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Bugs of task finest
Total bugs: 395
Open bugs: 382
Fixed bugs: 13
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Arcade 559 (2914)
Board 506 (2175)
Card 310 (1084)
Chess 401 (1635)
Console 146 (882)
Content development 301 (2400)
Education 60 (507)
Emulator 100 (858)
Finest 382 (2553)
Fps 27 (209)
Minesweeper 415 (678)
Mud 15 (86)
Perl development 136 (812)
Platform 66 (468)
Programming 2 (18)
Puzzle 516 (2160)
Racing 54 (402)
Rogue 63 (420)
Rpg 72 (446)
Shoot 'em up 76 (525)
Simulation 104 (481)
Sport 26 (165)
Strategy 164 (1074)
Tetris 68 (402)
Toys 98 (663)
Typing 42 (282)
critical 0 0
grave 1 0
serious 1 0
important 41 0
normal 195 0
minor 41 0
wishlist 103 0

Summary bugs page of task Finest

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (2553)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 grave, 1 serious, 41 important, 195 normal, 41 minor, 103 wishlist
794562 0ad: Test 0ad with new version of nvidia-texture-tools
838055 0ad: Embedded libsquish library now available in debian
985489 0ad freezes with 0.0.24b1 upstream
643815 7KAA consumes 70% of CPU which it's too much.
897283 Please remove me from uploaders
463439 abe: Abe often stands above ground rather than on it
679875 ace-of-penguins: Games crash when trying to view help screen upstream
946434 /usr/games/ace-freecell: feature request: add undo funktion
715626 [Mayhem] Bug report on alex4: alex4 crashes with exit status 139
862959 alex4: Error in French translation
905865 armagetronad: sometimes fails to start, often fails to actually quit
964295 production without refuelling
964296 NOS campaign ends after the first map
964297 crash when doing maximize-minimize window
964298 Unchecking the show all technologies checkbox does not work
983971 asc: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
616348 berusky: Please add fonts with more characters (beyond ASCII) l10n, upstream
673242 berusky: please update the German translation
967269 berusky: depends on deprecated GTK 2
983986 berusky: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
715685 [Mayhem] Bug report on biniax2: biniax2 crashes with exit status 139
788462 biniax2: looks as arcade and tactic mode are swapped .... moreinfo
831064 blobby: jumps across workspaces
983994 bloboats: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, patch, pending, sid
361763 Can get back through door in BioMech Communications before it closes upstream
361899 Grenades too powerful against Galdov upstream
402496 It should be possible to not bind every command to a joystick button. patch, upstream
405852 blobwars: Easy level descriptions reveal too much info
442377 blobwars: Portability of Save Files
510394 blobwars-data: /usr/share/games/blobwars/{data, gfx} and child directories lack executable bit for owner
550608 blobwars: Bob moves too fast patch
550609 blobwars: Stage can be unsolvable without doing too strange things
615562 blobwars-data: Some sounds should be better
672897 Blobwars should build-depend on zlib1g-dev (and possibly others)
686545 blobwars: FTBFS with clang 3.1 fixed-upstream, patch
753844 blobwars: FTBFS with clang instead of gcc fixed-upstream, patch
919954 blockattack: Starting blockattack causes a segfault
74947 bsdgames, wump: cave has incorrect geometry
95217 trek: misuse of "quadrant"
123815 bsdgames: uses obsolete, superseded version of BSD license upstream
129996 bsdgames: hangman enters infinite loop if words in wordfile are too short
129997 bsdgames: hangman ignores first word in wordlist
192737 bsdgames: sure takes a lot to get raw morse code upstream
214626 atc: Won't allocate 26th plane if it was the most recently allocated plane patch
219666 bsdgames: number claims English output, but outputs in American patch, upstream
234107 bsdgames: morse needs updating for new '@' patch
234964 /usr/games/morse: add @ patch
237839 bsdgames: arithmetic should not be interuptable by ctrl-c patch
272232 teachgammon: screen update leaves droppings in text messages
296065 bsdgames: quiz gives out full solution after correct answer
310657 bsdgames: atc direction keys don't make sense with dvorak layout patch
313623 atc: Cannot specify direction of circling as per atc(6)
318797 monop: get to roll again if you get doubles before going to jail
404465 /usr/games/dab: fails to reset terminal on exit
444962 monop: program name collides with /usr/bin/monop
467455 hardcoded pathname in bsdgames hack/config.h
502319 mille: ordering doesn't happen immediately
502987 worm: use better boundary characters than asterisks patch
502989 worm: resizing the terminal causes game to end
502990 atc: resizing terminal breaks output
576156 bsdgames: please move rot13 to /usr/bin
615041 dab: quitting leaves the terminal in an ugly state
651132 mille: option for bilingual or French card names.
700323 bsdgames: unable to load saved monop game
700328 bsdgames: unable to load saved monop game
715669 [Mayhem] Bug report on bsdgames: backgammon crashes with exit status 139
716291 [Mayhem] Bug report on bsdgames: monop crashes with exit status 139
716381 [Mayhem] Bug report on bsdgames: teachgammon crashes with exit status 139
723695 bsdgames: "dab" in debian menu
723808 bsdgames: rain default speed
723900 bsdgames: debian menu entries sh -c unnecessary
726215 bsdgames: missing icons and no desktop files Jessie Release Goal
747966 Conflicting parameter declarations of function decr
789523 bsdgames: adequate says morse: program-name-collision /usr/bin/morse /usr/games/morse
850101 boggle: Should stop when all words found
911128 Infinite Loop in Hangman
930473 bsdgames: New wtf acronym makes no sense
947222 rain: Default delay is in wrong units, making it effectively 0 patch
955546 morse --no-message-ending-junk
964235 Patch for error in bsdgames Trek that prevents visual command from working under some circumstances
600023 btanks: sound plays as noise
689214 btanks crashes in Team DeathMatch mode
960559 burgerspace: Application crashes if you complete a level after loosing the game
546064 bzflag-client: aborts when run with no parameters moreinfo
556279 Game fails to start giving opcode error on AMD K5
912825 Couldn't open audio: Couldn't set hardware audio parameters: Success
975406 bzflag: BZFlag lacks IPv6 support ipv6
426045 nngs is dead confirmed
677004 cgoban: crashes in awesome unreproducible
697815 cgoban: crashes in awesome unreproducible
943719 cgoban FTCBFS: ./configure thinks it cannot cross patch, upstream
897980 chromium-bsu: on play mode, after the first left click, game loose focus of mouse
646774 cultivation: impossible to plant
647757 cultivation: Game ending: promised "rewards" do not materialise
721867 only uses a fraction of modern wide-screen displays
922538 cultivation FTCBFS: performs a native build patch
726736 empire: very frequent segfaults moreinfo
546795 enigma: translation of "the Document" makes puzzle unsolvable
603600 enigma frequently grabs the focus, but doesn't release it
834681 enigma: Newer upstream version 1.21 available
902841 enigma FTCBFS: uses AC_RUN_IFELSE patch, upstream
932137 enigma-data: corrupted images in gfx/ cause easy/normal mode button to be blank
393521 epiphany should be renamed to epiphany-game
859359 epiphany shouldn't disable PIE patch
965237 flare-game: New upstream version available
986851 flare-game: Depends on transitional dummy package ttf-unifont
779563 flightgear: no manpages for multiple binaries confirmed, upstream
887411 fgfs: segfaults when receiving UDP data too early
901084 flightgear: "install downloaded scenery" tool needs support for zip files
979467 flightgear: new fgfs-compositor binary is not built
253926 foobillard: Control never returned to user upstream
288374 foobillard: Offer a slow-motion replay of the last shot upstream
322551 foobillardplus: please develop a network modus upstream
358837 Snooker: implement correct "foul shot" "free ball" situations.
17140 Saving extra food
118128 Separate packages for each mod-pack
545934 (civclient:29856): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead
605543 When playing against AIs only, it would be lovely to have wesnoth-style autosave
631774 freeciv-client-gtk: research tab colour (red) is hard to see
631775 freeciv-client-gtk: messages box forgets its contents upstream
796667 [freeciv-client-gtk] UpDown arrows in new game dialog do too much moreinfo
848165 freeciv-client-qt: crash at exit ...leavegame->quit
866931 freeciv-server: Please build server with mysql support wontfix
906306 freeciv: 2.6 "start scenario game" uses antique looking tileset
964565 freeciv: City governor choices wrong when loading saved game
967353 freeciv: depends on deprecated GTK 2
984807 Add stdmusic to freeciv-sound-standard package
519156 freecol: java class-names appearing instead of "human readable" names
598602 freecol: Goods from last game transferred
964197 CVE-2020-14938 CVE-2020-14939 security, upstream
721528 freeorion: could provide planning bookkeping
984140 freeorion: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
145961 frozen-bubble: Can I please have a red bubble? I haven't had one in ages!
198080 save in frozen-bubble
248616 frozen-bubble: dosn't sleep if it isn't visible
278710 frozen-bubble: disable if not visible
395852 frozen-bubble: Please anti-alias the graphics.
407414 frozen-bubble: Frozen bubble should support http_proxies
416209 frozen-bubble: error in multiplayer training high score
437170 frozen-bubble: no arrow displayed to indicate direction
701556 frozen-bubble: Locale settings not working (upstream patch avalible) confirmed, l10n
722078 frozen-bubble: unable to change graphics to full-screen via GUI
805803 frozen-bubble: frozen-bubble doesn't start; crashes in [Sound Init]
863805 frozen-bubble is very small in HiRes display
454365 segafults after pressing any key
503893 funguloids: Crashes on startup
507246 funguloids: disables keyboard repeat in X
539685 Segfault at startup
902490 Use system libraries
958261 Use system libsimpleini-dev
432693 Fixed resolution
929188 gnubg: allows re-rolling dice after declined resignation in graphical mode upstream
967443 gnubg: depends on deprecated GTK 2
745255 Not enough room for initial game mode text
967512 gweled: depends on deprecated GTK 2
972084 gweled: Display is glitching bullseye, sid
760775 Does not handle high-DPI displays
400814 holotz-castle: Problems with odd screen size
984177 holotz-castle: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
985797 Hyperrogue creates hyperrogue.{ini,log} in current directory instead of .hyperrogue.{ini,log} in home directory
764748 kobodeluxe: Joystick is impossible to use in menus
768546 kobodeluxe: [PATCH] Please add this joystick-hat support patch, upstream
971037 lbreakout2: Random pauses in the game
298979 liquidwar: Player's cursor take control of AI's one
447294 liquidwar: Please support higher resolutions
470708 liquidwar: reduce blockyness with scale2x
472472 liquidwar-server: network protocol is not version agnostic
476127 liquidwar: Weird mouse control
680023 liquidwar: Please package Liquid War 6
642534 lmemory: Scalable or adjustable card size
967599 lmemory: depends on deprecated GTK 2
879535 doctest.h convenience copy: please use the Debian-provided doctest.h patch
739161 marsshooter: incorrect dependency strength on fonts wontfix
984227 marsshooter: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
668620 Warn user if system requirements are not met
983387 megaglest FTCBFS: check_cxx_source_runs patch, upstream
905000 minetest: fullscreen mode can be unreliable upstream
966431 minetest: Unable to start (Segmentation fault) after upgrade
969175 minetest: No text visible with Polish locale
984238 minetest: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
987104 minetest-server: Ipv6 is not enabled in default settings. ipv6, patch
41321 ^Z in xnethack is dangerous
49840 xnethack option to centre popup windows [PATCH] patch
69703 nethack-x11: should provide documentation for using bigger tiles
139764 nethack: please #define SCORE_ON_BOTL
168353 nethack-x11: differentiate black and blue in terminal mode patch, upstream
255271 nethack-common: creatures vanquished list should include self, if necessary moreinfo
274925 nethack-console: use bright-black instead of blue for black objects in color console mode patch, upstream
302727 nethack-x11: version and help windows lack scrollbar confirmed, upstream
335198 nethack-console: Starting nethack when the terminal has >255 columns results in bad display or segmentation fault confirmed, upstream
356638 nethack: Removing rings of fire resistance while in lava isn't handled properly confirmed, upstream
361907 nethack: Snagging objects with grappling hooks through dug shop walls doesn't work upstream
404328 nethack-console: should support --help confirmed
447420 nethack: missing native laguage support wontfix
489413 nethack-x11: 2-3 times per game, "it" beeps after *every* keystroke unreproducible
505647 The P and W keys should both don anything; the T and R keys should both doff anything
659266 nethack-x11: big font size normally makes the dungeon screen scroll up and down
718773 nethack: enable time option in /etc/nethack/nethackrc
749513 nethack: Conflicting parameter types to cause undefined behaviour moreinfo
962512 nethack: Security issues in Buster's nethack 3.6.1 security
979752 nethack-qt: This process is currently running setuid or setgid. ... Refusing to initialize GTK+.
986578 nethack-console: ncurses not enabled in build
986582 nethack-x11: Missing symlink /usr/games/nethack-x11 -> /usr/lib/games/nethack/
778315 convert: unrecognized color `darkred' @ warning/color.c/GetColorCompliance/1046.
756579 [neverball] Please remove the version number from window title upstream
781868 nexuiz: Players "hang" sometimes in the air next to a wall
586516 too wide for OpenMoko FreeRunner screen
598800 numptyphysics: crash on assertion failure upstream
499642 open-invaders: slow graphics upstream
509959 open-invaders: Wrong display resolution / displays off screen
647853 open-invaders: the key for firing does not work
647854 open-invaders screws up my screen when I ask/tell it I do not want full screen.
716524 [Mayhem] Bug report on open-invaders: open-invaders crashes with exit status 139
493739 openarena: OpenArena should let the WindowManager handle special key combos (i.e. Alt+Tab) and more... bullseye, buster, jessie, sid, stretch, upstream
542032 Lags on special maps (version downloaded from does not).
641136 Joystick work wrong
664637 openarena-server: AAS shutdown server fatal crashed
664746 openarena: The second attempt to search for the server failed
668770 openarena: Often crashes. moreinfo
669240 openarena: Client does not seen local server.
669241 openarena: Does play music though it is set off in options.
689569 Unchecked implicit conversion from float to enum
695046 openarena: Colors in anaglyph mode
711519 openarena: really slow with flares on moreinfo
761520 openarena: Brightness is not working
864572 openarena-server: consider to use StandardOutput=null in systemd service files
940993 openarena: crashes on map load under unspecified circumstances in unspecified versions, perhaps only on Ubuntu moreinfo, patch, unreproducible
839726 Package non-free music files
841150 openclonk: Segfault while loading game
984274 openclonk: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
pacman (4) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Debian QA Group
248496 pacman: X Error of failed request moreinfo
584404 pacman: the game is laggy and sprites too
628692 Some Bugs
857381 pacman: Pacman keeps getting stuck in walls
958463 pathological: Syntax Warning about "is with a literal" (python3 compatibility?)
847819 [performous] performous video freeze ffmpeg errors moreinfo
928360 performous: Parsing errors form second startup on
971322 performous: uses deprecated libavresample bullseye, sid
913276 pinball: Typo in manual
986073 pinball: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/pinball/README ->
639753 Please tag ~/.pingus/cache using CACHEDIR.TAG
877972 pingus: Please update translation from upstream git l10n
359859 pioneers-server-gtk: admin UI should be independent of daemon
399295 Server chat logging/broadcast for pioneers server, map voting
458335 pioneers: Please show number of bots and humans in games
891837 pioneers: Bots don't build ships upstream
859047 pysolfc: Any stack of Hanafuda cards is always movable fixed-upstream, patch, pending
379989 ri-li: cannot adjust keys upstream
382693 ri-li: should remember independently which easy/normal/hard levels got completed
432172 ri-li-data: Consider using better, more space-efficient translation methods
761010 ri-li: Make it possible to deactivate guessing game upstream
855777 ri-li: FTBFS on several architectures (Impossible d'initialiser SDL:Couldn't open X11 display) ftbfs
984319 ri-li: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
731721 scorched3d fails to run with cryptic (huge) message about GLSLProgram moreinfo, unreproducible
880052 searchandrescue: New upstream release
363441 It's too easy to quit upstream
535529 sgt-puzzles: net should indicate wrapped adjacency upstream
550311 slant: Please make shading of filled squares configurable patch
551771 sgt-puzzles: loopy isn't very (keyboard) control friendly upstream
560029 "new game" can't be undone fixed-upstream, upstream
580713 sgt-puzzles: Larger puzzles randomly freezes on generation upstream
615921 sgt-puzzles: Please package game "group" from upstream wontfix
617301 ticking off numbers in "pattern" upstream
642207 sgt-puzzles: Clarification to description of 'Pattern' upstream
685848 untangle: block movement upstream
685932 untangle: aspect ratios != 1:1 upstream
729250 pattern: Can hang when generating 1xN puzzles upstream
736895 Loopy: Make it easier to import external puzzles into the penrose grid upstream
852146 Changing board size while game window is maximized results in clipped output fixed-upstream
852725 sgt-puzzles: too many Applications/Games/ menu entries
887982 sgt-puzzles: Provide higher-resolution icons for gnome-shell patch
905852 /usr/games/sgt-solo: solo crashes when resizing
944237 sgt-puzzles: Menu bar nearly unreadable confirmed
973264 palisade: too much information given
178487 solarwolf breaks FHS wontfix
405339 Solarwolf font error
497974 solarwolf: When SFX are disabled, game start sound plays patch
894853 sopwith: SDL1 version is useless, please use GTK or SDL2
361869 supertux: no background or titles on menus in OpenGL mode
364697 supertux: level editor keyboard shortcuts conflict
364699 supertux: sound and music stay off after failed audio open
408735 supertux: Aborting after losing last life but before game over leads to negative lives confirmed, upstream
491002 supertux: Keyboard input affected by Input Methods confirmed
577238 supertux: segfaults when reading a level fails confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
584398 supertux: I got blocked at RUN no way to pass it
636875 Problems with resolution settings
706582 supertux: fails to disable xscreensaver while the user is playing fixed-upstream, unreproducible
932577 /usr/games/supertux2: Progress on the first world resets after returning from the second world
958736 supertux: Segfault in Ghouls' lair fixed-upstream
601149 supertuxkart: Incorrect text positioning with split screen confirmed
601151 supertuxkart: Inconsistent score order confirmed
601155 supertuxkart: Can't handle hacking the config file confirmed
601157 supertuxkart: kart preferences are incorrectly remembered for multi-player games confirmed
601159 supertuxkart: Some shortcuts are too big confirmed
619071 supertuxkart: hang down after several race - SIGSEGV confirmed, fixed-upstream, help
677609 supertuxkart: segmentation fault during a race confirmed, fixed-upstream, help
694918 supertuxkart: crash on resolution change while in fullscreen mode fixed-upstream, moreinfo, unreproducible
695142 supertuxkart: SegFault on quit moreinfo, unreproducible
695747 libirrlicht1.7a: seg fault on kde 4.8.4 confirmed, fixed-upstream, help
697690 [supertuxkart] Logitech Precision Gamepad hangs on steering fixed-upstream
697716 [supertuxkart] Wrong number of points added to the total score in story mode
703783 supertuxkart: Bus error during a race confirmed, fixed-upstream, help
708996 supertuxkart keeps crashing randomly and one of the sprites is mangled confirmed, fixed-upstream, help
714519 supertuxkart: Wrong colors in the powerpc version
724716 green hills water == sky moreinfo
726475 supertuxkart: I can not change resolution. on 640x480, the buttom of settings are hide moreinfo
732838 supertuxkart: Resolution 800x600 has been blacklisted, so it is not available! moreinfo
785487 supertuxkart: Crash when loading 'Solo' or 'History' screens moreinfo, upstream
785490 supertuxkart: Userconf dir has wrong versioned name upstream
873759 ALc.c:776: LockLists: Assertion `lockret == althrd_success' failed.
974008 src:supertuxkart: Build stand-alone server
975575 Please remove huge fonts-noto-extra package (~325MB) from supertuxkart-data depends
776261 tecnoballz: Collision detection not accurate
776339 tecnoballz: Ball resize not relocated while in corner relaunchers
776343 tecnoballz: Lack of a --no-verbose option
806685 tecnoballz: Add other control methods for the bumpers
806690 tecnoballz: Graphical glitch in boss sprite
717637 teeworlds: Teeworlds crasches at startup upstream
457822 Drivers unable to finish certain tracks upstream
458057 Add a preview option for Graphic configuration upstream
458185 Add KC Car as a package
463102 using more than one core when calculating qualification-results for ai-drivers upstream
463522 Display time in pit on race results
711372 torcs: Wrong arrival order of players
745870 torcs: TV director view went wrong
683054 /usr/games/torus-trooper-pure: torus-trooper(-pure) segfaults at startup on armhf
941618 torus-trooper: fails to start with "undefined symbol" error
490115 please add --lang option pending, upstream
641737 tuxmath: German GenericName entry in desktop file needs to be fixed patch, pending, upstream
691495 tuxmath: no. of players for Play with Friends patch
691496 tuxmath: desktop menu entry in other languages patch
698325 tuxmath: options files in wrong directory per LFH upstream
712846 tuxmath - Name in multiplayer accepts null value patch
728402 tuxmath: Error in `tuxmath': double free or corruption
787011 tuxmath: [INTL:nl] Dutch po file for the tuxmath package l10n, patch, pending, upstream
792785 segfault for Back button
792789 Update Russian for tuxmath
792790 POT file is out dated for tuxmath
792792 tuxmath: not all strings are translated
792794 tuxmath: buffer overflow strncat
792795 tuxmath: localedir in
792796 tuxmath: add man page in sources for make install
792797 tuxmath: make install for desktop file
933346 tuxmath bug due to deprecated rsvg_handle_get_desc()
986623 tuxmath: Segfaults on startup pending
172462 wishlist: 2-player mode
178779 tuxpuck: Puck goes through pad
760379 menu control should be more coherent
760413 tuxpuck: window close button does not work confirmed
852230 unknown-horizons: have another program where dependencies are sorted out for unknown-horizons.
933162 unknown-horizons: unknown-horizons crashes when starting
983228 unknown-horizons: Syntax warning while installing update
381246 wormux: character drawing incomplete
648813 warmux: Network game async-ed and stops playing aften
435681 User-specific storage not XDG Basedir compliant
587530 Missing autosave feature
587532 Missing feature to change keybindings during a game
762447 warzone2100: incorrect multiplayer stats (missing kills/score at least)
798178 warzone2100: Major regressions compared to squeeze
862917 Warzone 2100 3.2 campaign is buggy and unplayable. Debian should package version 3.1 until this is resolved
862973 Package Warzone 2100 videos
865266 warzone2100: please build-depend on automake, not obsolete automake1.11
930977 embedded-code-copy: modified v1.6 autorevision
966397 warzone2100: New version (3.4.1) is available
984403 warzone2100: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
294027 wesnoth-server: Please add support for monitoring through UNIX socket
302800 When copying data to another host, wesnoth sees it as coming from an older version
402542 Intro text (in httt) is hard to read in places due to being light-on-light.
560069 addon unit definitions can override mainline units producing strange results moreinfo, upstream
561580 Minor wrinkles in "Under the Burning Suns"
563309 wesnoth: Ability to disable installed add-ons upstream
595038 wesnoth-core: packages left unconfigured
610119 wesnoth: ibus doesn't work moreinfo
627571 Load -> Cancel -> Quit -> hang
734124 wesnoth: fails to exit is alsa is used by asterisk
743528 wesnoth: fullscreen fails on first attempt
846038 wesnoth: Setting fullscreen crashes game moreinfo, unreproducible, upstream
924437 [wesnoth] High CPU Load
492323 [widelands] option to disable (most of the) output fixed-upstream, upstream
671719 Carriers can deadlock stoping delivery and removal of goods upstream, wontfix
511499 Alt-Enter sends an 'Enter' event to XMoto
586336 Cron job to downloaded & share new levels.

Open bugs in suggested packages

Done bugs

936101 0ad: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, sid, upstream
975379 0ad: hits RAM limitations of armhf, FTBFS on arm64 fixed-upstream, ftbfs
983408 New upstream release 0.0.24 upstream
944720 would be nice to have freedroidrpg 1.0 rc2 in experimental
957229 freedroidrpg: ftbfs with GCC-10 bullseye, experimental, fixed-upstream, sid
979012 minetest-data: debian/copyright needs updating
947005 nethack: CVE-2019-19905: buffer overflow when parsing config files fixed-upstream, security
961932 nethack-lisp: broken and unmaintained
986692 crash at startup patch
376783 supertux -j crashes
885685 ufoai: Depends on unmaintained gtksourceview2 bullseye, buster, sid
983144 unknown-horizons: Crash with unexpected keyword argument 'encoding' patch
952868 OpenSSL linking without license exception patch
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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