Debian Astro Packages

The Debian Astro Pure Blend contains 301 packages which are grouped by metapackages. Each metapackage will cause the installation of packages for a specific topic. The following table lists the metapackages of Debian Astro:

Catalogs Astronomy catalogs
Data Reduction Data reduction pipelines for astronomy
Development C/C++ development packages for astronomy
Education Educational astronomy applications
Frameworks Astronomical data analysis frameworks
GDL IDL/GDL packages for astronomy
IRAF IRAF packages
Java Java packages for astronomy
Publication Packages for the publication and presentation of astronomical data
Python3 Python 3 packages for astronomy
Radio Astronomy Radio Astronomy Software
Simulation Simulation packages for astronomy
Spaceship navigation Spacecraft mission analysis, design and simulation
Tcl/Tk Tcl/Tk packages for astronomy
Telescope Control Telescope control and data processing
Tools Astronomy tools and utilities
Viewers Interactive astronomical data viewers
Virtual Observatory Tools and viewers for the Virtual Observatory