannot take pictures
829896 camorama: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
868388 camorama: Please drop the (build-)dependency against gnome-vfs buster, sid
874073 camorama: .gnome2 ownership discovered after loading camorama d-i
886086 camorama: Depends on gconf buster, sid
687227 crtmpserver fails to relay a live stream
719119 crtmpserver: shutdown immediately after startup
719469 crtmpserver: externalStreams = drop down and never reconnect
853838 crtmpserver: upstream home gone/moved - is dead upstream
878279 crtmpserver: security patch to disallow rtmp streaming from unknown remote ip addresses
686411 [devede] Add options for putting date (of disc creation) and/or DeVeDe version in background of title menu.
776084 devede: Produced iso image is too big upstream
779875 devede: Crashes when trying to choose directory to store .iso in
799317 devede: Devede creates only aprox. 5 min. sequences
807854 devede: DeVeDe hijacks file associations in Xfce
839577 devede: DivX conversion fails starting
889834 devede: missing German translation in desktop file l10n, patch
731777 ffdiaporama: new upstream version available
802570 ffdiaporama: Program crash when trying to create a movie with codec H264 in 1080p 25 FPS newcomer
873191 ffdiaporama: please switch to ffmpeg buster, sid
874874 [ffdiaporama] Future Qt4 removal from Buster fixed-upstream
888354 ffdiaporama: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
493705 ffmpeg-debian: Libraries have text relocations wontfix
528080 ffmpeg-debian: ffmpeg still has shlib-with-non-pic-code lintian errors wontfix
781938 ffmpeg: please compile ffmpeg with libvidstab confirmed
797963 bs1770gain: support writing Apple SoundCheck tags confirmed, moreinfo, upstream
839941 enable decklink confirmed, upstream, wontfix
873182 please drop transitional package libav-tools
882384 ffmpeg: Gratuitous valgrind log
884138 ffmpeg: scientific notation used for speed in progress bar
414518 Please allow audio input from a different file than the video input
441273 there may be an option to automatically get audio and video qualities equivalent to the source
544713 ffmpeg2theora - Unable to convert ac3 audio
545828 ffmpeg2theora: Some options (particularly «-s») do not work when reading from stdin
577546 ffmpeg2theora messes up sound
595338 ffmpeg2theora: Green border in theora-encoded videos
741615 ffmpeg2theora broken with DV input stream
768016 ffmpeg2theora crashes with segfault with mp3/mjpeg input from AmazonMP3
825584 ffmpeg2theora: please make the build reproducible patch
881019 ffmpeg2theora: null pointer dereference while running ffmpeg2theora with "poc" option security
881122 ffmpeg2theora: null pointer dereference while running ffmpeg2theora security
881123 ffmpeg2theora: null pointer dereference while running ffmpeg2theora security
881138 ffmpeg2theora: use uninitialized stack value as a pointer while running ffmpeg2theora security
881139 ffmpeg2theora: heap buffer overflow while running ffmpeg2theora security
883200 ffmpeg2theora: null pointer dereference while running ffmpege2theora security
833317 flowblade: does not supply en locale l10n
829961 freetuxtv: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
686919 gjacktransport: Grammer Error ("allows to") in control file (package description) W/ Patch patch
782093 For more details on chapter file syntax...broken link
782125 Support atom Xtra
786733 gpac: aac2m4a, some m4a are 1 second long and <1Kb big
817194 gpac: new upstream version and moved to github
888343 gpac: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
726882 handbrake: right window border shaking wildly in icewm, using 56% CPU moreinfo
763398 handbrake: FTBFS on hurd-i386 patch
805526 handbrake: Fails to encode MKV with Text [CC] subtitle track
809368 handbrake: Regular -> Normal -> Subtitle List -> Add All -> Encode Failed
815083 handbrake: Wrong framerate / encoding status
817141 handbrake-cli: Using AVStream.codec.time_base is deprecated
829847 handbrake: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
834581 handbrake-cli: make symlink handbrake-cli to /usr/bin/HandBrakeCLI upstream
838186 [handbrake] No audio in output file
842235 handbrake: Crashes with unusable output file on some DVD titles
849376 Selected framerate is 29.97 but output framerate is 1000 stretch
859623 handbrake-cli: Encoding a DVD with Closed Captions (Text [CC]) stream in mkv format fails
870668 handbrake: Could this be "Architecture: any"?
888368 handbrake: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
890425 handbrake: "Open Source" does not remember previous folder location.
890428 handbrake: Show Preview does not remember its state between sessions.
670377 Please provide better diagnostics upstream
691763 Wish: Please support some low res (SDTV) skin moreinfo, wontfix
700726 xbmc: [INTL:de] German translation of goom2 fixed-upstream, l10n, upstream, wontfix
709117 xbmc can't eject my cd(s)/dvd(s) moreinfo, upstream
711482 Fails to pick up new items during library scan upstream
711489 AWX Web-Interface not updating upstream, wontfix
712371 AWX Web-Interface key capture interferes with search dialog upstream, wontfix
721235 CVE-2013-1438: xbmc: multiple vulnerabilities security, upstream
747428 [xbmc] passwords are stored in plain xml file confirmed, security, upstream
752604 Please add date to log's timestamp confirmed
754096 xbmc: Working ... moreinfo
754186 xbmc: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer confirmed, upstream
754469 xbmc: play next upstream, wontfix
754707 xbmc: Copy/Paste confirmed, upstream
763647 xbmc-bin: crashes while trying to handle CD/DVD drives although no media is present moreinfo
770358 xbmc: streams working with any player but xbmc moreinfo
786688 xbmc: CVE-2015-3885 confirmed, fixed-upstream, security, upstream
786989 xbmc: Eject/Load fails to eject my DVD upstream, wontfix
842651 skip empty files confirmed, upstream
844162 src:kodi: validation failure with new fontforge confirmed, upstream
845450 kodi-bin: kodi is stuck in left_right stereoscopic mode
849272 kodi: Don't restore geometry confirmed, upstream, wontfix
852635 kodi: Does not play DVD iso from remote location when libdvdcss is installed confirmed
855115 kodi does not work wireless xbox360 controller moreinfo, upstream
855225 kodi: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
857309 kodi: 'kodi' user does not exist confirmed
860482 Missing dependencies for *xinit* and *dbus-x11* used in systemd service unit
860486 Systemd service unit fails with permission error in X.Org Server
861274 xbmc: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
863483 kodi: Provide polkit file for shutdown actions for kodi-standalone
865357 kodi: Debians language/keyboard settings ignored by Kodi l10n
869616 Kodi Remote-Control-Interface repeats always the same key
877767 kodi: supports insecure download of non-free addons patch, security, upstream
879735 kodi support on cubox-i (i.mx6)
881286 kodi: incorrect use of drain packets in avcodec_decode_* api upstream
883851 kodi: Crash Loop when inserting Audio CD confirmed
885606 crash at startup: double free or corruption
888383 kodi: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, fixed-upstream, sid
890216 kodi-standalone: Start user daemon for auto-mount of file systems
886499 kodi-pvr-hdhomerun: Incompatible with Kodi 2:17.1+dfsg1-3 from Stretch
751492 libavcodec55: Libavc causes VLC to SIGSEGV moreinfo, upstream
754435 crashes vlc while decoding fixed-upstream, upstream
758582 vlc: Vlc segfaults at the end of video reproduction when video acceleration VAAPI is selected
864917 libav: upgrading breaks vokoscreen 2.1
880851 libva: FTBFS on non-Linux: __NR_gettid undeclared help, upstream
762770 lives cannot find any encoders on startup upstream
888348 lives: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, fixed-upstream, sid
707905 mjpegtools: please port lavrec to V4L2 or build with libv4l-dev upstream
772354 mjpegtools: bashism in /bin/sh script
794751 mjpegtools: lav2avi fails because mencoder is missing
797169 mjpegtools: FTBFS with x32 because of unused SIMD code remains patch
829312 Updating the mjpegtools Uploaders list
782129 Support atom Xtra upstream
188859 mpeg2dec: Lacking YUV output support
391830 libmpeg2-4-dev: libvo and corresponding headers are missing
565178 mpeg2dec: fails with BadMatch XVideo error
410962 [PowerPC] mplayer doesn't work on G3 macs because of altivec instructions confirmed
418855 (g)mplayer enters infinite loop when using -loop 0
448105 [PowerPC] mplayer doesn't work on G3 macs because of altivec instructions confirmed
481401 [PowerPC] mplayer doesn't work on G3 macs because of altivec instructions confirmed
506570 [PowerPC] mplayer doesn't work on G3 macs because of altivec instructions confirmed
516844 mplayer: option -nograbpointer does not work
518092 mplayer: SDL driver running on the 1st head in a dual-head setup causes image disruption on the 2nd head
576591 gmplayer vo does not autodetect
576592 gmplayer ao does not autodetect
616541 mplayer crashes - SIGILL - with any file confirmed
641817 mplayer crash if i try to play an audiofile on my PowerBook 3,1 confirmed
681393 mplayer: Include section to enable threads
723914 mplayer: 100% CPU spin after laptop suspend/resume
727189 mplayer2: mencoder seems to loop when ending
728772 mplayer: FTBFS: The architecture of your CPU (UNKNOWN) is not supported
753991 mplayer: Ignores subtitle colour specifications in SRT file
782350 mplayer hangs when remote controlling with synergy and mouse pointer leaves screen
818981 mplayer: [x32] crashes on (exemplary) webm and MP4 videos
834451 mplayer: Switching audio tracks causes de-synchronisation of audio on some files.
842809 mplayer-gui: Add missing MIME types to desktop file?
855953 mplayer: Stops playing when switching to text consoles
861583 -geometry and -fs not fully honoured
862230 mplayer: error while loading shared libraries: R_PPC_REL24 relocation at 0x207ac54c for symbol `htonl' out of range
878191 Error in `/usr/bin/mplayer': corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000560ab80de850
888378 mplayer: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
735332 mpv: Doesn't use vaapi by default
753265 mpv: dvd tracks index starts at 0 instead of 1
754510 mpv: segfaults on too short tracks
754512 mpv: dvd:// plays second track
774216 mpv: uses lots of RAM
778356 Subtitles unreadable in 0.7.3
779789 mpv: free(): invalid pointer: 0xedf28020 *** moreinfo
785311 mpv: a paused vdpau video prevents display of video of a second vdpau instance
797733 Please support dynamically disabling audio pitch correction
802751 mpv leaks memory while playing vp9/opus/webm video
809322 mpv: Complains about missing xdg-screensaver, which is installed
809710 mpv can never load external subtitle file.
816973 mpv: Video freeze or out of sync audio when streaming with --ytdl
822796 mpv: seeking with cache in stdin stopped working
828056 mpv: problems with osd if costom fonts are installed
834022 mpv: load libsmbclient dynamically
842810 mpv: Add missing MIME types to desktop file?
848407 mpv: 1080p videos often cease displaying if another window covers it temporarily moreinfo
855629 mplayer2: mplayer crashes session -> login screen
864042 Tries to allocate zero-length DRM buffer upstream
879653 mpv: Streaming mp3s fail after variable amount of play time
885022 mpv: apt remove mpv removes mpv but installs mplayer at the same time, like apt install mplayer would moreinfo
890205 mpv: relocation error - symbol av_hwframe_map not defined in moreinfo
334649 mozilla-plugin-vlc: does not stream
405112 mozilla-plugin-vlc: Mozilla VLC plugin crash
457986 mozilla-plugin-vlc: suppress verbose debug output
492925 plugin argument parsing should be case insensitive
501295 iceweasel: crash with vlc plugin moreinfo
588059 mozilla-plugin-vlc: doesn't support playlist moreinfo
605058 mozilla-plugin-vlc: JavaScript doesn't work at all
695461 iceweasel crashed after using the VLC plugin
716954 browser-plugin-vlc: One semicolon too much in the NPP_GetMIMEDescription() output?
751940 browser-plugin-vlc: Iceweasel/firefox reports vlc plugin is insecurity and should be disabled moreinfo, security
758684 browser-plugin-vlc: video/quicktime plugin not always working
890024 npapi-vlc: upcoming Firefox ESR dropping support for NPAPI buster, sid
771179 Please support mpv upstream
774353 Does not copy DVD to harddisk
785025 ogmrip: unused B-D libx264-dev patch, pending
886052 ogmrip: Depends on gconf buster, sid
793930 useless/not working with clang with hard reference to ext/hash_fun.h
808795 OpenCOLLADAValidator: support COLLADA 1.5.0 specification from 2008
808796 OpenCOLLADAValidator: option to only print warnings/errors
615075 openshot: provide menu and pixmaps patch
651591 openshot: Openshot doesn't have a GTK3 interface yet
676582 openshot-1.4.2 won't run if libavutil51 version is later than 5:0.8.1-4 moreinfo, unreproducible
676583 openshot-1.4.2 won't run if libavutil51 version is later than 5:0.8.1-4 moreinfo, unreproducible
695981 openshot: Warning about reserved word when upgrading to wheezy
696478 openshot: "Report a Bug" menu entry should send bug reports to Debian instead of Upstream
698321 openshot: after opening, openshot needs 25% of CPU while doing nothing
718837 openshot: closes with Gtk:ERROR
721351 openshot: please ship effects graphics (the transitions dir) as e.g. openshot-data
738697 few bugs in 1.4.3 which were fixed post-release upstream (blender effects, saving to Desktop) patch
761518 openshot: no sound on export
777615 openshot: Huge application icon in Nautilus upstream
783706 openshot forcefully keeps screensaver from triggering
784062 openshot: Trying to import image sequence from new location segfaults
787226 openshot: Open Shot: video preview and export returns saturated video
802300 openshot dont recognise blender when making animated titles newcomer
803205 openshot: timeline colors are wrong
810549 openshot: unable to start at all
818272 openshot: add more tags, e.g. use::editing
818307 openshot: should prevent / in project names or show useful error
847112 openshot: Help -> Contents aka F1 does not work
884372 openshot-qt hangs at start: No module named 'PyQt5.QtWebKitWidgets' upstream
890002 openshot-qt: desktop file is missing translations l10n, patch
890102 openshot: Openshot 2.4.1-2 will not start
638176 Add HTTP proxy support patch
654665 rtmpdump respetice flvstreamer ERROR: Closing connection: NetStream.Failed upstream
659764 rtmpsuck and rtmpsrv lack a an page
695512 rtmpdump: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
860248 librtmp1 built against GNUTLS results in Segfault when streaming to sources that use username and password authentication
730233 smtube: Please honor the $http_proxy environment variable upstream
797498 smtube: Preferred Quality setting doesn't do anything.
797500 smtube: SMTube can't find video URL.
829713 tsdecrypt: please make the build reproducible fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
839125 voctomix: please provide simple instructions how to set up a basic configuration
881133 x264: out of bound read while running x264 security

Open bugs in suggested packages

1 serious, 21 important, 21 normal, 4 minor, 3 wishlist
609129 dvgrab: various unhandled errors and core dumps
719294 dvgrab: Uses 100% when it can't grab anything
858138 kdenlive: Segmentation fault with Affine and Composition transitions upstream
869838 kdenlive: closing all file descriptors for no reason whatsoever upstream
890848 kdenlive: Small project gets ... "[mlt_pool] out of memory"
303279 kino: Depends too much on filenames of source objects
315194 kino: Freezes when switching out of capture mode while receiving DV stream.
315200 kino: File counter doesn't reset between base name changes.
315201 kino: importing multiple files could be easier
339795 kino dies capturing raw dv material due to a X Window System error
359144 segmentation fault when exporting to DV-file
360111 kino: erroneous warning about default preferences
379431 kino crashes if using XVideo, works if using GDK
390080 Kino crash on file open dialog (AMD 64)
392806 kino: Kino does not offer capture to Quicktime format (mov)
393705 kino: should honour umask patch
400754 kino: crashes when loading dv file from a path containing iso8859-1 umlauts
402507 kino: Jogshuttle is not detected
407536 kino: crash on powerpc without altivec
409037 kino: regression -motion jpeg import broken
409720 kino: sound is noisy after exporting
409723 kino: Dual Pass exports fail if no filename is specified
426812 kino dies due to an X Window System error
428690 kino: canceling import doesn't really cancel it
428691 kino: does not deal lack of disk space
450404 kino: Kino fails exporting H.264/FFMPEG
509088 This version of Kino doesn't work on PowerPC
511462 kino: Green screen instead of DV image
526655 kino: Kino plays files accelerated without sound. There is no possibilities to play files normaly.
537819 kino: crashes when no space left on device
538812 video and audio out of sync when importing
546384 ffmpeg exporter shell error
567588 kino seg faults and dies when creating video segment in FX tab moreinfo, unreproducible
568263 kino: crashes when trying to render effect on amd64
569593 kino dies with libavformat52 'relocation error' when importing DV via firewire
572517 kino crashes when applying an effect on a video with a relocation error concerning libavformat
585487 build- error: ‘sort’ is not a member of ‘std’
590943 kino: Adding new file dialog confused by some files in a dir
648992 Kino not installable in Testing (with pinning)
686743 kino: 001 is added to the filename
712154 Height quality options changed patch
734249 kino: List entry MimeType in "Kino.desktop" miss trailing semicolon
764863 kino: theora export fails with "ffmpeg2theora: invalid option -- 'S'"
885671 kino: Depends on libglade buster, sid
888389 kino: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
888338 libavg: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
873430 python3-mediagoblin: requires pyexiv2 unavailable for Python 3.x
884210 mediagoblin: fails to clean after build: rm: cannot remove './docs/build': Is a directory
414293 stopmotion: no export to Cinellera
890263 vamps FTCBFS: does not pass a cross CC to make patch

Done bugs

889168 blender: symbol lookup error in
889169 blender: symbol lookup error in
851084 crtmpserver: Please migrate to openssl1.1 in buster buster, patch, sid
850073 dvbcut: FTBFS on hppa -- --with-ffmpeg=/usr not passed to configure
888351 dvbcut: FTBFS with FFmpeg 3.5 buster, sid
759117 ffdiaporama: please enable parallel building patch
886912 ffmpeg segfaults when using sftp
881777 melt: Crash with ... double free or corruption (fasttop)
832072 handbrake not build for ppc64el
833172 handbrake: please, remove me from uploaders
850446 handbrake: New upstream release 1.0.1
867340 Contains binary files without corresponding source
884268 kdenlive: Rendering to .webm crashes.
885390 kdenlive: build-depends on deprecated Frameworks -dev packages patch
885670 kino: Don't Build-Depend on libgnome buster, patch, sid
863925 kodi not work moreinfo, unreproducible
888739 dbg package for kodi moreinfo
889015 dh_autoreconf: Can only be run once, see dh-autoreconf(7)
875980 kodi-pvr-vuplus: PVR addon not compatible with Kodi from same Debian release
699328 libavutil51: relocation error after upgrade
888501 gstreamer1.0-vaapi: Latests versions does not work at all upstream
888654 mpv: CVE-2018-6360 security, upstream
889892 mpv: fix for CVE-2018-6360 breaks youtube playlists
890410 mpv: fix for CVE-2018-6360 overlooks subtitles security, upstream
785562 openshot: python-pygoocanvas deprecated buster, sid
866448 openshot: depends on obsolete python-imaging (replace with python3-pil or python-pil) buster, sid
692180 Passing file names with the extension .JPG on the command line hangs openshot
705928 openshot binary package has embedded copy of python-gdata security
725095 openshot-doc: dependency on rarian-compat
814734 openshot: new upstream release
875194 [stopmotion] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
881358 has no function __vaDriverInit_1_0 buster, sid
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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