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Open bugs: 483
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Summary bugs page of task Minesweeper

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (795)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 important, 5 normal, 5 minor, 12 wishlist
679875 ace-of-penguins: Games crash when trying to view help screen upstream
946434 /usr/games/ace-freecell: feature request: add undo funktion
1041194 ace-of-penguins: Merlin fails with X error
521155 freesweep: Should put the TTY cursor at the <> cursor location
907750 freesweep: Hangs very bad when terminal size is changed
363441 It's too easy to quit upstream
535529 sgt-puzzles: net should indicate wrapped adjacency upstream
550311 slant: Please make shading of filled squares configurable patch
551771 sgt-puzzles: loopy isn't very (keyboard) control friendly upstream
580713 sgt-puzzles: Larger puzzles randomly freezes on generation upstream
615921 sgt-puzzles: Please package game "group" from upstream wontfix
617301 ticking off numbers in "pattern" upstream
685848 untangle: block movement upstream
685932 untangle: aspect ratios != 1:1 upstream
736895 Loopy: Make it easier to import external puzzles into the penrose grid upstream
852725 sgt-puzzles: too many Applications/Games/ menu entries wontfix
456031 XBomb interacts badly with ratpoison
828695 xbomb interacts badly with i3
901162 xbomb FTCBFS: uses the build architecture strip patch, upstream
597979 xdemineur cannot be played without mouse upstream, confirmed
659678 Wanted: save game feature. upstream, confirmed
659679 wanted: logging/history/undo feature. upstream, confirmed
1019229 xdemineur: no Homepage field

Open bugs in suggested packages

52 important, 133 normal, 61 minor, 214 wishlist
79044 aptitude: should allow infinite expansion of dependencies
104054 aptitude: column extension should occur last
130550 aptitude: Warn or act accordingly if low on free space.
133481 What is the best ascii representation of a node of a collapsable tree
139425 aptitude: dselect o and i keys are useful.
141731 aptitude: option to disable mouse
148518 aptitude: Highlight matches after description search
149190 aptitude: better support for mixed (eg. stable+testing) environments
149311 aptitude: add/remove/browse user-tags in curses interface
168104 aptitude: Please suggest a standard order of operations
180539 aptitude: add Aptitude::UI::Version-Display-Format confirmed
188894 Arrow keys L/R don't work in Downloaded dialog confirmed
191178 --print-uris support
204614 mutt-like tag-foo would be VERY nice moreinfo
213533 aptitude: --print-uris support
214244 aptitude: add depends for auto-upgraded packages also moreinfo
233319 Sort by number of reverse dependencies
240423 aptitude: add Aptitude::UI::Version-Display-Format confirmed
244434 Maybe don't show section if there is only one (main)? moreinfo
254888 aptitude should allow install local .deb files, calculate its dependences and install them
257916 Add a non-command-line way of changing the default release
265758 aptitude: analogue of 'dpkg --(get|set)-selections' would be nice
267110 aptitude: detect nothing needs to be done earlier and exit
269097 aptitude: --print-uris
269276 'aptitude upgrade paw+' should install paw if not installed confirmed
270909 aptitude: speed wontfix
271465 aptitude: lists some packages multiply in relationship lists confirmed
272078 aptitude: add help button to limit display dialog
277523 'plus' on numeric keyboard does not work in gnome-terminal help, confirmed
285551 aptitude: permissions of log file should be 0640 wontfix
285768 dselect survey
286071 aptitude: Location indicator wanted
288910 aptitude: No support for dpkg -S or -L functionality
291956 aptitude: please consider adding a hook to be called right before exiting
298734 aptitude should support sections by "server" patch
299678 aptitude: build-dep from curses/gtk
300759 "minesweeper feature" vs. UNIX philosophy wontfix
319575 aptitude: Must show one package per line, when sowing what a virtual package provides
320092 aptitude: provide more grouping and/or limits in reverse dependency listing wontfix
320095 aptitude: counts for reverse-recommends and reverse-suggests could be handy wontfix
320267 aptitude: user must press 'g' after becoming root
322990 aptitude: display size change inc. dependencies in format strings wontfix
323298 aptitude: keybinding for the Un-Limit Display function
323303 aptitude: [l10n] format, align fields according to current locale l10n
337037 "aptitude package_file.deb" should install package_file.deb
341574 aptitude: please add package state "tagged for installation"
344161 aptitude with UNICODE+Bidi help
347445 Background download support
349306 show transfer rate on status-fd interface d-i
349414 aptitude: missing format string %-escape for the archive of the installed version wontfix
357542 changelog display does not work on recent uploads moreinfo
361128 aptitude: add Aptitude::UI::Version-Display-Format confirmed
367648 aptitude: Can't "Hold" a Package Being Removed Automatically wontfix
373846 aptitude: Resolving dependencies uses all system memory confirmed
379456 aptitude: description of --with-recommends should be more precise.
385631 aptitude: Should show actions on packages on the commandline when showing resolver solutions
394772 aptitude: TUI preview does not dynamically update when package states are changed during the preview
398583 aptitude: Displays "some files could not be downloaded" even if all files download ok
398956 aptitude: forgets purge action(s) when prompting for root password confirmed
399019 aptitude: no view for manually installed packages wontfix
399993 aptitude: download - switch to ignore nonexistant packages confirmed
401835 aptitude: installed packages depend on order of commandline wontfix
402454 aptitude: Definition of ~O should mention virtual and configured but removed packages confirmed
402575 aptitude: add help button for easy access to regular expressions
423454 way to mark (esp. with ':' or '=') all binaries from the same source package
438495 Cannot interrupt changelog download wontfix
443921 annoying "scroll" bar in "extended description area"
448697 aptitude: display not correctly updated moreinfo, help
452589 aptitude: [curses] actions on package sets should respect holds wontfix
455591 aptitude: Redo command
466806 Please implement readline in aptitude when reading lines interactively confirmed
471367 RFE: reformat "The ... RECOMMENDED but will NOT be installed" paragraph
471588 aptitude: Please support a scroll margin around the cursor confirmed
473187 aptitude: does not respond to key responsively with ~d...
473497 aptitude: remember resolver accepts/rejects across resolver invocations wontfix
473865 aptitude: Please offer option of obtaining changelog by downloading package moreinfo
476794 aptitude: interactive search in package info view useless to dig into package description
477665 If the user passes --download-only to the curses interface, either abort with an error or disable package installation. confirmed
480743 aptitude's resolver shouldn't suggest to install packages marked to remove/purge in command line
484011 aptitude: Display archive-name|origin|Label in package view (add %t to Package-Display-Format) moreinfo
485832 aptitude: doesn't re-read apt.conf after dpkg run moreinfo, confirmed
486883 'aptitude update': please add option to view changes in upgradeable and new package after update
487438 Sync help.txt with the mental model of Daniel Burrows :)
487887 Aptitude command line "remove" no longer respects packages marked to keep moreinfo, confirmed
488048 after removing apt-listbugs interactively, aptitude still insists on calling it until restart confirmed, moreinfo
492432 aptitude: fetch and display copyright (like changelog) confirmed, newcomer
494506 Aptitude could expose 'replaces' rules to operator wontfix
496735 search terms for each value of current state and action flags
497642 aptitude: add/remove/browse user-tags in curses interface
497968 purge ~apurge must be written purge $(aptitude -F %p search ~apurge) confirmed
498241 no ?action(forbid-version)
498598 number each solution as it is offered to the user
502230 aptitude: lists some packages multiply in relationship lists confirmed
506780 preventing replay attacks against the security archive
509100 aptitude: build-dep fails when a virtual package is needed confirmed
511230 "why" doesn't read candidate dependencies
512034 aptitude: build-dep sawfish fails; apt-get succeeds confirmed
515532 "minesweeper feature" vs. UNIX philosophy wontfix
515916 is secure-apt used in really ALL places?
518591 aptitude: Please create search shorthand with semantics of "apt-cache search"
532083 aptitude: please document search patterns in man page or help output moreinfo
540081 aptitude full-upgrade -V output should be one-item-per-line
540411 no way to turn off search -F %D "kB", "MB" abbreviations
553041 aptitude show is slow wontfix
555043 aptitude: "Unable to satisfy the build-depends:" with virtual build-deps confirmed
556436 add --no-download confirmed
556881 aptitude: unable to install a package A that depends on B, if B Provides A and at the same time Conflicts/Breaks/Replaces A help
560962 aptitude: Easy switch to flat package list
562595 downloads some packages twice moreinfo
564289 aptitude: block apt base for all time wontfix
568876 aptitude: No way to purge auto-removed packages (implement a new config option to always purge deleted packages?) moreinfo, confirmed
568911 mention {a} {b}... codes on man page
569568 zsh: Missing build dependency confirmed
569578 aptitude: Mark package as having been manually removed
569759 use consistent units
573452 please allow splitting "Upgradeable"/"Installed" packages view by release
575360 aptitude: does not show manually-upgradeable packages
578412 aptitude: can not disable auto-expansion of format strings wontfix, moreinfo
579384 unused package removal ignores and clears the hold flag
579603 aptitude: add ?downloadable, ?noarchive search patterns
579756 In the resolver command-line help, warn the user that installing and upgrading will toast their resolver session.
586486 dpkg: status database area is locked by another process. Is there a race condition?
586989 [aptitude] package state could use same letter than keyboard shortcuts wontfix
587087 aptitude: Internal error: found 2 (choice -> promotion) mappings for a single choice.
587582 man page should clearly say what -D does vs. -W
587671 aptitude: cmdline actions ignoring -o options confirmed
588032 Please group by archive component before archive section wontfix
590754 apt-cache search
592836 hotkey for adding package without "recommends" list?
593248 aptitude: pkg info view header shows misleading version numbers
594237 aptitude: inconsistent dependencies behaviour
597549 aptitude: Please skip "more than 40 packages match pattern" when using ":" to resolve an upgrade (interactive mode) moreinfo
600373 aptitude: auto-depend on debugging symbols (install/remove -dbg package automatically, along with binaries) wontfix
603269 aptitude: add "New Origin Browser" to the view menu
608811 aptitude: Should prefer to install package in experimental rather than no version at all wontfix
608890 bail out faster when there is nothing to do
613775 MarkInstall calls with FromUser set to false confirmed
613794 aptitude: consider setting cursor position at the end of text fields (e.g. search box) moreinfo
617360 aptitude: a race causes "package failed to install" message on some hosts
618342 aptitude: inconsistent behaviour with apt-cache on non-readable sources.list file wontfix
629590 aptitude: Fails to obey '-o "#clear DPkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs;"' moreinfo
629995 keep ~aremove broken confirmed
632125 aptitude fails to resolve dependencies for safe-upgrade moreinfo
642030 aptitude: cannot forbid more than 1 version of a package wontfix
651772 aptitude: support multi-line package-display-format
652234 aptitude: cmdline ignores -o Package-Display-Width confirmed
652420 aptitude: add/remove multiple user-tags at once
654938 aptitude gets uncaught exception by keypress in search box unreproducible, help, moreinfo
659341 aptitude: loops while resolving dependencies
663019 aptitude: No way to purge auto-removed packages (implement a new config option to always purge deleted packages?) moreinfo, confirmed
664576 don't ask if there is nothing to do confirmed
666130 aptitude: locks dpkg status while running APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success wontfix
673099 aptitude: search treats multi-arch variants as unrelated confirmed, help
674826 aptitude: No way to purge auto-removed packages (implement a new config option to always purge deleted packages?) moreinfo, confirmed
685160 aptitude: Please include "Quick guide to search terms" in manpage
685731 aptitude: "⁓ install PATTERN" without ~r installs package for all architectures confirmed
687888 usability: shouldn't list each arch as a separate package confirmed, help
688931 non-uniform treatment of self-conflicts for real/virtual "M-A: same" packages
691955 aptitude: Aptitude::ProblemResolver::SolutionCost does not support substraction wontfix
693144 aptitude should honour explicit installation request in connection with markauto package moreinfo, confirmed
693847 aptitude: Repeated "Downloaded" lines w/ confirmed, newcomer
693921 Fails to resolve build-dependencies (Signal 6) for empathy,gnome-shell,totem,gnome-contacts and others
695436 aptitude: user extensions wontfix
697218 aptitude: should list changes in scheduled actions in tally lines
697401 aptitude: Clarify precedence between action suffix and package name ("aptitude remove memtest86+")
697724 aptitude: selecting packages in the curses interface slow iff Acquire::GzipIndexes="true" moreinfo
697855 aptitude: Tab-completion for fieldnames when sorting the package list
698335 aptitude: "aptitude why" should have a better message about non-installed packages wontfix
699074 aptitude doesn't support foreign-architecture build-deps confirmed
702185 aptitude: Command for a future installation of a package
704851 aptitude: UI for multiarch aware selection
705534 aptitude: displays blank list of packages when theme changed to pre-defined (Dselect or Vertical-Split) upstream
706183 "WARNING: untrusted versions of the following packages will be installed!" is vague
706770 keep/hold packages uninstalled confirmed, moreinfo
707662 aptitude: reinstall conffiles
710689 aptitude: use unicode character in the trees
716992 aptitude: No way to purge auto-removed packages (implement a new config option to always purge deleted packages?) moreinfo, confirmed
719893 aptitude: Colour problem in xterminal moreinfo
721818 Should allow to install/remove packages even when dependencies are broken wontfix
729526 smarter markauto behaviour when removing transitional packages
743625 aptitude: internal error
744090 aptitude: Crashes occassionally in TUI if /sys is not mounted: Uncaught exception: Unable to read from stdin: No such file or directory moreinfo
748449 aptitude: inconsistency around "become root" when openning the packages database read-only as root confirmed
750159 aptitude: Manage real and effective user ID for security confirmed
759772 Allow format strings to require fixed width for optional arguments wontfix
762932 aptitude: With Aptitude::ProblemResolver::SolutionCost=removals, aptitude full-upgrade chooses to downgrade a package wontfix
764983 reportbug --template aptitude misses vital configuration details moreinfo
766777 aptitude: Seems to misbehave with Acquire::GzipIndexes true moreinfo
767727 retry on "some files were not downloaded successfully"?
769152 aptitude: why ignores --without-recommends
773715 aptitude: let's configure you to install untrusted packages, but always becomes interactive with no default answer otherwise moreinfo
775804 aptitude: Add a menu icon
778606 aptitude: Add support for colours in non-interactive mode
780843 show security upgrades in a different color?
788946 show Recommendations in /var/log/aptitude
791662 aptitude: debdelta integration moreinfo
793042 aptitude: Preview doesn't separate pkg to be upgraded and auto upgraded
795280 Allow to force installations/removals that break the system wontfix
797785 aptitude: TUI to catch debtags warnins/errors moreinfo
799934 aptitude: Package metadata disappears for upgradable installed packages moreinfo
800570 aptitude: Shows wrong short and long description for "Obsolete and Locally Created Packages" in TUI
800589 aptitude: Please make order of classes in the preview tab (and configurable
801216 aptitude: TUI/curses does not show version for versioned Provides (virtual packages) moreinfo
805572 warning when even slightly low on disk space
806770 aptitude: Command parameter to restore /etc/ configuration files easily moreinfo
807076 I accept a solution, but then it doesn't install anything
807098 don't ask "Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?]" if there is nothing to do confirmed
808575 aptitude: Should use a pager to show package lists and choices in CLI mode
809347 mention try second identical run
812829 -o no longer works confirmed
816151 aptitude: show origin next to versions
816152 aptitude: show list of binary packages for source package
816781 aptitude: Can not cancel pending upgrade actions wontfix
819840 aptitude: Segfaults if suspended and foregrounded on virtual linux console moreinfo
820116 aptitude-doc-en: downgrades are not documented in "Costs in the interactive dependency resolver" help
823928 aptitude offers to remove manually installed packages with SolutionCost "safety, removals" wontfix
824141 Pressing 'q' to quit shouldn't require hitting [enter] afterward moreinfo, confirmed
825290 aptitude: (h)old packages should need to be specifically "unhold" to accept further actions on them wontfix
825707 aptitude: should not regard a package as removed when another package has a Provides on it moreinfo
826941 aptitude: inconsistent decisions for auto-installed package removal / empty list for the reason
827508 aptitude: Will not remove recommended package moreinfo
833310 option to make "forget new" non-interactive as before moreinfo
833787 aptitude: please add configuration option to never allow installation of unauthenticated packages moreinfo
834028 aptitude: Should issue a warning on "aptitude hold <virtual package name>"
834073 aptitude search gives less results than apt-cache search wontfix
834402 aptitude: search loses column format when redirected or piped confirmed
835524 The German description is truncated in aptitude
836263 aptitude: safe-upgrade removes dirmngr and gnupg-l10n
836708 aptitude: refuses to upgrade packages, 'g' says "Actions: no changes" wontfix
837366 aptitude: Crash when typing while saying "Updating ... and quitting" moreinfo
837971 aptitude: [PATCH] Distinguish Debian-specific and upstream upgrades
841506 aptitude: cannot reinstall package available as update moreinfo
842778 option to turn of "forget new" dialog? moreinfo
846033 aptitude: include source packages with Build-Depends/Build-Conflicts (and variants) in "Packages which depend on ..."
847089 aptitude: resolver mishandles OR'ed versioned Recommends moreinfo, confirmed
847954 aptitude breaks Recommends with a wrong justification and no warnings
848011 aptitude doesn't ask for confirmation of removal for "markauto", leading to surprise removals wontfix
851908 Obsolete only removed not purged moreinfo, confirmed
852272 #configApt-AutoRemove-SuggestsImportant should mention APT::Install-Suggests
852544 aptitude: Suggestion for clarifying letters to tables in man page
853033 aptitude: pre-fill options for forget-new dialog
854668 aptitude gets confused about packages to remove and its dependencies to keep
855288 aptitude internal error moreinfo
855425 Purge-Unused does not act for Breaks
862714 system upgrade stopped, chiken-egg problem?
866974 aptitude: fatal exception trying to upgrade perl to 5.24.1-5 patch, confirmed
867006 aptitude crashes with Uncaught exception: ../../src/ void auto_fix_broken(): Assertion "resman->resolver_exists()" failed. confirmed, patch
867036 aptitude full-upgrade when apt fails asks wrong question
867226 aptitude seems dependency problems when there are none
867585 mention why there is no "unkeep"
867635 mention --target-release will not work on packages already installed
869552 please adjust format to support long version numbers
871686 aptitude: should not replace a package of the default architecture by a foreign one
871948 aptitude search: please support build-depends et. al. as a depType for ~D, ~R, etc
872253 aptitude: un-rejecting a no-more-solutions resolver choice keeps "Next" unavailable
872477 aptitude: incorrect mentioned architecture on dependency information
873274 add --with-suggests --without-suggests
873893 log --download-only
874015 aptitude: forgets selection state for package downgrade
878416 aptitude still doesn't do good conflict resolution
879965 aptitude: build-dep fails with vague (& probably bogus) error moreinfo
883080 Wrong version "already installed" when -t is used
883242 aptitude: lists packages from non-Debian origins as "The main Debian archive" confirmed
884028 aptitude: Accpeting a suggested conflict resolution after marking a to be upgraded version as forbidden. removes the "forbidden" mark
884737 aptitude(8) man page is not documenting the exit code
885109 aptitude says "corrupted double-linked list: 0x00007fae500dbb10"
885436 /var/log/aptitude shows wrong architecture for architecture:all packages
887639 aptitude: exit code 0 despite warning from forked process
887732 aptitude: Please document how to also download all dependencies of a package
887739 --simulate download now broken
888275 aptitude: (leaves) world-writable (!) aptitude-download- dirs in /tmp
888469 aptitude: build-dep gmime fails confirmed
889924 [aptitude] Feature request - For changelog download command, can acceptable Origins be configurable? Devuan confirmed
890469 aptitude: sometimes fails to resolve dependencies in a good way with '+' in the UI confirmed
890555 aptitude: add apt-get -c functionality (2)
890556 aptitude: Add build profile to skip documentation packages
891866 Please don't mix units within the same sentance
892002 aptitude: UI to list files of packages
892141 holds produce APT warnings
892984 please allow filtering on/displaying the release 'Suite' confirmed
893082 Recommended packages not installed with safe-upgrade
894301 aptitude doesn't really work with '$sudo aptitude forget-new' the way I expect it to work.
894332 aptitude: Please adhere to the full free desktop basedir specifications and support $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
894455 aptitude: Segfault while scrolling through package list
895217 aptitude: Uses hostname of repo to determine what is a security update instead of repo metadata confirmed, upstream
899140 shift-C should show /usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.Debian.gz
899370 Holding uninstalled packages gives false success
902146 mention example of "update the package lists"
902528 mention that only the first archive is shown for %t
902536 Document how to detect 'newer than in the archive' installed packages confirmed
902652 aptitude: Does not autoremove kernel and can't tell me why
906695 aptitude: apt doesn't call fsync on the file extended_states
907872 aptitude UI prefers to keep packages rather than just upgrading
907922 aptitude search pattern
908761 aptitude refuse to remove itself
908838 aptitude-doc-en: Links to confirmed
910830 Downloading: gives up too soon on broken internet connection
912082 aptitude: use apt-file and dpkg -L to add list of files to the UI for each source/binary package
915145 aptitude: bad format string internel error when in upgrade preview view
915246 aptitude: doesn't cope with "Repository '…' changed its 'Origin' value from 'A' to 'B'. This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied. […] Do you want to accept these changes and continue updating from this repository?" questions from apt. confirmed
915385 aptitude: manually installed flag set in the UI not preserved
916409 'download' fails on '~' in version with 'Error: pattern not supported by this subcommand:' confirmed
916489 aptitude: corrupted cache can cause segfault on start lfs
917529 aptitude: Eats a lot of memory and spends a lot of time to resolve conflicts
920962 aptitude: couldn't install both gcc-8-base:i386 and :amd64
922735 aptitude truncates the version number in the visual interface
922999 aptitude: Aptitude doesn't display package descriptions on arm64
923900 aptitude: Segmentation fault when setting Pin-Priority to -1 of an installed package unreproducible, moreinfo
927040 ~b~i works for search, but not for show
927046 Say that a package is being unmarked for installation
927325 Growing gap in the middle of search results
927750 Doubled slash
927814 Black upon blue text very hard to read
927853 aptitude: further separate "Packages which depend on ...": required vs first/second/third alternative deps confirmed
927854 aptitude: further separate "Packages which depend on ...": versioned deps confirmed
928033 Inconsistent number of newlines at the end of "show": 0, 1, 2
929103 apt-marks cleared despite all n's and q's
929104 Allow hold and forbid-version on NON-INSTALLED packages too
929632 Unintentional removal of many packages
931357 aptitude --help-search-terms quicker
931482 Old forbid-versions hanging around in /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates
931536 aptitude update fails to cope with changed release info confirmed
931543 aptitude: sources.list configured for buster block update because stable changed confirmed
931598 aptitude: Number of broken packages not shown with German locale l10n
931619 aptitude: InRelease fetch errors for stable, stable-updates and testing confirmed
931718 new packages list forgets about old packages confirmed
931783 aptitude: failing to fetch InRelease files following buster release with no explanation/advice confirmed
933055 aptitude: Unable to satisfy the build-depends: Build-Depends: debhelper-compat (= 12) confirmed
933335 aptitude: Please add support for dpkg frontend lock
933501 aptitude cannot search for packages newer than in the archive confirmed
934367 group binary packages by source package
934379 aptitude: Mouse scroll-wheel does not work in changelog view
934541 aptitude: upgraded a package to experimental without notice, though SolutionCost has "safety" first
939023 aptitude purge fails with [ ERR] Writing extended state information
940819 aptitude: meaningless message "it is being removed because..." / issue with ORed dependency
940961 aptitude: upgrade of apt is not smooth
941052 UI: add keyboard shortcut E to run `grep-excuses -w $sourcepkgname`
941250 aptitude: On 'search' set 'select' line in a fixed position (in the middle) and scroll list instead.
946458 aptitude: "aptitude -o Aptitude::CmdLine::Verbose=<n> <subcommand>" with <n> = 1 or higher is never verbose
946690 aptitude configuration always generates a full line even though I have put a single line in config
948341 [libapt-pkg-dev] apt-pkg headers pollute preprocessor namespace
948986 aptitude search: please allow searching by component (main/contrib/non-free) upstream
950334 aptitude: Help -> User's Manual contains special characters pending, patch, l10n
953402 aptitude: %i display format no more works, just displays "(pinning not available)"
953410 Option to suppres the "The following packages are RECOMMENDED but will NOT be installed" message/list
954893 aptitude: messages from AppStream garble the ncurses interface
954972 aptitude: random crash (SIGABRT) (probably when quitting)
954973 potential memory leak: forgetting to free error message of libsqlite3 API 'sqlite3_exec'
956390 aptitude -o complains about empty value
959869 aptitude: "aptitude why" should take Provides into account
960562 had to reinstall a package to avoid 'bullying' moreinfo, unreproducible
960642 Mention command line equivalents
960811 aptitude: unreadable text with default SolutionActionApproved UI style
962926 Images of aptitude screens are illegible due to being scaled to browser width moreinfo, patch, unreproducible
962951 aptitude: missing command 'status'
963545 aptitude-create-state-bundle can't deal with no $HOME/.aptitude present confirmed, patch, pending
963547 *** ERROR: search aborted by fatal exception
963667 aptitude: segmentation fault if a file under /etc/apt/preferences.d is not readable for the user running aptitude confirmed
963716 Dependency resolution led to additional problem requiring further dependency resolution confirmed
963949 aptitude: "search aborted by fatal exception" during upgrade
964916 allow packages from backports without forcing backports version (-t forces lower version from backports)
966488 aptitude corrupts package install selection after dpkg error
966640 build-depends: debhelper-compat (= 13) cannot be satisfied confirmed
969363 aptitude: goes to 100%CPU and ram usage skyrocketting when handling dependencies
976141 Add --assume-no
977778 Quit early when given Unknown pattern types
979186 aptitude: in the TUI, "+" changes the version of some packages in an inconsistent way unreproducible
979387 aptitude: incorrect dependency resolution in case of multiple architectures
979741 aptitude: silently breaks unsatisfiable versioned "Recommends:" when upgrading a package
980053 aptitude-create-state-bundle should include more files from file:/// URLs
980075 aptitude-run-state-bundle: uses some local files instead of only those from the bundle
982272 Grammar of "xx packages upgraded..."
982763 aptitude-doc-en: Talks about "the non-free section" — which is not a section
985076 aptitude fails to resolve build dependencies for node-mermaid buster-backports build but aspcud resolved it correctly
986060 aptitude: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation of MANPAGE l10n
986372 aptitude: Hide implicit dependencies/provides in `show`
987230 Document that unhold wipes out forbid-version
988128 aptitude: Security update not considered if a newer version is available
988177 aptitude: character encoding issues within the manual confirmed
988220 aptitude: documentation improvements
988291 aptitude: strange search output when using tabs in --display-format
989728 Allow listing candidates vertically instead of horizontally
990118 show packages that are not from the default release
990747 apt-listchanges: sometimes apt-listchanges calls to get changelog aren't answered and it sort of hangs
991268 aptitude should provide an option to install packages from lower priority repos (backports, experimental) if the runtime dependency specify a version that can be satisfied only with these repos
991363 Missing break on man page rendering
991578 aptitude: document state indicator letters more clearly confirmed, patch
992598 Download while installing
993751 aptitude: add a do-exactly-as-specified-mode-without-further-questions
994504 Don't just say "not a real package"
994506 Don't hide real packages among the D: stuff!
994509 --with-recommends: mention what to do if package is already installed
994749 aptitude dies about minio in a cached Packages file
995256 aptitude: TUI loops "Can't find a source to download ..." error
995715 Internal Error, No file name for dictionaries-common:amd64
997072 "Need to get ... MB of archives" didn't check the partial directory!
999766 aptitude: in the TUI, with "+m" on a piA package, aptitude doesn't remember the manually installed state confirmed
999851 aptitude: -o does not allow to unset an option
1001169 aptitude: doesn't obey Pin-Priority during conflict resolution
1002478 Say "(virtual package)" in search results
1003186 aptitude: is too verbose after updating with -v option patch
1013075 aptitude: "aptitude why" outputs a chain with a package that is not installed
1017492 aptitude: aptitude-changelog-parser: warning: unknow information field '' in input data in parsed version of changelog
1019447 aptitude: Wrong "Press Return to continue" after succesful installation moreinfo, patch, confirmed
1019465 aptitude: wants to remove the required package lsb-base with a broken reason
1020286 aptitude: Removal of thousands of packages on Microknoppix moreinfo
1023268 aptitude: apt-listchanges fails
1023559 show with no arguments confirmed
1028046 aptitude: Segfault when updating package list while mirror update was running
1029920 mention APT::Clean-Installed on autoclean part of man page
1030643 aptitude: buggy handling of "Provides:" when trying to remove a package
1032654 aptitude: missing message about the Debian bookworm change concerning non-free-firmware wontfix
1032795 aptitude: "aptitude -u" does not show download warnings emitted by "aptitude update" after the successful download of package lists.
1032796 aptitude: "aptitude update" does not show all NOTICE level messages if apt would change the default messages threshold to NOTICE
1032797 aptitude: apt's message threshold level should be configurable in aptitude (especially for the TUI), maybe via --log-level?
1033357 aptitude: TUI does not display all error messages confirmed
1033359 aptitude: should propose to update the Codename value, like apt
1033532 aptitude: forgets upgrade action(s) to experimental after becoming root
1033556 aptitude: "aptitude --show-summary=all-packages why ..." outputs the wrong package for Provides
1033558 aptitude-common: aptitude-curses.8.gz man page: unclear/wrong text for Example 12
1033623 aptitude TUI does not provide a way to invoke "safe-upgrade" command confirmed
1033628 "full-upgrade" failed to resolve conflicts properly, while "safe-upgrade" did it perfectly fine
1033652 Instead of saying "it" say the actual package name
1034044 aptitude: please enable backup of pkgstates via a systemd timer
1035976 aptitude dies with SEGV unreproducible
1036447 aptitude: Doesn't accept uppercase letters (Y/N) on yes/no questions upstream
1038448 aptitude: sometimes aptitude prefers foreign architectures when using safe-upgrade confirmed
1039969 aptitude: Use /run/lock/ instead of /var/lock/ patch
1041736 aptitude: if package to be upgraded is not found, please search for the correct package name approximately
1042897 aptitude: viewing a package's changelog from the TUI outputs a warning that is immediately erased
1043049 aptitude: please consider adding progress bar like apt when upgrading
1043050 aptitude: incorrect exit value in aptitude-changelog-parser patch
1051923 aptitude: incorrect dependency resolution for ghostscript vs virtual package ghostscript-x
1056959 aptitude: can't upgrade wireshark to 4.2.0-1 without explicitly upgrading wireshark-common or removing wireshark-qt
1057978 Almost removed most of my system
1059071 aptitude: wants to remove a package, breaking a dependency
1061169 aptitude: "aptitude install debhelper-compat" fails with "virtual package provided by: debhelper debhelper debhelper"
1061596 When to never ask despite Always-Prompt
1061734 aptitude: in TUI, incorrect "will be automatically removed because of dependency errors" message
1062811 aptitude: search "?tag(tag)" fails to find packages in security when debtags is installed
1062892 aptitude: search does not handle virtual packages if apt-xapian-index is installed
1063510 verbose why produces duplicates
1064958 Add k for keep all shown: [Y/n/q/k?]
1064969 aptitude: broken dependency resolution
1065006 Letter each choice question
1065554 aptitude: the TUI silently breaks a "Recommends"
1065605 aptitude: useless backup of pkgstates
1065625 libmtp9t64 / libmtp-runtime dependency problem makes dpkg fail with attempt of removal of libmtp-common
1067704 aptitude manual displayed in iso-8859-1 instead of utf-8 in help tab
1068097 Please provide a way to open a shell from aptitude
1069183 aptitude: already running package installs/upgrade get interrupted because of lost dpkg lock
1070028 aptitude: Extremely alarming warning when pkgs for a foreign architecture will be removed (2 or 3 bugs)
1070889 aptitude: bind() buggy
1071828 aptitude: [L10N,DE] aptitude_0.8.13-6: german translation
1072620 aptitude: discrepancy between TUI and command line when not all packages of the same source can be upgraded
1073273 Exception: ../../src/ void auto_fix_broken(): Assertion failed.
684706 gnomine sometimes registers 0 time in scores for ghost game on new game click
846896 gnome-mines: No option to turn off fade in of revealed squares upstream
902672 If you win but do not make the high score list, you cannot see your time
946768 gnome-mines: timer often doesn't stop when game solved

Done bugs

*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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