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Bugs of task mathematics-dev
Total bugs: 184
Open bugs: 170
Fixed bugs: 14
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Summary bugs page of task Mathematics-dev

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (1501)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

7 serious, 31 important, 82 normal, 7 minor, 25 wishlist
602582 libann0: not usefull as *shared* library, because configuration at at compile-time is required upstream
743642 Suggestion: Enable 64-bit Index Support on AMD64
855789 aliasing bug while setting array sizes patch, upstream
912778 libarmadillo-dev: mlpack FTBFS on hppa - armadillo header issue
1000718 Request: Enable cross-build Multi-Arch
1014514 Armadillo library doesnt work correct anymore after update to Debian 11
902914 Arpack not working correctly
917335 arpack: FTBFS: consider disabling tests on ia64 hppa
943599 libarpack2-dev missing headers
972068 arpack: provide 64-bit (ILP64) build
981646 arpack: dseupd randomly fails on mips64el arch
716485 [Mayhem] Bug report on libatlas-test: xasumsrch crashes with exit status 139
721394 libatlas-tests not dynamically linked
770632 FTBFS on one powerpc buildd (praetorius): Illegal instruction help
918076 atlas: FTBFS on x32: Configured arch: /bin/sh: 1: cannot open build/ No such file
943712 propose to drop
953519 liblapacke: undefined symbol in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ moreinfo
988370 libatlas-test: FTBFS on 'nocheck' profile ftbfs
948954 libblis2-pthread: undefined symbol: openblas_set_num_threads
989076 libblis-dev: libblis*-dev packages do not provide an alternative for blas.pc
1003877 libblis3-openmp: i386 triggers segfault in scipy arpack test (test_hermitian_modes)
1015362 blis: ftbfs with LTO (link time optimization) enabled bookworm, sid
716383 [Mayhem] Bug report on libcdd-test: testlp1 crashes with exit status 139
716384 [Mayhem] Bug report on libcdd-test: testlp1_gmp crashes with exit status 139
466284 Adding documentation upstream, wontfix
838496 cgal: FTBFS on armel: no FPU rounding mode support ftbfs, wontfix
962560 code-saturne built-in file editor fails
966029 code-saturne: Uses old name of sip module
1035423 libcppad-dev: uninstallable in sid: conflict on the virtual cppad package
849766 deal.ii: a "light" version with minimal set of external dependencies
968118 dolfin: 64-bit tests fail
996987 dolfinx: FTBFS: unsatisfiable Build-Depends bookworm, experimental, ftbfs, sid
965214 dune-grid: please lower parallel builds patch
995599 32-bit segfault: max_num_vertices_per_facet=-1 in ftbfs
998181 ffcx: replaced by fenics-ffcx
143910 soname problems: sfs-lib package name without soname
408018 fftw2 should split MPI libraries into a separate package
577481 fftw-docs: tests in "examples" subdir fail many tests
942359 Please provide libfftw3-long3 on all platforms
948086 package fftw3 does not install cmake config files
751854 Could NOT find GTest (missing: GTEST_LIBRARY GTEST_MAIN_LIBRARY)
1019969 flint: FTBFS on hppa - Signed integer overflow is undefined behavior ftbfs
553670 freefem-examples: Non-working example
715915 [Mayhem] Bug report on freefem: freefem crashes with exit status 139
712526 freefem++: FreeFem++-mpi not working
715902 [Mayhem] Bug report on freefem++: ffbamg crashes with exit status 139
870054 freefem++: scalapack and blacs not found at build time
876467 freefem++: load of tetgen for 3d failed
884121 Build-Depends: libhypre-dev, but does not build against HYPRE
918919 freefem++: build does not detect PETSc
878349 gpyfft: FTBFS on non-Linux: CLFFT_INCL_DIRS is not defined upstream
716005 [Mayhem] Bug report on gsl-bin: gsl-histogram crashes with exit status 139
815100 /usr/share/doc/libgsl2/copyright: Small mistakes in the copyright file
822332 libgsl2: typo in package description
862259 libgsl-dev is not Multi-Arch compatible
913539 typo in gsl-randist(1)
960185 libgsl-dev: fails to converge on beta inv for some values
960514 libgsl25: obsolete conflicts/replaces
960515 libgsl25: strict dependency on libgslcblas0 prevents co-installability of different libgslXX versions
987651 install the examples in libgsl-dev
1001589 libgsl25: Can't be upgraded to 2.7+dfsg-2
660241 libhypre-2.4.0: should be two packages: libhypre-openmpi and libhypre-mpich2
882667 hypre: CUDA support: hacks impeded by -W flags
970497 igraph: FTBFS on mips64el ftbfs, upstream
646273 itsol: FTBFS with -Werror=format-security
354463 Undefined symbols/changed size between lapack and blas
694625 libblas3gf: DGEMV does not handle properly N=0
615449 libjama-dev: please use Homepage field to point to upstream homepage
752761 Please consider removing the dependency on libjgraph-java
437375 liblip: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)
533770 Linking code that uses liblip2 (-llip -lglpk) results in undefined references to glpk
535936 (liblip_2.0.0-1.1/avr32): FTBFS: Outdated config.{sub,guess}
437398 libranlip: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)
903538 libranlip: successfully cross builds a package for the wrong architecture patch
1007491 libranlip: please consider upgrading to 3.0 source format bookworm, sid
917573 libxsmm: CVE-2018-20543 security, upstream
1013257 libxsmm: please make the build (partly) reproducible patch
869794 linbox: testsuite fails if ASan is enabled
558935 Resolve unresolved symbols in shared libraries
701145 libmadlib: Missing SOVERSION in library package name
791198 madlib: library transition may be needed when GCC 5 is the default bookworm, bullseye, buster, sid, stretch
901468 madlib FTCBFS: abuses AC_CHECK_FILE patch, upstream
1035186 mpi4py-fft: please add autopkgtests (to add coverage for python3-numpy)
989399 nauty: i386 baseline violation by using popcnt
991750 nauty: segfaults during sagemath testsuite
751344 netgen: please re-enable the linking with libav libraries
910247 python3-netgen: importing netgen.gui fails due to MPI_Comm_size()
924300 libnglib-6.2.1804: ldconfig does not find netgen shared object files
931082 netgen: Dead link in man 1 netgen
1016430 netgen: New upstream version 6.2.2007 available / why is the version overriden with +really?
1033129 netgen cannot be started
581206 newmat: Version 11 of the library is not available in the repositories.
910157 libnewmat10-dev: broken symlink: /usr/lib/ ->
973438 new version of the software is available
1009038 newmat: build-depends on removed libltdl7-dev bookworm, ftbfs, sid
1016377 nfft builds with -march=native
1016378 nfft: binary-all FTBFS ftbfs
1016379 nfft: soname changes without package renaming and library transition
524073 python-numpy: please split atlas support into an optional package
827168 numpy: Please make numpy.i 'visible'
877754 NaN -> datetime = 0 (not NaT) on arm* fixed-upstream
943369 numpy: test failures do not fail build wontfix
945824 [python3-numpy] Depends on python3.8 and python3.7 patch, wontfix
946189 python-numpy: blas -> blis
965031 python3-numpy: please clarify the license for some files in debian/copyright
972551 inclusion of Python3.9 breaks compatibility with libpython3-dev
975546 Please, support multiple flavor of numpy for different use cases.
998084 python3-numpy adds unnecessary link `/usr/include/python3.9/numpy` moreinfo
1003233 numpy: Please move the BD needed to build the -doc package to Build-Depends-Indep moreinfo, patch
1003805 python3-numpy: depends on two different Python versions wontfix
1023339 Package numpy and matplotlib for PyPy3
743490 libopenblas-base: crashes on init in a kvm guest upstream
781998 libopenblas-base: i386 binaries crash on 586 processors because they don't support SSE instructions
787211 libopenblas-base: 100% CPU load on ARM moreinfo
930482 openblas: uses AVX-512 even when AVX-512 is not available in a VM upstream
959198 openblas: synchronize FP CSR between threads moreinfo, patch
963250 openblas: Please build on armel wontfix
967941 nautilus: fails to generate thumbnails for h264 encoded video files
967951 OpenBLAS ILP64 with symbol suffixes
973811 crashes /usr/libexec/tracker-extract with signal SIGSYS, Bad system call.
1025480 libopenblas0-pthread: gives wrong results with AVX-512 kernel upstream
790327 openturns: FTBFS on mipsel "package requires more than 1GB RAM; do not build on mips/mipsel. Stop." ftbfs, patch, wontfix
1018430 optlang: build-depends on python3-nose or uses it for autopkgtest
1021236 ortools: Build must be optimized
1024790 ortools: FTBFS everywhere ftbfs, sid
1033458 python3-ortools: Ancient version
907829 p4est: FTBFS on single CPU machines ftbfs
675117 add pastix support to petsc
741196 libpetsc3.4.2: links with both GPL-licensed and GPL-incompatible libraries moreinfo
904301 libpetsc-real3.9-dev: Include paths to mpi header missing from petscvariables (and pkgconfig) moreinfo
961977 enhance 64-bit support in PETSc newcomer
990290 petsc: add support for 64-bit integer lapack/blas patch
1027814 primesieve: autopkgtest regression on armhf patch
917095 python3-pyfftw: alignment tests fail on several arches ftbfs
1018447 pynfft: build-depends on python3-nose or uses it for autopkgtest
861095 python-ltfatpy: FTBFS: ValueError: Little-endian buffer not supported
974562 kodi: Extended info for actor, only works the first time moreinfo, upstream
1026133 Unnecessary conflict between libqcustomplot2.1 and libqcustomplot2.0
922856 qd FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
948482 ppc64el patch improvement patch
1015657 scscp-imcce: ftbfs with LTO (link time optimization) enabled bookworm, sid
741172 libslepc3.4.2: links with both GPL-licensed and GPL-incompatible libraries
972069 slepc64-dev: enable ARPACK support in 64-bit build
989550 suitesparse: enhance 64-bit support in suitesparse
989497 superlu-dist: provide 64-bit build
1018646 swiglpk: build-depends on python3-nose or uses it for autopkgtest
748142 Missing parameter to cause stack underflow
864779 Epetra doc missing
868894 find_package option COMPONENTS ineffective because of hard-coded includes in TrilinosConfig.cmake fixed-upstream
996507 trilinos-all-dev: No rule to make target '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/'
1011928 trilinos: FTBFS with onetbb 2021.5.0 bookworm, ftbfs, patch, sid
1013560 trilinos: FTBFS: src.cxx:6:3: error: ‘isnan’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘std::isnan’? bookworm, ftbfs, patch, sid

Open bugs in suggested packages

2 serious, 4 important, 9 normal, 3 wishlist
577518 libbdd-dev: rename the library to libbuddy ?
820674 buddy: conflicting declarations of variable bddproduced
1033032 buddy: reproducible-builds: Embedded build path and usrmerge paths in example Makefile patch
249483 cfortran: should support calls with more than 27 arguments wontfix
720193 cfortran: Passing of REAL return values is incorrect for PGI Fortran compiler with pgiFortran define upstream
973412 libdune-istl-dev: package should recommend libscotchparmetis-dev
976499 dune-pdelab: FTBFS: segfaults during tests bookworm, bullseye, ftbfs, sid
1023356 libdune-pdelab-dev: unsatisfiable dependency on libdune-common-2.7.0
921193 libmkl-rt: Octave returns wrong results when large arrays are multiplied wontfix
922931 intel-mkl does not set alternatives for non-multiarch blas/lapack in Stretch
961062 libmkl-rt: shouldn't dlopen wontfix
1021825 new upstream (2022.2.0)
1035479 intel-mkl: debian/watch should point to upstream changelog, not third party repository
1032096 jsurf-alggeo: Autopkgtest failure on armel
900905 lrslib FTCBFS: uses the build architecture compiler patch
1036679 magma: FTBFS with CUDA 12: error: 'csrsm2Info_t' does not name a type ftbfs, sid
998664 libntl43: undefined reference to `NTL::sub(NTL::ZZ&, NTL::ZZ const&, long)
1001578 Missing egg-info folder

Done bugs

1033878 python3-brial: Missing runtime dependency
1034443 python3-brial: uninstallable on arcitectures where sagemath is unavailable, breaks building of singular
1031278 buddy: Contains non-source file
999390 code-saturne: bashism in configure script ftbfs
976916 dune-functions: FTBFS on ppc64el (arch:all-only src pkg): Dune reported error: Dune::Exception [testScalarBasisConst:/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/dune/functions/functionspacebases/test/]: Error: integral value is wrong! bookworm, bullseye, ftbfs, sid
976552 dune-localfunctions: FTBFS on arm64,ppc64el (arch:all-only src pkg): tests failed bookworm, bullseye, ftbfs, sid
1036071 libgsl27: please add Breaks: libgsl25 for smoother opgrades from bullseye patch
1026912 hypre: autopkgtest regularly timeouts on armhf
1018074 libflame: flaky autopkgtest on s390x: test_concatenate_int32_overflow Killed
1019525 libflame: flaky autopkgtest: numpy-with-libflame times out
960766 suitesparse: build docs arch-indep only
848770 trilinos: test failure with openmpi 2.0.2~ bullseye, buster, sid, stretch
868523 FTBFS: test failed 617 ML_MLP_NonSym_MPI_4, 668 Phalanx_dag_manager_MPI_1 bullseye, buster, sid
1031964 libtrilinos-{globi,opti}pack-{13.2,dev} are empty
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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