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Fixed bugs: 2
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Board 506 (2175)
Card 310 (1084)
Chess 401 (1635)
Console 146 (882)
Content development 301 (2400)
Education 60 (507)
Emulator 100 (858)
Finest 382 (2553)
Fps 27 (209)
Minesweeper 415 (678)
Mud 15 (86)
Perl development 136 (812)
Platform 66 (468)
Programming 2 (18)
Puzzle 516 (2160)
Racing 54 (402)
Rogue 63 (420)
Rpg 72 (446)
Shoot 'em up 76 (525)
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important 16 93
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minor 18 30
wishlist 49 28

Summary bugs page of task Board

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (2175)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

16 important, 95 normal, 18 minor, 49 wishlist
538747 should 3dchess be dropped from Debian?
679875 ace-of-penguins: Games crash when trying to view help screen upstream
946434 /usr/games/ace-freecell: feature request: add undo funktion
416084 sigill on startup
757205 brutalchess: On the chessboard are blocked rows to move any chess piece on
791671 brutalchess: menu letters are missing
845269 patch to make backspace to 'undo' last move patch
920615 patch to output move in PGN compatible format patch
74947 bsdgames, wump: cave has incorrect geometry
95217 trek: misuse of "quadrant"
123815 bsdgames: uses obsolete, superseded version of BSD license upstream
129996 bsdgames: hangman enters infinite loop if words in wordfile are too short
129997 bsdgames: hangman ignores first word in wordlist
192737 bsdgames: sure takes a lot to get raw morse code upstream
214626 atc: Won't allocate 26th plane if it was the most recently allocated plane patch
219666 bsdgames: number claims English output, but outputs in American patch, upstream
234107 bsdgames: morse needs updating for new '@' patch
234964 /usr/games/morse: add @ patch
237839 bsdgames: arithmetic should not be interuptable by ctrl-c patch
272232 teachgammon: screen update leaves droppings in text messages
296065 bsdgames: quiz gives out full solution after correct answer
310657 bsdgames: atc direction keys don't make sense with dvorak layout patch
313623 atc: Cannot specify direction of circling as per atc(6)
318797 monop: get to roll again if you get doubles before going to jail
404465 /usr/games/dab: fails to reset terminal on exit
444962 monop: program name collides with /usr/bin/monop
467455 hardcoded pathname in bsdgames hack/config.h
502319 mille: ordering doesn't happen immediately
502987 worm: use better boundary characters than asterisks patch
502989 worm: resizing the terminal causes game to end
502990 atc: resizing terminal breaks output
576156 bsdgames: please move rot13 to /usr/bin
615041 dab: quitting leaves the terminal in an ugly state
651132 mille: option for bilingual or French card names.
700323 bsdgames: unable to load saved monop game
700328 bsdgames: unable to load saved monop game
715669 [Mayhem] Bug report on bsdgames: backgammon crashes with exit status 139
716291 [Mayhem] Bug report on bsdgames: monop crashes with exit status 139
716381 [Mayhem] Bug report on bsdgames: teachgammon crashes with exit status 139
723695 bsdgames: "dab" in debian menu
723808 bsdgames: rain default speed
723900 bsdgames: debian menu entries sh -c unnecessary
726215 bsdgames: missing icons and no desktop files Jessie Release Goal
747966 Conflicting parameter declarations of function decr
789523 bsdgames: adequate says morse: program-name-collision /usr/bin/morse /usr/games/morse
850101 boggle: Should stop when all words found
911128 Infinite Loop in Hangman
930473 bsdgames: New wtf acronym makes no sense
947222 rain: Default delay is in wrong units, making it effectively 0 patch
955546 morse --no-message-ending-junk
964235 Patch for error in bsdgames Trek that prevents visual command from working under some circumstances
426045 nngs is dead confirmed
677004 cgoban: crashes in awesome unreproducible
697815 cgoban: crashes in awesome unreproducible
943719 cgoban FTCBFS: ./configure thinks it cannot cross patch, upstream
963021 colorcode: optionnaly display number of remaining possible positions upstream
299535 eboard will skip ?!-marked pawn moves in PGN files confirmed
444576 eboard: does not start gnuchess as white from arbitrary board setup confirmed
484856 moving pieces is very slow unreproducible
623848 eboard: Freezes when logging out of FICS unreproducible
684976 [eboard] Takeback command don't work on FICS
962627 eboard: playing against crafty causes "*** buffer overflow detected ***: eboard terminated" fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
966648 eboard: Split zseal into a separate package
967324 eboard: depends on deprecated GTK 2
824910 Fix hanging on platforms with unsigned char fixed-upstream, patch
filler (6) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs James Damour (Suvarov454)
309799 filler does not read scorefile
737874 filler: please provide a menu file and icons
780484 filler: Man page is not distributed patch
780485 filler: Can't write to /var/games/filler.ratings
799455 Tournament: not separating human from computer players produces unexpected results
965521 filler: Removal of obsolete debhelper compat 5 and 6 in bookworm
984620 fltk: Please add a Wayland driver upstream
403021 gamazons: wrap the artificial intelligence in a "gtp engine" for "quarry"
956080 gamazons FTCBFS: multiple reasons patch
929188 gnubg: allows re-rolling dice after declined resignation in graphical mode upstream
967443 gnubg: depends on deprecated GTK 2
427787 gnuchess: X crashes when closing Gnuchess via "X" in titlebar
437872 gnuchess: Increases CPU load to 100% if invoced by xboard
608059 Removing gnuchess also requires removing gnome
624477 gnuchess: You MUST have a chess on your system
691105 gnuchess: Memleak on run.
728567 gnuchess: Using 100% from cpu and over than 257mb memory
737916 gnuchess: please provide a desktop file and icons
964414 gnuchess: stdin parsing issues
986801 CVE-2021-30184 security, upstream
437051 gnushogi: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)
967457 grhino: depends on deprecated GTK 2
688454 Duplicate and conflicting use of variable game_eval_white
967488 gtkboard: depends on deprecated GTK 2
981782 gtkboard: Wrong homepage
hexxagon (1) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Michael Piefel
737928 hexxagon: please provide a desktop file and icons
716521 [Mayhem] Bug report on mah-jong: xmj crashes with exit status 139
737970 mah-jong: missing menu icon entry patch
815329 mah-jong: new upstream version available
901469 mah-jong FTCBFS: uses the build architecture toolchain patch
967620 mah-jong: depends on deprecated GTK 2
726814 mancala: missing icon entry in menu and desktop file Jessie Release Goal
967640 morris: depends on deprecated GTK 2
778315 convert: unrecognized color `darkred' @ warning/color.c/GetColorCompliance/1046.
956345 pegsolitaire FTCBFS: uses the build architecture pkg-config patch, upstream
984290 pentobi: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, fixed-upstream, pending, sid, upstream
359859 pioneers-server-gtk: admin UI should be independent of daemon
399295 Server chat logging/broadcast for pioneers server, map voting
458335 pioneers: Please show number of bots and humans in games
891837 pioneers: Bots don't build ships upstream
291789 misleading GUI for managing servers and connection fixed-upstream, upstream
359050 qgo: No manual upstream
474242 qgo: Please handle gnugo resignation gracefully upstream
684936 qgo: sound settings not remembered upstream
730804 qgo: segmentation fault on "Error: connection closed by host" upstream
734010 qgo: Servers in "Connect" window vanished
744926 qgo: fonts not changeable
987414 qgo has mailcap entries with quoted %-escapes patch, security
462731 quarry: please provide a way to adjust font sizes
636110 quarry: New upstream
752863 quarry: help does not work
752875 quarry: copy doesn't work in the comment window
752884 quarry: textures for board are in fact solid colours
967721 quarry: depends on deprecated GTK 2
280741 scid: No tablebase support enabled (fwd) wontfix
609062 scid: feature suggestion: merge game moves from an imported PGN file upstream
613655 systemwide sound disappears when starting scid moreinfo, unreproducible
626613 scid: variations at the end of a game upstream
632597 scid: keyboard bindings for tree window (especially mask handling) upstream
656701 scid: correspondence list navigation
657668 scid: no generic menu key? upstream
661091 xfcc: I cannot resign on SchemingMind
856629 scid: pgnscid is not installed
977713 scid: Circular package dependency tk8.5 vs tk8.6 prevents scid from running
323576 sgf2tex: producing diagram only
986399 sgf2dg: The sgf2dg program fails to start on bullseye moreinfo
689699 Conflicting declarations of variable std_material
703450 [sjeng] Error endgame databases.
880456 sjeng FTCBFS: uses the build architecture toolchain patch
786453 tourney-manager 20150521 available, please upgrade package
986355 xabacus: [INTL:nb] Norwegian Bokmål initial translation l10n, patch
458712 depth should be possible to be used twice
541971 xboard: displays kings for variant pieces
562726 xboard: font problem, crash
646640 xboard: disabling "highlight last move" in-game leaves last move highlighted
677313 xboard: no way to remember -inc/-timeIncrement option
720548 xboard: does not store time settings in configuration file upstream
725083 xboard: sends "level" command only to 1 engine
726247 xboard keeps crashing when playing on a fics-server
800411 xboard: broken pipe
831906 xboard: always loads 1st engine from system conf file, rather than user's ~/.xboardrc
967818 xboard: depends on deprecated GTK 2
716493 [Mayhem] Bug report on xchain: xchain crashes with exit status 139
738060 xchain: please provide a desktop file and icons
144419 xfrisk: Segmentation fault if message cannot be received
164233 xfrisk: ai should use SO_REUSEADDR
219536 xfrisk: Ordinateur does not exchange cards when destroying enemy
221193 xfrisk: Dices don't refresh properly when moving other window down confirmed
222818 xfrisk: closing any window kills the program confirmed, upstream
234053 client exits when the user click the window managers close window button on the show cards window confirmed, upstream
306640 xfrisk: risk launcher rewritten patch, upstream
478954 xfrisk: No GNOME menu entries ; these .desktop files fix that patch, upstream
485978 xfrisk: friskserver should have an init script
710552 xfrisk: Segmentation fault when trying to remove bot from player list (100% reproducable) confirmed
738064 xfrisk: please provide a desktop file and icons patch, upstream
xgammon (14) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Debian QA Group
23807 xgammon: -otherdisplay causes segfault
94997 Dice rolled, but not visible after computer resigns confirmed, upstream
118633 xgammon: computer resigns after accepting human resignation
153508 XGammon failing with SIGFPE
153510 XGammon failing w/ SIGSEGV
160173 xgammon stuck in loop (rare)
219315 Updated email for upstream author wontfix
299418 xgammon exits with a BadCursor error immediately after starting unreproducible
564655 xgammon fails with SIGSEGV in AppendDialogText in diawin.c line 165 patch
738065 xgammon: please provide a desktop file and icons
748166 Function declaration without parameter type list shadows risk of stack underflow
889679 xgammon fails to start because of font error
932559 xgammon: Don't build against flex-old
965898 xgammon: Removal of obsolete debhelper compat 5 and 6 in bookworm
697771 xmahjongg: After window resize the board with tiles is not displayed properly.
xvier (3) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Josip Rodin
275470 NMU diff for 1.0-7.1 patch
438350 xvier: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)
738086 xvier: please provide a desktop file and icons

Open bugs in suggested packages

93 important, 177 normal, 30 minor, 28 wishlist
249188 RFD (Request For Development) : gnome-debian-about - Would be nice to have a 'About Debian', next to 'About GNOME'
279010 gnome-core: should depends on x-windows-system-core wontfix
542095 should not depend on network-manager-gnome
557259 Clutter error in some games.
559955 Gnometris graphics glitch at 100000 points moreinfo
559956 Gnometris graphics glitch at startup moreinfo
582968 running apps that have sound cause system to hang
589603 gnome: get "failed" message but can shutdown when clicks "Restart Required" panel
595070 Attempting to uninstall evolution-data-server forces removal of gnome-core, gnome-panel, etc.
598458 gnome: Using chown on a directory opened by a "Save as" window upstream
605224 base: Unable to login into text terminal after gnome messes up with keyboard input upstream
607266 gnome-core should not depend on evolution
608913 don't make desktop-base mandatory, cause it sucks
614930 gnome panel disappears randomly
631080 general: No sound in Squezee, control volume dont found devices d-i, moreinfo
633413 gnome: menu prevents power states upstream
637153 gnome: Xfce4 is replaced with Gnome on installing some packages
639524 gnome: Gnome freezes while i was scrolling through an .avi-file with kino
645920 gnome: Timeout on Gnome login (30s delay)
648049 gnome: package priority between tomboy and gnote
648372 gnome-core: provide tool to reset gnome session configuration
661869 With gconf-editor, the key "/desktop/gnome/lockdown/disable_user_switching" doesn't work
662150 Please re-add alternative on gnome-www-browser, dropped in GNOME 3 metapackages
663003 mailto links open mutt but do not give it the link to start composing a mail
667803 gnome: Starting of Gnome File Manager opens infinite number of windows on the taskbar but none is usable.
668220 gnome: playing naev in fullscreen mode screws up gnome desktop until log-out. xfce is fine.
677327 strong dependency on bluez for machines with no bluetooth
678387 general: Key "PrintScreen" no longer launches gnome-screenshot
679209 Opening a normal terminal when root terminal is open does not work upstream
681262 gnome-core: GUI problems with CTRL key when enabled mouse-showing by pressing CTRL (by settings)
681951 "gnome help" fonts conflict with "darklooks"
683438 gnome: "Disable Touchpad while typing doesn't work"
683961 after opening conky and ice weasel in a row gnome losses it theme and goes into an ugly fallback mode or somethng
684348 gnome sometimes hangs during logon
690696 gnome screen saver unlock on dual screen setup doesn't always display
692985 [gnome] Desktop icons are not translated l10n
694060 Pressing the numlock key makes HDD LED blink shortly
695083 gnome: hang after login when power adapter not turned on
697472 gnome: wong switch order for 3 languages
698193 gnome: Network configuration should tell me I need to install network-manager-openvpn-gnome
700260 gnome: text is mal-formed in xterm and emacs upstream
703127 gnome: Keyboard volume does not adjust default mixer track.
703709 base: Right-Click Menu Goes Past Taskbar upstream
704181 base: Trackpad Not Disabled When Typing (in Gnome 3) Wheezy
704603 gnome-core: No alternative dependency to allow removing pulseaudio in gnome-core
704732 gnome: Setting certain touchpad options makes it impossible to login
706124 gnome: After the opening of laptop's cover mouse moves but Gnome 3 do not show reaction.
706249 gnome: letters are missing from menu and top bar
706921 gnome: Gnome hangs itself up
709782 spyder: Menus displayed in a false position on the secondary screen
711322 Removing any package part of "gnome" meta-package results in dangerous "autoremove" apt-get suggestion
712574 gnome: <Alt><Shift>Tab as a shortcut for switch-window-backward has no effect (done through dconf-editor).
716993 gnome: only low screen resolution offered → option windows do not fit on screen → no changes possible
717335 gnome-classic: button minimaze do not working in gnom-classic. it was working befor
718401 gnome: panel does not adapt to screen resolution change
719807 gnome: Gnome Virtual keyboard is missing uppercase letters
720115 gnome-core: gnome broken (both functionality and bluescreen) since switching to metacity moreinfo
723104 gnome: Clean netinst of Debian 7.1.0: First startup of Gnome fails.
723108 gnome: PrintScreen button doesn't work if a tray icon menu is opened
723744 gnome: For a 2 buttons mouse, impossible to emulate middle at startup.
723746 gnome: Xmodmap no longer loaded by default
728316 gnome: on 3.8 suspend on closed lid requires systemd
730224 gnome: Gnome fails to start (Oh no! Something has gone wrong.)
731370 gnome: background flashes blue on entering and leaving activity menu
732687 debian-maintainers: Gnome doesn't work after update.
732983 gnome-core: Gnome freezing.
733537 base: GNOME/GDM Fails to Run
733647 gnome-core: Gnome Resets
734359 [gnome] Background is not shown in Gnome flashback
734982 gnome: only blue background, but when I block screen I see normal background
739046 gnome: alt+tab to switch between windows is disabled by default
740374 gnome: Switching users causes Gnome to fail to start ("Oh no! Something has gone wrong" message)
740381 gnome-games: Scores icon missing in several games
740910 gnome: All password prompts are blocking on submission
742209 gnome: Gnome does not show icons on desktop
742986 gnome: fails to load on first boot after wheezy install d-i
748190 GNOME: shutdown and restart buttons don't work
748856 gnome: panel clock date display does not reflect locale
749767 base: Failure to automatically suspend on lid close or after period of inactivity
752008 Subject: general: Unable to set my status as "Available" in GNOME 3
753513 gnome: Gradient background when accessing "Activities"
756799 gnome: Switch user causes system crash after updates
758178 general: screen resolution reverts to minimum when not selected by KVM
758879 gnome-core: my /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf have this srokes "AutomaticLoginEnable=true AutomaticLogin=kim" , but still if you boot the computer requires a password
759379 general: Mouse resp. touchpad cursor is flickering, disapearing and jumping
763168 gnome-core: 1:3.8+8
763560 gnome-core: please do not depend on vino
766864 gnome: Wallpaper display faulty on GNOME after resume
766925 gnome: Adding keyboard shortcuts using certain combinations suddenly doesn't work
769298 gnome: waking up my system with two monitors I find all windows pushed to the right monitor
769770 gnome: Autostart files disappear after login
770409 gnome: System Settings: User Accounts: Ido is not listed in language options
771183 gnome-core: to many uneccesary dependencies wontfix
772808 gnome-core: epiphany should be the default browser again
773020 gnome-core: please restore gnome-search-tool as alternative to tracker-gui
776245 gnome: Stylus "click" doesn't work when screen is flipped and closed.
776358 gnome fails to set backlight brightness when hotswapping monitors
776531 gnome: Amarok shows up twice in the activities dashboard (when set as a favorite app and opened)
778621 Unable to access system settings after applying updates
778805 gnome: letter 'm' not visible in notifications
779638 gnome: System Settings fails to launch.
780065 gnome-core: Audio muted
780202 gnome: Gnome freezes when click on "Activities" button
780917 system suspends when switching user (idle timer is ticking even for inactive sessions)
781950 gnome: linguistic error in Polish translation of date in Gnome (e.g. lock sreen, top panel)
783895 gnome: Gnome Classic - "Favorite" menu tree does not update itself
783897 gnome: Gnome Classic - unable to add app launchers intuitively
785014 gnome-core: Standby button is far too hidden in power menu
786484 gnome: Cannot setup gedit for open XML file still remain iceweasel
788422 gnome-core: Lock screen shows incorrect password in plain text briefly
788828 gnome: Update from Debian Jessie 8.0 to 8.1 — system fails to start gdm3/Gnome login. After Debian login, screen goes black, cursor frozen
789779 self-designed keyboard shortcut setting not working
790105 Cannot grab the lower right corner of a window to resize the window. bullseye, buster, fixed-upstream, sid
791338 gnome: Keyboard drops first character - Num Lock indicator changes
791477 gnome: Cant lock screen (Super + L)
794445 menu item "Resize" bound to the item "Move" upstream
795887 gnome-core: Can't login after reboot when python libraries are installed in $HOME/.local/
800046 gnome dependencies on a lot of applications
801827 gnome: Gnome Applications Menu items don't always recieve mouse pointer focus. upstream
802426 gnome keyboard layout is not persisted
804945 some keyboard shortcuts do not work with an additional keyboard
805598 gnome: Changing the brightness doesn't work properly
805600 gnome: The "Activities" is at full brightness when a screen is falling asleep
805812 gnome: When booting the system after shutting it down or sleep mode brightness is too high
810068 11: Some fonts are missing in the default install (verdana, ...) patch
815423 gnome: Activities icon for Chromium doesnt allow to add to Favorites
818357 gnome: Gnome has fatal error when docking/undocking ThinkPad
818903 workspace switcher corrupted by attaching/removing projector
819371 Please depend on "firefox | firefox-esr" rather than the reverse
823491 [gnome] Circumflex appear but other character overlap
832406 gnome: Region & Language: Language only English & Formats only US?
836272 gnome: Please do not sleep when closing laptop lid, when going to shutdown computer
842170 gnome: When I suspend then unsuspend, open windows move desktop or disappear
844187 gnome-core: Gnome 3 Brightness Keys not working on Acer C7 Chromebook with Coreboot
844288 gnome: Laptop monitor goes black when external monitor connected
845491 gnome: Fn brightness keys display OSD indicator but don't change actual brightness on ThinkPad W530
850608 gnome: Gnome applications’ UIs aren’t translated when run from menu l10n
855285 stretch upgrade / gnome workspace background becomes white
857595 gnome-core: Fails to display 2nd monitor sometimes after unlocking
861902 [gnome-core] Installing gnome-core precises apache2-bin and libapache2-mod-dnssd
867732 gnome: Unable to lock: lock was blocked by an application (gnome-terminal)
870907 gnome: Suspending from lock screen hangs PC
871463 system suspend after session logout
872663 System hangs when using docking station if external monitor is set as primary screen
881979 general: Dialogs in gnome programs blinking. moreinfo
884045 gnome should recommend gnome-getting-started-docs
888595 gnome: short cut to lock the screen not working figure it maybe caused by the shortcurt bug
889667 gnome: crash and restart automatically, and re-login not works
893514 gnome: genome-shell restart because some js extension error
893956 gnome-core: One click results in inputting many times
895457 gnome-core: cannot install "gnome-core" meta package without "standard system utilities" task.
895647 gnome: Mouse trails after resume from hibernate
898479 [gnome] gnome-software should detach fwupd as a dependency moreinfo
901867 [gnome] opening some web pages in firefox under gnome wayland hangs the system
904102 gnome: Interface is in english but french is set.
906287 gnome: Wacom tablet - switch monitor - has both monitors together
906717 Print Screen key doesn't print screen but creates a local copy instead
913482 gnome: unlocks without password moreinfo
913672 Sudden black screen when playing video files
924404 gnome should Recommends: gnome-paint or similar
926785 gnome-core: missing dependency on gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons
927317 gnome: wallpaper is displayed only after a few seconds after login
927377 gnome: Configured keyboard layout is not set and Gnome defaults to QWERTY l10n
928030 gnome: GNOME/Wayland + GDM3 die if the root disk fills up
929057 Fwd: Using keyboard to move a window to a different workspace does not work.
931892 gnome: Gnome GUI Privacy settings are ignored.
932879 gnome: Not able to choose proper formats in "Region & Language" settings GUI
940580 gnome: drop-down notifications cannot be disabled in settings
941109 gnome-core: Mouse disappears in bars, menus
942036 gnome crashes on session start
943826 gnome: Type 'A' when switching desktop
948964 [gnome] Changing language: Shift+Ctrl does not work, while Ctrl+Shift works OK
950634 gnome: "Authentication Required" dialog can't close.
962071 gnome: "blank screen" feature does not work
962595 gnome: No more sound on speakers, Gnome does not ask when plugging in headphones
965093 Please demote gnome-user-share to Recommends or move it from gnome-core to gnome
965267 Senseless dialog after manuelly update
969289 gnome package depends on two music managers
969290 gnome package depends on Vinagre instead of Boxes
974699 [gnome] Regional settings not correctly set for Kabyle language (Fw: Re: Occitan and Kabyle installer)
977882 gnome-core: Gnome does not switch off the display when (power saving -> blank screen) is enabled
981757 gnome-core: ensure heic images are supported out of the box
984903 gnome: Sound output device changes unexpectedly. It keeps changing back to Digitial Output (S/PDIF) -USB Audio despite being changed to another device. a11y
984964 gnome: Graphics Card remains black when waking from suspend confirmed
985776 gnome-core: unwanted shortcuts connected to keys without modifiers
987712 hashed apps (x apps) with Gnome / wayland.
987882 Printing does not work on a bullseye install with tasksel gnome
401861 "RFP: "kde-extras-typical""
430896 general: GNOME or KDE desktops should issue a warning when the user unplugs USB media without unmounting. upstream
493069 kde-core: numlock led works inversely fixed-upstream
517814 kde4: url actions keeps being enabled
537357 usb devices gets not found after upgrade
562662 KDE incorrectly saves session state for xterm/uxterm.
567038 kde-minimal: kde is damn slow, and of no use for brand new hp mini
582516 kde 4:4.4.3-1 / plasma-desktop / nvidia-driver ?: Dual monitor system: Erasing background on wrong display e.g. when Alt-Tab window list pops up...
583733 tasksel: please install kde-config-tablet if a tablet is found
586024 kde-plasma-desktop fails to honor "user" flag for mount.cifs
588080 kde-standard should not depend on dragonplayer wontfix
593539 [kde-standard] KDE does not play nicely with my Wacom tablet
599391 kde-plasma-desktop: Should depend on xdg-user-dirs
602482 kde-full: Global keyboard shortcuts get lost after restart
604645 kde-full: fails to stop or restart the computer sometimes
609064 kde: Certain apps do not get mouse clicks near the bottom edge of the screen
610731 kbuildsycoca4(18315) VFolderMenu::loadDoc: Parse error in "/home/[...]/" , line 1 , col 1 : "unexpected end of file
611553 Application shortcut keys don't work in KDE4
612088 kde-plasma-desktop: Desktop window settings not saved correctly l10n
612328 kde-plasma-desktop: System Settings, Appearance, Splash Screen, installation of "KSarboard Splash" fails
612329 kde-plasma-desktop: System Settings, Appearance, Splash Screen, testing of FuutenNozomi-KDE
614826 kdebase: cannot logout/shutdown/restart from kde if xmms is running upstream
666968 [kde-standard] Do not uselessly define "KDE Software Compilation" in extended description
669934 kdepim: korganizer cannot load calendar after adding a new contact in kontact fixed-upstream
679294 [kde-plasma-desktop] digital clock applet does not have configurable font size fixed-upstream, upstream
691406 kde-standard: KDE should issue warning if connection to localhost fails fixed-upstream, moreinfo, upstream
691622 base: logining to kde and kde program startut takes very long if computer is connected to internet moreinfo
695539 kde-full: desktop search switched on even though it is unticked in options
696958 akregator: Keyboard shortcuts +,-,P,N to navigate through articles don't work
697718 kde-plasma-desktop: plasma-desktop crashes at login when ulimit is set upstream
725116 kde-standard: Apparent memory leak in KDE4
725211 spacer has dark strands after a certain operation
733030 kde-plasma-desktop: falha de segmentação na A falha de segmentação afeta a vários programas do kde como kamoso, bem como as configurações da área de trabalho...
736580 kde-plasma-desktop: mouse cursor disappears when hovering in certain places
742385 plasma: taskbar goes crazy trying to un-/group entries
745719 kdebase: KDE device notifier does not reattach USB drives
748200 kdebase: no suspend-to-disk via kdemenu
748705 KDE: window-switching: ALT-TAB switching messes up windows
748706 KDE: international keyboard layouts: Russian phonetic layout changed for no reason
763193 kde-base: KDE Memory leak still present in jessie
775763 does weird things on lid close
775765 does weird things on suspend via K menu
781744 kde-plasma-desktop: Get a notification to disable my sound devices always even in non-kde environment/desktop.
784570 kde-plasma-desktop: KDE unsuable due to Desktop Effects
785596 kde-plasma-desktop: Permission denied for mounted with KDE
792397 dolphin : network explorer moreinfo
793849 kde-plasma-desktop: folder view not refreshed after file deletion upstream
793850 kde-plasma-desktop: thumbnail not displayed on desktop for big JPG file fixed-upstream, upstream
798918 kdepim: Cannot create subfolders of top level kmail folder fixed-upstream
799279 kde-plasma-desktop: Panel icons randomly rearrange and/or disappear/reappear after logging out
803544 kde-full: screen flickering - shutdown timer window upstream
804638 kde-plasma-desktop: "The window switcher installation is broken"
809060 kde-plasma-desktop: KDE login screen freezes if left for a longer time in locked state
814199 kde-plasma-desktop: panel moves to secondary external monitor and stays there
817256 kde-standard: KDE print dialog forgets settings
823243 kde-plasma-desktop: Screen is black after user switch back to first login after long period upstream
837540 kde-plasma-desktop: blank window list when list extends beyond screen dimensions
842149 kde-full: Keyboard shortcuts vanished after upgrade
846860 kde-plasma-desktop: not able to click on bottom desktop toolbar
849868 kde-plasma-desktop: Middle button causes yellow box that can't be removed
854838 kde-full: When kde-full is installed, upgrading from jessie to stretch is extremely hard (if not impossible for beginners)
878509 kde-plasma-desktop: Right click has no effect on icons in the taskbar
886214 kdepim lost kjots wontfix
891933 "I-beam-related flicker" on the screen with KDE Plasma
899141 kaccessibility missing orca dependency
902050 kde-plasma-desktop: has severe keyboard latency when displaying remote KDE desktop
907610 kde-standard: ALT-blank does not work, applet not removable
915115 meta-kde: Install xdg-desktop-portal-kde by default
919334 kde-standard: Please add kleopatra to Depends
934675 kde-plasma-desktop: sddm theme wrong sym link in /etc/alternatives
939169 kde-plasma-desktop: after playing any sound, kde makes strange noise
942653 kde-plasma-desktop: On system start, primary display does not render background or allow r-click to access menu
945926 KDE on Debian 10.2, dual (HDMI & VGA) monitors: Can no longer login through lock screen to same session after disconnecting and reconnecting HDMI monitor
949298 kde-plasma-desktop: favorites disappear from application menu
951041 kde-standard: kde plasma upper right corner menu does not open any more after opening any application upstream
951625 kde: Switch Displays not working
955189 the Tab key get stuck and repeat after it was pressed and released
956506 kde-plasma-desktop: Left click on desktop no longer works
969545 kde-plasma-desktop: Taskbar does not update its display but is clickable
970515 kde-plasma-desktop: Can't switch user in current session
972953 How to disable PulseAudio in KDE when it is not working?
973952 kde-baseapps: Problems with LogOutPrompt?
975577 kde-plasma-desktop: Desktop File Rename Text Selection Context Menu not Working
985849 kde-plasma-desktop: Task Manager (in panel) forgets settings after logout (reload)
170477 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
181444 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
184072 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
184086 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
189616 jadetex: Japanese JadeTeX
234884 Cannot generate PDF when callouts are used
310148 xmlto: pdf output fails with LaTeX errors
345637 xmltex: behaves as if --force-confold had been given
427443 provide a documentation index (like tetex had)
444084 tex4ht: you-on gets extra space moreinfo
450941 texlive-fonts-extra: cannot use mathtime/belleek
468225 pdfjam: pdfnup does not use /etc/papersize moreinfo
536380 HTML mode is spewing some XML
536393 HTML mode is specifing image sizes in points, in violation of HTML standard (and sanity)
537284 Ligature fi becoming ø in avant garde
550381 tex4ht: Creates invalid html document
554637 tex4ht: Leaves intermediate files wontfix
554998 Glitches when using hyperref and math mode
554999 tex4ht: mk4ht should fail when it encounters errors
572226 tex4ht: Incorrect output for align, eqnarray, inline longrightarrow
596703 texlive-publishers has dependencies on files texlive-bibtex-extra but doesn't even recommend it
604054 if hyperref is loaded before glossaries then text size is adapted wrongly
615596 tex4ht: mk4ht dblatex file.tex fails with xtpipes error fixed-upstream, patch, pending, upstream
635834 texlive-latex-extra: dependency problem: fancytooltips requires acrotex which is not packaged wontfix
637127 biblatex: Version 1.6-1 breaks "refsection=part" functionality
659772 landscape sciposter + hyperref + latex + dvips = center-mirrored image
670040 pdfannotextractor & pax do not work at all patch
675869 make PDF smaller with version1.4
683163 xmlto fail to convert example docbook to PDF (LaTeX Error, missing \item?)
697728 pdfjam: No --no-landscape with --nup possible
742276 pdfannotextractor & pax do not work at all patch
744309 FTBFS Please rebuilt from source flash file
764122 MnSymbol and new[tp]x shouldn't be in the texlive-fonts-extra ghetto
767872 tex4ht: htlatex fails without non-zero exit status
772378 texlive-latex-extra-doc: bashism in /bin/sh script
774942 texlive-latex-extra: package description has too many blank lines and is too long
792676 libpdfbox-java: fails to find org.pdfbox.cos.ICOSVisitor class patch
801505 texlive-latex-extra: complaint about weong file in dpkg trigger
807211 texlive-latex-extra: bug in cool.sty; dependency on texlive-fonts-extra
862966 texlive-fonts-extra: Missing yinitas.tfm which makes yfonts.sty unusable
866114 texlive-fonts-extra: Icon errors when installed alongside fonts-font-awesome moreinfo
877769 Q: files (.tex, .cls, Makefile, etc...) compressed to .gz (but seem should not)
877770 Q: Why -doc package depends on tex?
899413 texlive-latex-extra: beamerthemeAachen.sty is missing package tangocolors
916796 IEEEfull.bib: cannot be read in encoding 'utf8' by biber
917996 texlive-pstricks: gs gives undefined in --execute-- when using color.tex with pstricks on plain tex.
929558 texlive-fonts-extra: STIX2 fonts cannot called by their font names by xelatex & fontspec.sty
930850 texlive-latex-extra: Update listings macro separator
941823 tabu: cell background colours broken
943723 texlive-extra-utils: JRE is not a dependency even though some programs (e.g. arara) need it
947064 texlive-fonts-extra: fourier-orns.sty broken, docs using the Fourier font no longer compile
953072 texlive-fonts-extra: NotoColorEmoji.ttf is included in 3 Debian packages
953073 texlive-fonts-extra: TwemojiMozilla.ttf is included in 4 Debian packages
958562 texlive-extra-utils: missing man page for pdfcrop
974724 no useful documentation of pdfjam commands wontfix
976080 pdfxup doesn't work anymore fixed-upstream
987778 texlive-latex-extra: fails to declare dependency on libspreadsheet-parseexcel-perl

Done bugs

948527 gtkboard: Always hang up after selecting a game. patch
924548 gnome-core: does not actually install a desktop environment on s390x
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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