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Bugs of task jack
Total bugs: 201
Open bugs: 191
Fixed bugs: 10
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Ambisonics 13 (120)
Animation 119 (658)
Audio plugins 67 (564)
Audio utilities 185 (802)
Broadcasting 121 (805)
Csound 14 (80)
Development 1586 (5678)
Djing 38 (238)
Beat 18 (108)
Firewire 30 (276)
Graphics 257 (1159)
Guitar 54 (199)
Jack 191 (1237)
Ladi 5 (39)
Looping 21 (98)
Midi 119 (432)
Mixing 112 (963)
Musician 47 (261)
Photography 283 (1799)
Players 266 (1926)
Pure data 11 (117)
Recording 145 (1171)
Samplers 5 (64)
Sound synthesis 48 (403)
Supercollider 7 (81)
Video 271 (2097)
critical 0 0
grave 0 0
serious 2 0
important 19 0
normal 89 2
minor 28 1
wishlist 48 2

Summary bugs page of task Jack

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (1237)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

2 serious, 19 important, 89 normal, 28 minor, 48 wishlist
408144 ld10k1: AC3-Passthru support for sblive
660199 alsa-tools-gui: hdspmixer displays empty space on the left side after preset, save upstream
700964 Conflicting declarations of variable macro_depth
715648 [Mayhem] Bug report on alsa-tools: as10k1 crashes with exit status 139
716586 [Mayhem] Bug report on ld10k1: lo10k1.bin crashes with exit status 139
737205 alsa-tools: missing manpages
838154 alsa-firmware-loaders: Please announce supported hardware using AppStream
844501 alsa-firmware-loaders: udev rule causes race condition which blocks us-122 initialisation (with fix!)
894189 alsa-tools: please run dh_update_autotools_config before ./configure
896471 alsa-tools-gui: hdspmixer, hdspconf does not show the right icon as on desktop, icon names wrong
191104 aplay: Please support ADPCM
222413 amixer: Please add an option that restores defaults
222434 amixer: Should reject invalid commands
274456 alsa-utils: please make alsactl store/restore more devfs-friendly
309337 alsa-utils: Redline depends on terminal height upstream, wontfix
322222 alsa-base: alsactl should only restore the known cards
348535 alsa-utils: The volume color depends on the terminal geometry
355301 alsactl: man page has nothing about 'power' command
356033 alsa-utils: modprobe-post-install script doesn't wait for /usr to be mounted, resulting in an error message wontfix
356070 alsa-utils: Manpage arecord(1) and aplay(1) should give PCM/device syntax help
505733 [alsa-base] Input source not correctly set on boot sequence (fujitsu pi1505, ALC861 Analog, HDA intel) moreinfo
527074 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils: `/etc/init.d/alsa-utils stop` triggers amixer error moreinfo
539579 alsa-utils: Master channel muted after each boot confirmed
542120 alsamixer: recognize permission problem
544237 pulseaudio: Muted after boot confirmed
544500 mention h and ? together wontfix
545092 amixer -h doesn't show the whole set of commands
545389 option to disable save/restoring of card state
560827 alsa-utils: "aconnect -d" on Midi Through ports uninterruptible wontfix
564315 repeated alsamixer entries for -Mic Boost
564827 aplay -Djack fails with "Sample rate non available" wontfix
602887 alsa-utils: only stores levels for current system instead of supporting booting on multiple systems
608388 alsa-utils: restore fails after rename from "PC Speaker" to "Beep"
618806 drop depends on udev buster, jessie, sid, squeeze, stretch, wontfix
620904 cannot open mixer: No such file or directory
622205 restore defaults
623591 not all options listed on alsamixer man page
631865 alsa-utils: underrun!!! (at least 881183351.502 ms long) patch, upstream
635622 messages now appearing at boot fixed-upstream
636437 /usr/sbin is not mounted at boot! So don't expect that it is please fixed-upstream
650020 alsa-utils: alsa fails to recognize VIA8237 (AD1888) - no sound (ICE1712 - OK)
661207 alsa-utils: Flash video sound no longer controlled by PulseAudio after upgrade to alsa-utils 1.0.25-1
665849 /usr/bin/aplay: aplay busy hw
677998 alsaucm: enoent /usr/share/alsa/ucm, and not in apt-file?!
680553 alsa-utils: Says it shuts down ALSA, but doesn't
691472 alsamixer: no sound despite all volumes are turned on
698985 alsa-utils: alsamixer does not work. Broken pipe.
701503 "cannot open mixer: No such file or directory" say WHAT file or directory
702299 alsa-utils: Please increase upper frequency limit
708676 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils: default start runlevel arguments (2 3 4 5) do not match alsa-utils Default-Start values (S)
710221 alsa-utils: No sound after fresh install
710280 no way to fine tune
713904 alsa-utils: Non-zero levels of Master and PCM are used for silence.
716755 add additional check to see if /usr/sbin/ is mounted before attempting to execute scripts from there
725315 alsa-utils: Default sound card switches after changing Logitech USB headset
759805 Non matching quotes won't work in the shell
766656 /usr/bin/amixer: cannot turn off (mute) controls separately from command line
766659 /usr/bin/amixer: named card syntax not explained in man page
783368 alsa-utils: alsa cookie created on /var/run before /run is mounted
792282 amixer stopped working in 1.0.29-1
793317 Mute toggle mutes both Master and Speaker, but only unmutes Master
795506 alsa-utils: mute on change from headphone to speaker
800572 CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER=n kernel confuses alsactl restore
802935 man page should say how to stop speaker-test
845090 /usr/bin/alsamixer: alsamixer -c0 starts pulseaudio unreproducible
848395 udev rule fails with exit code 99 moreinfo
851222 add bash completions
851228 README.Debian should mention systemd methods too
857886 alsa-util: System volume reduces randomly, usually by exiting VLC
858088 alsa-utils: "arecord -f dat -d 5 soundOut.wav" produce many empty files
871247 alsa-base: Front Panel Jack for play audio not working moreinfo, newcomer
871821 mention where to report upstream bugs
872479 alsa-utils: alsa-restore.service uses /run wiich is tmpfs
878401 [systemd] Dependency on /tmp not correctly stated for some (or /tmp/pulse-* shows up underneath my /tmp mount) moreinfo
881661 alsa-utils: Please add Speaker+LO to unmute list patch
881715 alsa-utils: High CPU usage on the default device unreproducible
887768 alsa-utils: alsamixer pressing F6 freezes everything
889294 alsa-utils: External mic via combo jack is not detected on Acer Aspire V3-372
894991 [alsa-utils] Please set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR when calling alsactl patch
894994 Proper way to stop
903212 alsa-utils: speaker-test catches SIGINT and can't be interrupted
904437 Fix for pin mapping on HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2
909773 alsa-utils: alsamixer Master configured improperly for line-in of Realtek ALC887-VD
864556 clalsadrv FTCBFS: hard codes build architecture compiler patch, upstream
646070 faad2: Typo Psychadelic -> Psychedelic patch, wontfix
703732 faad fails to gaplessly decode itunes, nero, fraunhofer aac moreinfo, upstream
274700 flac: --export-vc-to should quote strings containing spaces
448368 metaflac -h not clear about options
478780 flac: please provide useful exit status for metaflag --show-tag=...
498048 chained ogg-flac files don't work
604639 flac fails to cross build using xdeb
616468 flac: metaflac -- Add short optios for command line use (--list => -l) upstream
652615 flac: Does not change bit/rate as set at command line.
739613 flac encode crashes if called as a python subprocess
815587 flac fails with "invalid ISRC number" when multiple ISRC attributes exist for a track
873843 fails with error "found multiple ISRC commands"
868833 Updating the flake Uploaders list
686919 gjacktransport: Grammer Error ("allows to") in control file (package description) W/ Patch patch
543180 jaaa: segfaults if DISPLAY is unset upstream
508562 jackrec: hangs JACK server when aborted moreinfo, patch
596868 Subject: iceweasel: Iceweasel crashes when playing video files
600383 jackd1: jackrec starts recording static after a while
692562 jackd1: bus error on beagleboard
695550 libjack-dev: does not automatically transition to libjack-jackd2-dev
716042 [Mayhem] Bug report on jackd1: jack_netsource crashes with exit status 139
786737 jackd1: crashes with -n option specified patch, upstream
581581 jack2: cause reboot after restart daemon moreinfo
600079 OSS support for jackd2 on GNU/Linux upstream
633815 jackd2: High CPU usage following sleep (top reports 190% on quad-core) moreinfo
656910 Group "audio" is used for two incompatible things
670112 jackd2: Jackd will not start if X not running.
700349 jackd2: Segmentation fault in alsa_out
712484 [jackd2] "Cannot create shm registry segment (Permission denied)"
713915 jackd2: no longer starts; bad playback/capture arguments
716043 [Mayhem] Bug report on jackd2: jack_midi_latency_test crashes with exit status 139
716067 [Mayhem] Bug report on jackd2: jack_test crashes with exit status 139
726079 jackd2: conffiles not removed
747208 jackd2: jackd is always in verbose mode
766424 jackd2: please enable using OSS on GNU/kFreeBSD
772101 jackd2 installed on minimal debian jessie wouldn't start before manually installing dbus-x11
773329 Incorrect Cflags line in jack.pc wontfix
795316 jackd2: Suggestion to fix overly-liberal shlibs for libjacknet
884082 jackd2: Source includes "waf" listed in Files-Excluded header
888843 jackd2: jackd --version returns with non zero exit status upstream
891223 jackd2: consider v1.9.12 and new JACK_PROMISCUOUS_SERVER behavior
905774 jackd2: jackd no longer starts, since device is already in use; but who's using it?
906296 jackd2: Jackd mysteriously uninstalled, libreadline6 disappears from repo? moreinfo
901452 jack-midi-clock FTCBFS: upstream Makefile hard codes build architecture pkg-config patch
644528 jack-stdio: missing bracket in package description patch, pending
903518 jack-stdio FTCBFS: uses the build architecture pkg-config patch, upstream
549567 Missing handling for --no-realtime parameter in jack.ctl moreinfo
643333 fails badly in the face of its JACK 2 server vanishing
716072 [Mayhem] Bug report on jack-tools: jack.scope crashes with exit status 139
736074 calf-plugins: calf plugins lack graph display components, Calf Analyzer is empty, others still functional
905730 jmeters FTCBFS: hard codes the build architecture compiler g++ patch, upstream
906153 jnoisemeter FTCBFS: upstream Makefile hard codes build architecture g++ in one place patch, upstream
883834 kmetronome: FTBFS with latest Qt5: does not find Qt5LinguistToolsConfig.cmake
855834 linuxptp: default startup argument "-i eth0" should be removed
621789 ProjectM seg default crash with ATI video cards moreinfo
692582 projectm-jack: It would be very nice if the man page listed the keyboard commands for projectM.
699383 libprojectm2: unlisted dependency on package ttf-bitstream-vera
833489 projectm-pulseaudio: ttf-dejavu-core dependency not listed
875112 [projectm] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
893926 mark projectm-data Multi-Arch: foreign patch
908856 mark projectm-data Multi-Arch: foreign
909977 projectm: upstream has moved
293454 qjackctl: Display does not resize with font upstream
902403 qjackctl FTCBFS: uses the build architecture qmake patch, upstream
811240 qmidinet: cannot connect to X server
891815 qmidinet should not have jackd server dependency
894660 qmidinet: excessive debug output on stderr
905744 qmidinet FTCBFS: configure detects the build architecture qmake patch, upstream
772403 rotter: bashism in /bin/sh script patch, pending
657317 rtkit: pulseaudio looses SCHED_RT when suspending the machine
749234 rtkit: CPU 2 peaking at 78 -99%
890586 rtkit: Homepage URL is dead
684928 volti: volume level numerical values differ from the ones shown by alsamixer
782592 volti: support for XF86_AudioMicMute key
782748 volti crashes and dosnt start again if soundcard removed
786728 volti: unmute does not work in pulseaudio
838430 volti: traceback on startup
890177 volti: Please switch to python-gobject-2/python-gi buster, sid
157334 oggenc leaves a file after trying to encode with invalid quality setting upstream
160419 ogg123 ignores write errors upstream
198765 vorbis-tools: input buffer drains not handled upstream
225316 oggenc: native endianness option
340887 ogg123: option to make audioscrobbling easier
340888 ogginfo: speedier operation
364716 vorbis-tools: new feature 'vorbiscomment -e' to launch an editor patch
488458 vorbis-tools: should accept input in libsndfile formats
538025 vorbis-tools: oggenc displays useless warning even if --quiet is set confirmed
544231 vorbis-tools: medium output option for oggenc
547207 ogg123: widely different CPU usage between invocations
578720 vorbis-tools: Sends invalid argument to ALSA when playing some files wontfix
601274 vorbis-tools: vorbiscomment should allow for delimiter other than newline patch
655204 oggenc: ability to parse tags from filenames
655205 oggenc: auto-incrementing tracknumber
775983 oggenc: Invalid memory access with low sampling rate confirmed
795708 /usr/bin/ogg123: ogg123: Metadata_block_picture comments spew base64 all over the screen
835070 vorbis-tools: ogg123 segfaults on playing ogg files patch
842796 ogg123 always segfaults after playing file
881130 vorbis-tools: use uninitialized local value as a pointer running oggenc security
899864 vorbis-tools: Invalid maintainer address
910315 zita-ajbridge FTCBFS: hard codes the build architecture compiler patch, upstream
896833 zita-alsa-pcmi FTCBFS: multiple issues patch

Open bugs in suggested packages

2 normal, 1 minor, 2 wishlist
350328 bitscope: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation l10n, patch, upstream
466172 bitscope: small issues with the .desktop file patch, upstream
747962 Conflicting return types of function stop_jack
829821 bitmeter: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
851672 pnmixer crashes during startup

Done bugs

675857 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils creates /.config/pulse under sysvinit patch
684691 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils creates /.config/pulse under sysvinit patch
712980 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils creates /.config/pulse under sysvinit patch
720678 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils creates /.config/pulse under sysvinit patch
742388 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils creates /.config/pulse under sysvinit patch
779556 /etc/init.d/alsa-utils creates /.config/pulse under sysvinit patch
715087 libjack-dev: broken symlink: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ->
872831 libjack-jackd2-0: provides public shared library ( without shlibs information
874954 [kmetronome] Future Qt4 removal from Buster
881342 rtkit: should depend on dbus and polkit
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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