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Bugs of task devel
Total bugs: 1640
Open bugs: 1586
Fixed bugs: 54
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Ambisonics 13 (120)
Animation 119 (658)
Audio plugins 67 (564)
Audio utilities 185 (802)
Broadcasting 121 (805)
Csound 14 (80)
Development 1586 (5678)
Djing 38 (238)
Beat 18 (108)
Firewire 30 (276)
Graphics 257 (1159)
Guitar 54 (199)
Jack 191 (1237)
Ladi 5 (39)
Looping 21 (98)
Midi 119 (432)
Mixing 112 (963)
Musician 47 (261)
Photography 283 (1799)
Players 266 (1926)
Pure data 11 (117)
Recording 145 (1171)
Samplers 5 (64)
Sound synthesis 48 (403)
Supercollider 7 (81)
Video 271 (2097)
critical 0 1
grave 1 0
serious 9 4
important 65 190
normal 176 518
minor 40 145
wishlist 68 369

Summary bugs page of task Development

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (5678)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 grave, 9 serious, 65 important, 176 normal, 40 minor, 68 wishlist
500509 alsa-utils: /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf should be moved to /etc wontfix
513449 libasound2: could not make a sound with GUS
537600 pulseaudio: Underrun on 'ALSA Playback', 0 bytes in queue. fixed-upstream, upstream
539526 alsa-utils: missing dependency on package that provides
564856 aplay: error message when user not in audio group is unhelpful upstream
586150 alsa-lib: confmisc.c:768:(parse_card) cannot find card '0' upstream
590586 [libasound2] amixer relative adjustments adjust too much
591481 libasound2-dev: /usr/include/alsa/global.h:137: error: redefinition of ‘struct timeval’ wontfix
619494 libasound2: pulseaudio logs alsa-util.c error
627351 libasound2: no approved way to order multiple cards with the same driver
653913 Default device selection is unpredictable and poorly documented
663329 has_capture_channel() returns wrong value
674431 libasound2:amd64: Crashes with bad asoundrc
675028 libasound2-doc: Bad link in the "Timer interface" documentation.
675961 libasound2-doc: Source code in "_2test_2latency_8c-example.html" does not compile
719978 alsa-lib: fix FTBFS when DSO linking patch
802651 [libasound2] SIG11 on 'aplay -L' patch
826177 ice: No sound after restart
849203 libasound2: ALSA_PCM_DEVICE environment variable is ignored
854213 alsa-lib FTCBFS: Build-Depends: python-dev is not installable patch
870396 alsa-lib: fix SIGSEGV on x32 (and a minor typo in the testsuite) patch
895357 libasound2: Please pakcage 1.1.6
901689 libasound2: Fails to find configuration for Intel HDA soundcard patch
480018 python-aubio seriously lacks documentation.
431451 audacious: goes slightly crazy when dragging player + playlist windows upstream, wontfix
452276 Support for multiple artist/genre tags
456561 audacious: Incorrect numbering in the playlist window upstream, wontfix
460802 audacious: show popup info for current song when mouse hovers over rolled up playlist
499435 audacious: Unfriendly keyboard shortcuts for playback control fixed-upstream
501769 audacious: Add option -geometry to control positioning
504754 audacious: Please include a Debian skin like xmms did
511678 -u|--pause is handled as -t|--play-pause wontfix
512912 audtool: please add option to minimize/maximize a window (a-la playback-playpause)
527294 audacious time display wontfix
543272 audacious incorrectly depends on dbus-x11 wontfix
544359 audacious: allow simultaneous dragging + scrolling in playlist
557111 audacious: Update changes output plugin in config-file
588171 audacious: on song change, moves playlist selection to currently playing song fixed-upstream
597079 audacious2: -c for Clear the playlist
618295 audacious: major skipping on VIA 8235 and ALSA
620731 audacious: [PATCH] audacious.1 -- Order items alphabetically fixed-upstream, patch
626173 audacious: fails on playing next song when shuffle button is on confirmed
638703 audacious2: lag during playing, not with mplayer
639555 audacious: controlling audtool via SSH, error
641758 audacious: Track time display keeps flicking between correct time and zero
641760 audacious: Audio drop-outs (overruns?) on Alsa playback to USB audio
644088 audacious: Another wishlist: Play Bin/Cue files
648076 audacious playlist. infinity width
651989 audacious: libmodplug playback problem
652614 audacious: improper unicode character handling in m3u files l10n
657884 audacious: man page outdated
661328 [audacious] cannot enter directories in file open dialog via keyboard
666032 audacious: Back slashes not interpreted as folder de-limiters
675708 audacious: Mp3s with a bitrate of 64kbps or less stutter badly on playback
684494 audacious: Audacious close itself (segfault) after playing a file moreinfo
689465 audacious: doesn't remember last screen position
691348 audacious frequently locks up after a stream terminates
693386 audacious: fails to remember its desktop position upon closing
700804 Audacious fails to play files if caharacter encoding is not recognised confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
703869 audacious: Garbled audio using PulseAudio output on Intel 82801 AC'97
720198 [audacious] song name doesn't change when cue-playlist advances fixed-upstream, upstream
721227 audacious: Audacious opens for inode/directory
721856 audacious: can't able play opus files moreinfo
737474 Can't restore Audacious after minimizing
761233 audacious: “Amplify untagged files” has no effect
764385 audacious: With some (not all) recent CDs, audacious crashes during audition (segmentation fault)
780047 audacious: Audacious crashes when using shiny mate theme upstream
785682 audacious: Do not recognise tags in some MP3 files
796201 audacious : Segmentation fault
818371 audacious: cannot properly skip/FF WMA Pro VBR 24 bit
840244 audacious: Skip instead of seek
853158 audacious: snd_pcm_hw_params_set_rate failed
861595 audacious wrong mimetype
877975 audacious: No more GTK3 support available
879646 Updating the audacious Uploaders list
883731 audacious: Debian packaging has incorrect license
904000 audacious: Opening URL fails
905848 audacious: new upstream 3.10
101448 please add mp3 support to libaudiofile
857784 audiofile: rebuild documentation at build time
877498 audiofile: fails to REBUILD from source
903499 audiofile: CVE-2018-13440 security, upstream
889815 chromaprint FTBFS on big endian: test failures fixed-upstream, ftbfs, upstream
864556 clalsadrv FTCBFS: hard codes build architecture compiler patch, upstream
893203 src:collada2gltf: FTBFS with rapidjson 1.0.2 buster, fixed-upstream, ftbfs, sid, upstream
687227 crtmpserver fails to relay a live stream
719119 crtmpserver: shutdown immediately after startup
719469 crtmpserver: externalStreams = drop down and never reconnect
853838 crtmpserver: upstream home gone/moved - is dead upstream
878279 crtmpserver: security patch to disallow rtmp streaming from unknown remote ip addresses
909969 crtmpserver hard code include search path for dlfcn.h patch, upstream
897124 crystalhd cannot be rebuilt from source: autoreconf fails in filters/gst/gst-plugin
902576 dataquay FTCBFS: uses the build architecture qmake patch
908574 libdataquay0: long description talks about Qt4
715838 [Mayhem] Bug report on dssi-utils: dssi_osc_send crashes with exit status 139
715839 [Mayhem] Bug report on dssi-utils: dssi_osc_update crashes with exit status 139
874857 [dssi] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
299403 ecasound2.2: Menu Icon please
580914 ecasound-el: uses obsolete elisp syntax upstream
764051 Changing the value of a plugin parameter doesn't work patch
800840 ecasound FTBFS on Alpha: use of infinities despite compilation with -ffast-math
646070 faad2: Typo Psychadelic -> Psychedelic patch, wontfix
703732 faad fails to gaplessly decode itunes, nero, fraunhofer aac moreinfo, upstream
493705 ffmpeg-debian: Libraries have text relocations wontfix
528080 ffmpeg-debian: ffmpeg still has shlib-with-non-pic-code lintian errors wontfix
781938 ffmpeg: please compile ffmpeg with libvidstab confirmed
797963 bs1770gain: support writing Apple SoundCheck tags confirmed, moreinfo, upstream
839941 enable decklink confirmed, upstream, wontfix
884138 ffmpeg: scientific notation used for speed in progress bar
894191 ffmpeg: silence when copying AAC (LC) from MKV to AVI moreinfo
896190 ffmpeg convertion from dsf to flac - noisy at the end of file fixed-upstream
274700 flac: --export-vc-to should quote strings containing spaces
448368 metaflac -h not clear about options
478780 flac: please provide useful exit status for metaflag --show-tag=...
498048 chained ogg-flac files don't work
604639 flac fails to cross build using xdeb
616468 flac: metaflac -- Add short optios for command line use (--list => -l) upstream
652615 flac: Does not change bit/rate as set at command line.
739613 flac encode crashes if called as a python subprocess
815587 flac fails with "invalid ISRC number" when multiple ISRC attributes exist for a track
873843 fails with error "found multiple ISRC commands"
868833 Updating the flake Uploaders list
782093 For more details on chapter file syntax...broken link
782125 Support atom Xtra
786733 gpac: aac2m4a, some m4a are 1 second long and <1Kb big
817194 gpac: new upstream version and moved to github
892526 gpac: CVE-2018-7752: Stack buffer overflow in av_parsers.c fixed-upstream, patch, security, upstream
902782 CVE-2018-13005 / CVE-2018-13006 security, upstream
508562 jackrec: hangs JACK server when aborted moreinfo, patch
596868 Subject: iceweasel: Iceweasel crashes when playing video files
600383 jackd1: jackrec starts recording static after a while
692562 jackd1: bus error on beagleboard
695550 libjack-dev: does not automatically transition to libjack-jackd2-dev
716042 [Mayhem] Bug report on jackd1: jack_netsource crashes with exit status 139
786737 jackd1: crashes with -n option specified patch, upstream
882188 juce: FTBFS on non-Linux: sys/prctl.h: No such file or directory upstream
882189 juce: FTBFS on m68k: StringHolder is not large enough to hold an empty String upstream
884782 juce: please provide a small cmdline-utility as a Projucer replacement
691763 Wish: Please support some low res (SDTV) skin moreinfo, wontfix
700726 xbmc: [INTL:de] German translation of goom2 fixed-upstream, l10n, upstream, wontfix
709117 xbmc can't eject my cd(s)/dvd(s) moreinfo, upstream
711482 Fails to pick up new items during library scan upstream
711489 AWX Web-Interface not updating upstream, wontfix
712371 AWX Web-Interface key capture interferes with search dialog upstream, wontfix
721235 CVE-2013-1438: xbmc: multiple vulnerabilities security, upstream
747428 [xbmc] passwords are stored in plain xml file confirmed, security, upstream
752604 Please add date to log's timestamp confirmed
754096 xbmc: Working ... moreinfo
754186 xbmc: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer confirmed, upstream
754469 xbmc: play next upstream, wontfix
754707 xbmc: Copy/Paste confirmed, upstream
763647 xbmc-bin: crashes while trying to handle CD/DVD drives although no media is present moreinfo
770358 xbmc: streams working with any player but xbmc moreinfo
786688 xbmc: CVE-2015-3885 confirmed, fixed-upstream, security, upstream
786989 xbmc: Eject/Load fails to eject my DVD upstream, wontfix
842651 skip empty files confirmed, upstream
844162 src:kodi: validation failure with new fontforge confirmed, upstream
845450 kodi-bin: kodi is stuck in left_right stereoscopic mode
849272 kodi: Don't restore geometry confirmed, upstream, wontfix
852635 kodi: Does not play DVD iso from remote location when libdvdcss is installed confirmed
855115 kodi does not work wireless xbox360 controller moreinfo, upstream
855225 kodi: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
857309 kodi: 'kodi' user does not exist confirmed
860482 Missing dependencies for *xinit* and *dbus-x11* used in systemd service unit
860486 Systemd service unit fails with permission error in X.Org Server
861274 xbmc: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
863483 kodi: Provide polkit file for shutdown actions for kodi-standalone
865357 kodi: Debians language/keyboard settings ignored by Kodi l10n
869616 Kodi Remote-Control-Interface repeats always the same key
877767 kodi: supports insecure download of non-free addons patch, security, upstream
879735 kodi support on cubox-i (i.mx6)
881286 kodi: incorrect use of drain packets in avcodec_decode_* api upstream
883851 kodi: Crash Loop when inserting Audio CD confirmed
885606 crash at startup: double free or corruption
888383 kodi: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, confirmed, fixed-upstream, ftbfs, sid
890216 kodi-standalone: Start user daemon for auto-mount of file systems
897229 distorted, green screen on skip forward or backward confirmed
721827 ladspa: LADSPA_PATH not set
829326 libmp3lame-dev: please install a pkg-config file patch, upstream
829327 libmp3lame-dev: please install a pkg-config file patch, upstream
859636 no longer useful
905847 Reinhard's email address on libaacs is typoed pending
libart-lgpl (5) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Adrian Bunk
171162 libart-2.0-dev: art_config.h should be protected for multiple inclusion upstream, wontfix
271111 Fails to start; libart assertion fails patch
298225 nautilus eats all memory and dies thumbnailing .SVG file confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
383443 scribus-ng: Vertical gradient is not vertical
895349 libart-lgpl: deprecated and unmaintained upstream upstream, wontfix
893227 libbluray FTBFS with openjdk-9 ftbfs, upstream
888224 libde265-0: Provide static library
836980 libdrumstick: mime-file database should not be updated by the package drumstick-tools
175077 libdv2: libraries not compiled with -fPIC
466131 libdv: Pixel format is not visible in dv.h
748986 Conflicting types as recode.c lacks #include <config.h> upstream
722188 Optimizations are not properly applied
515705 dumps warnings to stdout help, upstream
828061 libdvdnav4: breaks mplayer2 from wheezy
845271 libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in src/ifo_read.c:1675
909872 Updating the libebur128 Uploaders list pending
601663 libffado2 reads from freed memory
708976 Prints "Cannot create thread" on startup
886603 libgig: FTBFS: fatal error: linux/cdrom.h: No such file or directory
898342 undefined symbols: needs -lliveMedia
721617 liblo7: broken on sparc: bus error while sending 64 bit integers buster, jessie, sid
732973 liblo: update Architecture field
libmad (3) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Mad Maintainers
447196 anonymous structure makes lib partially unusable in C++ patch
881283 libmad0: produces different results on s390x/arm64/...
899582 libmad: Invalid maintainer address
768898 libmapper: Unsuitable for Testing, please keep it in Unstable for a while
768900 libmapper-dev: Unsuitable for Testing, please keep it in Unstable for a while
768901 python-libmapper: Unsuitable for Testing, please keep it in Unstable for a while
827151 libmapper: Build-dependency on liblo should be versioned
905390 musepack-tools: wavcmp never shows usage upstream
701044 flactag errors when run upstream
392218 Missing manpage for lqt-config
716154 [Mayhem] Bug report on quicktime-utils: qtdump crashes with exit status 139
716156 [Mayhem] Bug report on quicktime-utils: qtdechunk crashes with exit status 139
716157 [Mayhem] Bug report on quicktime-utils: qt2text crashes with exit status 139
716222 [Mayhem] Bug report on quicktime-utils: qtinfo crashes with exit status 139
716224 [Mayhem] Bug report on quicktime-utils: lqt_transcode crashes with exit status 139
537339 libreplaygain-dev: No specification of the input range.
873541 libsbsms: please package 2.2.0
888666 libshairport: incorrect Vcs-* fields
488065 Support .ACT file format moreinfo, upstream
760898 libsndfile1-dev: Ogg/Vorbis writing segfaults with large buffer size
761240 libsndfile1-dev: fails with multipart Ogg/Vorbis files upstream
869166 libsndfile: CVE-2017-12562: Heap buffer overflows in psf_binheader_writef fixed-upstream, security, upstream
876682 libsndfile: CVE-2017-14245, CVE-2017-14246 security, upstream
876783 libsndfile: CVE-2017-14634 fixed-upstream, security, upstream
884735 libsndfile: CVE-2017-17456 CVE-2017-17457 security, upstream
751615 libsoxr: Conflicting declarations of src_strerror mix up pointer and integer
880851 libva: FTBFS on non-Linux: __NR_gettid undeclared help, upstream
772877 libvorbis: Segmentation fault when disabling channel coupling confirmed, fixed-upstream
802393 libvorbisfile3: ov_raw_total() ignores the size of the last page confirmed
876780 libvorbis: CVE-2017-14160 (+ CVE-2018-10392 CVE-2018-10393) fixed-upstream, security, upstream
899590 libvorbis: Invalid maintainer address
887400 lilv-utils is broken when naspro-bridges is installed
810445 lirc: please switch to libusb 1.0
851618 lirc: adequate reports multiple obsolete-conffiles for lirc Package: lirc
860296 lirc is spamming syslog with messages
860300 lircmd does not work moreinfo, unreproducible
860551 lircd-0.9.4c[845]: Error: Cannot glob /sys/class/rc/rc0/input[0-9]*/event[0-9]*
872375 lirc: irrecord segfaults when recording a button
872749 lircd logs all messages twice
872985 lirc: Installation fails, if systemd-tempfiles is not present (sysv-init) (see log)
874246 liblirc-dev is wrongly marked Multi-Arch: same
876750 lirc: Configuration loglevel
876912 lirc: nodaemon option
877265 lirc-setup instructs user to get added to a nonexistent group
890374 lirc: 'pre' and 'post' in *.conf is ignored if no 'pre_data', 'post_data' patch
905935 lirc: systemd complains about legacy directory /var/run/ in tmpfiles.d/lirc.conf patch
907183 New version available
762770 lives cannot find any encoders on startup upstream
885858 Missing Turtle files
707905 mjpegtools: please port lavrec to V4L2 or build with libv4l-dev upstream
772354 mjpegtools: bashism in /bin/sh script
794751 mjpegtools: lav2avi fails because mencoder is missing
797169 mjpegtools: FTBFS with x32 because of unused SIMD code remains patch
829312 Updating the mjpegtools Uploaders list
782129 Support atom Xtra upstream
893544 mp4v2: CVE-2018-7339 security, upstream
903099 libmp4v2-2: Just found a NULL ptr reference which could result in `mp4info` crashes on corrupted MP4 file. upstream
903859 CVE-2018-14054 security, upstream
904896 mp4v2: CVE-2018-14446 security, upstream
904897 mp4v2: CVE-2018-14403 security, upstream
904898 mp4v2: CVE-2018-14379 security, upstream
904900 mp4v2: CVE-2018-14326 security, upstream
904901 mp4v2: CVE-2018-14325 security, upstream
909277 mp4v2: CVE-2018-17236 security, upstream
909278 mp4v2: CVE-2018-17235 security, upstream
188859 mpeg2dec: Lacking YUV output support
391830 libmpeg2-4-dev: libvo and corresponding headers are missing
565178 mpeg2dec: fails with BadMatch XVideo error
73681 strange timer bug in mpg123
728046 mpg123: mailcap program and tty
829434 mpg123 segfaults once after dist-upgrades
735332 mpv: Doesn't use vaapi by default
753265 mpv: dvd tracks index starts at 0 instead of 1
754510 mpv: segfaults on too short tracks
754512 mpv: dvd:// plays second track
774216 mpv: uses lots of RAM
778356 Subtitles unreadable in 0.7.3
785311 mpv: a paused vdpau video prevents display of video of a second vdpau instance
797733 Please support dynamically disabling audio pitch correction
802751 mpv leaks memory while playing vp9/opus/webm video
809322 mpv: Complains about missing xdg-screensaver, which is installed
809710 mpv can never load external subtitle file.
816973 mpv: Video freeze or out of sync audio when streaming with --ytdl
822796 mpv: seeking with cache in stdin stopped working
828056 mpv: problems with osd if costom fonts are installed
834022 mpv: load libsmbclient dynamically
842810 mpv: Add missing MIME types to desktop file?
855629 mplayer2: mplayer crashes session -> login screen
864042 Tries to allocate zero-length DRM buffer upstream
879653 mpv: Streaming mp3s fail after variable amount of play time
898575 mpv: in-memory cache grows very large fixed-upstream
904620 mpv: opening movie from sftp:// in nautilus does not work
905050 mpv: why does mpv tell it's built on unknown
909193 mpv shows artifacts when playing IPTV rtp:// streams moreinfo
910721 mpv: documents unsupported option tv://
695291 naspro-core: Doesn't build twice in a row
771179 Please support mpv upstream
774353 Does not copy DVD to harddisk
785025 ogmrip: unused B-D libx264-dev patch, pending
886052 ogmrip: Depends on gconf buster, fixed-upstream, sid
730405 libois-1.3.0: ignores keypresses that are falsely detected as key repeats patch
759344 freeorion: Keyboard randomly stops working patch
776159 freeorion: Keyboard seems to be undetected, not responding to key entered. patch
876915 Updating the ois Uploaders list
793930 useless/not working with clang with hard reference to ext/hash_fun.h
808795 OpenCOLLADAValidator: support COLLADA 1.5.0 specification from 2008
808796 OpenCOLLADAValidator: option to only print warnings/errors
743573 Updating the opencore-amr Uploaders list
757264 openni: Problems compiling source package using Debian sid on amd64
798728 openni, uses inappropriate compiler flags on arm.
846821 Updating the openni Uploaders list
621789 ProjectM seg default crash with ATI video cards moreinfo
692582 projectm-jack: It would be very nice if the man page listed the keyboard commands for projectM.
699383 libprojectm2: unlisted dependency on package ttf-bitstream-vera
833489 projectm-pulseaudio: ttf-dejavu-core dependency not listed
875112 [projectm] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
893926 mark projectm-data Multi-Arch: foreign patch
908856 mark projectm-data Multi-Arch: foreign
909977 projectm: upstream has moved
792997 python-pyo: ship pd-pyo
891709 rtaudio library writes debug info to stderr
638176 Add HTTP proxy support patch
654665 rtmpdump respetice flvstreamer ERROR: Closing connection: NetStream.Failed upstream
659764 rtmpsuck and rtmpsrv lack a an page
695512 rtmpdump: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
860248 librtmp1 built against GNUTLS results in Segfault when streaming to sources that use username and password authentication
905491 soundtouch: CVE-2018-1000223: Heap-based buffer overflow in SoundStretch/WavFile.cpp:WavInFile::readHeaderBlock() fixed-upstream, security, upstream
905504 soundtouch: CVE-2018-14044 CVE-2018-14045 fixed-upstream, security, upstream
875655 suil should provide module toolkit package(s)
820072 synfig: please make the build reproducible (timestamps) patch
658012 libunicap2: allow to selectively install backends
743550 Updating the vo-aacenc Uploaders list
743572 Updating the vo-amrwbenc Uploaders list
774427 wavpack: Some curly quotes in wavpack(1) should be straight
881133 x264: out of bound read while running x264 security
906532 x264: heap buffer overflow
907464 x264: NULL dereference crash
896833 zita-alsa-pcmi FTCBFS: multiple issues patch
873161 zita-convolver FTCBFS: binutils dependency unsatisfiable, uses build architecture compiler patch
832095 patch for SSE-optimizing resampling of stereo signals patch, upstream
897049 zita-resampler FTCBFS: multiple reasons patch
zlib (12) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Mark Brown
283502 zlib1g: breaks "Heavy Metal FAKK2" (again?) help, moreinfo, upstream
290049 zlib rsyncable support? upstream
308799 Please implement deflate64 uncompression support upstream
318927 zlib: potentially passes non null terminated strings to fopen (in gz_open) upstream
330032 zlib1g: Please add support for Implode compression method upstream
353406 zlib1g-dev: Please reorganize header file to document highlevel functions first
453321 zilib Bug: Incorrect gzeof() behaviour when reading from uncompressed file
465277 zlib1g: gzopen() fails on empty files upstream
497831 Missing Depends on lib64z1
568149 zlib: please allow resuming after EINTR
763982 performance improvements from Intel
892762 zlib: rename stage1 profile to nobiarch patch

Open bugs in suggested packages

1 critical, 4 serious, 190 important, 518 normal, 145 minor, 369 wishlist
628666 automake1.11: ltorder.test fails with cross-compiler and link_all_deplibs=no patch
708783 Outdated copyright file with GFDL invariant
909210 Does it make sense to ship automake-1.15 in buster?
22952 automake: should allow preinst target
52707 automake: WISH: when found C++ sources, add --c++ to tags generation
212858 automake: support C99 to C89 translation, similar to ansi2knr
221415 automake1.7: Automake gives an unexpected warning buster, jessie, sid, stretch
402727 config.status generates directories with '$(top_srcdir)' in them
434416 automake1.10: Produce a log of generated files
444994 files mentioned in TESTS should be made exectuable (by default)
448784 automake1.10-doc: Please build HTML documentation
456632 automake: creates a readonly directory and then tries to modify it
487620 aclocal: better ways to add new directories for aclocal .m4 files
506751 automake fails to install unreproducible
525462 automake: Strange parsing of variables with \
541713 automake: generates makefiles that are unsafe for parallel builds
543340 "info automake" gives automake-1.10 documentation instead of the latest version when automake1.10 is installed unreproducible
543992 automake and /usr/share/info/dir.gz fixed-upstream, upstream
544488 "info automake" does not show root node
548902 [automake] Document compatible gettext versions
552501 automake: runs install-info and gets itself into a hole fixed-upstream, upstream
563239 automake and aclocal commands not available after install, only automake-1.11 and aclocal-1.11
565663 autoconf: autoreconf fails if macro dir does not exist
575748 automake: distcheck broken if build crosses midnight
579744 automake creates file with future timestamp
596418 automake: rule-variable declaration in overrides rule generation
620819 automake breaks on conditional code in / buster, jessie, sid, stretch
622629 automake: AM_PATH_PYTHON breaks with python3
623579 automake: non-existing -I directory causes program to exit
661850 vala build rules not parallel safe patch
704225 Parallel "make install" fail to relink libtool (FTBS imagemagick) upstream
710400 automake: Missing word in /usr/share/doc/automake/README upstream
710955 automake: how to force a verbose build with automake 1.13?
712654 New default test behaviour is backwards incompatible, and so is the backwards compatibility option
714567 java-atk-wrapper: FTBFS: automake: warning: autoconf input should be named '', not '' buster, jessie, sid, stretch, wontfix
715204 automake: Doesn't use TESTS_ENVIRONMENT with parallel test
752993 automake: configure does not parse variables to make foo.Po files fixed-upstream
789995 automake: aclocal segmentation fault unreproducible
807050 automake: lex/yacc with subdir-objects and --disable-dependency-tracking broken patch, upstream
807100 info automake fails with No menu item 'automake' in node '(dir)Top'.
822105 automake: check-TESTS has dependency on check_PROGRAMS patch, upstream
871492 use a better NAME section on man page
882844 automake: "automake --add-missing" should not install an obsolete texinfo.tex file
889647 automake ships an outdated texinfo.tex file
889920 AM_PROG_VALAC should consider $ac_tool_prefix patch, upstream
890978 babl: FTBFS: aclocal segfaults moreinfo, unreproducible
906575 automake: Incorrect statement in package description
906919 automake-1.16: please enable testsuite [PATCH] patch, pending
301075 Stale dangling yacc alternatives from byacc
546490 Stale dangling yacc alternatives from byacc
616100 flex with %bison-locations yyset_lloc usage
689700 bison: generate incompatible header file
786885 Broken gettext check in the build system of bison
851051 bison: using YYERROR in empty rule leads to segmentation fault upstream
901442 [bison] Inconsistent manpage
593876 libboost-filesystem-dev: Undeclared indirect dependency of boost_filesystem on boost_system causes link failure
631079 Please build boost.python for pythonX-dbg too patch
719484 boost1.54: FTBFS: assertion fail in bjam, possibly invalid/unportable alignment assumptions fixed-upstream, patch
734504 libboost-python1.54-dev: shared library not linked against python
751880 boost1.54: outdated embedded data copy: unicode-data
768569 libboost-dev: get_pointer(std::shared_ptr<T> const&) not defined on clang
789329 libboost-wave-dev: Requesting the activation of BOOST_WAVE_SUPPORT_MS_EXTENSIONS compilation flag
865096 libboost-dev: Undefined behavior in boost::format("%d") % 1
888070 boost CUDA compatibility
889822 libboost-log-dev: Multi-Arch: same property is apparently missing
899454 boost-defaults: Invalid maintainer address buster, sid
build-essential (3) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Matthias Klose
701598 build-essential: No gcc man pages included wontfix
815172 crossbuild-essential-armhf: cross-building issues due to missing libc6-dev:armhf
883424 build-essential: Please enable Debian Ports architectures for cross-build-essential patch
493460 cmake: Doesn't support specifying a wxwidgets version. fixed-upstream, upstream
643294 cmake: Note that find_file should not be used to find
653065 cmake: Useless warning about gnome-keyring
653916 cmake does not support CPPFLAGS environment variable fixed-upstream, upstream
667941 cmake does not support CPPFLAGS environment variable fixed-upstream, upstream
671746 cmake: FindFLTK cannot be called multiple times fixed-upstream
673272 cmake: Add new behavior for find_library fixed-upstream, upstream
677824 cmake-data: fails to find libgtest; libgtest-dev package no longer distributes statically compiled libraries fixed-upstream, upstream
686407 cmake: FindPythonLibs broken with python2.7-dev and libpython3.2 installed fixed-upstream
694475 cmake: FindVTK produces too many warnings upstream
694478 cmake: Linking against vtk in cmake causes RPATH-issue
728108 set_source_files_properties( ... C) not working fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
729598 cmake-data: M-x cmake-mode autoload interactive patch
741002 cmake + tcc is not multi-arched capable fixed-upstream, upstream
749892 [cmake] CPack "make package_source" with only symlinks in a subdirectory fails patch
756563 cmake-data: FindFLTK.cmake uses static libs buster, jessie, sid, stretch
756564 cmake's FindFLTK module proposes static libs for linking buster, jessie, sid, stretch
758572 cmake binary is missing pthread dependency fixed-upstream, help, moreinfo
761516 cmake: decide on a place for third parties to install extra modules
767537 cmake-data: FindHDF5.cmake does not deal with co-installable HDF5 versions upstream
770768 cmake: reconfiguring is broken when -DCMAKE_*_COMPILER is used upstream
775902 cmake: cpack(1) misses "Generators" section
776832 warning: #warning "you should set MAGICKCORE_QUANTUM_DEPTH to sensible default set it to configure time default" upstream
777542 ISO C forbids conversion of function pointer to object pointer type fixed-upstream, upstream
785177 [cmake] FTBFS: CTest.UpdateCVS fails
785401 cmake on mips is unable to find N32 libraries and incorrectly finds O32 libraries when using N32
793549 cmake-data: Can't find fluid with FLTK 1.3.3
796545 GNUInstallDirs module should consider arch-independent include dirs (but not always) upstream
799009 find_library misbehaving with -DPREFIX and GCC 5 and multiarch
802384 Add signing key check
802915 cmake-data: elisp fails to install due to symlink failure
809310 Possible generator names are specified in the Generators section.
815231 cmake: FTBFS on kfreebsd: 2 tests fail: BuildDepends, RunCMake.Configure
853028 cmake does not find bzip2 (libbz2)
857111 cmake core dumps as soon as run. cannot even get version.
870209 cmake: Break build dependency cycle with libjsoncpp
877584 cmake: pointless CMP0054 warnings for FindPkgConfig.cmake
890822 Test #435: RunCMake.CPack_RPM Failed
910513 cmake: Please increase timeout of tests for arch riscv64 and hurd-i386 patch, pending
911088 cmake: Recognize /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu like /usr/include
22731 cvs ignores files *AND* directories called 'core' by default wontfix
25576 cvs no longer allows cvswrappers moreinfo
40229 cvs: It should append /etc/mailname to username to get the email-address of the log. moreinfo
46007 cvs: import should have a -f just like commit upstream
47095 `cvs diff' discards error information confirmed, upstream
58378 cvs: cvs admin -sfoo fails silenty for files in the Attic moreinfo, unreproducible
58743 cvs: problem resurrecting files on trunk confirmed, upstream, wontfix
60116 cvs has irritating behavior on lost network links moreinfo
61666 cvs vi ssh doesn't always restore tty mode moreinfo, unreproducible
63833 cvs: diff outputs "? <file>" lines to stdout wontfix
67895 cvs: cvs update on existing checkout sets mtime to new for all changed files wontfix
88829 cvs: could handle missing CVSROOT/Emptydir better
95165 cvs: cvs complains about EPIPE moreinfo, upstream
101673 cvs: could have fancy timezone handling like RCS co -z
102167 it would be nice if .cvsrc could expand environment variables wontfix
110920 cvs watch on . doesn't set watch for new files moreinfo
116473 cvs: [ssh connectivity] console looses keyboard echoing after canceling a password/key request. moreinfo, unreproducible
117118 cvs: If repository path ends with /, checkout with double -j fails moreinfo, unreproducible
120400 cvs: CVS not smart enough to propogate module definitions (when using virtual modules) moreinfo
128912 cvs: continue checkout/update after no-permission error upstream, wontfix
130015 cvs: short commands not consistent wontfix
149973 cvs: cannot merge a branch to trunk through ssh moreinfo
150581 cvs: cvs init causes hang when used with -d :ext: moreinfo
160009 cvs: ampersand module brings in whole tree moreinfo
160011 cvs: modules documentation needs expansion upstream
161597 cvs update reports stdio_buffer_shutdown Assertion failure moreinfo
165191 cvs diff between repository and working file should use timestamp of working file moreinfo, unreproducible
166254 cvs: cygwin client to debian server hangs when compression enabled. moreinfo
182866 cvs uses 181m memory! moreinfo
186100 cvs: Can't checkout from pserver moreinfo
189083 cvs: cvs add creates dir/CVS for a directory on failure confirmed, upstream, wontfix
195083 cvs login writes duff record into ~/.cvspass moreinfo, unreproducible
201863 cvs: asserts and leaves repo inconsistent when out of disc space help, upstream
252804 cvs: Support -x flag for cvs diff confirmed, upstream
269917 cvs up -P gives error in a single directory repository moreinfo
274089 some cvs errors leave stuck processes at other end of ssh moreinfo
274094 docs disagree with program about KeywordExpand option moreinfo, unreproducible
280174 cvs: repo corruption on large-scale tags on hppa help, sarge, upstream
284993 cvs up -A -C can fail moreinfo
290531 cvs: (maybe) don't add new files to MAIN when importing on a branch moreinfo
291520 cvs: should check that files exist before using network upstream
292202 cvs add fails to resurrect removed files moreinfo
292729 cvs dates are not consistent moreinfo
298577 cvs: '' in CVS/Root is not acceptable on cvs update moreinfo, unreproducible
303679 option to not commit everything in current directory upon cvs commit wontfix
307265 cvs: man page includes too many blank lines upstream, wontfix
360545 cvs: commit combined with assumption of '.' as default file to act on considered harmful wontfix
362302 cvs diff exit status confirmed, upstream
369870 cvs: phantom revisions with bogus date on branch on file resurection moreinfo, upstream
459641 cvs no longer works on an nfs mounted cvs checkout moreinfo
469523 cvs: docs should live in separate package wontfix
471677 cvs marks a release tag as a branch tag under CVS/Tag moreinfo
472131 cvs: Move doc/* to separate package cvs-doc wontfix
500772 cvs: duplicate logHistory warning in multi-root pserver moreinfo
522337 cvs ignores /etc/gai.conf and prefers ipv6 addresses moreinfo
528478 cvs: received broken pipe signal moreinfo
610539 if i hit Ctrl-C at the password prompt during cvs operation, the typed characters at the command prompt are invisible moreinfo, upstream
644758 cvs init is not documented in the manpage wontfix
dh-buildinfo (6) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Yann Dirson
207403 should provide a "recheck" command newcomer
216239 dh_buildinfo: extractor finds bigloo to be "arch: all"
699333 Should create a Built-Using substvar
831501 dh-buildinfo: does not know about any-* build-depend restrictions
859629 dh-buildinfo: Please clarify that this is unrelated to .buildinfo handling patch
886880 dh-buildinfo: diff for NMU version 0.11+nmu2 patch, pending
909078 fltk1.1: please make the build reproducible patch
900190 fltk1.3 FTCBFS: does not find cairo and freetype2 with the build architecture pkg-config patch
399041 please deal with .git/.git directories a bit more gracefully upstream
407722 Please ship libgit.a in a new git-core-dev package (wontfix until library API/ABI stabilizes upstream) wontfix
412776 git-gui: option to always sign off commits wontfix
412890 git-log should give a better message on repositories without an initial commit upstream
424136 git-svn could translate svn:ignore properties to .gitignore or .git/info/exclude
426617 git-cvsimport cannot handle zsh CVS repo upstream
426938 git-core: Conflict markers should always have a SHA1 moreinfo, upstream
427729 git-core: git-send-email variant that works with xdg-email upstream
431219 git-core: git push should have the ability to create repositories upstream
432558 ability to merge multiple commits onto empty head upstream
439248 git-core: "--list" should be the default option of git-config upstream
451880 git-core: Git should support multiple authors for a commit upstream
457125 gitk: show/hide as well as highlight based on touching paths/adding string/views/etc upstream
461485 git-stash: Option to save untracked and/or ignored files in stash upstream
461965 wishes: context meny entry to call editor for a file
463036 git-core: Handle files in working copy atomically upstream
463316 git/post-receive-email: allow customizing the subject, intro, and footer patch, upstream
463336 git/post-receive-email: allow customizing the subject, intro, and footer patch, upstream
466015 git-gui: Does not cope well with many untracked files upstream
466498 git-cvs: cvsimport (badly) re-imports deleted branches help, upstream, wontfix
467248 gitk: more ways to choose which git repo to use upstream
468800 git svn show-ignore --global help, upstream
469298 git-svn: option to update svn properties on old revisions upstream
472817 git push: lacks option to set remote HEAD upstream
472873 git-cvsimport does not work with bare repositories upstream
474185 git-cvsimport fails silently converting cvs-buildpackage repos upstream, wontfix
475937 git-gui: option to revert individual hunks upstream
476595 git-add --allow-empty would be nice upstream, wontfix
477812 log: handle --follow before --before upstream
483519 git svn -h requires a git repo upstream
487182 gitk: Two-window view upstream
490866 imap-send: Please support multiple named IMAP servers upstream
491036 SSL client certificate passphrase support moreinfo
493646 git cvsimport -m: too eager to declare a merge
497687 git-gui: Garbage collection warning triggers too easily upstream
500060 gitk: please support horizontal scrolling with touchpads
501464 git-core: Please configure commom command aliases by default upstream, wontfix
501761 git-svn --tags should at least /try/ to handle tags as tags upstream
502278 git-core: git cat-file should provide -z upstream
507670 completion: add space after completed filenames upstream
508521 remove *.txt source
514105 git-core: add "checkout-index" to shell completion wontfix
514651 git: complains about trailing whitespace while rebasing, not when originally committing upstream
517226 git-svn: option to skip empty commits upstream
517228 git-svn: option to remove all traces of SVN from the git repo
517864 git-svn: shallow clone
522349 git diff-files, diff-index: Need to refresh index undocumented upstream
524306 git svn: follow redirects upstream
528270 git-core: no way to have system-wide or user specified hooks dir upstream
534251 git-email: should support GnuPG signing and/or encryption upstream
541637 git-core: git push segfaults when push.default=tracking and on branch with no remote moreinfo
542709 git-core: unexpectedly dirty index after rebase unreproducible
544460 gitk: invalid command name ".tf.histframe.pwclist.canv" upstream
550299 gitk: package depends explicitly on tk, wish may be more appropriate wontfix
554160 git-core: git-remote gets confused by overlapping fetch lines upstream
554682 bundle --stdin doesn't work upstream
555403 git-core: allow git-fetch to resume after connection failure upstream
556584 git-ls-files: exclude patterns don't affect tracked files wontfix
557191 ls-files(1) doesn't explain which files exclude patterns apply to upstream
557192 ls-files(1): document that filename arguments are glob patterns upstream
557477 git-svn: git svn dcommit doesn't handle network failure upstream
559569 gitk: press spacebar to advance to next commit upstream
560309 git-cvsimport lacks encoding conversion for commit messages upstream
565699 /usr/bin/git-diff: pager ignores mouse wheel upstream
568470 gitk: not all colours are configurable (so grey on black scheme is not possible) upstream
569645 git-core: recursive merge -> recursive conflicts (Could not parse conflict hunks) upstream
571050 git-core: warn on checkout while rebasing/bisecting upstream
571087 /etc/bash_completion.d/git: breaks if bash is running with nounset upstream
572344 teach 'git gc' to run 'git fsck --no-full' upstream
572357 read-tree (?): silently skips some corrupted objects upstream
572805 gui: treat each untracked directory as a single unstaged change upstream
572844 gitk: invalid command name ".bar.view" upstream
572845 gitk: can't invoke "tk" command: application has been destroyed upstream
572851 fully implement rebase -i -p upstream
573909 git-core: Have git-fetch use hardlinks on local copies upstream
573917 git-cherry --full to not lose sight of merged upstream commits upstream
574524 git-status: please use a pager upstream, wontfix
575577 git-cherry.1 needs a BUGS section upstream
577935 --all and --tags are incompatible upstream
578764 Please default to 'commit -a' when no changes were added upstream
578915 git-svn: git svn log differs slightly from svn log in date formatting patch, upstream
581680 provide merge strategy 'theirs' upstream
583682 filter-branch: advertise --prefix example better upstream
583685 git-filter-branch: always calls git-read-tree even when not needed upstream
584072 rebase -i: (optionally) skip empty patches without prompting upstream
588619 gitk: ignore unknown colors in .gitk upstream
589285 git: please refuse push containing commits marked for autosquash by default upstream
590217 git commit -a: (optionally) fail if there are staged changes upstream
592495 git-svn: info fails with absolute path upstream
593542 git-email: Duplicate headers when combining git format-patch with git send-email upstream
594334 git-rm after conflict spams me about the files being removed needing resolved upstream
595158 git-send-email: Warnings from /usr/share/perl5/Term/ReadLine/
596073 include information about which tags precede or follow a commit like gitk upstream
597371 git am should recognize >From upstream
598246 format docs as plain text, too upstream
598250 merge-octopus: conflicts have ugly labels upstream
600001 gitk: please add option to summarize commits between merges upstream
600131 dummy git-core package cannot be removed
600594 gitk should recommend the font it wants to use
602105 git svn: "fatal: refs/remotes/trunk: not a valid SHA1" with --stdlayout upstream
602528 git: cannot recover from interrupted http fetch upstream
603129 git send-email: please allow editing cc list at "send? [yn]" time upstream
605767 git-email: UTF-8 content in To: causes Subject: to also be RFC2047 encoded
605770 git send-email -h does not dump usage upstream
608051 git: pointless mailto links in manpages upstream
609128 git-checkout.1: clarify behavior wrt local changes upstream
609292 gitweb: http://localhost/w/repo.git/blob_plain/HEAD:path/to/file (PATH_INFO support)
611765 git-daemon-run: need to document how to change git-daemon user
611788 git-daemon.1: explain that --enable overrides daemon.* configuration upstream
611843 git daemon: make permissions problems easier to diagnose upstream
611929 git daemon: support for multiple base-path arguments upstream
611930 gitweb: support for multiple projectroots upstream
611934 git-status.el: Git -> Refresh action creates duplicate "unknown" entries upstream
611935 git-blame.el: one-line summary not visible in status line as advertised upstream
611936 git-blame.el: long authors do not line up patch, upstream
613892 git dependency on git-man
615139 git apply segfaults unreproducible, upstream
618606 git-daemon-run: confusing message on upgrade if service was removed (fail: git-daemon: runsv not running)
619584 git svn: handle svn:externals somehow moreinfo, upstream
619617 gitweb: served as XHTML and uses external entities upstream
619772 please revive git svnimport moreinfo, upstream
619782 RFP: git-contrib -- fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (contributed add-ons) upstream
620621 git: please do some fuzz testing with the index file unreproducible, upstream
621090 git read-tree -u: preserve owners and permissions upstream
621601 git: Does not allow flags after filenames upstream
623416 fatal: empty ident <> not allowed upstream
625480 Git does not parse its own "raw" date format as expected for "0 +0000" upstream
625753 make git-new-workdir executable
626442 Install .desktop file for git-gui upstream
626694 git-commit --interactive > patch > hunk > option ? ignored
626762 git: please add a per-file merge driver for po files upstream
627185 git-svn clobbers passtype:gnome-keyring under ~/.subversion/auth upstream
627268 git daemon: (optionally) treat failure to listen as a fatal error patch, upstream
627847 git protocol: allow redirections to be declared and honored ("Moved permanently") upstream
629820 gitweb: please support FCGI mode out of the box (add gitweb.fcgi wrapper) upstream
631421 git-man: apply.ignorewhitespace should be apply.ignore-whitespace upstream
632905 gitk requires 'tcl' even when 'tcl8.4' and 'tcl8.5' are installed wontfix
633694 git checkout --track remotename/branchname incorrectly says "Already on 'branchname'" upstream
635663 git-format-patch: please add --no-hash option upstream
636227 ability to edit commit notes via UI upstream
636228 "git log --all" includes boring refs like refs/notes/* upstream
637355 git-mergetool: wrap tools with 3 files only to use the BASE file instead of MERGED upstream
641459 git: Add --word-diff to diff completion upstream
644052 git-daemon-sysvinit: Dependency on git doesn't need to be so tight
648500 git: please package python modules from git_remote_helpers/ dir
648561 gitweb: deny access to repositories without git-daemon-export-ok by default upstream, wontfix
651124 git send-email requires libnet-smtp-ssl-perl package to be installed
652346 git-gui: preferences window looks like part of parent upstream
652355 git-daemon-sysvinit: requires a switch to be flipped before it works patch
653202 git-doc: description of paths argument to git-bisect is ambiguous upstream
655213 Please support add -p with a new file, to add only part of the file upstream
656223 git: running a command through an alias should not suppress "no worktree" safety upstream
658407 Please provide mechanism for looking up appropriate git helper directory upstream
658447 git grep: Please support -o, --only-matching upstream
659350 git reflog should track branch deletions/re-creations upstream
660951 confusing message when creating branch from unborn branch ("Not a valid object name: 'master'") upstream
661769 git diff -M -B generates incomplete patch for overwriting rename upstream
661770 git log --summary outputs extra newlines inconsistently upstream
662709 typo in git translation files upstream
663338 double free or corruption -- git rebase -f --whitespace=fix with core.whitespace=tab-in-indent upstream
665276 git-diff adds inconsistent source text after @@ ... @@
667488 git-svn dcommit should be prohibited on remote tracking branches upstream, wontfix
669204 git-man: undocumented git fetch behavior upstream
669586 git-svn cannot convert some repositories
670576 git-svn: option --log-window-size undocumented, should scale upstream
671181 silently loses staged but uncommitted files when pulling over a new repo patch, upstream
676316 git: use dpkg-maintscript-helper in maintainer scripts
679382 git-gui: Change view to staged changes when Commit Message is focused
684169 [git] git checkout --orphan automatically adds all files in current branch upstream
684248 git-svn: init --username=foo is ignored upstream
684915 git instaweb: requires lighttpd in default configuration but missing dependency upstream
685732 gitk displays underscores as spaces when diff font is DejaVu Sans Mono
688717 Git should Recommend, not Depend on, git-man
688921 Should delete empty directories under refs/heads/* when deleting the last branch in them upstream
689949 git config --lint to check variable names upstream
690573 git: prints raw CURLcode instead of describing error ("RPC failed; result=51") upstream
692857 git diff --no-index: needs option to compare symlink targets instead of links (for example when comparing <() substitutions) upstream
695003 git-gui: Startup error without aspell dictionary l10n, upstream
696178 git: Non-helpful error message if expected object file is a directory: fatal: Out of memory? mmap failed: No such device
700622 git-svn: failure in submodule with gitdir .git
700839 git: reduce installation size by linking the copies /usr/bin/git and /usr/lib/git-core/git
701060 git-el fails to install due to error in postinst
701065 git-add--interactive: should depend on (or at least recommend) libterm-readkey-perl
702024 gitweb: please forbid configurations that lack a fetch URL upstream
703524 git-svn: git-svn died of signal 11
704005 /usr/lib/git-core/git-cvsimport: reads /tmp/.gitattributes patch, upstream
704440 "git hash-object -w /tmp/path" reads /tmp/.gitattributes upstream
704441 git: executables in contrib/ should be executable wontfix
704983 git-daemon-sysvinit: needless option --home when creating system user with --no-create-home
705204 git: intermediate level silence
705308 git push: segfault for non-forced non-ff push of other branch from unborn branch patch, upstream
705863 git show -h and --help mention --quiet (which doesn't work) but not -s (which does)
706055 Unicode box art lines in git log --graph upstream
706433 git no longer prompting for password fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
707083 "git submodule add" errors out with "working tree already exists" if GIT_WORK_TREE is set fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
707790 [git] Please add dependency on "meld" patch
708017 git-completion.bash: confusing behavior when typing paths in place of revs upstream
710255 please use Recommends for git-svn, git-cvs, gitweb, others? wontfix
710455 git: Many UTF-8 encoding problems
712569 git-svn should allow working on a subdirectory only
714717 gitweb removes from long commit subjects upstream
714898 gitweb package should set up a fastcgi socket upstream
715287 git archive creates zero-byte output file even when showing usage or erroring out
715534 RFP: git-p4 -- Perforce importer/exporter for git patch
717088 git: man git stash save needs improvement
718396 git: please package git-multimail hooks
719069 git: "fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Remo" fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
719226 git: should not use a default config value upstream
719979 git-daemon: Does not log connection address anymore on inetd mode upstream
720308 gitweb: double-utf8-encoding problems in FastCGI mode upstream
720360 git am should recognize DEP-3 patch headers
721808 git-cvs: perl warnings from git-cvsserver confuse cvs
725149 git diff blocks scroll wheel
725382 "Remote branches" output of "git remote show" is confusing upstream
725625 git grep: -h does not work with -c
726964 git-email: git-send-email(1) CONFIGURATION section does not mention or sendemail.tocmd
727066 git add -p ignores diff.mnemonicprefix configuration upstream
728353 git does not install zsh completion script
729016 [git] The error message for "git send-email" is confusing (very very low priority)
729307 git revert doc: explanation of "-m <num>" needs an example upstream
729308 git-cvsimport -M and tagged merge points patch
729910 git push --undo upstream
729930 'git add' within uninitialized submodule message is confusing upstream
729931 'git add' should recurse into submodules upstream
730557 git-gui: Umlaut-problems
731968 "git notes log" to view the history of notes for a particular commit upstream
732428 git mv: moving a file up (..) from a submodule fails upstream
733175 git show-ref: (optionally) list symrefs without dereferencing them upstream
733251 'git commit' should catch files needing update due to new attributes upstream
734005 error: git-svn died of signal 11 (at least doing git svn fetch/rebase)
734502 Include `info' documentation.
735240 git-tag doc: "git tag" is not just for signed tags upstream
735243 git-checkout(1): add a better overview upstream
735486 git blame: allow globs in file arguments upstream
736113 git: silently ignores failure to apply patches
736568 git makes it too hard to understand corrupted git almost-repos upstream
737586 git-email: Confusing behavior of --from
737589 git-email: --compose and --cover-letter may be merged
737667 git: switching branches in superproject can leave local submodule commits unreachable upstream
737797 'git log -S' misses change from evil merge upstream
738764 git: Mistranslation in fr.po
739241 git: merge-octopus Skip the first branch when the second is a no-op merge
739991 GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 logs too much upstream
740154 permission warning on repo access: unable to access '/root/.config/git/attributes' patch
740739 git: provide package for 'git-credential-gnome-keyring' patch
741394 "git fsck" should error out for tree entries with two leading zeroes upstream
741578 git-archive doc: 'tar' and 'zip' are not the only formats upstream
741883 /usr/share/gitweb/static/gitweb.js: gitweb blame does not work correctly when $feature{'javascript-actions'} is enabled patch, upstream
741884 /usr/share/gitweb/static/gitweb.js: $feature{'javascript-actions'} breaks external links upstream
743227 "git -c transfer.fsckobjects=true clone" fails upstream
744131 gitk: use X11 green instead of darker web green
744149 gitweb on lighttpd can't find its CSS stylesheet
746710 "git clone -q --recurse-submodules" is not quiet upstream
747136 git: nondeterministic file modes in mo files
748633 git-prompt still conf file and not git on git-completion
748813 git-log(1): --cc doesn't perform a diff unless asked to upstream
749117 git-gui: regression: does not work with submodules anymore
750492 commit-msg hook is not run on 'git merge' upstream
750687 "git status" becomes fork-bomb if a submodule's .git directory is not accessible
752824 'git --git-dir' is counterintuitive upstream
753700 Spurious and irreproducible "not fast forward" from git push
755224 git rebase: --exec requires --interactive upstream
755231 gitattributes(5): clarify what '* text=auto eol=lf' does upstream
755891 git-rebase examples should avoid 2nd positional argument
756324 git-all: Please suggest git-remote-{bzr,hg}
756749 gitrevisions(7) should mention ref~
756775 git: git tag does not tell one which chars are valid in tag names upstream
757251 [git] ssh: connect to host 2001 port 22: Invalid argument ipv6
757297 'git status' output is confusing after 'git add -N' upstream
757402 git: FTBFS on hppa: failed test 136 in upstream
757420 git fetch-pack: handle ERR packet during negotiation patch, upstream
758078 git clone --recurse-submodules does not clean up enough on failure upstream
758239 git HTML documentation doesn't embed version number patch, upstream
758267 'git clone --recurse-submodules --depth=1' doesn't propagate depth upstream
758681 When 'git submodule update' says "Skipping unmerged submodule", it doesn't say why or what to do upstream
758824 git upload-pack: advertise capabilities in repositories with no refs upstream
760573 git fetch failure when remote has stash
760577 git fetch discarded error message
760844 [ppc64el] git FTBFS: t7004.136 fails intermittently upstream
761613 segfault in git name-rev --stdin upstream
761958 Please package git 2.x bpo for wheezy
762488 'git rebase -i' should set CHERRY_PICK_HEAD or REBASE_HEAD like 'git cherry-pick' does upstream
762585 git: commit --date=now wrong timezone
762728 git checkout: be more helpful about trying to check out nonexistent object upstream
762733 git: hold_lock_file_for_update should report error through a strbuf argument upstream
762879 git log -G overrides --full-diff upstream
763712 git: $GIT_CONFIG should either apply to all commands, or none at all upstream
763790 'git checkout -- <paths>' doesn't delete files upstream
766696 clone --local: hardlink files in the worktree, too upstream
767044 'git submodule foreach --recursive' prints progress info to stdout patch, upstream
767045 git submodule foreach --recursive: please provide envvars for toplevel and sub-submodule path upstream
767149 git: please offer a standard way to fetch remote reflogs upstream
768359 git: clone unconditionally creates dir with 755 ignoring ACL and POSIX permisson setup fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
769753 git commit --cleanup=whitespace should use a remove-below marker like -v does
771170 git appears to no longer accept intermediate or end-entity certs for server verification
772238 git: bashism in /bin/sh script
772533 gitweb: UTF-8 repository names rendered incorrectly
773245 ITP: git-p4 -- Perforce importer/exporter for git patch
774709 clarify "unknown date format" message
774848 git: "git rebase -i" fails with "index.lock: File exists" every now and then
775326 git bash completion for 'git branch --set-upstrea-to=' deletes the option
776779 git apply: directory traversal security
777690 git: bad output order on "git tag --sort=version:refname"
778921 Completion spews error messages if not in a git repository
779264 git-daemon-run: please move --reuseaddr to /etc/default/git-daemon
779304 git-daemon-sysvinit: manpage suggests setting HOME
779401 mention what might happen if we interrupt git gc
781269 Mention the difference between --depth 0 and --depth 1
781272 git gc only has messages saying what it is doing during some parts of its progress
782284 git bisect does not make it easy to find which commit introduces a bug
783654 'git clone -b' should accept bare SHA-1 upstream
788542 git with https: GNU MP: Cannot allocate memory
788654 git push to host with sni does not work
789607 git-email: better to install with package "ca-certificates" by Recommends or Suggests
791893 git-svn exits with uninitialised value patch
793884 git: allows nonsensical command 'git checkout -b HEAD' upstream
794984 On high-DPI display, does not scale up all fonts
795097 git-gui: HiDPI support problems
797127 mergetool detects "bc" as a merge tool to use by default
797705 clone: Value is not a string
802661 Please backport git >= 2.6 to jessie, performance regression on NFS
803668 git-gui does not respect window manager color theme and does not permit editing theme internally
806461 spurious colour output from bisect
808225 git-daemon-sysvinit: Please document need for git-daemon-export-ok in README.Debian
808725 gitweb: can't find css/js/logos by default
808978 gitk: To Change from GitK to git-gui - Get Error Message upstream
810766 regression: git-sh-prompt: incorrectly determines the upstream for repos produced by recent git svn clone --stdlayout
811043 git: 'cherry-pick -n' doesn't set CHERRY_PICK_HEAD upstream
811044 git: cherry-pick: please provide interface for cherries already picked upstream
813084 Background git gc fails, telling me to run git prune, which doesn't help
813157 git: please default fsckobjects to true in transfer, fetch, and receive security, upstream
814097 git grep '^$' incorrectly matches after end of file
814485 gitk: option to rebase branches from context menu
814486 gitk: option to start a terminal in the working directory
818627 src:git: FTBFS on kfreebsd
818854 git: ship with default set of URL aliases via insteadOf/pushInsteadOf
821230 gitweb should default to utf8 instead of latin1
821846 Can't install Git on S/390 Chroot
823384 git: checkout-index --all sometimes gives only partial results
824440 git-format-patch manpage: Ambiguous "-o .." instead of "-o ."
827292 git: diff-highlight not executable
827844 git: man git: dead link patch, upstream
829067 git apply too strict on path names
829284 git: determine mainline in cherry-pick by reachability upstream
831438 Completion should not emit errors for symbolic refs with no target
831662 Git sh prompt expands glob in commit message
833930 gitk: display shot, application usability gone moreinfo
835175 gitk: File filter doesn't work, wrong or empty result
836865 astonishing behaviour of git fetch when remote has refs/refs/ upstream
841865 git apply cannot cope with some diffs that patch can
844062 git: efficient way to obtain log message subject lines for multiple refs upstream
845011 git commit -S does not work anymore
847866 git-gui: "Error: expected number but got ''" when staging hunk
848941 git-apply patches different part of file than patch
848959 git: malloc failed (tried to allocate 536870912 bytes)
850666 gitk: use right colour for remote refs in the "Tags and heads" dialog patch
851679 Want way to disable all checkout-affecting gitattributes upstream
851713 .git/info/attributes change not always picked up by git reset
852647 git signed push GIT_PUSH_CERT_KEY has truncated keyid
852684 git signed push verification in git-receive-pack should use gpgv
852688 git signed push verification nonce handling trouble
852695 git signed push server-side guide
853781 git am ignores messages in Maildirs
854499 git-daemon-sysvinit: unconditionally enables --verbose, causing IP addresses to be logged
858131 git: man git html documents not in specified path
859356 git: --word-diff only used for first file
860015 gitk 3: exec: wish: not found
861019 git bisect colour output contrary to configuration
863423 git push to local repo containing colon fails with "object directory ... does not exist" upstream
864396 git cherry-pick segfaults
864507 patch: support bash completion for add-on git commands
865397 git merge -X renormalize fatal error in eol conversion
867699 fatal: transport 'ext' not allowed
867702 send-pack should unset QUARANTINE when invoking receive-pack
868871 git: please restore the /usr/share/doc/contrib/diff-highlight/diff-highlight binary patch
870052 git: RPC failed; curl 56 GnuTLS recv error
870144 git: gnutls_handshake fails for https links
871950 git: Please keep packaging git archimport
872829 git: package "smart http" server configuration
873579 suggestions to improve git-shell
876661 git: `git add -N` confuses the rename detector
877689 git: piping git lg to head removes coloring
878599 git: [PATCH] Ship git-credential-libsecret
878931 git-email: git send-email --compose --dry-run should warn that the cover letter will be lost
879163 Please replace (build) dependency on libtime-modules-perl with libtime-parsedate-perl
879165 Please replace (build) dependency on libtime-modules-perl with libtime-parsedate-perl
879459 git: please build against openssl with OPENSSL_SHA1=1
880041 git: FTBFS on hppa - recipe for target '' failed
882285 gitweb: Recommends no more existing transitional package lynx-cur
883086 git: diff-highlight script not available
884038 [git] 2.15.x fails to fetch remote repository moreinfo, unreproducible, upstream
887881 git-svn: May convert incorrectly created mixed-revision Subversion tags in a surprising way
889680 git: CVE-2018-1000021: client prints server sent ANSI escape codes to the terminal, allowing for unverified messages to potentially execute arbitrary commands security, upstream
891552 git-gui: ignores git hooks
893734 git-el: smooth automatic migration to elpa-magit upstream
894997 git-svn dcommit warning: uninitialized value $rec in scalar chomp
895048 git: git verify-commit is broken
895874 git-email: Should depend on libmailtools-perl for Mail::Address
896058 --filter missing from man page
897378 git: Please move the packaging repository to salsa.d.o
898226 please transition from asciidoc to asciidoctor upstream
900377 git: Debian git package can now include git-p4 Perforce proxy patch
902005 git: GIT_DIR not anymore set in environment in pre-commit hooks upstream
904101 git: status --porcelain produces wrong output for working copy renames
905083 gitweb: missing dependency for package highlight
905938 Files in git-doc may not be findable by apt-file search
907081 Updating the git Uploaders list
907315 git: "git bundle verify" segfaults when out of repo
148766 libgtk2.0-dev: Warning with -Wstrict-prototypes upstream, wontfix
170037 libgtk2.0-0: please warn against new default keybindings wontfix
184850 smooth scrolling api fixed-upstream, upstream
189207 Reverse scrolling (RISC OS style) upstream, wontfix
220899 libgtk2.0-0: menu items aren't aligned upstream, wontfix
224876 gtk+2.0: default keybindings have changed from gtk+ 1.x wontfix
231000 epiphany-browser: tab-completion for in the url-entry box would be nice fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
231143 gedit: Cannot select different kanji with kinput2 fixed-upstream, l10n, upstream
253346 libgtk2.0-0: renaming/deleting in file selector upstream, wontfix
270251 GtkFileChooser does too much disk I/O confirmed, fixed-upstream
272054 gtk tutorial uses GTK_CALENDAR_WEEK_START_MONDAY which isn't supported in the API anymore fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
273803 libgtk2.0-dev: documentation as manual pages fixed-upstream
285328 CTRL-U dosn't work anymore wontfix
288312 in gnome related filename handling library: symlinks automatically resolved fixed-upstream
291479 gimp: save as (and possibly open) *extremely* slow confirmed, fixed-upstream
301610 please document that the number of selected rows is incorrect in "cursor-changed" callback upstream, wontfix
329222 gtk2-engines-pixbuf: Gtk2 frames don't look good when using certain pixmap themes outside gnome
332422 gtk2: The save file dialog lets me create an folder bug I can't get rid of it anymore upstream, wontfix
340329 triple click and save confirmation needed to edit a tag fixed-upstream, upstream
343605 libgtk2.0-bin: apiver should contain the arch-os-gnu triplet
345863 Font display corruption in GTK2 apps
346421 Visual glitch in gtk programs
349795 File->Save As doesn't list current directory
352066 libgtk2.0-0: fileselector behaviour idiotic, need a way to force the use of the old file selector confirmed, fixed-upstream
362878 libgtk2.0-0: changelog.Debian.gz is not an upstream changelog wontfix
363947 libgtk2.0-0: filechooser inconveniences confirmed, fixed-upstream
376640 file selection in /usr/bin is unnecessarily slow when using the gnome file selector confirmed, fixed-upstream
387221 Please provide the ability to undo scroll operation while mouse is still held down, like in Windows
396915 gimp: mouse stops working after enabling extended input devices upstream, wontfix
397164 [post-etch] Update conflicts to gtk-engines-qt
399443 GtkEntryCompletion: case-sensitive on inline completion and case-insensitive on popup fixed-upstream
399529 GtkEntryCompletion: Strange matches with case insensitive fixed-upstream
399935 libgtk2.0-0: wrong cursor positioning on big words inside a text view fixed-upstream
401663 libgtk2.0-0: torn off ComboBox with scrollbar and subtree items hides scrollbar
401725 libgtk2.0-0: in combobox with treemodel the "changed" signal is also emited when a subtree box pops up
404383 libgtk2.0-common: IPA text entry method generates wrong unicode fixed-upstream
407837 gtk icon cache transition problems
417535 Default theme doesn't show accelerators under g, p, q and y
425189 libgtk2.0-0: BadValue on XkbSelectEventDetails with Xsgi
428873 libgtk2.0-0: filechooser - two sort indicators displayed simultaneously confirmed, fixed-upstream
430964 nautilus: Double clicking on the "Name" column resize bar in the List view doesn't resize correctly fixed-upstream
431507 gtk+2.0: [kfreebsd] Segfault in teststuite of directfb flavor help, upstream
434084 gnome-power-manager: Breakpoint trap
434384 gnome-panel: Breakpoint trap
439129 gtk print preview fallback command
439374 f-spot: assertion failure in gail_container_ref_child fixed-upstream
440266 libgtk2.0-doc: GtkTreeRowReference falsely said to auto-subscribe to Model signals fixed-upstream
448600 SpinCtrl selects text on focus what overwrites clipboard confirmed
448676 Gtk causes beeps on every little thing.
451884 eog: TIFF images from fax appears with wrong aspect ratio fixed-upstream
453093 week starts on tuesdays
454067 scroll slider vs. small window
456335 gtk+2.0: pkg-config files should use private depends on libraries
456824 Prevent setuid/setguid process to run
457383 libgtk2.0-0: should libcupsys2 be a recommends rather than a depends?
463772 gimp: enabled 'configured mouse' (insted of core pointer) brings an error upstream, wontfix
464350 /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
469837 libgtk2.0-0: Shortcuts do not match keymap fixed-upstream
479778 libgtk2.0-0: Open dialog very slow fixed-upstream
482966 042_treeview_single_focus.patch change creates selection issues
487869 iceweasel: Printing with lpr not available
489765 libgtk2.0-0: does not allow lpr printing through Iceweasel 3
489777 libgtk: menus block hotkeys
489814 Separation of host and target glib2 when cross-compiling
490012 libgtk2.0-common: vmware-server don't launch, with the earlier version yes
491325 gnome-desktop-environment: Gnome unstable doesn't find printers
492714 iceweasel: please don't read ~/.pine-passfile when printing to a file
495137 iceweasel: filename autocompletion show they twice
497510 gtk file chooser can be slow to open
498662 libgtk2.0-0: Some fonts too large on 130dpi display
498848 libgtk2.0-0: Backport from gtk+ 2.13/14: get screen information from xrandr
500469 libgtk2.0-0: no "rubber band" selection in file selector
501864 underlining of shortcut letters should consider decenders
502481 libgtk2.0-0: ignores fontconfig subpixel rendering setting on LCD screen
503874 add files dialog: location textbox unused
504098 adding global menu bar for gnome
504808 GtkFileChooser: doesn't show removed folder on list, but shows it on completion
505005 interface lockup while browsing an unreachable printer
506267 libgtk2.0-0: GtKFileChooser doesn't always do tab completion
508254 gtk file picker doesn't display kde mounted devices
508375 the statement "gdk-pixbuf library does not need to be initialized" is wrong fixed-upstream
510873 gtk_widget_trigger_tooltip_query: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) fixed-upstream
511490 iceweasel coredumps in gtk_image_clear
513910 libgtk2.0-0: Should depend on gvfs? wontfix
515722 libgtk2.0-dev: gdkspawn.h fails G_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES check "Only <glib.h> can be included directly."
517825 gnome: File Chooser, list open nautilus folders fixed-upstream
518090 gajim: Should depend on shared-mime-info
518091 libgtk2.0-0: Fails to load icons in png format
520086 gimp: Does not offer any printers
520585 Regression: Upgrade of gtk causes iceweasel to stop blitting properly
522268 gnome-desktop-environment: mouse wheel scroll sensitivity could not be configured fixed-upstream
523975 rhythmbox: Tooltips are not appearing under the mouse cursor
524776 libgtk2.0-0: GTK 2.16 introduces too much padding in GtkMenuItem fixed-upstream, wontfix
528634 "n-up" printing bites with even/odd selection
530866 libgtk2.0-0: trap divide error in
531897 libgtk2.0-0: Debian patch applied to upstream changes GtkTreeSelection, behavior under LSB testing
537371 Left-Win broken as compose key - others work
538669 base: Cannot compose accents with GTK applications since upgrade to squeeze
539986 libgtk2.0-0: print dialog shows no CUPS printers
542294 libgtk2.0-0: All "third level" characters are ignored by gtk apps
544361 [audacious] In open files dialog pressing enter loads one file instead of loading all the files.
548580 libgtk2.0-0: patch for JPEG7 support
548704 [libgtk2.0-0] Some controls do not paint anymore
550183 Breaks Default button in some eclipse dialogs (and rcp apps)
550352 libgtk2.0-0: message "firefox-bin(pid) Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead" fills .xsession-errors
551302 libgtk2.0-bin: emacs23 menu problem
551382 Printing: Odd/Even pages vs. n-up printing
551762 update "testing" to version 2.18.2-1 renders package "gpsim" unusable
555619 iceweasel: single click to enter dirs in open file dialog
555844 libgtk2.0-0: Many buttons broken in Eclipse
556031 libgtk2.0-0: treeview+scrolledwindow redraw issues when inserting and removing rows
557203 lxterminal: ctrl-z and ctrl-c use qwerty mapping when dvorak enabled
557338 libgtk2.0-0: doesn't word wrap on '+'
560862 libgtk2.0-doc: gdk links go to
565574 iceweasel: Corrupt application colors under 8bit xserver & KDE
566174 gtk apps set WM_COMMAND incorrectly on the leader window
572391 libgtk2.0-0: gtk-based apps are unaware of screen resolution across monitor plug/unplug
575690 geeqie fails to recognize some PPM images
577392 dead_stroke has no visible effect
577583 Cannot print landscape
577813 libgtk2.0-0: Cannot open/mark folders/files in detailed view in Thunar and PCManFM fixed-upstream
577852 libgtk2.0-common: dead_stroke has no visible effect
580996 reportbug: Reportbug crash due to gtk assertion !
581062 cut icons in file picker dialog moreinfo
582860 [libgtk2.0-dev] pkg-config requires too many libraries
582960 libgtk2.0-0: gdk_pixbuf_composite crashes
586373 libgtk2.0-0: huge performance decrease if Xorg's RENDER extension is disabled
586584 libgtk2.0-0: Some compose key sequences do not give the expected output
586944 [libgtk2.0-0] traversing directories in the filechooser is wrong
593087 xinput buttons not recognized correctly
594054 [iceweasel] file dialogue hangs at first use per session (> 1 min.)
594997 gtk+2.0: GTK+ print dialog hangs on "Getting printer information"
596306 libgtk2.0-0: File Save As dialog box should leave cursor in filename field
605037 iceweasel: Iceweasel uses wrong default print resolution confirmed
606685 evince segfaults in ppdFindChoice () from /usr/lib/
610341 sort by name in GTK file chooser is broken
612019 [gimp] fails to load modules "canberra-gtk-module" without libcanberra-gtk-module
614379 gdkregion-generic.c:1112:miUnionNonO: assertion failed: (r->x1 < r->x2)
621017 gtk-builder-convert: illegal property given used for GTKTextView conversion
622304 libgtk2.0-0: Wrong Iceweasel buttons displayed after upgrade
622865 libgtk2.0-bin: TAB completion inconsistency in Save Dialog
633682 libgtk2.0-0: Multiple selections in lists generate very high CPU usage (nvidia ?)
636635 [libgtk2.0-0] When printing, the authentification informations existing in /etc/cups/printers.conf aren't read
637921 numerous gtk ui apps, reportbug, geany crash with assertion failures
638025 empathy: Empathy don't respect the width of a window conversation
639797 xfce4-panel: icons in notification area too low upstream, wontfix
639908 systray icon not updated when GTK theme changes upstream, wontfix
641180 geeqie: Crash on startup: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_stream
644222 Recently used directories only updated by file chooser
644223 Recently used directories should show full path
644224 Save-as: defaults to display of recent directories, which I do not want
645865 gimp: Doesn't open default from current directory but 'Recent Images'
646195 libgtk2.0-0: GtkFileChooser text field steals focus
646319 python-matplotlib: Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module" - Segmentation error ion pylab.fig() confirmed
646878 python-matplotlib: segfault on figure close with gtk backend
647618 gtk2-engines-pixbuf: GTK+ engine pixmap isn't recognized any more
648281 save-file dialog: tab completion works only without suggestions
660744 Out of date dependency for libpango1.0-dev in libgtk2.0-dev 2.24.9-2 buster, jessie, sid, stretch
660999 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk2.0-0/gtk-update-icon-cache: cache errors on upgrade
664574 libgtk2.0-0: amdcccle (fglrx-control) (segfault), reportbug (trap divide error): in
672270 libgtk2.0-0: uim input method not available after squeeze->wheezy upgrade
684627 libgtk2.0-0: xfce menus and mate menus fail to display correctly with kwin
685163 libgtk2.0-0: puts Unicode diacritical mark on *next* character instead of *previous* character
691136 when clipboard manager is running, mousepad takes a long time to quit
700741 Paste to textview fails
701767 libgtk2.0-0: Gtk2 windows draw slowly compared to QT windows and other non-Debian distros using Gtk2
702912 gtk2: overflown toolbar buttons barred from accessibility tools
704585 libgtk2.0-0: XIM input mode indicator for Japanese (with kinput2) is not working right. upstream
706982 /usr/bin/deluge: segfault error 4 in
708559 libgtk2.0-0: Pidgin crashes due to error in gtk_tray_icon_manager_filter fixed-upstream, patch
710138 xfce4: Tab completion not working as expected in file selection dialog text entry (Ctrl+L)
710563 firefox print -> save to file folder can't distinguish directory
712936 iceweasel: when printing to file to latest (default) Save folder, tmp PDF file is unlinked without being copied to this folder patch
716920 libgtk2.0-0: patch gtk+ to allow iceweasel to paste into vnc patch, upstream
718700 libgtk2.0-0: Gtk apps crash with segmentation fault ( glade crash opening a glade file )
734480 please drop versioned Depends on pkg-config
755696 libgtk2.0-0:amd64: in print dialog page setup paper size is not remembered
762654 Stores window geometry in user config file
773488 In many programs (maybe, gtk-like) text in menus, or in interface not visible. Transmission (after upgrade to debian 8 text FULLY not visible, before not all text be invisible), mate-terminal (visible only "Menu"), Brasero (not visible all) etc.. gtk-themechanger not helps
775943 libgtk2.0-0: Gtk Libraries uses the wrong Colornames
776307 libgtk2.0: print-preview asumes evince
813676 libgtk2.0-0: applications crashing while opening system (e.g. save file) dialog patch
818182 libgtk2.0-0: Added support for randr 1.5 in gtk2.0 v2.24.30 breaks Xfce4 screen config patch
831828 libgtk2.0-0: GTK+ 2 is not GNOME and should not depend on GNOME icons
835808 hexchat: hotkeys irresponsive in exit confirmation dialog
841283 libgtk2.0-0: patch for printer authentication fixed-upstream, patch
890834 gtk+2.0: Add build profiles to skip flavors and packages moreinfo
891369 gtk2-engines-pixbuf: broken symlinks: /usr/share/doc/gtk2-engines-pixbuf/{{README,NEWS}.gz,AUTHORS}
891645 gtk2-engines-pixbuf: does not show user defined background colors for entry widgets
907848 libgtk2.0-0: Broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/libgtk2.0-0/changelog.gz
908569 libgtk2.0-common: Themes are not being looked up in data dirs properly
497353 Bogus warnings from intltool-update
580405 intltool: Comments from Glade-like files not extracted with fallback language
672956 intltool: wrong newline handling for the first line in a file patch
770734 systemd: FTBFS in environment with all packages rebuilt locally patch
851868 patch - fix out-of-tree build (e.g. 'make distcheck') with automake >= 1.15 buster, patch, sid, stretch
855878 intltool needs a patch to support JavaScript and Vala
900020 intltool: create m4 folder when it doesn't exist
libgnomecanvas (3) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Adrian Bunk
895350 libgnomecanvas2: unmaintained upstream upstream, wontfix
895561 libgnomecanvas: unmaintained upstream upstream, wontfix
909946 libgnomecanvas FTCBFS: fails running libgnomecanvas-scan patch
895562 libgnomecanvasmm2.6: unmaintained upstream upstream, wontfix
193163 building in directory names with SPC fail upstream, wontfix
243618 libtool: m4 files badly installed fixed-upstream, moreinfo, upstream
253904 libtool-doc: documentation inconsitent with libltdl3 patch, upstream
254594 libtool, now with versioned cow powers!
258261 libtool: rebuild GDB version
260768 libtool: Versionning documentation improvement (suggestion) patch
268152 wrong libdir setting upstream
268660 libtool fails to build and link static libraries when --disable-static is used
282725 libtoolize: missing introductory documentation upstream
286341 libtool: different behavior with gcc vs. cc patch
291641 Checks dependencies of shared libraries without honouring RPATH
297726 link_all_deplibs=no in libtool.m4 assumes non-crosscompiling link er
304400 /usr/share/info/ wrong names for structure members patch, upstream
320698 Debian-specific binary deps patch
334861 FTBFS when building on directory that contains spaces upstream, wontfix
347650 libtool: Incorrect argument reordering
367115 Libtool sets rpath when cross-compiling for default location
382893 EGREP not exported
384322 libtool: wrong test semantics make relinking fail on empty $libdir
391427 Debian's version of libtool breaks correct link order
418431 libtool: provided m4 files produce autoconf warnings patch
419228 unnecessary linkage when libtool convenience libraries (noinst_LTLIBRARIES) are used
430971 -export-symbols doesn't work with C++ upstream
431414 libtool generates incorrect option for Solaris ld upstream
462919 libtool: incorrect shlibpath_overrides_runpath on OpenSUSE Linux/ppc64 machine fixed-upstream
468555 linking with g++ uses -nostdlib and does not add -lpthread or -lgcc upstream
473415 disabling building shared libraries shouldn't have as effect that all libraries should get linked.
492220 static linking is broken
508658 libtool: --preserve-dup-deps a no-op with convenience libs
519702 libtool: LTDL_INIT causes -ldl to be added to LIBS, thus linking every program with -ldl upstream
522152 libtool: fix ltdl gcc warnings patch
522444 libtool: does no longer accept empty option -L moreinfo
523577 please strengthen Recommends by libtool on libltdl-dev to a Depends
523750 libtool uses $RM expecting "rm -f" semantics ("/bin/rm: cannot remove `libtoolT': No such file or directory") upstream
526750 wrong expansion to top_build_prefix
537115 libtoolize: man page doesn't document all available options
557388 [libtool] -Wl,--as-needed is added after libraries
567486 bootstrap on Debian lenny causes breakage on Cygwin
568520 autoconf: AC_PROG_F77 code executed though in a test that is always false
570723 libtool should set -e upstream
578673 libtool: does not respect symbol visibility when preparing for dlpreopen
578996 libtool: LT_LIBM doesn't work properly on AIX
621743 libtool: Failed to build package openldap with base_compile+= error. (shell == dash) upstream
624864 Strings from libltdl/lt_error.h leaked into resulting binary
627389 warning: AC_LANG_CONFTEST: no AC_LANG_SOURCE call detected in body
644774 incorrect information about darwin10 in the libtool(1) man page
655450 [libtool] libltdl linking with -m32 is broken
668707 Poorly formatted helptext in libtool.m4 patch, upstream
684959 libtool: is not found when trying to use automake
684981 autoconf: make install leaves ld cache outdated
699861 libltdl-dev is LGPL, not GPL
702737 libtool, link_all_deplibs
717274 libtool wrong static link pixman
723638 libtool: buggy library symlink install due to use of ldconfig
733935 libltdl-dev: arch-dependent files in "Multi-Arch: same" package
751161 libtool: strips fcilkplus and sanitizer flags
758317 libtool: default --tag does not work as documented
783227 libtool: message about ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS upstream
788065 libtool-bin: prevents working with staged installs
795012 libtool manpage: out of place "GNU libtool home page ..."
805454 libtoolize behavior depends on parent directories security, upstream
814091 libtool: a run path should be used for CC=tcc LD=tcc, with the -rpath option patch, upstream
815316 libtool fails to detect DLL .def file patch, upstream
836123 libtool-bin: missing dependency on gcc
851253 libtool misdetects nios2 as os2
864018 libtool passes 'u' to 'ar' which is incompatible with 'D'
866631 libtool: unsafe $debug_cmd in comment
881382 libtool-bin: --mode=execute overwrites rather than prepends to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
888059 libtool: the generated run path order is incorrect, yielding failures with "make check" upstream
535485 libusb-dev: manpages for function calls
699761 Please complete the conversion to multiarch wontfix
714587 Request Multi-Arch for package libusb-dev wontfix
731424 libusb: Use libusb-compat-0.1 instead of libusb-0.1
785578 libusb occasionally hangs after suspend/resume patch
810470 libusb: superseded by libusb-1.0
812895 libxml++2.6: please make the build reproducible (environment)
819562 src:libxml++2.6: Please consider packaging libxml++3.0
838370 mxml: 2.10 seems to break libnftnl XML integration
838485 mxml: debug symbols
392902 qmake-qt4 no longer escapes quotes for -Dfoo="value" on gcc command line upstream, wontfix
406561 Split libqt4-dev to non-x11 and x11 parts
415246 qt4-doc: QT >= 4.2 documentation suggestions upstream
483289 QDomElement::setAttribute(double) is locale dependent
510862 arora: User-Agent-String does not contain a reference to Debian
522871 libqtcore4: qt seems to incorrectly use ~/.fonts.conf moreinfo
523413 [libqtgui4] QPrinter dialogue has no odd/even pages selection fixed-upstream, wontfix
525382 qt4-designer: it has different color scheme/gui style from other qt applications
525383 qt4-designer: it has different color scheme/gui style from other qt applications
529658 libqt4-dev: manpage rcc missing confirmed
532641 [libqtcore4]
535077 kdeplasma-addons: Notes widget reverts to default color fixed-upstream, wontfix
564548 qt4-qtconfig does not store font settings wontfix
569475 qtconfig: Changes are remembered only momentarily wontfix
590889 libqtcore4: has a hardcoded sleep in thread creation on hppa, remove once kernel is fixed wontfix
593626 "printer" icon too large when loaded from gnome icon theme (minimal source sample included) wontfix
599261 kate: Error in implementation of Unicode BiDi algorithm - rule W5 not implemented l10n, upstream
605497 libqtcore4: problems with fonconfig subpixel setting
606073 assistant: doc formatting looks broken (no css used) buster, jessie, sid, stretch, upstream
606180 assistant-qt4: prints warning to console at startup
606429 arora crashes at launch with "Illegal instruction"
608254 libqtgui4: qprinter GUI (and all KDE printing UIs) do not honor CUPS settings, i.e. duplex / page size etc patch, upstream
610294 qt4-demos: visibly ugly dithering under vnc4server (not with clean $HOME)
614365 Move designer plugins to libqt4-dev patch
614977 [qt4-demos] Application bugs message
617980 qt4-qtconfig: Font anti-aliasing settings aren't shared with gtk
619325 menus not displayed after moving to the second screen
622176 libglib2.0-dev: /usr/include/glib-2.0/gio/gdbusintrospection.h: conflicts with Qt upstream
623736 minitube: Missing mute icon moreinfo, patch
629475 qt4-demos: browser demo doesn't start
630003 libqt4-qt3support: kill Qt3 Support
634682 Qt Assistant loads no images, stylesheets or scripts buster, jessie, sid, stretch, upstream
647470 libqt4-script: please make it possible to run without execmem
650828 Assistant: lost Qt reference documentation confirmed, upstream
652855 qt4-dev-tools: Help window is broken (regression) buster, jessie, sid, stretch, upstream
672780 libqtgui4: Font rendering is broken
683036 qt4-x11: FTBFS on a multiarch system fixed-upstream, moreinfo, upstream
685684 qt4-demos: missing tutorial examples upstream
696109 qt4-dev-tools: Make qdbusviewer a separate package
703770 /usr/bin/qtconfig-qt4: qtconfig does not working with 640x480 monitor size wontfix
704770 qt: Adding multiple files whose filenames contain more than one consecutive space fails
708925 qt4-designer: Menus displayed in a false position on the secondary screen moreinfo, unreproducible
718402 libqt4-declarative: Segfaults below QMetaObject::activate moreinfo, unreproducible
742772 qt4: MicMute key on Lenovo laptop is not supported by qt
750141 libqt4-xml: vulnerable to billion laughs attack (CVE-2013-4549) moreinfo, security
757363 libqtgui4: Qt print dialog's duplex setting not inferred from CUPS properties patch, upstream, wontfix
773451 libqtcore4:amd64: QRectF.setTop() and co do not play nicely with non-numbers (NaN and INF) wontfix
777529 qt4-x11: prevent 'warning: "_ABIO32" is not defined' on mips64el patch
777530 qt4-x11: prevent 'warning: "_ABIO32" is not defined' on mips64el patch
779371 qt4-demos: corrupt demo descriptions (seem to include source code?!)
779372 qt4-demos: QML UI demos do not run
779373 qt4-demos: browser demo does not work
794360 qt4-dev-tools: lconvert is missing a man page
794681 qt4-x11: please support timestamps from environment patch
795583 /usr/bin/uic-qt4: missing man page
811461 libqtgui4: Blank windows with "non-default" users moreinfo
814094 qt4-qtconfig: Cannot save font settings. Program does not save
816250 qt4-x11: Build Qt4 Multimedia module (QtMobility not in Debian anymore) wontfix
818943 possibly add -openssl-linked ./conifugre option for building Qt (issue with Mumble)
820353 Possible insecure cyphers in qt4 security
831463 libqt4-xml: Package 4:4.8.7+dfsg-8~bpo8+1 conflicts with k3b
840072 libqt4-dev: adequate reports broken sym-link for plugins
851058 CVE-2016-10040 security, upstream
856496 libqt4-test: Package not marked as automatic when it's a dependency of libqt4-core
876391 libqt4-network:amd64: libqt4-network 4:4.8.7+dfsg-11 from experimental causes clementine to segfault
876704 qt4-demos: QML examples in qt4-demos fail to run, /qmlapplicationviewer in wrong location
883279 qt4-x11: please add mips64r6 and mips64r6el in debian/rules as 64bit while not g++64
893929 libqt4-dev-bin: kopete FTBFS patch
904840 suggests libicu57 which is not available anymore
173960 subversion-server: better out-of-the-box experience patch
208816 considers UTF-16 files to be binary upstream
218101 subversion/README.Debian: document customizations for Debian
230996 subversion: svn diff doesn't exitcode 1 when there is a diff upstream
232584 /usr/bin/svnserve: Need an init.d script?
236994 better error messages on permission problems, please moreinfo, upstream
241180 subversion: brokenness on nfs should be more prominently documented
242640 xinetd.d/svnserve - Proposal to add wontfix
249683 I'd like to enter multiple pieces of the log before committing upstream, wontfix
252974 subversion - repository db breaks with 60 concurrent checkouts moreinfo, unreproducible, upstream
253323 subversion: no option for running svnserve in daemon mode
266314 Subversion databases periodically get wedged through normal use upstream
276426 provide /etc/init.d/subversion
280377 subversion: svn list -R takes a lot of memory
283992 Please make accept a lookup table for committers upstream
287756 "svn log" should default to HEAD:1, not BASE:1 upstream, wontfix
289992 esvn: error message: "svn: Can't recode string"
296647 subversion: please install tools/examples in /usr/share/doc/lbisvn0-dev
298451 /usr/bin/svn_load_dirs: Would be helpful if supported confirmation
299960 svn diff return exit code 0 even if differences was found upstream
300890 libapache2-svn: Recursive version of SVNParentPath directive
307991 use-commit-times does not affect directories, only files
319881 subversion: [psvn] cannot type in passphrase for svn+ssh
322221 subversion: switch to expand only the long forms of keywords upstream
337134 subversion-tools: Please include svncopy from contrib
339841 svn commit crashes when commiting approx. 300 files to a local BDB repository moreinfo
340234 subversion: prompt user in case of http redirect
347456 subversion: svn doesn't like it if folders already exist
350076 subversion: svn diff --diff-cmd option fails inscrutably
350945 subversion: inscrutable error message while trying to create tag from working copy
365987 Can't create and use systemwide Repositories as normal user
367599 subversion: please use dh_installemacsen(1) to install Emacs package
368751 subversion: segfaults on status -u
370597 svn-buildpackage: svn-upgrade should sort lists of deleted and added files
374888 subversion: after a failed commit, it would be nice to start with the old log message
377122 missing javadocs for libsvn-javahl
381789 incorrect externals handling
383695 Subversion segfaults while transmitting after commit moreinfo
383999 failure to fetch external should not terminate svn
385288 libapache2-svn sometimes create db logs owned by root upstream, wontfix
387580 Error with subversion and apache2 on long requests
396165 Display error in svn-status when marking in restricted view
397521 svnserve.conf: anon-access = none (instead of read)
403686 libapache2-svn: Authorization file reader fails on whitespace moreinfo
409054 subversion: svnsync uses too much memory
410814 subversion: hotcopy of sarge repos fails w/ etch svnadmin
412842 subversion: orphaned "svnserve -t" processes
415755 Subversion stores authentication credentials by default
417893 subversion: Add debconf interface to create repository and setup snvserve
421287 needs --from argument n+1 times for n projects
423715 subversion: "svn diff" regards CR (^M) as EOL upstream
424872 Fail to handle, properly, the fail content
425036 /usr/bin/svnadmin: attempted recovery leads to segfault
425414 subversion: segfaults while running diff between two URLs
426828 Please document repository permission configuration
429593 subversion-tools: svnmerge missing manpage
439330 subversion: synchronization problem, so svn is very slow
455741 libsvn-perl: notify function gets bad path argument
460265 subversion-tools: db-logs.lock irrelevant; shouldn't cause error
466000 libapache2-svn: Incorrect parsing of authz file
466411 subversion: svn log doesn't warn the user when some characters are not representable
471901 subversion: svnadmin recover doesn't
484254 subversion: SSL negotiation failed: SSL error: GnuTLS internal error. (https://buchfink)
486527 SVN::Ra::new: colon instead of period in message for tunnel connection problems upstream
489764 subversion: incomplete checkout with Kerberos authentication
491587 subversion: svn-status-toggle-elide in psvn.el works incorrectly in some cases
491648 svndumpfilter: doesn't support dumpfile version 3
491674 svn: Unable to find repository location for '*' in revision x
493086 sun javah doesn't understand -all
496164 [bzr-svn] "bzr selftest svn" crashed
498683 svn move segfaults when requesting move to a subdirectory
499161 libapache2-svn: HTTP-access via SVN-client stops working after upgrade from etch
500544 subversion: "svnadmin dump --deltas" gives too much output if data have been prepended to a big file upstream
502222 subversion: svn does not react to Ctrl-C or signals properly on slow connections
506789 ignores vim's backup files
507374 subversion: svn info fails with "SSL negotiation failed: Secure connection truncated"
507748 svn: "svn up" should realize it does not have a controlling terminal
507786 svn should use http_proxy et al if set
510004 subversion: SSL/TLS support for svnserve
514320 subversion: seems it does not properly escape filenames (e.g. option-like: -foo)
514871 subversion: "svn proplist -R" should sort its output
515210 /usr/bin/svn: Resolve Conflicts with df error
519435 libsvn1: Apache fails to restart after upgrading
523064 svnmucc: cannot propset on paths added in same run
528767 /usr/bin/svnsync: svnsync should propdelete svn:sync-lock on request
530500 libsvn-perl: persistent connections is broken, or leaves extra ssh connections open
534697 libsvn1: Improper handling of UTF-8 encoded directories
535508 [subversion] subversion works not for http sources
537420 subversion: Please follow standard password asking procedure
539991 subversion: a succession of "svn up" can yield a working copy with local changes upstream
541346 subversion: working copy with missing data after a tree conflict upstream
544652 /usr/bin/svnsync: svnsync assertion fails, then keeps lock
553312 subversion asks GNOME keyring passphrase even if authentication is present
568308 subversion: please add undo command to undo the latest revision wontfix
575104 subversion: svn frozen in apr_file_read with zombie child
576397 subversion-tools: svn-hot-backup confused when repository name ends with digits
577118 subversion: Doesn't escape argument on editor invocations
577818 subversion doesn't check gnome-keyring on amd64
578913 subversion: display log for (re-)moved files upstream
588745 SVN::Ra::new: colon instead of period in message for tunnel connection problems upstream
589812 libsvn-perl: Please follow conventions for $VERSION assignment
598716 psvn.el: Cannot commit changes over Tramp; temp file is local
600274 libapache2-svn working incorrect whis mod_evasive
601689 subversion: svn cp . svn+ssh://... complains about removed directory
605430 subversion: please add an RA call to list revprop edits (for svnsync and friends) upstream
605702 subversion: is locale-dependent and does wrong things upstream
617414 libapache2-svn: REPORT gives 500 on authz restricted paths if not authenticated (kerberos)
625627 subversion: svnadmin segfault at
625724 subversion: Password prompt output occurs too early
625725 subversion: https authentication fails due to GNOME keyring
626390 subversion: svnsync uses an incorrect username
627025 svn client with ssh: data loss in output when both stdout and stderr are redirected to a pipe
627611 bad error message when ssh key has changed
634073 Svn launches kwallet
635181 subversion: javahl BasicTests.testLogDate fails (expected:<1191466852134992> but was:<1191423652134992>) upstream
641567 subversion: svn merge with external merge tool (kdiff3) keeps on looping over unresolved conflicts even though they are marked as resolved
655449 subversion: svnadmin load should convert "Node-action: add" to "Node-action: change" where needed
657304 subversion-tools: svn-bisect doesn't work if good_rev > bad_rev
658599 subversion: Recommend openssh-client
660262 subversion: svnadmin recover segfaults after lenny to squeeze upgrade
669111 subversion: globs in groups should be matched in order of their appearance
678346 subversion: 'svn log' output tricked by symlinks in some cases
679095 "svn log" segfaults on a certain path after "svn upgrade"
702984 subversion: Fails to commit
711796 subversion: cannot use proxy server moreinfo, unreproducible
712286 subversion: FTBFS on hurd-i386
712800 svnserve SASL auth (LDAP) broken in Wheezy
731769 subversion: .svn/pristine size gets huge over time (needs undocumented "svn cleanup") upstream
736213 subversion: Permission problem when a parent directory contains a different subversion repository than the one I'm using upstream
737614 subversion: When updating a repository, please tell from which revision we update patch
739696 python testsuite failure when run with the python-dbg interpreter buster, jessie, sid, stretch
739790 please provide a python3-subversion package upstream
743721 libsvn-java: Please provide Maven artifacts
760007 subversion: svn diff on a list of file arguments is very slow
768380 /usr/bin/svnsync: Memory leaks in svnsync
776055 subversion: inconsistent warning message for "svn status dir/foo" with unversioned dir
777479 subversion: svn diff outputs 2 chunks instead of 1 when there are 6 consecutive unmodified lines
777551 subversion: svn checkout and update hang indefinitely when connecting through SSL with client certificates
789020 subversion: keywords not updated after an update that doesn't change the file due to local changes upstream
793957 subversion: svn fails when the current directory has been removed
802315 subversion: https authentication with gnome-keyring (the default) hangs forever
805272 subversion: svn --version chrashes with Segmentation fault moreinfo, unreproducible
812318 libsvn-perl: SVN::Core::dirent_canonicalize segfaults on undef
832105 subversion: svn is unusable when there are filenames it cannot understand in the working copy upstream
855403 subversion: svnsync can freeze, leaving a zombie
888791 libsvn-perl: likely some reference counting bug around SVN::Client/SVN::Ra upstream
901387 subversion: GNOME Keyring support is missing
44777 util-linux: [setterm] proposal for changing inverse video behaviour
44813 util-linux: [hwclock] please split hwclock into a separate package
58139 util-linux: [hwclock] proposed changes to allow other drift adjustment tools
71612 util-linux: It'd be nice if getty were separated out of util-linux
97349 util-linux: [hwclock] conflict between clock drift and correction
139205 util-linux: [more] should say if a file is a binary file
142965 util-linux: [hwclock] the documentation is confusing
160239 util-linux: [hwclock] conflict between clock drift and correction
197790 util-linux: [more] doesn't handle backspace in string search patch
197791 util-linux: [more] doesn't handle backspace in string search patch
198559 script should set an environment variable that shells can use
200751 umount: need -e /excludefs and -aa options
249442 bsdutils: Add option to renice a process with all its childs
254199 /usr/bin/script: please consider setting an envvar
282144 cryptsetup: allow to mount devices automagically patch
290324 mount: Mount support for dmcrypt patch
300960 mount: add option for "no error if existing"
304077 cryptsetup: need some way to specify not to prompt for passwords patch
314605 The --bind feature of mount is insufficiently documented
324852 util-linux: mkswap manpage should suggest appropriate permissions for swapfiles upstream
325230 if two lines in fstab point to the same thing upstream
364178 script(1): warn against piplines
372110 mount: data=journal|ordered|writeback not documented for reiserfs upstream
375275 getty: cursor state not reset confirmed
377273 mount: quotas for reiserfs not documented in man page upstream
403098 mount: please tell the user how to run lsof
403103 mount: please run lsof for the user
430678 bsdutils: script(1) man page should indicate timing accuracy
435102 util-linux: does not work on Thinkpad R60
470097 chmod 0 new mountpoint
492709 support for RTC wakeup alarm
493654 util-linux: fdisk [manpage] Output of -l not explained in manual upstream
505138 util-linux: Please preserve the ACPI wakeup time when updating the hardware clock patch
507084 ability to set new mount defaults in fstab
508720 msdos and vfat manpage enhancements
509941 say what are valid iocharset choices
527958 mount doesn't try libblkid's SEC_TYPE when guessing fs type
528968 hwclock: pay attention to ongoing correction patch
530011 util-linux: setarch man page is deficient upstream
539347 util-linux: rtcwake reads rtc time 1 hour ahead (delta=-3600)
563905 ionice: change default to 'idle' upstream
565443 util-linux: "fdisk -l" should omit device-mapper managed devices without a partition table (like LVs)
568204 hwclock should not try to calculate the drift if rtc time is invalid [was: Re: Bug#542275: kernel error message for #542275 + patch]
577597 system with UTC=yes in /etc/default/rcS mounts FAT USB disk with wrong file time l10n, moreinfo, squeeze
579365 mount option attrs not documented for reiserfs upstream
585376 thoughts and questions on the mount manpage
630855 [bsdutils] script: please offer recording timing information in output file upstream
639089 mount: man page: nosuid option, does not cover setuid/setgid directory case upstream
647899 mount: swapon(8) lacks explanation for sw and defaults options upstream
653648 wall(1): mention 'cannot get tty name: Inappropriate ioctl for device' batch job problem upstream
669169 mount -va incorrectly reports nothing was mounted when launching helper upstream
670043 log to given file upstream, wontfix
673239 [getty]: change keyboard layout at login password prompt upstream
674486 X apps don't work under su moreinfo
694926 hwclock --systohc at shutdown makes battery drain when laptop is off moreinfo, unreproducible
710363 util-linux: please add fcntl locking support upstream
711104 login: su - doesn't set umask help
711183 mount: umount parser for /proc/mounts broken on stale nfs mount (gets renamed to "/mnt/point (deleted)")
718668 fstab(5): mention swap file paths can be used too upstream
718939 swaplabel(8): Mention how to remove a swaplabel upstream
718977 swaplabel(8): Mention how to remove a swaplabel upstream
732054 util-linux: Add cron job for regular SSD trimming patch
732117 mount: loop mounting fails with LOOP_SET_FD failed confirmed
735926 util-linux: agetty doesnt read terminfo file spec'd on start correctly
737658 Time to drop the eject package?
747948 mount: should warn user when potentially incorrect fstab order upstream
754523 fstab(5): mention to just set fs_vfstype to auto upstream
756187 add dots to fdisk usage upstream
770211 /sbin/fdisk: add LUKS partition type code to fdisk
772419 util-linux: mount /existing/tmpfs silently mounts new tmpfs over that mountpoint upstream
775119 fdformat: progress bar for "verify" phase broken upstream
776034 fsck: implement support for stacked devices (MD/DM/RAID) help, upstream
778283 fsck: implement support for stacked devices (MD/DM/RAID) help, upstream
779051 fsck: implement support for stacked devices (MD/DM/RAID) help, upstream
779052 fsck: implement support for stacked devices (MD/DM/RAID) help, upstream
787958 util-linux: logger should reopen connection to syslogd, maybe on signal upstream
788546 mounting as non-root using nfs-source from fstab as argument fails upstream
788547 mounting as non-root using nfs-source from fstab as argument fails upstream
790880 mounting as non-root using nfs-source from fstab as argument fails upstream
791707 chrt: misleading error message upstream
792171 sulogin: no way to continue on dumb terminals (s390*) help, upstream
803252 util-linux: avoid static build of fdisk-udeb help
806496 ramsize/rdev/rootflags/vidmode prematurely removed from util-linux upstream, wontfix
807071 bsdutils: script(1) missing on kfreebsd, hurd help, upstream
808915 /usr/bin/unshare: unshare -r fails with operation not permitted
811361 libmount: provide extra package for pylibmount (Python bindings for libmount) help, newcomer
814184 inconsistent number of blank lines between devices
816368 /usr/bin/whereis: 'whereis -b bash' reports /etc/bash.bashrc as a binary upstream, wontfix
818879 sfdisk: Fails to dump when ext4 signature found upstream
819242 Post-install script for uuid-runtime fails to properly create and configure uuidd group moreinfo
819465 /sbin/losetup: losetup -l -a fails to work when /dev/loop/ (directory) exists
824793 mount.8: refers to package nfs-utils wontfix
826003 login: su(1) man page should document that su may not work at boot time moreinfo
826328 util-linux: losetup -d disfunctional for cloop and similar loop-compatible block devices upstream
826596 bsdutils: wall, write unable to handle UTF-8 characters. confirmed, upstream
828746 hwclock: RTC to wrong offset after reboot moreinfo
833256 util-linux: Please use login/passwd implementations provided by util-linux
835343 bsdutils: logger uses /dev/log on kfreebsd patch, upstream
838456 util-linux: lscpu says hypervisor provider Microsoft for Xen HVM instead of Xen which is weird moreinfo
840586 more(1) may attempt to tcsetattr(3) despite lacking controlling terminal
841205 "script -q ..." should not write "Script started on ..." to file upstream, wontfix
855203 hwclock-set: Synchronize from hwclock despite systemd presence patch
856833 /sbin/wipefs: wipefs does not delete ZFS label/signature
860597 util-linux: rtcwake's conversion from local time (EDT) to UTC is off by 8 hours.
863373 mount: option to use losetup -P when mounting
865525 [mount] Make escaping of space in fstab correspond common escaping rules upstream, wontfix
865787 /sbin/losetup: losetup: option to specify block size lfs, upstream
865844 mount: Umount's tab-autocompletion fails for relative directories in Bash
870364 say "... is already mounted rw elsewhere. Cannot mount ro."
872635 util-linux: FTBFS on armel: test failure ftbfs
878843 util-linux: fsck on btrfs /home hangs, stalling boot
879024 util-linux: FTBFS on alpha: setarch-uname26-version FAILED
879669 agetty: use full hardening flags moreinfo
882674 mount: Mounting a remote samba share in /etc/fstab as cifs mounts it read-only. moreinfo
888114 blkid reports whole disk is zfs pool when any partition is
894555 sometimes "q" is not shown in cfdisk
898426 partx exit status 0 on some errors fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
903661 [cfdisk]: Assertion `end > start' failed. Aborted moreinfo, upstream
905528 nofail flag description misleading upstream, wontfix
905745 util-linux: tty hijacking possible in "su" via TIOCSTI ioctl confirmed, help, security
906846 mount: Fails to notice that a loopdevice cannot be removed
906918 fdisk: document cfdisk resize command and shortcut upstream
907194 su: yields breakage without "-", not properly documented upstream, wontfix
907391 [patch] Please add fincore and blkzone command patch
907536 Update fstab template & docs to mention systemctl daemon-reload d-i
907568 dmesg: bad localization on --help l10n, upstream
908975 column: outdated version lacking the option -o (--output-separator) implemented 5 years ago moreinfo, wontfix
910810 /bin/su: su to root does not set $PATH according to id -u being 0 in /etc/profile
204363 "cleanlinks" removes non-dangling symlinks to directories fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
257142 xutils: [makedepend] complains of being unable to find stddef.h, stdarg.h and others fixed-upstream, upstream
287515 xutils: [lndir] want new -ignoredirs option that creates symlinks to directories instead of building tree patch, upstream
290332 xutils: lndir -withrevinfo should know about Arch patch
319607 find warning while removing empty directories in cleanlinks
376666 xutils-dev: [Patch] Support M32R target fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
386145 xutils-dev: cleanlinks causes warning message from find(1)
404650 xutils-dev:[Patch] Support M32R target fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
480620 xutils-dev: bashism in /bin/sh script patch, upstream
495139 cleanlinks: warning in "find" usage fixed-upstream
560171 imake: Must not unconditionally mangle pre-defined symbols in paths. upstream
584281 xutils-dev: cannot handle include files a/foo.h and b/foo.h (at least in some cases) fixed-upstream
731441 Templates in xutils-dev cause build-depends on libxp-dev patch
765370 xutils-dev: fix CCOPTIONS/LDOPTIONS causing FTBFS on sciplot on ppc64el [PATCH] fixed-upstream, moreinfo, patch
834142 xutils-dev: Please add support for ppc64el patch, upstream
857129 /usr/share/man/man1/lndir.1.gz: mention cleanlinks in lndir man page
870836 /usr/bin/imake: imake generated makefile use deprecated -D_BSD_SOURCE and -D_SVID_SOURCE
873764 Please remove xmkmf and imake from xutils-dev
897655 xutils-dev: Please add support for riscv64 patch

Done bugs

883355 aubio: CVE-2017-17054: divide by zero in function new_aubio_source_wavread() fixed-upstream, security, upstream
884232 ffmpeg: CVE-2017-17555 security, upstream
884237 aubio: CVE-2017-17554 security, upstream
904906 aubio: CVE-2018-14523: global-buffer-overflow fixed-upstream, security, upstream
904907 aubio: CVE-2018-14522: SEGV signal can occur in aubio_pitch_set_unit in pitch/pitch.c fixed-upstream, security, upstream
904908 aubio: CVE-2018-14521: SEGV signal can occur in aubio_source_avcodec_readframe in io/source_avcodec.c fixed-upstream, security, upstream
900240 cmake: FTBFS on hurd-i386 due to a PATH_MAX issue fixed-upstream, patch
905138 cmake: FTBFS on kfreebsd-any fixed-upstream, patch
904163 ffmpeg: investigate the use of versioned provides in place of the alternative dependencies in shlibdeps
907032 Please compile against libaom
880618 libfftw3-doc: Files and not present in package, including buster version
892979 FLTKConfig.cmake: self-conflicting add_executable(fluid IMPORTED)
881777 melt: Crash with ... double free or corruption (fasttop)
434599 please teach imap-send to use gnutls for SSL support upstream
572521 please teach imap-send to use gnutls for SSL support upstream
648329 please teach imap-send to use gnutls for SSL support upstream
781214 Upstream patches for honoring DNS SRV records upstream
798602 git: git pull regression with 2.5.1: "git upload-pack: git-pack-objects died with error" fixed-upstream, upstream
815776 git: new upstream version 2.9.2
818318 git: CVE-2016-2324 and CVE-2016-2315 (currently unpublished) server and client RCE security, upstream
857008 new upstream (2.12)
872277 git: spurious "fatal: Out of memory, getdelim failed" patch, upstream
715087 libjack-dev: broken symlink: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ->
909848 lame: symbol lookup error: lame: undefined symbol: lame_get_maximum_number_of_samples
699328 libavutil51: relocation error after upgrade
824771 libdrumstick: Please update libdrumstick to the new upstream release 1.0.2
875010 [libdrumstick] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
850179 libgig-dev: ISO C++11 compliance fixed-in-experimental, patch
850873 move libglademm-2.4.pc to a multiarch path patch
900276 libtool: regression with IFS and non-bash shells
905841 libltdl-dev: dependency on specific automake version ftbfs
906394 parser: FTBFS in buster/sid (aclocal-1.15: command not found) ftbfs
906395 pinball: FTBFS in buster/sid (aclocal-1.15: command not found) ftbfs
906423 parser-mysql: FTBFS: aclocal-1.15: command not found ftbfs
906499 parser-mysql: FTBFS in buster/sid (aclocal-1.15: command not found) ftbfs
906501 pcmanx-gtk2: FTBFS in buster/sid (aclocal-1.15: command not found) ftbfs
906507 redland: FTBFS in buster/sid (aclocal-1.15: command not found) ftbfs
910076 libtool: avoid the use of the dangerous, undocumented AC_TRY_EVAL macro, which generates binary data in config.log with dash patch, upstream
893556 libusb-0.1-4 has priority important
899981 lirc: Invalid maintainer address
890410 mpv: fix for CVE-2018-6360 overlooks subtitles security, upstream
910708 mpv: please compile with v4l support wontfix
894007 Updating the mxml Uploaders list
909354 mxml FTCBFS: skips building libmxml.a for cross compilation patch, upstream
909912 opencollada: Upstream version v1.6.63 available (currently v1.6.25)
874220 openni2 mustn't build with NEON on armel/armhf patch
708791 stk: Please add .desktop file in the package newcomer
606638 subversion-tools: svn_apply_autoprops misbehaves when passed --help upstream
680125 subversion: sometimes FTBFS in parallel build: race condition between binary-arch and binary-indep
684199 Infinite loop of "bash: compopt: -o: option requires an argument"
880593 subversion: spurious error E160016 when operative and peg revisions differ with fsfs fixed-upstream, sid, stretch, upstream
910233 libsvn-{dev,java}: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE
808085 util-linux: cfdisk creates gpt partition tables which are not recognized in Windows fixed-upstream, jessie, upstream
910963 x265 FTBFS on !x86: undefined references to x265*::detect512() ftbfs
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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