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Summary bugs page of task Content development

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (2400)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

60 important, 158 normal, 26 minor, 57 wishlist
581196 Time synchronisation problem between jackdmp(jack2) and ardour bullseye, buster, jessie, sid, stretch
598849 ardour: Ardour Segfaults while using Behringer BCF2000 with mackieprotocol
800834 ardour: Freesound search stops work confirmed, upstream
823963 ardour: Incorrect balance behaviour for stereo bus sends
861712 [ardour] ardour crash with this sample project moreinfo, unreproducible
874598 ardour: GUI doesn't load
878000 ardour5 does not start on debian/testing it spins trying to load GTK2 breeze theme
942534 ardour: Ardour GUI cannot be maximized
967257 ardour: depends on deprecated GTK 2
970137 ardour: Ardour doesn't record anything with usb micro
983753 ardour: sometimes can't be stopped while playing if midi tracks are used.
272598 audacity: update nyquist interface
284576 Doesn't work with 8-bit sound drivers wontfix
299483 interface: clicking stop button twice should move cursor to start
299484 audacity: Playing the sound shouldn't block editting
299497 audacity: trimming moreinfo
313038 audacity: please package the reference documentation wontfix
341811 audacity: Clicking "Stop" after recording makes the program hang moreinfo, unreproducible
401368 audacity: does not create mp3 header
423007 audacity crash when choosing second oss recording device
429996 audacity: consumes excessive swap when directory for temporary files does not exist and is on a filesystem almost out of free space
432090 audacity: add a command "Remove temporal files" to chains editor
447532 "repeat amplify" does not do the same thing as selecting "amplify" again from the menu
448572 audacity: Causes a hard lock on local x-windows when run remotely
458206 sound device does not work anymore, using alsa
491557 audacity: Generates click sound when starting.
493952 Support auxiliary lines
498802 audacity: introduces noise in every audio file
512168 audacity: Hangs without displaying GUI
512786 audacity recording freezes in 1.3.6-2
516692 audacity: no PulseAudio devices presented
520395 Audacity sometimes suddenly hangs when playing a file
528817 audacity: Can't 'drag and drop'-open a file with non-ascii characters in pathname
536313 audacity: error when input device is usb mic
547639 audacity: would be nice to see better curve-fitting at extreme zooms
548722 audacity: leaves empty /tmp/audacity-$USER directory behind
549348 audacity: crash when exporting
550409 /usr/bin/audacity: Cutting selection (ctrl-x) cuts extra seconds past the end of selection
552137 No sound in-/output on OSS
569087 audacity: Clip fix fails with Nyquist error then segmentation fault
579022 audacity: cannot record stuff
585380 [audacity] hangs suddenly, can't find a pattern. Here is one bug trace.
589419 audacity: hangs when playing recorded file
593842 audacity: main window mostly blank with RTL locales (Hebrew, Arabic) confirmed
604628 audacity: would like non-sticky initial directory for import
617599 audacity: 32 bits floats 64 bits long and snd_fft behaviour
618304 audacity: 99% CPU load, when nothing loaded in the program
625536 raw import with >100kHz sample rate ignores given rate
625793 setting preferences resets all open projects' sample rates to default
647662 audacity: Program crash, uncatched exception.
651566 audacity freeze on variable speed play simple use.
676713 audacity: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt still compiles some files with -O2
682742 audacity: creates temporary directory with wrong permissions
685198 audacity: places temporary files in /tmp/audacity-$user instead of one of $TMP $TMPDIR $TEMP $TEMPDIR
686709 Audacity hangs up when trying to stop playing
711007 audacity: Plays garbled sound and then hangs
712896 audacity: doesn't restore the volume level where it was before launch upstream
744105 audacity: Audacity burns CPU time upstream
745365 nyqist/snd_add: passes 3 arguments to function taking only 2
748485 audacity: steals window manager focus frequently upstream
772500 typing something in a textbox gets interpreted as audacity commands
773125 audacity: Device Toolbar garbled
774181 audacity: Always appends the .aiff extension when exporting to WAV
774414 Audacity fault in Metedata edit screen
774578 audacity: Assertion Failed when pressing both mouse buttons
777030 audacity: crashes on startup (debug info included)
810684 audacity: Freeze during playback
831369 audacity: In LADSPA effect settings, sliders cannot handle negative integers
852683 audacity: Starting Audacity disables headphone jack output
855482 audacity: data lost when saved (but still opened) project is removed upstream
856026 audacity: Fails to start
861975 audacity doesn't start moreinfo, unreproducible
864332 audacity: FTBFS on hurd-i386, and cruft binary packages
872662 audacity: 'Edit Metadata' Window is too large, 'Ok' button is not available anymore
874263 audacity: Sound playback is distorted or clipped
890558 audacity-data: opening project fails with "orphaned block-files"
890559 audacity-data: opening project fails with "orphaned block-files"
907222 Preferences: Tracks>Spectrograms panel (only) does not respect GTK theme
912973 audacity: buster: no recording possible after upgrade of libasound2
913732 audacity: Cannot select PulseAudio and Audacity is not shown in pavucontrol
925553 audacity: with ssh X-forwarding: PaAlsaStreamComponent_BeginPolling: Assertion `ret == self->nfds' failed.
935173 audacity graphical windows fail to update properly when GTK_IM_MODULE=xim
946167 audacity: Track volume and panning slider's pop-up invisible
948364 audacity leaks memory and crashes moreinfo
950150 audacity: Timeline cursor not updating when playing recorded sound pending
962077 audacity: Can't set italian language l10n
962389 (no subject) pending
966352 audacity setting window unusable on dark themes because semi-ignored gtk themes a11y, upstream
584621 blender: possible symlink attack security
775460 please consider packaging the manual
905753 blender: Modify the language to Simplified Chinese display square l10n
916208 [blender] Could you provide the Python module of Blender?
956316 blender bug moreinfo, unreproducible
961083 blender: Crash during importing wrong .stl upstream
962726 32bit blender-2.82.a+dfsg-1~bpo10+1 still crashing on start
963270 blender: crashes when using the 'g' command unreproducible
964367 blender: Doesn't show any text in UI
968508 blender-data: Please only recommend blender instead of python3
975318 blender: please build blender with intel openimage denoise (
986643 blender: fails to start: undefined symbol: png_get_eXIf_1, version PNG16_0
199265 gimp1.3: more selective undo wontfix
227535 gimp1.3: antierase keybinding to alt conflicts with sawfish window manager upstream, wontfix
263283 gimp: ability to preview despeckle & destripe for entire image upstream
265935 gimp: text background color should be also adjustable in text selector window
270837 gimp: Move layer up/down button tries to move the wrong layer
292885 gimp: Rotate toolbox tool causes garbage to appear
324651 gimp: should be able to work with CMYK and spot-colours fixed-upstream, upstream
330817 gimp-2.2 fails to convert TIF tp PNG correctly fixed-upstream, upstream
332801 gimp: allow directories as arguments
336679 gimp hangs when fileopen in a big folder the second time sarge
336870 gimp: put version info into default comment upstream
376821 gimp: Crash while using Gimp Text Editor without Anti-Aliasing unreproducible
406566 gimp: "Info window" doesn't show EXIF information
408171 gimp: brush selection dialog has squares but no circles
408428 gimp: whopping swap file left lying around
421153 gimp gladly opens enormous images without warning fixed-upstream
426273 add ability to use rotate tool without popping up a dialog
431072 gimp receives an X Window System error (RenderBadPicture)
453711 Error in man page: $HOME gets ignored
487695 gimp dies after glib tries to allocate lots of memory
499813 gimp: please allow saving multi-page PDFs fixed-upstream
520915 gimp: cannot open remote image
525077 gimp stole .ps and .pdf associations in GNOME with lenny->sid upgrade
539447 gimp: GIMP stop my keybord frfom working
555401 gimp: GPS Information
567023 gimp not save comment field to 'default' when 'remember parameters' used fixed-upstream, wontfix
568646 gimp: oversized tif files with lzw compression wontfix
577623 Inaccurate colormap choices when converting RGB to indexed fixed-upstream
600417 gimp: Incorrect handling of transparency from indexed PNG
613995 no help buttons in toolbox
618436 mention why cannot move before anchoring
618438 always some message upon startup
634898 gimp: Create symetric guide missing
641797 error message to calling shell when saving to a new file
641856 gimp: please behave more like Photoshop when changing image resolution
651587 gimp: GTK3 interface fixed-upstream
672894 gimp: toolbox window hangs in endless loop
674819 gimp: save/export distinction is a pointless inconvenience to users wontfix
680726 gimp: Hangs for several seconds on full disk.
681806 gimp: Lose tool mode selection after a ctrl-x/ctrl-c unreproducible
682705 gimp 2nd level dialogs freeze unreproducible
682791 gimp: XMP metadata parser breakage: End of element <exif:Flash> not expected in this context fixed-upstream
687181 gimp locks up when changing font in text tool with XIM enabled
691047 gimp: Gimp steals focus, and migrates between desktops while opening files
695428 gimp: When switching workspaces, gimp closes toolbox windows.
698724 screenshot is not multi-screen-aware
699319 gimp: gif animation model incompatible with real world
700227 GIMP hangs
701903 gimp: Single window mode can't be maximized and window's height is too high and can't be reduced
710811 the many error messages sent to the calling shell on Debian
711179 tons of GTK error messages upon exit
724482 gimp: Gimp freezes and crashes in enlightenment.
726080 gimp-data: conffiles not removed
759704 pcmanfm opens gimp instead of okular to view a PDF file
765891 gimp: Cannot view help without locally installed help files
772033 gimp: Gimp evades certain window manager settings - places dialogs on wrong monitor
803508 lots of GEGL-gegl-operation warnings
811107 gimp: Automatic threshold doesn't work on binarized image fixed-upstream
814886 gimp: screenshot with 'select a region to grab' sometimes produces spurious frame lines
832358 gimp: Fill fills some pixels with lower opacity fixed-upstream
856453 Ctrl+D discard all changes and close the image creates new copy upstream
856692 Problems detected on Galician translation fixed-upstream, patch
857109 It should turn off color selection or show a message in gray mode. upstream
862336 gimp: "extension" should be "extensions" in man page fixed-upstream
863398 [gimp] menu bar not visibile
869514 gimp: Crash while using Gimp Text Editor
872419 gimp: Toolbox icons missed
892224 load error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
899354 Gtk-WARNING **: 16:16:13.585: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",
900170 gimp-data: Color and Legacy icon themes override folder icons from desktop icon theme
902852 gimp: Crashes when trying to save a new animated gif, instant crash on recovery
906809 gimp: Gimp crashes on statrtup upstream
908145 gimp: hanged on calling the bent corner filter
908549 gimp: segfault when using measuring tool fixed-upstream
908840 gimp complains about Missing fast-path babl conversion detected
914010 gimp: Large and Huge icon size displayed as Small one fixed-upstream
914249 gimp: GIMP Crashed when I was editing a image
915110 gimp: GIMP can't take screenshots
915138 gimp: complains that "SVG file does not specify a size!" fixed-upstream
918381 tons of warnings unless gtk2-engines-pixbuf is installed
918815 gimp: fatal error: speicherzugriffsfehler (gimp crash debug) moreinfo, unreproducible
920049 gimp crashes with the error (script-fu:5554): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: 02:46:08.972: script-fu: gimp_wire_read(): error
920205 gimp: Hangs at startup trying to show toolbox window
920634 dialogues and general UI unreadably small on HIDPI display
923452 gimp: fails with segfault when trying to change theme
924448 gimp: Measure tool -> click on image -> Segmentation fault fixed-upstream
925428 gimp: default color scheme makes file name invisible when saving file
926744 gimp: Error message when backporting Gimp 2.10.8-2 Debian package from unstable to stable
926797 gimp: with KDE plasma 5.14 ( buster) menus are in mode transparency, so they are unreadable
926822 gimp: clean target is missing some files
928137 gimp: all Alpha layers are corrupted - vertical bars
929113 gimp crashed while editing
929114 gimp crashed while editing
935604 gimp: Crash during selection to drawing
936064 gimp: Gimp crash using filling tool
944585 gimp: Unable to upgrade
946714 gimp: GIMP crashed with a fatal error when a was editing an image
948026 GIMP 2.10.8-2 still fails to open EPS files; patch, upstream
948380 GIMP crash with floating point exception on image save.
949592 gimp crashes on startup fixed-upstream
949691 GIMP crash with 'fatal error: Aborted'
949760 Another GIMP crash with floating point exception on image save.
952440 gimp: crashes on Edit then Copy
953363 gimp: file dialogues use black font on black background
953730 Screenshot not working on Wayland/Sway
954330 GIMP 2 .10 crash
954651 gimp: Shrinking layer with cubic interpolation causes a segmentation fault
954739 gimp: GIMP crashed with a fatal error: fatal error: Segmentation fault upstream
954945 GIMP 2 .10 crash
959235 gimp GUI font missing a11y
962344 gimp: resynthesizer depends on gimp-python which is not available
965205 gimp: GIMP dialogs frequently missing for various tools
967079 gimp: After completing a batch conversion with David's Batch Processor, pressed Close button and got Crash message for the batch program and shortly after for GIMP itself. upstream
967394 gimp: depends on deprecated GTK 2 fixed-upstream
967937 gimp-python: no longer available since bullseye
968005 gimp: install the application well, it did not give any error but when executing it gave a serious error
973379 gimp: print dialog no labels on unselected tabs
978821 gimp: ftbfs with autoconf 2.70 bookworm, sid
978970 gimp: Gimp crashes randomly on editing images or closing the program
979192 gimp: Just crashed when i clicked on the top of the gimp window bar
981177 gimp: Gimp shows the debug info window after applying the nearest neighborhood filter upstream
985242 png: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
986002 gimp: Cage transform creates visual glitches
986047 gimp: crashed when creating a text field
988351 gimp crashes when copyq is running and i copy something from gimp to clipboard
345841 inkscape: Endpoint of scaled line segment moves confirmed, upstream
354613 inkscape: Undo command undoes the wrong item confirmed, upstream
385167 Should not show the bitmapped fonts in the font menu or should be be fixed to be able to work with such fonts confirmed, upstream
392743 no recovery mode? confirmed, upstream
415313 inkscape: mime entry for inkview upstream
427946 uses internal libcroco confirmed, upstream
435641 inkscape: Bloated PDF output upstream
443738 inkscape: unnecessary style elements defined confirmed, upstream
446688 inkscape: No letter spacing, incorrect glyphs in some fonts upstream
453233 inkscape: "Export" is more appropriate than "Save As" confirmed, upstream
466174 inkscape: Inkscape blocks when launching konqueror to view the manual and other help items upstream
495715 exports invalid ODG confirmed, upstream
513939 Please support exporting to non-experimental SVG. upstream
513941 "Convert to text" doesn't preserve appearance. upstream
538351 inkscape: work area is huge. confirmed, upstream
539601 inkscape: blending modes in AI/PDF files not imported confirmed, upstream
543284 x-translation of tiled clones of lines does not work confirmed, upstream
543628 Ability to select/read objects in locked layers confirmed, upstream
553456 inkscape: spurious calls to plugins confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
571819 inkscape: Add "quiet" option to command line version of Inkscape upstream
572934 inkscape: spurious calls to plugins confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
599571 inkscape: inkscape doesn't handle ligatures in imported PDF confirmed, upstream
617704 inkscape: Dashed line gets solid in EPS and on print confirmed, upstream
620146 inkscape generated .eps files interact badly with psnup from psutils upstream
673937 incorrect importing of ligatures from PDF files (certain fonts) upstream
676990 inkscape: Finnish mnemonic conflicts between top-level menus l10n, upstream
693875 Usage of dia shape files upstream
701947 inkscape: ibus hide when entering text second time upstream
743224 inkscape: does not print upstream
746720 inkscape: Inkscape freezes while editing text window upstream
797148 inkscape: positioning the toolbars is not possible
799558 inkscape: SVG files are (re-)opened at arbitrary zoom level; usually showing minor portions of the page, only
800878 inkscape: non-free file "gallardo.svgz"
810792 inkscape: systemd-plot.svg can't be read (one example attached) upstream
822579 inkscape: may mess up with hatches, when importing DXF files upstream
836225 inkscape: no vertical scroll bars
838486 inkscape: Segmentation fault in 0-48.5 src/display/nr-arena-image.cpp upstream
850771 include doc/keys.en.html in binary package help, upstream
857582 inkscape: Inkscape gets stuck when you try to ungroup a complicated artwork upstream
861763 inkscape: Launching in tiling WM (Awesome) causes corrupt UI help, moreinfo, unreproducible
864415 inkscape: crash while rotating with snap to path fixed-upstream, upstream
866207 inkscape: File Rendering in Inkscape is different when openning w/ software or ft png/pdf
868706 no UI after minimizing and unminimizing in Awesome WM
898247 inkscape: Internal error when trying to open .svg from nautilus
906589 inkscape: "Import Clip Art" is not working help, upstream
907856 inkscape: color of minor grid lines is used for major grid lines when zooming out upstream
907857 inkscape: an option to change the width of grid lines would be great upstream, wontfix
908541 inkscape: DXF r14 export contains far too many entities upstream
916371 inkscape: Hard crash when ungrouping objects with pattern fills upstream
926113 inkscape should depend (or recommend) on gvfs(-backends) help, upstream
942046 inkscape: text objects in inkscape tutorials are mis-sized
955903 inkscape: Depends on deprecated dbus-glib bullseye, sid, upstream
958078 inkscape: selection arrow for scale or rotate doesn't catch by mouse pointer
959885 inkscape: unnecessary error messages when called without X server upstream
960036 inkscape takes 100% CPU when opening font combobox fixed-upstream, upstream
968756 inkscape: Inkscape crash on multiple undo-redo actions help
968840 inkscape: texts with bounding boxes are mirrored vertically from imported PDF's
969109 inkscape: does not start on native GNOME session (on Wayland)
974347 inkscape: Measurement tool - Suport for compass mode upstream
975569 inkscape: Measurement tool - bad text placement upstream
977665 inkscape: grid spacing incorrectly saved upstream
981272 inkscape: Freeze and crash when clicking on font family selector drop-down arrow fixed-upstream, upstream
983554 inkscape: Measurement path effect scale inaccurate after changing display units in document properties upstream
984062 inkscape: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
987917 inkscape: libxml-xql-perl still used?
617246 Enhancement: provide facility to import from a flatbed scanner
617281 Enhancement: support reading .pnm images in portable anymap format
880489 Should replace 'Exec=mtpaint %U' to 'Exec=mtpaint %F' in the 'mtpaint.desktop' file.
903313 mtpaint FTCBFS: configures for the build architecture patch
967646 mtpaint: depends on deprecated GTK 2
979147 [mtpaint] new upstream version 3.50
507915 Povray unusable with non-ascii filenames
943557 povray: provide a povray-headless variant with fewer dependencies help
943567 povray on m68k shows incorrect render statistics help
916332 tiled: Error when starting tiled: undefined symbol: _ZTIN5Tiled20ObjectTemplateFormatE".
975487 tiled: No opt-in for information sharing on first startup (update check/what's new)

Open bugs in suggested packages

Done bugs

900819 gimp: Dependency on liblcms2-2 needs tightening
906731 gimp: liblcms2-2 dependancy should be >= 2.9 not 2.2x.
983568 gimp: dependency on libbabl needs tightening
986192 gimp: refuses to run with LittleCMS 2.9, thinks 2.9 < 2.2
987290 GIMP 2.10.8-2 crashes on segmentation error while opening in buster
987105 inkscape: Incoherent style for window titlebar buttons
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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