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Bugs of task nanoscale-physics-dev
Total bugs: 110
Open bugs: 90
Fixed bugs: 20
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wishlist 9 3

Summary bugs page of task Nanoscale physics development

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (828)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

2 serious, 21 important, 46 normal, 4 minor, 9 wishlist
988798 abinit-doc: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/abinit/html/ -> guide/
978503 etsf-io: uscan fails due to gone download page
942359 Please provide libfftw3-long3 on all platforms
948086 package fftw3 does not install cmake config files
878349 gpyfft: FTBFS on non-Linux: CLFFT_INCL_DIRS is not defined upstream
716005 [Mayhem] Bug report on gsl-bin: gsl-histogram crashes with exit status 139
815100 /usr/share/doc/libgsl2/copyright: Small mistakes in the copyright file
822332 libgsl2: typo in package description
862259 libgsl-dev is not Multi-Arch compatible
913539 typo in gsl-randist(1)
960185 libgsl-dev: fails to converge on beta inv for some values
960514 libgsl25: obsolete conflicts/replaces
960515 libgsl25: strict dependency on libgslcblas0 prevents co-installability of different libgslXX versions
987651 install the examples in libgsl-dev
993324 libgsl25: ABI breakage: removed symbol gsl_linalg_QR_TR_decomp
638753 libhdf5-serial-1.8.7: threadsafe memory leaks moreinfo
715959 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: gif2h5 crashes with exit status 139
716008 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5copy crashes with exit status 139
716010 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5diff crashes with exit status 139
716011 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5dump crashes with exit status 139
716012 [Mayhem] Bug report on hdf5-tools: h5import crashes with exit status 139
740613 libhdf5-7: Please include support for compression with libaec
748587 Duplicate and conflicting definitions of variable FILENAME upstream
839784 libhdf5-dev: pkg-config file references ONLY the C library
915807 hdf5: CVE-2017-17507 security, upstream
958174 hdf5: please add the hdf5plugins
968559 libhdf5-openmpi-dev: hdf5-mpi.pc alternative sometimes goes missing moreinfo
972537 please add --enable-ros3-vfd to the build options to allow RO access to HDF5 on S3
354463 Undefined symbols/changed size between lapack and blas
694625 libblas3gf: DGEMV does not handle properly N=0
774640 liblapack3: SVD throws error -4 in 3.5.0-4 while it runs with version 3.4.1. confirmed, upstream
31779 mpich: Clustering multiple CPU archs is not supported
208431 mpich: 2>GB file handling on NFS
215528 mpich: mpirun fails with rsh-redone-client
301551 mpirun is inconvenient on OpenMosix clusters
446883 Compatibility with SLURM
498213 libmpich1.0gf: SIGSEV in MPI_Bcast when the size of the array is>40000
512142 [mpich-bin] tstmachines doesn't handle spaces in path patch
530144 mpich-bin: bashism in /bin/sh script
530145 mpich-mpd-bin: bashism in /bin/sh script
530146 mpich-shmem-bin: bashism in /bin/sh script
561967 Missing header file path in using gfortran
573449 mpich-mpd-bin: /usr/bin/tstmachines.mpich-mpd is a dangling
576276 mpich-bin: No way to force using ssh instead of rsh patch
581172 mpich-shmem-bin: Missing dependency on gawk (for cleanipcs script)
624349 libmpich2-dev: Activates debugging compiler option -g
666071 mpich2: In this version of mpich2, the mpd daemon (and other utilities) are missing.
715286 mpich: maintainer scripts assume #DEBHELPER# only sometimes does something
791676 libmpich-dev: mpicc adds compiler specific flags and fails for older gcc versions
912901 mpich: FTBFS on hppa - testsuite timeout
922848 mpich FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
978867 mpich: ftbfs with autoconf 2.70 bookworm, sid
980943 mpich: mpirun segfaults on s390x
984242 mpich: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, patch, sid
987716 mpich: Missing many manpages
989360 netcdf: Multiple security issues in ezxml security
524553 openmpi-bin: mpiexec seems to be resolving names on server instead of each node confirmed, upstream
551708 openmpi-bin: Please add support to build with alternative compilers confirmed
576238 libopenmpi-dev: Cannot compile static application confirmed
584699 programs freeze on first MPI op. when run on multihomed IPv6 hosts confirmed, help, upstream
598553 Add support for blocking progress confirmed, help, upstream
732160 openmpi-common: Valgrind suppression file incomplete confirmed, upstream
782578 openmpi: Enable memchecker at least in a variant?
839387 libopenmpi2: Programs crash if run under fakeroot
849974 openmpi: not enough slots available
851918 openmpi: MPI_Comm_dup error on s390x, ppc64, sparc64 builds of mpgrafic - maybe from openmpi
910251 libopenmpi3 3.1.2-5 Introduces 15s Delay and hfi_wait_for_device Messages
919335 mpifort (3.1.3-9) infinite loop on hurd reading from stdin
922849 openmpi FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
930243 libopenmpi3: Illegal instruction on amd64 CPU without AVX support
945273 opempi warning on stderr causes autopkg test errors in dependent packages bookworm, bullseye, sid
954436 openmpi segfault on the stretch(oldstable) distrib
954997 mpirun: reading from stdin more than 64k cause crashes
961108 openmpi: providing 64-bit MPI
983600 libopenmpi-dev: Can not install with multi-arch
966040 pyfai: Uses old name of sip module
920257 python3-fabio: program fails with Nexus data from Diamond Light Source
836073 root-plugin-math-minuit2: missing symlink for ROOT librariesroot-plugin-math-minuit2: missing symlink for ROOT libraries
839091 libroot-math-mathmore5.34: Please rebuild against newer GSL (libgsl2 2.2.1+dfsg-1)
844027 libroot-io-dev: Missing TXMLEngine.h header file from /usr/include/root/
961186 scalapack: provide a 64-bit build
scalapack-doc (1) Homepage: Not maintained in Vcs Debian QA Group
965810 scalapack-doc: Removal of obsolete debhelper compat 5 and 6 in bookworm

Open bugs in suggested packages

2 serious, 2 normal, 1 minor, 3 wishlist
563225 gsl-doc-info: "info gsl" does not go to info pages
749076 What about changing gsl-doc-pdf to gsl-ref-pdf ?
767091 gsl-doc-info: documentation is free since 1.16
926568 gsl-doc: does this package need to be updated to match gsl 2.5?
941531 gsl-doc: build-depend on texlive-plain-generic, not obsolete texlive-generic-recommended bookworm, bullseye, patch, sid
984638 could you backport h5py
994302 h5py: Removal of the python3-*-dbg packages in sid/bookworm bookworm, sid
994617 h5py: please be more forgiving about mismatching HDF5 versions

Done bugs

994298 cbflib: Removal of the python3-*-dbg packages in sid/bookworm bookworm, sid
992926 cod-tools: autopkgtest regression on 32bit confirmed, upstream
994300 gpyfft: Removal of the python3-*-dbg packages in sid/bookworm bookworm, sid
960655 install the lzf_plugin in the system hdf5 plugin directory
992068 libhdf5-mpich-dev: please bump libmpich-dev dependency to (>= 3.3-3~) patch
985394 mpich: broken symlinks: /usr/share/man/man1/{{mpirun,mpif90}.mpich,mpiexec.hydra}.1.gz -> {mpiexec,mpifort}.mpich.1.gz
992065 mpich: libhdf5-mpich-dev upgrade problems if libmpich1.0-dev is still installed
945120 libopenmpi-dev: Sid upgrade to libopenmpi-dev 4.0.2-2 has issues in setup step
975995 debian/rules has two override_dh_installdocs sections, and the stage1 profile is broken
978878 openmpi: ftbfs with autoconf 2.70 bookworm, sid
979041 libopempi3: aborts python code due to libfabric fork() issues
979877 openmpi FTBFS on architecture without java or stage1 ftbfs
984956 openmpi-bin: with mpirun --host <remote>: orte crashes with FORCE-TERMINATE [...] plm_base_launch_support.c
989111 libopenmpi-dev: broken symlinks: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/openmpi/lib/libmca_common_{ofi,ompio}.so
989694 openmpi: Enable IPv6 support
990254 openmpi: reproducible builds: Embeds build username and hostname in binaries patch
993038 Duplicate file
993041 libopenmpi3: Overwriting file which is also in package libopenmpi-dev
994327 pyfai: Removal of the python3-*-dbg packages in sid/bookworm bookworm, sid
994353 python-fabio: Removal of the python3-*-dbg packages in sid/bookworm bookworm, sid
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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