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Bugs of task python3-dev
Total bugs: 144
Open bugs: 142
Fixed bugs: 2
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Summary bugs page of task Python3 development

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (436)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

5 important, 12 normal, 2 wishlist
836555 kivy: docs describe short gpg key usage fixed-upstream, upstream
274541 Wrong import order of ImagePlugins patch, upstream
781357 pillow: Please disable multiprocessor test in test suite on sh4
937290 pillow: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, sid
987500 python3-pil: mime-support is now a transitional package
987622 pillow: use dep5 format for d/copyright patch
779023 python-pygame: VIDEORESIZE odd behaviour upstream
973352 pygame: Pygame 2 has been released
94610 python-opengl demos fail with nvidia-glx, nv-glx does not implement glPolygonOffsetEXT
441343 python-opengl: Things go awfully slow
453386 python-opengl: problems starting game bouncy with nv
480657 python-opengl: Using glutDisplayFunc and glutKeyboardFunc causes Segmentation Fault in glutMainLoop
483043 python2.5: Segfault in ctypes using opengl (backtrace included) unreproducible
512225 python-opengl: importing OpenGL.GLU fails
515748 python-opengl: register plugin problem (3.0.0~b6-3)
525425 python-opengl: Module causes problems with pydoc
590452 python-opengl: Needs freeglut3-dev installed for glut to work (e.g with bouncy)
825165 python3-opengl: Can no longer call OSMesaCreateContext for offscreen OpenGL
966048 python-sfml: Uses old name of sip module

Open bugs in suggested packages

8 important, 65 normal, 18 minor, 32 wishlist
628561 eric: EOL line drawn at wrong position
778428 [eric] With Python2 main window lose focus
926725 eric: No source code documentation provider
976715 eric: please make the build reproducible patch
934509 ModError: Failed to load and run script from /usr/share/games/minetest/mods/pycraft/init.lua
971480 minetest-mod-pycraft: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
835991 python3-pyqt5: Slot decorators no longer work
844091 pyqt5-examples: Could not load description. Ensure that the documentation for Qt is built.
872285 pyqt5-dev-tools: please make the built resources reproducible (randomness) patch
881581 python3-pyqt5: PyQt5 Leaks memory on dereference of QStyleOptionTab
948112 python3-pyqt5: Unstable python3-pyqt5 Is Not Installable With libqt5qui5-gles Installed
955612 python3-pyqt5: Cannot import Qt from QtCore moreinfo
968178 kajongg: dmesg error:segfault at 4 in
136455 [vim-runtime] wrong Perl here-document highlighting confirmed, upstream, wontfix
137198 [vim] recognize more special keys
173996 [vim-runtime] netrw dav method does not work help
178194 [vim] Provide better warning messages for recoding failures moreinfo, unreproducible, upstream
215677 [vim-runtime] Add support for C digraphs/trigraphs
256743 [vim] global search flag to span linebreaks upstream
264023 [vim] Numeric keypad keys not recognized when $TERM=screen
291415 [gvim] Default colorscheme loads prior to user-defined one causing "flash"
305925 [vim-gtk] gvim window cannot be resized back under KDE confirmed
347388 [vim-gtk] gvim --remote results in a raised window without focus
375127 [vim] bufwinleave does not work across tabs confirmed, upstream
379107 [vim] Automatically determine terminal encoding from the environment
379612 [vim-gtk] gvim handles restricted size incorrectly when tabs are displayed
407364 [vim] Gujarati unicode characters not displayed l10n
412126 [vim-gtk] Wrong background color for tabs
413010 [vim-runtime] Netrw's sftp handler is more lenient in write than read
413358 [vim] hangs in konsole with ERESTARTSYS and EAGAIN
419653 [vim-runtime] matchit plugin should jump to matching quotation mark when % is pressed wontfix
421313 [vim-runtime] Handle xdvi config files with xdefaults mode patch
438477 [vim-runtime] syntax/mail.vim: incorrect parsing of mailEmail match group patch, upstream
445238 [vim] write errors in swap file when on remote filesystem
458630 [vim-runtime] wrong syntax highlighting for Perl heredocs confirmed, upstream, wontfix
460897 [vim-runtime] improve syntax-based folding of c/c++ comments patch
475266 [vim-runtime] Add folding of mbox files patch
488079 provide gvim alternative for all those non-bloated vim variants
493776 vim: c++ indent can't handle constructor initializer list syntax
501441 tex: wrong reformatting of lines which contain a comment
501572 Feature request: going back in s/foo/bar/c mode
507627 vim: makefile syntax breaks on nonascii filenames
509940 vim: :cd completion does not grok 'cdpath' upstream
513430 Note that -x requires build-time support in man pages patch
529087 vim: please implement a --drop-empty option wontfix
537632 vim-gtk: receive clipboard INCR transfer fails
539298 [vim] Use "latin1//TRANSLIT" when transcoding to latin1
542430 [vim] vim try to expand files or directories that contain ~ (when using tcsh shell) patch
561318 console-based multiplayer vim
563889 Vim: Bugs in apache syntax highlighting
592496 vim-gtk: Status bar partly obscured
595886 syntax/lhaskell.vim: please support autoindent of Bird-style .lhs
597092 vim: syntax highlighting for anonymous C++ classes deriving from others
598401 Command for deliberately discarding undo history
622650 foldmethod=syntax may cause drastic performance problems
624804 syntax/pyrex.vim: incorrectly highlights identifiers containing "from" patch
647325 Spell files include misspelling "interpretor"
648809 man page doesn't describe --remote-tab* command line options
665048 pine.vim: adding new options patch
669077 vim-runtime: yaml.vim syntax file misinterprets '#' within scalars as comments
670466 vim: added FIXME XXX TODO keywords to html syntax file patch
673702 Syntax highlighting for muttrc files gets confused by ^ in regexes
679741 syntax/catalog.vim: misinterprets "--" within other tokens as comment
698789 vim-runtime: Make syntax does not highlight after blank lines and make conditionals
698824 vim thinks a write-only file to be read-only
700753 vim-runtime: syntax/exim.vim is outdated confirmed, upstream
701588 vim not converting to unix moreinfo, unreproducible
704618 vim-runtime: Distinguish between python and python.django, setting filetype accordingly patch
705007 E763: Word characters differ between spell files
722117 vim: displays badly by default the special chars moreinfo
726591 vim-common: mailcap vim -R
732388 vim-gnome: getbufvar(NR, '') vs. getbufvar(bufname(NR), '')
741400 Support for %e and %c termcap
744110 vim-gtk: gvim netrw does not correctly ask for password upstream
746491 vim: Ctrl+PgUp (and Down) does not switch beteen tabs
752314 Unknown Option: balloonexpr confirmed, upstream
752490 Please update /usr/share/vim/addons/doc/tags via dpkg trigger
761800 /usr/share/vim/vim74/ftplugin/perl.vim:41 isfname erroneously set to include ":"
761801 /usr/share/vim/vim74/ftplugin/perl.vim: isfname erroneously set to include ":"
763556 syntax/robots.vim: Match "allow" directive in addition to "disallow" patch
781645 vim-common: man page swap filename description forgot the prepended "."
783280 c.vim highlights c99 structure literals as errors
785646 please mention wildmenu in /etc/vim/vimrc patch
795236 vim-runtime: String folding for python patch
796831 vim-runtime: syntax/sh.vim highlights "type="
796872 vim: E676 saving a buftype=nofile buffer upstream
797640 vim: custom highlighting broken with upgrade to 2:7.4.826-1
801480 Please automatically launch x-terminal-emulator if $DISPLAY but no tty
813948 /usr/bin/vim.gtk: vim-gtk: spins with 100% CPU or segfaults if X11 logs out at E325 prompt fixed-upstream, upstream
820628 Menu item just opens terminal
833006 vim-gtk: ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 2766, errno = 2 (ENOENT) upstream
842833 Please allow typical usage (here: pasting with gpm on console) in default config
844107 Description to return to sane config unclear
845778 vim: Speed regression in compl-dictionary when running without GUI.
846264 vim: yacc/bison highlighting interprets semicolon in quotes as end of rule
856273 vim: explain how the various vimrc files are processed
860723 vim-runtime: documentation bug in term.txt
863910 haskell highlighting colors lines starting with # operator in red
864074 vim: 'set mouse=' in /etc/vim/vimrc.local is ignored unless ~/.vimrc exists
864865 support for vimrc.local.d
868252 vim-nox: pressing <CR> on last line of a foldmethod=manual behaves differently at end of file
881624 vim: Random crashes due to some memory corruption upstream
885936 vim-runtime: please support TeX and YAML syntax highlighting within syntax/markdown.vim upstream
888685 vim-gtk: segfaults after :set mouse=a in text console used for startx
892178 vim: doesn't understand more than 1 nested list in the markdown highligter
894536 vim: Name suggestions for edit command should not include directories
895629 vim-runtime: includeexpr for Scala files is wrong fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
898933 vim empties file on full filesystem
908066 vim uses an incorrect URL parser bullseye, buster, sid, stretch, upstream
911100 help: please cross-reference 'scrollbind' and 'cursorbind' upstream
911274 vim-nox: custom command completion should append space if -nargs=1 or -nargs=+ upstream
918454 vim should not Build-Depends: libtool-bin
918521 vim FTCBFS: lots of reasons patch
924389 vim-tutor: E484: Can't open file /usr/share/nvim/runtime/tutor/tutor.vim
947120 vim-nox: :syn contains=TOP inside a :syn-include'd file refers to the outer file upstream
953241 vim-runtime: CUDA erroneous syntax error highlighted when {} is embedded within () or []
954016 vim-runtime: tap.vim: Make "TODO" and "SKIP" case-insensitive patch, upstream
954113 vim-runtime: tap.vim: Don't clobber global settings of fold.* options patch, upstream
973670 vim-athena: Vim Athena - E236: Font Unifont is not fixed width
977141 vim: syntax highlight get this bit of bash wrong
980521 /usr/bin/vim.tiny: "fail to edit/insert to file opened by vi"
986536 vim-common dependency problem
987060 vim: highlight: make: Incorrect highlighting in $(shell ...) expression

Done bugs

904478 Enable support for JPEG 2000
952899 pillow: d/copyright issues patch
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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