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Bugs of task players
Total bugs: 305
Open bugs: 282
Fixed bugs: 23
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Ambisonics 11 (102)
Animation 125 (670)
Audio plugins 56 (486)
Audio utilities 190 (884)
Broadcasting 143 (976)
Csound 12 (68)
Development 1594 (5525)
Djing 32 (134)
Beat 15 (91)
Firewire 31 (264)
Graphics 270 (1264)
Guitar 54 (172)
Jack 181 (1219)
Ladi 5 (54)
Looping 21 (95)
Midi 122 (450)
Mixing 107 (965)
Musician 48 (295)
Photography 276 (1631)
Players 282 (2032)
Pure data 15 (150)
Recording 130 (1012)
Samplers 3 (25)
Sound synthesis 39 (272)
Supercollider 4 (27)
Video 294 (2342)
critical 0 0
grave 1 0
serious 3 1
important 50 4
normal 109 23
minor 25 7
wishlist 49 10

Summary bugs page of task Players

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (2032)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 grave, 3 serious, 50 important, 109 normal, 25 minor, 49 wishlist
431451 audacious: goes slightly crazy when dragging player + playlist windows upstream, wontfix
452276 Support for multiple artist/genre tags
456561 audacious: Incorrect numbering in the playlist window upstream, wontfix
460802 audacious: show popup info for current song when mouse hovers over rolled up playlist
499435 audacious: Unfriendly keyboard shortcuts for playback control fixed-upstream
501769 audacious: Add option -geometry to control positioning
504754 audacious: Please include a Debian skin like xmms did
511678 -u|--pause is handled as -t|--play-pause wontfix
512912 audtool: please add option to minimize/maximize a window (a-la playback-playpause)
527294 audacious time display wontfix
543272 audacious incorrectly depends on dbus-x11 wontfix
544359 audacious: allow simultaneous dragging + scrolling in playlist
557111 audacious: Update changes output plugin in config-file
588171 audacious: on song change, moves playlist selection to currently playing song fixed-upstream
597079 audacious2: -c for Clear the playlist
618295 audacious: major skipping on VIA 8235 and ALSA
620731 audacious: [PATCH] audacious.1 -- Order items alphabetically fixed-upstream, patch
626173 audacious: fails on playing next song when shuffle button is on confirmed
638703 audacious2: lag during playing, not with mplayer
639555 audacious: controlling audtool via SSH, error
641758 audacious: Track time display keeps flicking between correct time and zero
641760 audacious: Audio drop-outs (overruns?) on Alsa playback to USB audio
644088 audacious: Another wishlist: Play Bin/Cue files
648076 audacious playlist. infinity width
651989 audacious: libmodplug playback problem
652614 audacious: improper unicode character handling in m3u files l10n
657884 audacious: man page outdated
661328 [audacious] cannot enter directories in file open dialog via keyboard
666032 audacious: Back slashes not interpreted as folder de-limiters
675708 audacious: Mp3s with a bitrate of 64kbps or less stutter badly on playback
684494 audacious: Audacious close itself (segfault) after playing a file moreinfo
689465 audacious: doesn't remember last screen position
691348 audacious frequently locks up after a stream terminates
693386 audacious: fails to remember its desktop position upon closing
700804 Audacious fails to play files if caharacter encoding is not recognised confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
703869 audacious: Garbled audio using PulseAudio output on Intel 82801 AC'97
720198 [audacious] song name doesn't change when cue-playlist advances fixed-upstream, upstream
721227 audacious: Audacious opens for inode/directory
721856 audacious: can't able play opus files moreinfo
737474 Can't restore Audacious after minimizing
761233 audacious: “Amplify untagged files” has no effect
764385 audacious: With some (not all) recent CDs, audacious crashes during audition (segmentation fault)
780047 audacious: Audacious crashes when using shiny mate theme upstream
785682 audacious: Do not recognise tags in some MP3 files
796201 audacious : Segmentation fault
818371 audacious: cannot properly skip/FF WMA Pro VBR 24 bit
840244 audacious: Skip instead of seek
853158 audacious: snd_pcm_hw_params_set_rate failed
861595 audacious wrong mimetype
877975 audacious: No more GTK3 support available
879646 Updating the audacious Uploaders list
883731 audacious: Debian packaging has incorrect license
789895 bs1770gain: How can the list of supported formats be found?
881131 bs1770gain: divide by zero while running bs1770gain security
881132 bs1770gain: stack buffer overflow while running bs1770gain security
882224 bs1770gain: enable dh-autoreconf
883198 bs1770gain: use after free while running bs1770gain with "poc output" option security
888382 bs1770gain: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, sid
820011 cantata: FTBFS on kfreebsd: missing B-D: libudev-dev patch
885085 cantata: dynamic playlists only work with MPD reachable via IPv4 patch
888363 cantata: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, fixed-upstream, sid
695069 cmus: remaining time is wrong when using ALSA PulseAudio sink
709114 cmus crashes on external command
728202 cmus: m4a playback is broken
756051 Subject: cmus: getting "Error: opening audio device: internal error" moreinfo
761572 cmus: doesn't add symlinked files to library fixed-upstream, upstream
783498 cmus: Segmentation fault adding FLAC files to a clean empty database
787034 cmus: Adding a folder of music triggers a segmentation fault
801388 cmus fails to show tracks in library
818691 cmus: Segmentation fault when playing or adding WMA files to Library
861424 cmus: will not start up on fresh install
888384 cmus: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, sid
646070 faad2: Typo Psychadelic -> Psychedelic patch, wontfix
703732 faad fails to gaplessly decode itunes, nero, fraunhofer aac moreinfo, upstream
889915 libfaad2 in Wheezy contains patches for some security bugs. They were not backported to Jessie. jessie, security
698923 Ability to specify release when there are multiple
736445 flactag: use discid_read_sparse if available patch
736458 flactag: checkflac hardcodes device
769465 improved batch processing workflow
800802 checkflac usage
814813 spurious output to stderr
829961 freetuxtv: Uses deprecated gnome-common macros/variables
888374 gmerlin-avdecoder: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, sid
888340 gmerlin-encoders: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, sid
845048 gmusicbrowser freezes after pulseaudio restart
858245 gmusicbrowser: Search-as-you-type causes crash
782093 For more details on chapter file syntax...broken link
782125 Support atom Xtra
786733 gpac: aac2m4a, some m4a are 1 second long and <1Kb big
817194 gpac: new upstream version and moved to github
888343 gpac: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, sid
857544 groovebasin: Please package groovebasin 1.5.1
691763 Wish: Please support some low res (SDTV) skin moreinfo, wontfix
700726 xbmc: [INTL:de] German translation of goom2 fixed-upstream, l10n, upstream, wontfix
709117 xbmc can't eject my cd(s)/dvd(s) moreinfo, upstream
711482 Fails to pick up new items during library scan upstream
711489 AWX Web-Interface not updating upstream, wontfix
712371 AWX Web-Interface key capture interferes with search dialog upstream, wontfix
721235 CVE-2013-1438: xbmc: multiple vulnerabilities security, upstream
747428 [xbmc] passwords are stored in plain xml file confirmed, security, upstream
752604 Please add date to log's timestamp confirmed
754096 xbmc: Working ... moreinfo
754186 xbmc: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer confirmed, upstream
754469 xbmc: play next upstream, wontfix
754707 xbmc: Copy/Paste confirmed, upstream
763647 xbmc-bin: crashes while trying to handle CD/DVD drives although no media is present moreinfo
770358 xbmc: streams working with any player but xbmc moreinfo
786688 xbmc: CVE-2015-3885 confirmed, fixed-upstream, security, upstream
786989 xbmc: Eject/Load fails to eject my DVD upstream, wontfix
842651 skip empty files confirmed, upstream
844162 src:kodi: validation failure with new fontforge confirmed, upstream
845450 kodi-bin: kodi is stuck in left_right stereoscopic mode
849272 kodi: Don't restore geometry confirmed, upstream, wontfix
852635 kodi: Does not play DVD iso from remote location when libdvdcss is installed confirmed
855115 kodi does not work wireless xbox360 controller moreinfo, upstream
855225 kodi: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
857309 kodi: 'kodi' user does not exist confirmed
860482 Missing dependencies for *xinit* and *dbus-x11* used in systemd service unit
860486 Systemd service unit fails with permission error in X.Org Server
861274 xbmc: CVE-2017-5982: Unrestricted file download confirmed, security, upstream
863483 kodi: Provide polkit file for shutdown actions for kodi-standalone
865357 kodi: Debians language/keyboard settings ignored by Kodi l10n
869616 Kodi Remote-Control-Interface repeats always the same key
877767 kodi: supports insecure download of non-free addons patch, security, upstream
879735 kodi support on cubox-i (i.mx6)
881286 kodi: incorrect use of drain packets in avcodec_decode_* api upstream
883851 kodi: Crash Loop when inserting Audio CD confirmed
885606 crash at startup: double free or corruption
888383 kodi: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, fixed-upstream, sid
890216 kodi-standalone: Start user daemon for auto-mount of file systems
707905 mjpegtools: please port lavrec to V4L2 or build with libv4l-dev upstream
772354 mjpegtools: bashism in /bin/sh script
794751 mjpegtools: lav2avi fails because mencoder is missing
797169 mjpegtools: FTBFS with x32 because of unused SIMD code remains patch
829312 Updating the mjpegtools Uploaders list
501245 moc: please, add daap support
501246 moc: please, add lastfm/scrobbler support
562569 moc: next_search doesn't work
579828 MOC doesn't play 24bit/96kHz flac moreinfo
782642 moc: when resized moc displays "terminal's too smal" when it's not patch
821958 moc: Please make track number format configurable wontfix
848577 moc: don't enforce confgured AlsaMixer moreinfo, unreproducible
872954 moc: Key binding added in 04_playtime_perc.patch causes fatal errors patch
884169 Does not start when the volume is turned all the way up to eleven
888353 moc: FTBFS with FFmpeg 4.0 buster, sid
795007 [mopidy-youtube] needs python-pafy from stable (not in sid...)
839081 after suspend (S3) with a rbind-mounted mp3fs: "Transport endpoint is not connected"
862676 mp3fs: please make the build reproducible patch
782129 Support atom Xtra upstream
754557 mpd-sima: unstable. keeps crashing. moreinfo
188859 mpeg2dec: Lacking YUV output support
391830 libmpeg2-4-dev: libvo and corresponding headers are missing
565178 mpeg2dec: fails with BadMatch XVideo error
73681 strange timer bug in mpg123
728046 mpg123: mailcap program and tty
829434 mpg123 segfaults once after dist-upgrades
334649 mozilla-plugin-vlc: does not stream
405112 mozilla-plugin-vlc: Mozilla VLC plugin crash
457986 mozilla-plugin-vlc: suppress verbose debug output
492925 plugin argument parsing should be case insensitive
501295 iceweasel: crash with vlc plugin moreinfo
588059 mozilla-plugin-vlc: doesn't support playlist moreinfo
605058 mozilla-plugin-vlc: JavaScript doesn't work at all
695461 iceweasel crashed after using the VLC plugin
716954 browser-plugin-vlc: One semicolon too much in the NPP_GetMIMEDescription() output?
751940 browser-plugin-vlc: Iceweasel/firefox reports vlc plugin is insecurity and should be disabled moreinfo, security
758684 browser-plugin-vlc: video/quicktime plugin not always working
890024 npapi-vlc: upcoming Firefox ESR dropping support for NPAPI buster, sid
705898 [showq] Fader-Cues are broken after interruption with "Escape"
471778 smplayer: wrong interface language used l10n, wontfix
494362 smplayer: Ignores subtitles font settings upstream
503233 Fwd: problem with sound in smplayer when resizing using mouse double click upstream
522838 smplayer: Reseting settings during playing chapters from DVD at hard drive upstream
523008 smplayer: MPlayer crash while playing Real media upstream
549422 smplayer: doesn't display cddb information upstream
563202 smplayer: full screen controls don't appear on kde4 with composite upstream
568995 smplayer: Video size menu option upstream
570908 smplayer: [Whish] Monitor brightness change when switch to fullscreen upstream
573706 smplayer: bad key "sensibility" when fast forwarding or rewinding movie upstream
580522 [smplayer] autoresize breaks when playing audio upstream
599509 smplayer: Italian translation of subtitles download window uses same accelerator for 2 buttons/options l10n, upstream
610188 smplayer: time display in fullscreen mode garbled upstream
613550 smplayer: -subcp (default subtitles encoding) can confuse ASS renderer (huge sub fonts) upstream
646436 smplayer: doesn't respond to keyboard in full screen when used with xfce upstream
698506 smplayer: incorrect fps value passed to mplayer/mplayer2 upstream
708738 smplayer exits when width of floating control is changed
742685 smplayer: previous/next line in subtitles is ignored
770377 smplayer: Use 25 items as recent max items patch
867115 smplayer crashes with "Error parsing option noquiet (option not found)" moreinfo
870233 smplayer: executes javascript code downloaded from insecure URL pending, security
890114 smplayer: update_desktop_launcher patch breaks translations
730233 smtube: Please honor the $http_proxy environment variable upstream
797498 smtube: Preferred Quality setting doesn't do anything.
797500 smtube: SMTube can't find video URL.
631789 streamtuner2: Sorting on station title (click column header) messes up title/target links
821290 streamtuner2: Audacious package missing from dependencies.
404645 vlc: Elapsed time not reported by `vlc cdda://@1' unreproducible, upstream
508067 vlc: Lack of documentation concerning file logging facility confirmed, upstream
517462 vlc creates infinite playlist from Quicktime "Multiple URLs" file confirmed, upstream
524668 vlc does not work properly with jack confirmed, moreinfo, upstream
537811 fullscreen mode requires a window manager confirmed, upstream
566924 vlc-nox: Please lower Depends: libavc1394-0, libraw1394-11 confirmed
568531 vlc-nox depends on avahi client libraries confirmed
570136 vlc-nox: Please allow to select subtitles using the http interface upstream
579938 vlc disconnects JACK between tracks/songs confirmed, moreinfo, upstream
604422 vlc: please add subtitle configuration from the http interface upstream
613122 vlc: Video coordinates/window decorations confirmed, upstream
673333 vlc: logic for window position is broken: window is sometimes partly off-screen help, upstream
704221 vlc: doesn't document cdda:// confirmed, upstream
737230 vlc: confusing message opening midi file
743997 vlc: "Start time" cannot exceed 23 hours confirmed, upstream
771037 [vlc] intermittent green overlay on video with audio muting when playing youtube videos moreinfo
773129 vlc: recording DVB programs broken, causes SIGFPE crash
775555 vlc: VLC segfaults when converting a DVD with a title number greater than zero moreinfo
776172 vlc: crash (segmentation fault) on a webm file moreinfo, unreproducible
778911 vlc: Please make N Curses interface configurable upstream
792538 When a video is playing or paused, vlc execs "xdg-screensaver reset" every 30 seconds, flickering the screen upstream
792830 vlc: playing tree playlist stops at the end of a branch when Auto start is disabled and the next branch has not been unfolded upstream
800470 vlc: crashes when enabling 3D spectrum visualization moreinfo
812651 VLC should warn user when libdvdcss is not installed when trying to play encrypted DVD
827899 vlc: rtsp stream crashes on AMD64 but works on i386
830745 vlc: Freeze after the end of a video when the file is not here anymore and repeat is enabled upstream
842513 vlc: altivec setting broken
842613 vlc: should warn when choosing a DVB channel that isn't from the same transponder. upstream
852773 vlc: VLC Crashes when a video is being started to play moreinfo
853263 vlc: [~~opening non-existing file makes vlc go crazy upstream
853847 vlc: After suspend VLC does not suppress xscreensaver during playback
853849 vlc: VLC should detect pause and activate screensaver
860555 vlc: [h264 @ 0x7f8bdc14f340] qmmco: unref short failure when streaming rtsp://
862375 vlc: Fast-forwarding using touchpad horizontal scroll decrese volume
865182 vlc: add lyrics in id3tag
884532 vlc is crashing when screensaver is on
884864 vlc: Convert/Save fails to copy a CD
885084 [src:vlc] Shishensho squawks on VLC installation when game is won moreinfo
885415 vlc: When jumping to another position in a video there is no sound for several (5+) seconds moreinfo
890292 vlc: convert / save file selection unable to clear list / select multiple files from list upstream
891273 VLC positions itself under tint2 and always plays videos fullscreen

Open bugs in suggested packages

1 serious, 4 important, 23 normal, 7 minor, 10 wishlist
878647 aqualung: return to repository newcomer
436004 audacious-plugins-extra: wave-file playback via jack is broken
436157 EvDev-Plug does not recognize any devices :-(
461765 audacious-plugins: add fluid-soundfont-gm to "Suggests"
467035 audacious unable to play midi files with fluidsynth backend
480268 Scrobbler plugin acts weirdly
505845 audacious-plugins-extra: cuesheet plugin freezes player
515858 audacious-plugins-extra: amidi-plug prints annoying messages when audacious used from command line
519161 audacious: break package to audacious-skin-* packages
521171 audacious-plugins: trayicon plugin: hide audacious from taskbar
523046 audacious-plugins: make audioscrobbler hostname dynamically configurable patch
523916 audacious-plugins-extra: Enabling OSD crashes Audacious.
537425 [audacious] Segmentation fault when trying to start
540528 audacious-plugins-extra: please indicate cue plugin in long description
549656 audacious scrobbler plugin doesn't scrobble to at all
555639 audacious-plugins-extra: segfault when enabling SndStretch plugin
556985 audacious-plugins: The Global Hotkeys Plugin sometimes stops working
561586 audacious: Global Hotkey Plugin doesn't work with multimedia keys of my keyboard
583140 audacious-plugins-extra: Timidity configuration can produce segmentation fault in /usr/lib/audacious/Input/
663468 audacious-plugins: [regression] jack output plugin fails to start jack server
678921 audacious-plugins: "Song Change" plugin does not execute command when network stream title changes.
696084 audacious-plugins: Search of artist give empty list
704637 audacious-plugins: Modplug Input Doesn't Allow Configuration
710791 status icon: no update on song change
744281 Mismatch of array sizes
774409 audacious-plugins: improve audacious Winamp classic interface default setting and songs tagged with non-ASCII characters l10n, patch, upstream, wontfix
787436 audacious-plugins: Global Hotkeys only work if focus in same display as audacious
879647 Updating the audacious-plugins Uploaders list
880677 [audacious-plugins] Make ffaudio honor ReplayGain tags
297641 easytag: Song time as part of a file name
528030 easytag: User interface does not fit on 1024x768 screen confirmed, upstream
545924 easytag: please support multiartist CDDB files
620084 easytag: Tag and File Name scan moves files to "~" instead of /home/$user
689803 easytag: Maximizing is not possible (using Gnome3) confirmed, upstream
758859 easytag: Text difficult to read due to light blue background colour in user interface
834209 easytag: no alert when cannot save
839061 easytag: Error reading and writing tags for big mp4 video files > 4 or 5 GB lfs
849397 Easytag mistaken for a File Manager wontfix
849398 Easytag Mistake for a File Manager wontfix
872050 easytag: "delete files" asks once per file
872186 easytag: please don't disallow multiple instances
886272 easytag: re-enable ogg support after corruption bug is fixed upstream
886369 easytag: remove mentioned OGG support from package description patch
873430 python3-mediagoblin: requires pyexiv2 unavailable for Python 3.x
884210 mediagoblin: fails to clean after build: rm: cannot remove './docs/build': Is a directory

Done bugs

747724 cantata: Link Problem (Wikipedia DE)
804936 Please make a qt only version
808937 Cantata: dynamically generated lists functionallity is broken due to missing dependency.
820901 cantata: "Mark episodes as listened" in Podcasts doesn't work anymore upstream
855251 easytag corrupt ogg files upstream
878009 easytag fails to add tags to .ogg files upstream
886726 [Easytag] easytag missing icons
863925 kodi not work moreinfo, unreproducible
888739 dbg package for kodi moreinfo
889015 dh_autoreconf: Can only be run once, see dh-autoreconf(7)
883636 showq: does not start confirmed
866483 streamtuner2: depends on obsolete python-imaging (replace with python3-pil or python-pil) buster, sid
878445 streamtuner2: crashes at shoutcast-option patch
886198 streamtuner: Depends on unmaintained pygtk buster, sid
602985 vlc: please prompt for Samba credentials confirmed, upstream
734100 vlc: Video stuttering with ALSA output fixed-upstream, pending, upstream
757463 vlc unblanks X screen when paused confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
765969 [vlc] green line under some Mpeg-4 XVID videos fixed-upstream, pending
768808 libvlccore-dev: Missing vlc_interface.h fixed-upstream, pending, upstream
769739 vlc: Can't play videos in webm format on YouTube moreinfo
772503 vlc: CRC errors in FLAC files, not occurring in other players fixed-upstream, pending, upstream
792647 vlc: Totally garbles up HLS streams without error message pending
857769 vlc: Make the complete wayland session crash when in fullscreen pending
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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