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Summary bugs page of task C, c++ and d development

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (4229)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 grave, 105 important, 244 normal, 30 minor, 59 wishlist
743515 Updating the alure Uploaders list
888033 alure FTCBFS: does not pass cross flags to cmake, uses plain cc patch
980868 alure: New homepage
593876 libboost-filesystem-dev: Undeclared indirect dependency of boost_filesystem on boost_system causes link failure
631079 Please build boost.python for pythonX-dbg too patch
751880 boost1.54: outdated embedded data copy: unicode-data
768569 libboost-dev: get_pointer(std::shared_ptr<T> const&) not defined on clang
789329 libboost-wave-dev: Requesting the activation of BOOST_WAVE_SUPPORT_MS_EXTENSIONS compilation flag
888070 boost CUDA compatibility
889822 libboost-log-dev: Multi-Arch: same property is apparently missing
913871 [libboost-coroutine-dev] Projects using libboost-coroutine2 fails to compile with g++8 and -std=gnu++17
914283 [libboost-context-dev] Provide ucontext_t alternative build
922354 Could we have libboost-asio and libboost-beast as part of boost-defaults
924790 libboost-atomic-dev: Clang 7 does not compile code with boost-atomic with -march=native option on Haswell processor. upstream
978748 libboost-dev: Boost 1.75
988326 libboost-python-dev: Linking against boost_python requires the python version number ex: -lboost_python39
725493 Missing documentation Bullet_User_Manual.pdf
981731 bullet: Provide a multithreaded bullet packages
894047 bulletml FTCBFS: uses the build architecture compiler patch
737058 Please package CEGUI to 0.8 and make dependencies optional
810972 libcegui-mk2-0.8.4 Python bindings cannot be used to run CEED (mismatching boost python symbols)
951030 cegui-mk2: symbol change enhancement moreinfo
967289 cegui-mk2: depends on deprecated GTK 2
136961 clanlib-sound: Want esound support
241931 pingus: Weird colors on powerpc arch (clanlib issue?) confirmed, upstream
278742 libclanlib2: does not include directfb support
335886 libclanlib2: still fails on bigendian machines confirmed, upstream
374857 clanbomber: Not working on PowerPc confirmed, upstream
404828 clanbomber: unusable on sparc and powerpc (clanlib issue?) confirmed, upstream
570884 libclanlib-dev: new version of ClanLib available
539291 i386 libalut0 segfaults in alutInit()
866960 libfreetype6: ABI/API change yielding a blank line between characters due to different rounding for TrueType fonts buster-ignore, upstream, wontfix
33975 [PR c++/6905] Suggested g++ warning: changed semantics of conditional expressions upstream, wontfix
55298 [PR c/3481, partly fixed in 3.2] function attributes should apply to function pointers too upstream
75269 [known limitation] Mangling in ObjC class and protocol names upstream, wontfix
75773 [PR optimization/3507]: appalling optimisation with sub/cmp on i386 upstream
107123 [PR optimization/3507, optimization/3996] Non-optimal code upstream
117563 [known upstream] g++: keyword "export" ignored upstream
122103 [PR other/9071] Warning for blocks not closed in same file as opened in upstream
123468 [PR c/6906] warn about asserts with side effects upstream
159838 [PR c/7853] gcc reports multiple symbol definitions on the wrong line upstream
173513 [PR optimization/9079] Inline constant function pointers fixed-upstream, upstream
195468 g++ fails to recognize illformedness of certain initializers upstream
204687 [PR 11877] gcc should use xor trick with -Os upstream
211586 [PR 13071] no way to exclude backward C++ headers from include path upstream
221291 [IA64] `asm' operand requires impossible reload upstream
222497 [PR 13947] ptr_fun doesn't recognise argument fixed-upstream, upstream
233673 [PR 14708] description of -ffloat-store in gcc man page incorrect/inaccurate upstream
273264 Lacking documentation of mixing dynamic and static linking
337340 [PR28319] sentinel attribute should support non-NULL sentinels upstream
352790 [PR28315] gcc doesn't use locale for default input charset upstream, wontfix
352920 cpp: Please undeprecate -I-
354700 [PR28321] gcc 4 does not notice C syntax error upstream
358050 line number in extra qualification error not ideal (end of declaration) fixed-upstream, upstream
365123 [PR 27453] gcov opens files with O_RDWR upstream, wontfix
382746 powerpc libgcc writes code to the stack upstream
386174 [PR29227] gcc sometimes doesn't recognize uninitialized variables upstream
405791 gcc-defaults: Please provide gcc-locales metapackage
425623 [PR34941] gcc: Option to warn on printf of ptrdiff_t without t size modifier
426809 [PR34942] -frepo only works with C locale fixed-upstream, upstream
428559 collect2 ENOSPC => exit status 1 with no stderr output upstream
428814 [powerpc] error: initializer element is not constant upstream
438641 gcc does not permit mixing -shared and -static objects when linking (or: please pass -static-libgcc automatically)
438816 gcc-multilib: Please provide target-gcc binary for the multilib architecture
471258 maildrop: Maildrop hangs indefinitely on arm when compiled with optimizations moreinfo
501560 [gfortran] Documentation lacks information about how to compile a module upstream, wontfix
503204 gcc-4.1: erroneously emits warning on C99-required #pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS upstream
533124 c99-gcc -I breaks POSIX conformance
551637 gfortran: GPREL16 error when linking fortran and C code moreinfo
552314 gcc produces invalid mips branch instructions
558728 [PR42550, fixed in 4.5] gfortran: Unable to give initial value fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
576945 unaligned relocations on armel when compiling without -g
588951 gcj-jre-headless: menus missing in Swing applications
591259 gcc-4.4 cannot compile kernel properly
605593 synaptic gfortran versioning wrong in lenny and sid
606333 [ia64] internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
608923 GCC 4.4 fails when dynamic_cast are used with dlopen/dlsym
612545 ICE (Bus error) building InsightToolKit on kfreebsd-amd64
627370 gcc-4.4 (Compilation does not occur properly due to some error)
657962 gcc-defaults: Add gcc-plugin-dev?
669297 gcc-defaults: defcheckout fails
669417 cpp: debcheckout fails
683447 gcc-defaults: provide fully qualified compiler names for dpkg multi-arch cross
693173 gcc-mingw32: float comparison fails assertion only with -std=c99
714521 base: (GCC|G++|something else in the toolchain) produces segfaulting code
714730 gfortran: binNMU is needed for all packages which contains Fortran90 .mod file when upgrading default version help
715262 Spurious -Warray-bounds warning
715271 Preprocessor handles _Pragma badly
717051 gcj-jdk: number of processors reported by Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors() is incorrect
719015 Double rounding bug in the conversion from decimal string to single precision floating point literals.
729611 GCC 4.8 -Wconversion raises false positive on shift operation
731060 gcc-defaults: Please move symlink of /usr/include/asm from 'gcc-multilib' to 'gcc' package wontfix
738834 gcc-4.7-arm-linux-gnueabi can't be installed due to unmet dependencies
751024 g++ 4.7.3 - Internal compiler error
756120 gcc-defaults: Please provide libstdc++-doc metapackage
763718 gcc-defaults is not binNMU-safe
770423 More GCC multiarch/cross
774623 Suspected bug in function printf()
780718 return in ?:-operator with function calls is incorrectly optimized
783328 gdc: Phobos D standard library not available on PowerPC
784681 g++ fails to build preprocessed code in mednafen
798149 Compilation with the -O2 flag on i386 can lead to stuck exec
804561 GCC can't compile a program using RDSEED intrinsics bullseye, buster, jessie, sid
805422 ARM64 (AARCH64): Compiler accepts -fsanitize=undefined, without warning, but fails to link with "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lubsan" upstream
807491 gdc: -fmake-deps misses transitive dependencies
808728 gdc: Enable -Wdeprecated with -Wall or -Wextra
818996 Please enable -Wabi-tag warning for C++ programs
820831 gcc miscompiling memcpy
827243 [armhf] Miscompiles with -O2, throws deque::_M_new_elements_at_back
850892 gcc should not warn about the assignment-allocation character 'm' when POSIX is enabled upstream
858798 Wrong debug line numbers from g++ with varargs function
860117 gcc-defaults: gdc<cross-triplet>: unhandled directory to symlink conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE
872054 gcc-multilib: installation of gcc-X-multilib should not yield the installation of the default gcc
872891 gcc-multilib conflicts with GCC cross toolchains wontfix
874545 gfortran: when compiled with -fopenmp -O0, application generates a SIGSEGV
886638 gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu: wrong symbol address
889821 [gcc] gcc 7 and 8 error message on restrict-qualified parameter refers to wrong parameter
901943 gfortran aborts with internal compiler error: segmentation fault fixed-upstream, upstream
905266 gfortran: Write and read arrays in unformatted files do not work properly moreinfo
920582 gcc -v --help prints some output to stderr, not just stdout
958544 arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc does not use glibc in specified sysroot
958546 arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc ignores glibc in sysroot
959966 gdc -flto doesn't accept void main() signature.
977797 provide gcc-source metapackage
978947 gcc-defaults: please upload gcc-defaults/experimental (for gcc-11)
980277 gcc: c99(1) provided by c99-gcc(1) isn't conforming to POSIX
982414 gcc-defaults should provide a libgccjit-dev package
985837 document in README.source how README.Debian is generated from README.Debian.m4
572309 libirrlicht-doc: examples can't run as media/ was deleted during packaging wontfix
666139 irrlicht: default font is very tiny confirmed
764981 minetest: can't input a '7' from main menu patch
927456 irrlicht makefile does not honor CFLAGS
534287 Allows upgrades which break new .pc files.
697715 libglu1-mesa: it would be nice to have a debug package of libglu1-mesa when debugging programs
898620 libglu: Update VCS links in debian/control patch
764207 Add native SIMD support on x32 fixed-upstream
778909 getenv usage in libjpeg
802875 shifting a negative signed value is undefined upstream
869927 libjpeg-turbo: CVE-2017-9614: invalid memory access in the fill_input_buffer function fixed-upstream, security, upstream
878567 libjpeg-turbo: CVE-2017-15232 fixed-upstream, security, upstream
894592 "Invalid SOS parameters for sequential JPEG" is recoverable
918175 internal loop labels are kept as symbols patch, upstream
927717 pkg/config file still with some problems
947182 libjpeg-turbo-progs: jpegexiforient fails if APP1 doesn't occur immediately after JFIF header patch, wontfix
980242 jpegexiforient: add exif tags if there are none
965673 libogg: Removal of obsolete debhelper compat 5 and 6 in bookworm
725265 SDL 2: interaction with window managers and edge workspace flipping fixed-upstream
739061 libsdl2-2.0-0: libsdl2 does not recognize gamepad andymore moreinfo
793111 OpenGL ES2 support does not work with OpenGL support enabled fixed-upstream, moreinfo
895121 SDL2 won't get keyboard key release state since update to Buster
895123 libsdl2-2.0-0: This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library. moreinfo, unreproducible
913184 libsdl2-dev: Compiled applications see one keypress as two newcomer
966804 Some window manager signals (i3/Xorg) turn the whole game/window unresponsive
981722 libsdl2-2.0-0: KMSDRM backend segfaults on Etnaviv
949709 Consider linking against archive version of libstb
193163 building in directory names with SPC fail upstream, wontfix
254594 libtool, now with versioned cow powers!
260768 libtool: Versionning documentation improvement (suggestion) patch
268152 wrong libdir setting upstream
268660 libtool fails to build and link static libraries when --disable-static is used
282725 libtoolize: missing introductory documentation upstream
286341 libtool: different behavior with gcc vs. cc patch
291641 Checks dependencies of shared libraries without honouring RPATH
297726 link_all_deplibs=no in libtool.m4 assumes non-crosscompiling link er
320698 Debian-specific binary deps patch
334861 FTBFS when building on directory that contains spaces upstream, wontfix
347650 libtool: Incorrect argument reordering
367115 Libtool sets rpath when cross-compiling for default location
382893 EGREP not exported
384322 libtool: wrong test semantics make relinking fail on empty $libdir
391427 Debian's version of libtool breaks correct link order
418431 libtool: provided m4 files produce autoconf warnings patch
419228 unnecessary linkage when libtool convenience libraries (noinst_LTLIBRARIES) are used
430971 -export-symbols doesn't work with C++ upstream
431414 libtool generates incorrect option for Solaris ld upstream
462919 libtool: incorrect shlibpath_overrides_runpath on OpenSUSE Linux/ppc64 machine fixed-upstream
468555 linking with g++ uses -nostdlib and does not add -lpthread or -lgcc upstream
473415 disabling building shared libraries shouldn't have as effect that all libraries should get linked.
492220 static linking is broken
508658 libtool: --preserve-dup-deps a no-op with convenience libs
519702 libtool: LTDL_INIT causes -ldl to be added to LIBS, thus linking every program with -ldl upstream
522152 libtool: fix ltdl gcc warnings patch
522444 libtool: does no longer accept empty option -L moreinfo
523577 please strengthen Recommends by libtool on libltdl-dev to a Depends
523750 libtool uses $RM expecting "rm -f" semantics ("/bin/rm: cannot remove `libtoolT': No such file or directory") upstream
526750 wrong expansion to top_build_prefix
537115 libtoolize: man page doesn't document all available options
557388 [libtool] -Wl,--as-needed is added after libraries
567486 bootstrap on Debian lenny causes breakage on Cygwin
568520 autoconf: AC_PROG_F77 code executed though in a test that is always false
570723 libtool should set -e upstream
578673 libtool: does not respect symbol visibility when preparing for dlpreopen
578996 libtool: LT_LIBM doesn't work properly on AIX
621743 libtool: Failed to build package openldap with base_compile+= error. (shell == dash) upstream
624864 Strings from libltdl/lt_error.h leaked into resulting binary
627389 warning: AC_LANG_CONFTEST: no AC_LANG_SOURCE call detected in body
644774 incorrect information about darwin10 in the libtool(1) man page
655450 [libtool] libltdl linking with -m32 is broken
684959 libtool: is not found when trying to use automake
684981 autoconf: make install leaves ld cache outdated
699861 libltdl-dev is LGPL, not GPL
702737 libtool, link_all_deplibs
717274 libtool wrong static link pixman
723638 libtool: buggy library symlink install due to use of ldconfig
733935 libltdl-dev: arch-dependent files in "Multi-Arch: same" package
758317 libtool: default --tag does not work as documented
783227 libtool: message about ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS upstream
788065 libtool-bin: prevents working with staged installs
795012 libtool manpage: out of place "GNU libtool home page ..."
805454 libtoolize behavior depends on parent directories security, upstream
814091 libtool: a run path should be used for CC=tcc LD=tcc, with the -rpath option patch, upstream
815316 libtool fails to detect DLL .def file patch, upstream
836123 libtool-bin: missing dependency on gcc
851253 libtool misdetects nios2 as os2
881382 libtool-bin: --mode=execute overwrites rather than prepends to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
888059 libtool: the generated run path order is incorrect, yielding failures with "make check" upstream
922529 libtool: Emits warnings in very alarming bold red color
929396 libtool is unable to link complex projects
951498 libtool-doc: Format section is invalid in /usr/share/doc-base/libtool-doc
960469 libtool: for a shared library, -L. -lfoo works but is ignored
960898 libtool: suggestions for the Debian packaging patch
978757 libtool-doc: Misspelled word "wher "
982873 libtool: Remove the suggested dependency on gcj-jdk
802393 libvorbisfile3: ov_raw_total() ignores the size of the last page confirmed
149013 Add namespace registration mecanism in xmllint --shell. upstream
367129 Namespace lost during schema validation upstream
390223 libgdome2-ocaml: No way to set xmlParserMaxDepth upstream
413169 relax-ng except rules not implemented
431136 xmltv-util: 'tv_validate_file' errors: inconsistent capitalizing
487250 libxml2-utils: Writes error to standard output upstream
500163 Please support ASCII control chars in XML text content upstream
516916 xsltproc: External entity problems for directory names containing spaces security, upstream
519611 libxml2-dev: c14n.h includes xmlversion.h too late
529634 libxml2: buggy string-range() XPointer function upstream
530922 libxml2: buggy range() XPointer function upstream
530998 libxml2-utils: unhelpful error parsing infinitely recursive parameter entity
563227 libxml2: xmlListSort frees original list upstream
574104 libxml2: considers null bytes as EOF markers
584654 libxml2-utils: broken report when element has an impossible children element
596035 libxml2-utils: RelaxNG validation loops forever with max CPU consumption upstream
648859 libxml2: leaked namespaces when reusing a xmlReader/xmlParser upstream
649189 libxml2-utils: Html parser accepts invalid element name (starting with full stop) to document tree
652866 incorrectly formats URI's (URN's) with :-delimited paths
679867 libxml2: "failed to load external entity" for https
686820 xmllint: Please make xmllint detect more bugs with indexterm ranges in docbook files
692456 libxml2: Schema validation problem with [0-9]{0,n}|TEXT upstream
702618 xmllint data formatting
725722 /usr/bin/xml2-config: xml2-config man-page incomplete
727071 libxml2-utils: with --dtdvalid, failed to load external entity upstream
727075 libxml2-utils: xmllint doesn't always terminate with a non-zero exit status in case of bad usage upstream
746811 Should build against and link with system's libtrio
746929 mention that --htmlout oddly puts surrounding tags on STDERR instead of STDOUT
749092 add --xpath example
749198 libxml2: incorrect Relax NG parser error with included grammar upstream
767877 XMLSchemaParseError: Detected an entity reference loop
770836 libxml2: please consider adding a patch fixing invalid output upstream
776869 libxml2: Bug with DTD parsing
807807 libxml2: Fails to compress files on write (read is ok)
824772 libxml2-utils: Several xmllint shell commands missing from man-page
845552 libxml2: Error when resolving relative URLs in XML catalogs, resulting in "file:/..." URLs
847928 libxml2: sporadic "Unimplemented block at ../../xmlschemas.c:27279" errors upstream
852486 libxml2: Parsing <dd>xxx<dd>yyy uses too much memory
860076 XSD schema does not report invalid regex match
862322 [libxml2] Wrong warning/error about "colons are forbidden from PI names" upstream
867378 libxml2-utils: xmllint option --postvalid reports valid documents as invalid
939909 libxml2: Cannot build asterisk using this version of libxml2 (similar bug as #776724)
942662 libxml2: rejects valid NCName characters
944245 Please update to new upstream release in unstable
947050 libxml2: string() is buggy on floating-point values upstream
949534 stop using xml2-config in AM_PATH_XML2
955205 Please update .devhelp to version 2 upstream
962464 Remove ICU dependency
973283 libxml2 autopkgtest-virt-lxc failure on arm64 by python2 dependency bullseye, sid
405859 GLUT_ALPHA does not work with DRI
415292 libgl1-mesa-glx: assertion failure in fixed-upstream
536106 amd64 SEGVs due to dispatcher wrapper issue. patch
580980 xserver-xorg-video-radeon: pink tinted translucent windows on Mobility 7500 M7 LW [rv200]
585933 xserver-xorg-video-nouveau: blender display broken upstream
608073 /usr/lib/dri/ segfaults in run_vp (?) fixed-upstream
617907 libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental: random crashes with OpenGL apps
622585 libgl1-mesa-dri: chromium google body without body, z/stencil buffer (2) too small (0x3FFFFC01 1048576 1 4 -> 268435456 have 4096)
623969 libgl1-mesa-dri: Major gallium 2D performance bottleneck (most noticable with compiz) fixed-upstream
628680 sludge-engine: Nothing is displayed (black screen) with antialias=1
630912 865G: mipmap texture corruptions in some applications
634289 radeon: Temporary semi-freeze when running Ryzom-client and gnash
639423 mesa: graphical issues with Minecraft
639922 segfault when mouse cursor comes over popup notification
640128 libgl1-mesa-dri: missing text and delayed and missing rendering with i915
640502 freecad: FreeCAD crashes when zooming out on large imported STL file
640506 Searching for hasgeek using inbuilt searchbar and clicking on hasgeek jobs link on the result page, crashes iceweasel
640799 kwin: crashes on login (sandybridge/mesa7.11/blur effect) confirmed
640878 [kde-window-manager] kwin crash when blur effect is activated confirmed
642368 libgl1-mesa-dri: Issues with OpenGL point size
645843 glchess: segmentation fault after loading texture when asking glchess to use 3D mode
646929 libgl1-mesa-glx: message "failed to create drawable" when starting Firefox upstream
656719 Please provide xvmc and vdpau Gallium3D video acceleration drivers (libg3dvl-mesa package)
671172 buffer flush failure and system freeze with NVidia GeForce 6200
677490 Please bind libgl1-mesa-glx and libgl1-mesa-dri more strongly to the same version
677617 dri: nouveau_vieux segfaults when called from gnome-control-center
677886 mesa: please compile with --enable-gallium-g3dvl to provide `libvdpau_r600`
678888 spring segfaults somewhere in rendering moreinfo, upstream
682812 calloc (nmemb=0, size=12)
683363 xserver-xorg-video-nouveau: basically freezes when using some 3D apps (Neverball, etracer) on GeForce 7300 GS (EQ overflowing, mouse may still move)
683499 Segmentation fault in gen7_update_renderbuffer_surface() fixed-upstream
685891 glXGetVideoSyncSGI fails to increment frame count when xrandr rotation is active
686482 Large textures cause corruption and hang GeForce GTX 560M
687058 xserver-xorg-video-radeon: Gnome 3 fonts rendering problem (also appeared at fonts in Blender Software)
687988 blender: Fails to display solid objects with r600/gallium3D fixed-upstream
690579 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386: Page fault in unpack_XRGB8888
692192 Crashes when running mupen64plus on GeForce 7025
692994 libgl1-mesa-dri: OpenGL problems, amd64, intel sandybridge
693469 libgl1-mesa-dri: Blue screen on Quadro FX 1300
695594 xserver-xorg-video-radeon: X segfaults when entering OpenGL mode in Minecraft
696633 libgl1-mesa-dri - exit(1) as error handling, killing the window manager
697913 wine crash with nouveau vieux driver
698989 libgl1-mesa-dri: glxinfo segmentation fault in
700769 libgl1-mesa-dri: Surfaces xscreensaver screensaver crashes system with AMD FireMV 2250
710058 gdm3: GNOME 3 windows are blank, solid blue, no text
711994 libgl1-mesa-dri: Blank output on Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450
712290 libgl1-mesa-dri: X crashes or fallsback to software rendering on vmwgfx
721083 mesa-utils: getting assertions when trying to run glxgears
721835 [i965] [GM45] bogus rendering with gen4-5 intel chipsets confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
723027 libegl1-mesa: Warning shown when starting EGL application: libEGL warning: failed to create a pipe screen for i965
724576 libgl1-mesa-glx: libGL error: failed to load driver: nouveau
728056 libgl1-mesa-dri: Crashes sometimes after exiting fullscreen mode
728619 libgl1-mesa-dri-dbg: Can't use i386 symbols on an amd64 system
742981 OpenGL Fail - undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Dispatch
743035 libgl1-mesa-dri: Upgrade from 9.2.2-1 to 10.1.0-4 breaks webgl in chromium and google chrome
743197 mesa-vdpau-drivers slows down video output (radeon 3850HD) upstream
743843 libgl1-mesa-dri: __driDriverGetExtensions_swrast() is not exposed by
744387 libgl1-mesa-glx: the problem with failing to load nouveau/ati driver not fixed yet
748542 [libgl1-mesa-dri] opengl only as root
749224 libgl1-mesa-dev: excessive dependencies when using proprietary nvidia driver wontfix
750173 libgl1-mesa-dri: [i965] Crashes when playing video after upgrade from moreinfo
750503 libgl1-mesa-dri: chrash after update to 10.1.4-1
750849 nouveau: gnome3 starts in legacy mode with nouveau and geforce gtx 650 moreinfo
751970 mesa: Please enable SELinux support
754397 libgles1-mesa: missing functions in new versions (soname issue?)
761163 libgl1-mesa-dri: DRI3 causes error messages on i915 driver
761165 vlc: segmentation fault with VDPAU moreinfo
765933 mesa-common-dev: glx.h should not include glxext.h when GL_GLEXT_LEGACY is defined fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
765967 [libvdpau1] mpeg 1 video are decoded too bad
773761 Viewing certain image in Iceweasel kills/restarts session
775235 use llvm's getCPUTargetFeatures() over getHostCPUName() patch
778595 OpenCL: Crash with multiple __kernel.
780023 xbmc: XBMC crash at startup
784641 nouveau: Shows gears but they are static and no frame rate moreinfo
789000 mesa-vdpau-drivers: lockups with Radeon 3850HD using vdpau acceleration on mpv and vlc
793933 libgl1-mesa-dri: WebGL compliance test hangs browsers with Intel cards
795651 X crashes moreinfo
801105 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/ Most of accelerated applications crash moreinfo
801457 vlc: Segmentation fault playing a DVD with vdpau
803221 mesa-common-dev: incompatibility (missing typedefs) between gl.h and glext.h
803528 kdenlive: Freezes after upgrading from version 0.9.10-2 to 15.08.2+git20151026-1
822311 visual glitch in opengl games on intel haswell igp
832452 twinkle: Crashes during call when switching desktop
832624 libdrm-nouveau2: GTX 660: screen is corrupted, with garbage, tears and the freezes upstream
832801 libgl1-mesa-dri: kdenlive->play clip->>segmentation fault
847012 vlc: hardware accelaration must be disable to avoid scrambled video moreinfo
848561 problems with video windows locking up, windows getting stuck with r600
848599 X server still freezes at random while playing certain 3D games
857614 Crash within nouveau when tabbing between windows in gnome-shell
863606 vlc: Unable to play DVDs after upgrading to Stretch moreinfo
868227 mesa-opencl-icd: OpenCL llvm version mismatched in testing
868745 Mesa llvmpipe rendering crashes on mips
879583 libgl1-mesa-glx: Couldn't open, undefined symbol _giapi_tls_Current moreinfo
881809 libgl1-mesa-dri: no more opengl2 in latest libgl1-mesa-dri
884333 mesa: Since 17.3.0~rc5-1 GNOME 3.26.x login broken moreinfo
888315 blender: segfault on start moreinfo, unreproducible
891056 Reproducible Intel GPU hang on rcs0 with ecode 9:0:0x86dffffd
894989 libgl1-mesa-dri: firefox crash: segfault at 0 ip 00007f96bf6ee916 sp 00007fff3a9491b0 error 4 in[7f96bf132000+93c000]
898033 [mesa-opencl-icd] Clinfo crashes with mesa-opencl-icd
900619 libgl1-mesa-glx: software opengl 2.0?
901533 mesa: please build
917046 mesa: ease cross build dependency installability patch
918960 libgl1-mesa-dri: lacks valgrind support patch
919796 mesa: Segmentation fault in dri2_query_wayland_buffer_wl patch
920462 libgl1-mesa-dri 18.3.2 breaks certain proprietary steam games
920523 libgl1-mesa-dri: segfault in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/ upstream
920932 mesa: This version breaks the display on rpi (RaspberryPi) making it garbled
922162 mesa: Assertion triggered in texcompress_etc.c: _mesa_texstore_etc2_rgba8_eac from glGenerateMipmap()
930513 libgles2-mesa-dev: libglesv2.pc went missing
931059 mesa-va-driver: Crash 19.1 when encoding movie with VAAPI.
934252 libgl1-mesa-dri: SegFPE in ../src/gallium/auxiliary/gallivm/lp_bld_tgsi_info.c
935792 libglx-mesa0: error creating symbolic link (missing dependency?) moreinfo, unreproducible
935884 libgl1-mesa-dri: regression on mips64el llvmpipe: segfault in clutter-1.0 test actor-offscreen-limit-max-size
939782 SIGSEGV crashes sweethome3d
941161 libgl1-mesa-dri: SIGSEGV on starting X server with libgl1-mesa-dri >18.3.6-2, <=19.1.6-1
943865 src:mesa: Please build Mesa SWR rasterizer on amd64 and i386
947284 libgl1-mesa-dri: Factorio fails to start after upgrading to libgl1-mesa-dri 19.3.1-2
948144 [drm] GPU HANG: ecode 7:0:0x85dffffc, in kwin_x11 [1191], reason: hang on rcs0, action: reset upstream
949980 libgl1-mesa-dri: SIGSEGV in when running Gnome/GTK
951461 libgl1-mesa-dri: X crashes on startup when libgl1-mesa-dri ver is not same as libegl-mesa0/libgbm1
954902 libgl1-mesa-dri: file is missing upstream
955747 libgl1-mesa-dri: all GL programms crash on startup when
960133 downgrade dependencies on libgl1-mesa-dri to Recommends:
960323 Please backport PCI IDs for Intel Comet Lake graphics patch
962532 libgl1-mesa-dri: blockbuster2 causes a segfault in, kills X
963824 libgl1-mesa-dri: Segfault in breaks several programs
963945 Build kmsro and etnaviv on mipsel and mips64el
964096 mesa: SIGSEGV in using mpv/ffplay/vlc, Intel HD Graphics 530
964542 kdenlive: Segmentation fault at startup
964929 Segmentation Fault upstream
965293 libglx-mesa0: Please backport mesa to stable (buster)
969136 xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu: Xserver keeps crashing inside of /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ fixed-upstream
969717 libgl1-mesa-dri: Champions of Regnum display deteriorates after libgl1-mesa-dri upgrade to 20.1.7-1
971962 vlc: VAAPI playback doesn't work upstream
972044 libgl1-mesa-dri: GLProfile.get(GLProfile.GL2) gives error "XXX0 profile[2]: GL2 -> profileImpl GL3bc !!! not mapped"
973859 mesa-opencl-icd: Don't support MULTIARCH due to linkage.
975955 libgl1-mesa-dri: r600_hw_context.c:58 try to read and sum and undefined value (not allocated)
976684 regression: leela-zero fails to start with current Mesa, but previously worked
979515 mesa: A couple of cleanup for mesa patch
980148 mesa-vulkan-drivers: file content conflict in Multi-Arch:same package
983466 Black screen at dual monitor with warn from i915_gem_ww_ctx_backoff upstream
987382 mesa: missing complete upstream fix for more non-coherent RB and GL2 combinations patch
705593 ode: embeds sourceless binary ./build/premake4.exe
814707 [libogre-1.9-dev] SdkTrays.h is missing from include/OGRE dir wontfix
826384 libogre-1.9.0: Does not setup its own runtime link paths (ldconfig)
918667 libopenal-dev on kFreeBSD: missing dependency libsndio?
901329 libglc-dev: move quesoglc.pc to a multiarch location patch
425778 libtiff-tools: tiff2pdf produce unreadable file if TIFF is compressed with JPEG fixed-upstream
517250 libtiff-tools: /etc/papersize ignored?
517441 tiff2pdf does not produce pdf when writing to stdout fixed-upstream
552382 tiff2ps create broken postscript file
608482 PDF properties are (possibly) stored in UTF8 encoding upstream
611141 tiff2ps: producing broken file (4 hex digits for 8 bits)
657674 libtiff-tools: Laconic package description
692460 Document '-8' command line option in man page
694090 tiff2pdf: monochrome TIFF images will result negative colors in output PDF
701167 Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
703434 TIFFAppendToStrip: Write error at scanline 24063.
779386 libtiff-tools: tiff2pdf is generating corrupted pdf files
786910 libtiff5: regression in tiff export from darktable
787966 libtiff5: LZW compression doesn't work with GIMP.
852717 libtiff-tools: tiff2pdf produces corrupt output if tiff contains alpha channel
861865 libtiff5: regression - new warning: Invalid tag "Predictor" pending
876965 tiff: jpeglib backing store not supported
979833 libtiff4: Document that Debian build is GPL due to dependency on libjbig0 (?)
981265 tiff: drop unused Build-Depends: libxmu-dev patch

Open bugs in suggested packages

12 important, 85 normal, 23 minor, 43 wishlist
794562 0ad: Test 0ad with new version of nvidia-texture-tools
838055 0ad: Embedded libsquish library now available in debian
985489 0ad freezes with 0.0.24b1 upstream
960559 burgerspace: Application crashes if you complete a level after loosing the game
730658 codeblocks: no icon in gnome using fglrx driver
732791 [l10n] codeblocks: Please include the translations in Debian l10n, upstream
786606 codeblocks: New version does not work with direcctorios named with accented letters " á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ" confirmed
824185 codeblocks: please build with squirrel3 package help
984020 codeblocks: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
773396 codelite: debugger does not respect global terminal option confirmed, upstream
785473 codelite-plugins: bundled copy of tern
923492 Codelites desktop file is missing the additional category 'IDE'
721528 freeorion: could provide planning bookkeping
984140 freeorion: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
377061 Make goto definition/declaration follow the #include path upstream
394798 geany: File, Properties dialog fails to show posix acls or existance thereof.
449347 Default keybindings changed, F3 no longer continues search.
452554 Keyboard shortcuts for build do not work
468677 Long lines in geany scroll slowly
479795 [geany] After upgrade, the default output is a.out, but the execution script links to ./programme
481197 geany: print out always begins from page 1 fixed-upstream
496791 geany: Copy text with middle mouse button doesn't work
547909 geany: Hebrew text displayed incorrectly
587816 geany: tabbing shouldn't give focus to text strings in dialog boxes
598003 geany: keyboard shortcut "Shift" cannot work
600904 geany: Fail to open file on Samba/CIFS file system, got error: Value too large for defined data type lfs
636608 geany: Geany runs Python scripts using bad Python interpreter version, wrt #! (she bang) 1st line wontfix
637985 geany: Geany terminal hangs when restarted twice
646779 geany: Long line generates very bad graphical corruption confirmed, upstream
653809 Improvable plugin menu UI upstream
653898 geany wishlist: debuger step by step like VB for GEANY
667697 [geany] parenthesis error
686654 geany: Does not read sux-ed user config. dir.
686655 geany: Please add capitalization and low case function. Esc - as shortcut.
691693 Tabs in Python sourcefiles
726426 geany: only saves session state on clean shutdown
742575 geany: After long work, stops copy text on ctrl-c combination until keyboard layot is changed.
746551 geany: please improve support for SCSS (Sassy CSS)
839812 Search-Dialog: Textfield text gets invisible on unsuccessful search (next)
865478 geany: Slow navigation using keyboard or mouse in Gnome
881428 geany: There is not a registered custom mime type for Geany project files (*.geany).
889589 geany has a missing-pkg-dependency according to adequate
896101 Please switch Suggests from libvte9 to libvte-2.91-0 bullseye, buster, sid
915064 geany: syntax highlighting broken for Perl here-documents with ~ modifier
919471 geany-gtk2 and geany-gtk3
921526 geany crashes when deleting files in Tree Browser
946914 geany: installing geany on a machine without gui doesn't install the packages needed for all graphical apps
956758 geany: Mouse wheel shortcuts are broken on wayland
635237 libkxl0: Should use ALSA on Linux instead of /dev/dsp
739161 marsshooter: incorrect dependency strength on fonts wontfix
984227 marsshooter: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
683054 /usr/games/torus-trooper-pure: torus-trooper(-pure) segfaults at startup on armhf
941618 torus-trooper: fails to start with "undefined symbol" error
136455 [vim-runtime] wrong Perl here-document highlighting confirmed, upstream, wontfix
137198 [vim] recognize more special keys
173996 [vim-runtime] netrw dav method does not work help
178194 [vim] Provide better warning messages for recoding failures moreinfo, unreproducible, upstream
215677 [vim-runtime] Add support for C digraphs/trigraphs
256743 [vim] global search flag to span linebreaks upstream
264023 [vim] Numeric keypad keys not recognized when $TERM=screen
291415 [gvim] Default colorscheme loads prior to user-defined one causing "flash"
305925 [vim-gtk] gvim window cannot be resized back under KDE confirmed
347388 [vim-gtk] gvim --remote results in a raised window without focus
375127 [vim] bufwinleave does not work across tabs confirmed, upstream
379107 [vim] Automatically determine terminal encoding from the environment
379612 [vim-gtk] gvim handles restricted size incorrectly when tabs are displayed
407364 [vim] Gujarati unicode characters not displayed l10n
412126 [vim-gtk] Wrong background color for tabs
413010 [vim-runtime] Netrw's sftp handler is more lenient in write than read
413358 [vim] hangs in konsole with ERESTARTSYS and EAGAIN
419653 [vim-runtime] matchit plugin should jump to matching quotation mark when % is pressed wontfix
421313 [vim-runtime] Handle xdvi config files with xdefaults mode patch
438477 [vim-runtime] syntax/mail.vim: incorrect parsing of mailEmail match group patch, upstream
445238 [vim] write errors in swap file when on remote filesystem
458630 [vim-runtime] wrong syntax highlighting for Perl heredocs confirmed, upstream, wontfix
460897 [vim-runtime] improve syntax-based folding of c/c++ comments patch
475266 [vim-runtime] Add folding of mbox files patch
488079 provide gvim alternative for all those non-bloated vim variants
493776 vim: c++ indent can't handle constructor initializer list syntax
501441 tex: wrong reformatting of lines which contain a comment
501572 Feature request: going back in s/foo/bar/c mode
507627 vim: makefile syntax breaks on nonascii filenames
509940 vim: :cd completion does not grok 'cdpath' upstream
513430 Note that -x requires build-time support in man pages patch
529087 vim: please implement a --drop-empty option wontfix
537632 vim-gtk: receive clipboard INCR transfer fails
539298 [vim] Use "latin1//TRANSLIT" when transcoding to latin1
542430 [vim] vim try to expand files or directories that contain ~ (when using tcsh shell) patch
561318 console-based multiplayer vim
563889 Vim: Bugs in apache syntax highlighting
592496 vim-gtk: Status bar partly obscured
595886 syntax/lhaskell.vim: please support autoindent of Bird-style .lhs
597092 vim: syntax highlighting for anonymous C++ classes deriving from others
598401 Command for deliberately discarding undo history
622650 foldmethod=syntax may cause drastic performance problems
624804 syntax/pyrex.vim: incorrectly highlights identifiers containing "from" patch
647325 Spell files include misspelling "interpretor"
648809 man page doesn't describe --remote-tab* command line options
665048 pine.vim: adding new options patch
669077 vim-runtime: yaml.vim syntax file misinterprets '#' within scalars as comments
670466 vim: added FIXME XXX TODO keywords to html syntax file patch
673702 Syntax highlighting for muttrc files gets confused by ^ in regexes
679741 syntax/catalog.vim: misinterprets "--" within other tokens as comment
698789 vim-runtime: Make syntax does not highlight after blank lines and make conditionals
698824 vim thinks a write-only file to be read-only
700753 vim-runtime: syntax/exim.vim is outdated confirmed, upstream
701588 vim not converting to unix moreinfo, unreproducible
704618 vim-runtime: Distinguish between python and python.django, setting filetype accordingly patch
705007 E763: Word characters differ between spell files
722117 vim: displays badly by default the special chars moreinfo
726591 vim-common: mailcap vim -R
732388 vim-gnome: getbufvar(NR, '') vs. getbufvar(bufname(NR), '')
741400 Support for %e and %c termcap
744110 vim-gtk: gvim netrw does not correctly ask for password upstream
746491 vim: Ctrl+PgUp (and Down) does not switch beteen tabs
752314 Unknown Option: balloonexpr confirmed, upstream
752490 Please update /usr/share/vim/addons/doc/tags via dpkg trigger
761800 /usr/share/vim/vim74/ftplugin/perl.vim:41 isfname erroneously set to include ":"
761801 /usr/share/vim/vim74/ftplugin/perl.vim: isfname erroneously set to include ":"
763556 syntax/robots.vim: Match "allow" directive in addition to "disallow" patch
781645 vim-common: man page swap filename description forgot the prepended "."
783280 c.vim highlights c99 structure literals as errors
785646 please mention wildmenu in /etc/vim/vimrc patch
795236 vim-runtime: String folding for python patch
796831 vim-runtime: syntax/sh.vim highlights "type="
796872 vim: E676 saving a buftype=nofile buffer upstream
797640 vim: custom highlighting broken with upgrade to 2:7.4.826-1
801480 Please automatically launch x-terminal-emulator if $DISPLAY but no tty
813948 /usr/bin/vim.gtk: vim-gtk: spins with 100% CPU or segfaults if X11 logs out at E325 prompt fixed-upstream, upstream
820628 Menu item just opens terminal
833006 vim-gtk: ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 2766, errno = 2 (ENOENT) upstream
842833 Please allow typical usage (here: pasting with gpm on console) in default config
844107 Description to return to sane config unclear
845778 vim: Speed regression in compl-dictionary when running without GUI.
846264 vim: yacc/bison highlighting interprets semicolon in quotes as end of rule
856273 vim: explain how the various vimrc files are processed
860723 vim-runtime: documentation bug in term.txt
863910 haskell highlighting colors lines starting with # operator in red
864074 vim: 'set mouse=' in /etc/vim/vimrc.local is ignored unless ~/.vimrc exists
864865 support for vimrc.local.d
868252 vim-nox: pressing <CR> on last line of a foldmethod=manual behaves differently at end of file
881624 vim: Random crashes due to some memory corruption upstream
885936 vim-runtime: please support TeX and YAML syntax highlighting within syntax/markdown.vim upstream
888685 vim-gtk: segfaults after :set mouse=a in text console used for startx
892178 vim: doesn't understand more than 1 nested list in the markdown highligter
894536 vim: Name suggestions for edit command should not include directories
895629 vim-runtime: includeexpr for Scala files is wrong fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
898933 vim empties file on full filesystem
908066 vim uses an incorrect URL parser bullseye, buster, sid, stretch, upstream
911100 help: please cross-reference 'scrollbind' and 'cursorbind' upstream
911274 vim-nox: custom command completion should append space if -nargs=1 or -nargs=+ upstream
918454 vim should not Build-Depends: libtool-bin
918521 vim FTCBFS: lots of reasons patch
924389 vim-tutor: E484: Can't open file /usr/share/nvim/runtime/tutor/tutor.vim
947120 vim-nox: :syn contains=TOP inside a :syn-include'd file refers to the outer file upstream
953241 vim-runtime: CUDA erroneous syntax error highlighted when {} is embedded within () or []
954016 vim-runtime: tap.vim: Make "TODO" and "SKIP" case-insensitive patch, upstream
954113 vim-runtime: tap.vim: Don't clobber global settings of fold.* options patch, upstream
973670 vim-athena: Vim Athena - E236: Font Unifont is not fixed width
977141 vim: syntax highlight get this bit of bash wrong
980521 /usr/bin/vim.tiny: "fail to edit/insert to file opened by vi"
986536 vim-common dependency problem
987060 vim: highlight: make: Incorrect highlighting in $(shell ...) expression

Done bugs

936101 0ad: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, sid, upstream
975379 0ad: hits RAM limitations of armhf, FTBFS on arm64 fixed-upstream, ftbfs
983408 New upstream release 0.0.24 upstream
934013 boost-defaults: Boost license file is not found
561685 gcj-jdk: class PrintStream method printf doesn't print floats upstream, wontfix
912554 gfortran is now installd by default moreinfo
924610 libsdl2: Multiple security issues patch, security, upstream
987737 libxml2: CVE-2021-3518 security, upstream
987738 libxml2: CVE-2021-3517 security, upstream
987739 libxml2: CVE-2021-3516 security, upstream
988123 libxml2: CVE-2021-3537 security, upstream
983390 mesa-vulkan-drivers: bad interactions between VkLayer_MESA_device_select and other layers fixed-upstream, patch
986660 FTBFS on x32 due to missing directx-headers ftbfs
885579 tiff: CVE-2017-17942: heap-buffer-overflow in PackBitsEncode function fixed-upstream, security, upstream
898359 tiff: CVE-2018-10779: TIFFWriteScanline in tif_write.c has a heap-based buffer over-read security, upstream, wontfix
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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