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Open bugs: 154
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Summary bugs page of task Perl development

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (1022)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

26 important, 59 normal, 21 minor, 24 wishlist
179269 imagemagick: menus should list shortcut keybindings upstream
181299 imagemagick: shortcuts not noted in menus upstream
270512 Please add a treshold parameter to "convert -average"
349200 Document that montage without -size is memory hungry
391982 convert -strip could losslessly modify the images wontfix, upstream
416471 imagemagick: should support xinerama
423891 imagemagick: convert -rotate does not transform embedded thumbnails upstream, confirmed
445574 Documentation bug: -density shoud always specify unit confirmed
470671 imagemagick: Please provide a no-X11 built package help
493103 animated GIF total given on each frame upstream
512935 convert looses EXIF orientation info confirmed
513008 Create a JPEG->JPEG delegate and avoid exif problem
514321 Documentation bug: document density for fax image
514432 Svg meta bug : link to lib srvg bug confirmed
514456 imagemagick: Encoding photos to slideshow very slow upstream, confirmed
514488 imagemagick: Encoding photos to slideshow very slow upstream, confirmed
527919 convert could not remove thumbails
549304 [imagemagick] Create a new package imagemagick-usage-doc from confirmed
559775 imagemagick: CVE-2008-3134 denial-of-service security
572200 Import option -border need to be better explained upstream, confirmed
587393 Imagemagick should use libtool in order to create a public/private abi
592942 imagemagick: could be great for converting ani animated cursors to xpm upstream
611027 "Convert from pdf change the resolution" wontfix
616476 Imagemagick doc has dead link help
619134 /usr/bin/display: Bus Error on EIO upstream
630321 imagemagick: Heterogeneous Distributed Processing (OpenCL) support missing: available since 6.5.9-0
638409 imagemagick: operations are extremely slow due to openmp
667482 [sparc] convert: free(): invalid pointer when converting jpg files to pdf moreinfo
675617 Please hide the menu entry
698306 Making simple Y=f(X) graphs for website using imagemagick wontfix
703616 Missing Depends: html2ps wontfix
704226 Imagemagick FTBS with parallel build upstream
718943 document pause option upstream
723698 imagemagick: /etc/mailcap display of image/svg+xml
726465 imagemagick: convert option autotrace results in errors
737003 conversion to pdf silently fails for big paper formats
741939 libmagickcore5: display segmentation fault in after "chop" + mouse wheel
743257 imagemagick: doesn't support ICC profiles? wontfix
763056 libmagickwand-6.q16-2: performance regression: SVG rendering
767351 c++ missing symbols
771047 imagemagick: size/aspect ratio of blank SVG are lost by conversion via EPS
779038 Use of uninitialised value of size 8
780224 [wontfix][workarround] change of behovior compare confirmed, patch, wontfix
789426 imagemagick convert: adaptive-sharpen not working
793982 imagemagick: Nested <SVG> tag: wrong rendering - wrong positioning fixed-upstream
811308 Multiple minor security issues security
833485 CVE-2016-6520: imagemagick: buffer overflow fixed-upstream, security, upstream
845204 CVE-2016-8678: Q64 version heap-based buffer overflow in IsPixelMonochrome wontfix, security, fixed-upstream, patch
848849 convert fails to interpret STDIN data fixed-upstream
849367 identify: unrecognized option `-extract' moreinfo
853262 /usr/bin/convert: imagemagik fails to auto-detect xwd image format
859025 imagemagick: CVE-2017-7275 upstream, security, fixed-upstream
864487 identify recognizes PDFs to be of format PBM or PNG
864797 identify: very unfriendly error message on a directory
864799 error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2701.
870273 imagemagick: regression in 8:
875926 imagemagick: convert crashes if trying to convert an openoffice source file (.odt)
876482 imagemagick: Generates wrong image with annotate (missing character,, strange lines) newcomer
876565 ImageMagick crashes (assertion failure) when opening a malformed image file
879849 libmagickcore-6.q16-3-extra: needs a dependency on librsvg2-bin moreinfo, unreproducible
882852 imagemagick: Latest ImageMagick no longer supports cairo and librsvg2
884005 imagemagick-6.q16: should not connect to irc ports and timeout
889952 Imagemagick SIGABRT malformed image
890868 -limit missing "Cache"
894969 imagemagick should always provide imagemagick and imagemagick-extra packages patch
896018 imagemagick: CVE-2018-10177: Infinite loop in ReadOneMNGImage fixed-upstream, upstream, security, patch
900151 src:imagemagick: patch fixing some C warnings patch
901680 imagemagick-6.q16: convert / drawing primitives: colourspace handling broken
906674 imagemagick: Sub-commands by default are symlinked into PATH (/usr/bin), "import" is a problem upstream
907336 imagemagick: Please consider disabling the ghostscript coder by default
909360 imagemagick-6-doc: Documentation bug: Broken HTML links
910482 libmagickcore-6.q16-6-extra: SVG error messages and/or rendering errors if inkscape not installed unreproducible, moreinfo
919495 imagemagick-6.q16: Missing ImageMagick(1) man page
920635 display does not honour -geometry
920637 dialogues illegibly small on HIDPI display a11y
923697 imagemagick-6.q16: evaluate-sequence on different size images: crash in Buster, fine in Stretch
928057 man page refers to imagemagick-6 package
929825 Version 7 available upstream
929826 Sense limits dynamically
939827 say "doc" package
939828 say "montage" in link text
940271 display: selecting the area for crop is very slow on a big image with the nouveau and radeon drivers
947982 imagemagick-6.q16: convert-im6.q16 man page: +repage needs to be documented, in particular for -crop
953278 man pages' date at bottom stuck in the past
959749 imagemagick-6.q16: behavior is different whether one runs "display" or "/usr/bin/display"
961906 imagemagick-6.q16: HEIC image - display shows video inverse
964090 Error when converting from "jpg" to "pdf" since security upgrade "8:" patch, buster
967904 Put file:///usr/share/doc/im.... on its own line
969128 libmagick++-6.q16-dev includes assert.h inside namespace. patch, fixed-upstream
970438 imagemagick-6.q16: typo in manpage of montage-im6.q16 upstream
971630 Imagemagick convert forbidden to convert to PDF buster, patch
971779 imagemagick: GIF format not supported (altough works-with-format::gif listed in tags)
974750 imagemagick-6.q16: Convert to .tga (Targa) now flips image upside-down
977239 man pages: word breaks in tables start the following line in the wrong column
978137 Some CSS and JPG missing
979018 Some demo scripts are compressed, so README doesn't work
981700 Don't show a different image if we can't show this image
982857 imagemagick-6-doc mostly useless when pages are viewed in browser due to invalid closure of iframe pending
983194 imagemagick: broken canvas height autosizing for labels
990062 /usr/bin/mogrify-im6.q16: IO error writing tag data when processing tiff file
990301 /usr/bin/identify-im6.q16: identify not following requested format for some gifs
993029 ranger: No preview for mp(e)g files (mime-type: image/x-tga) and fs saturation with .pam files
998665 The SYNOPSIS only randomly mentions one of the programs
1003749 imagemagick-6.q16: convert foo.png foo.eps security violation leaves empty foo.eps
1004529 imagemagick-6.q16: convert foo.png foo.eps security violation leaves empty foo.eps
1006441 imagemagick-6.q16: multiline comments are not idempotent in pgm codec
1008841 imagemagick: compare falsely deems two identical images different
1016522 imagemagick-6.q16: in /etc/mailcap, the -auto-orient option should be used, at least for jpeg
1017624 imagemagick: Unblocking PDF Ghostscript functionality as an A11y issue
1021141 imagemagick: CVE-2022-3213 security, upstream
1021257 imagemagick-6.q16: import renders X unresponsive
1027164 imagemagick: CVE-2021-3574 upstream, pending, security, fixed-upstream
1030703 imagemagick: `apt-get remove imagemagick` fails
1033324 Debian 11 ImageMagicks policy.xml is an invalid xml file
1034333 doc files empty offline
1034373 imagemagick: CVE-2023-1906 upstream, security
1036200 Bug in ImageMagick
1036476 imagemagick: CVE-2023-2157 security, upstream
1037090 imagemagick: CVE-2021-3610 security, upstream
1040307 imagemagick: Converting PNG to AVIF replaces transparent pixels with black pixels
1040687 imagemagick-6.q16: HEIC/HEIF files cannot be opened by convert-img6.q16 and display-im6.q16
1043109 imagemagick: metadata leaks into body on TIFF → PDF conversion upstream
1054519 imagemagick-6.q16: ImageMagick "display" freed memory access crash after 8-bit 4c 160x96 GIF
1064658 imagemagick: .pc files contains -lfftw3 but no libfftw3-dev dependency
1070340 imagemagick: Bug CVE-2023-34151 was not properly closed in imagemagick from Bookworm for mvg security, upstream
1038084 libalien-sdl-perl: Is a language binding for an obsolete version of SDL sid, trixie, wontfix
767664 libsdl-perl: FTBFS on hurd-i386 fixed-upstream, patch
772123 libsdl-perl: SDLx::Text->write_to segfaults
803269 libsdl-perl: FTBFS on hurd-i386 patch, fixed-upstream
1038083 libsdl-perl: Is a language binding for an obsolete version of SDL sid, trixie, wontfix

Open bugs in suggested packages

1 important, 10 normal, 3 minor, 10 wishlist
145961 frozen-bubble: Can I please have a red bubble? I haven't had one in ages!
198080 save in frozen-bubble
248616 frozen-bubble: dosn't sleep if it isn't visible
278710 frozen-bubble: disable if not visible
395852 frozen-bubble: Please anti-alias the graphics.
407414 frozen-bubble: Frozen bubble should support http_proxies
416209 frozen-bubble: error in multiplayer training high score
437170 frozen-bubble: no arrow displayed to indicate direction
701556 frozen-bubble: Locale settings not working (upstream patch avalible) l10n, confirmed
722078 frozen-bubble: unable to change graphics to full-screen via GUI
805803 frozen-bubble: frozen-bubble doesn't start; crashes in [Sound Init]
863805 frozen-bubble is very small in HiRes display
1038087 frozen-bubble: Depends on SDL 1.2 sid, trixie
1055982 frozen-bubble: doesn't support touch screen
407758 pangzero: Cancel remaining stopped time if no balls present
924852 pangzero: please implement a way to increase/decrease audio volume inside the game
1038085 pangzero: Indirectly depends on SDL 1.2 sid, trixie
888623 pkg-perl-tools: dpt forward fails to fork GitHub repo without org
895191 pkg-perl-autopkgtest: run syntax.t and use.t with xvfb-run
960909 pkg-perl-tools: Add Lintian check for dependency on deprecated libany-moose-perl
968364 pkg-perl-tools: mojibake in dpt-forward (forwarding Debian bugs as GitHub issues)
971081 pkg-perl-autopkgtest: smoke test and debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-tests
1032145 pkg-perl-tools: dpt-push: maybe use `gbp config'
1032224 pkg-perl-tools: Behaves weirdly if there are two different upstream tags for the same version

Done bugs

*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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