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Bugs of task robotics
Total bugs: 108
Open bugs: 104
Fixed bugs: 4
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minor 2 10
wishlist 5 19

Summary bugs page of task Robotics

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (399)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

1 serious, 8 important, 4 normal, 2 minor, 5 wishlist
1048840 jskeus: Fails to build source after successful build ftbfs, sid, trixie
1069313 FTBFS: implicit declaration of function ‘jpeg_memio_dest’; did you mean ‘jpeg_mem_dest’? ftbfs, sid, trixie
599197 gnome-orca: Bad display of orca's preferences menu when started with non-utf8 locale a11y, fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
613086 gnome-orca: Bad display of orca's preferences menu when started with non-utf8 locale a11y, fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
678521 gnome-orca: orca and speakup crash when orca is started a11y
706548 gnome-orca: No speech in login screen a11y
757636 gnome-orca: Create a binding to speak the character where is the focus on a11y, upstream
758433 Writer: speak the footnotes a11y, upstream
758434 Writer: Reading comments and modifications log a11y, upstream
758437 Writer: speaking the formatting changes a11y, fixed-upstream, upstream
826542 gnome-orca: DM wrapper not removed when deinstalling package
859262 gnome-orca: Gets stuck if target app is busy a11y, fixed-upstream, moreinfo
864837 screenreader stops speaking a11y
910746 orca: Support configuration migration a11y, fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
914122 orca: Supporting reading from a given point? a11y, upstream
919411 orca: CapsLock isn't disabled though being used as Orca modifier a11y
919417 orca: Orca reads character by character when holding navigation keys pressed a11y, moreinfo
933038 Orca causes shutdown process to hang
1024479 orca: Keyboard layout is always US when in laptop layout and X is invoked manually withs startx
1045190 ros-collada-urdf: Fails to build source after successful build ftbfs, sid, trixie

Open bugs in suggested packages

16 important, 39 normal, 10 minor, 19 wishlist
1043766 arduino-ctags: Fails to build source after successful build ftbfs, sid, trixie
856870 arduino-mk: Wrong directory (/usr/etc) used for avrdude config
906140 arduino-mk: not compatible with ccache
949769 the examples need to be modified to work patch
1019578 arduino-mk: should not depend on arduino
1050302 libcoin80c v4.0.0+ds-5 makes Freecad crash
222883 gnuplot: load files and history upstream
227645 Document how to plot compressed file fixed-upstream, patch, upstream
248426 set terminal pdf doesn't work fixed-upstream
273002 Can not type non-ascii characters fixed-upstream, upstream
273245 gnuplot prevents additional axes in too many cases upstream
305501 gnuplot: home/end keys don't work
404270 gnuplot: license violation
445811 gnuplot: default y2axis labels have different offset than y1axis labels (postscript) upstream
479445 gnuplot: wrong line numbers for missing files reported during replot fixed-upstream, upstream
540406 the wxt driver deserves its own package patch
544666 completion works on filesystem object instead of gnuplot's commands upstream, wontfix
596870 gnuplot: Can not type non-ascii characters fixed-upstream, upstream
663211 gnuplot: Introduce arbitrary scaling for the (y) axis, broken bar charts
681646 gnuplot: somtimes forgets previous command (can't see it in history either)
705896 gnuplot-x11: gnuplot -persist core-dump without X11 DISPLAY moreinfo, unreproducible
711139 gnuplot-qt: the grid doesn't work with the 'qt' terminal in -persist state fixed-upstream
711141 gnuplot-qt: zooming doesn't work with the 'qt' terminal in -persist state fixed-upstream
711142 zooming in a gnuplot terminal yields blank contents when there should be a part of a segment fixed-upstream
720403 PDF and PS terminal output compress the second (and later) page(s) if text rotation is used
741074 gnuplot-nox: By default no plots (or error messages) are generated fixed-upstream
743014 unwanted space in gnuplot tab autocomplete
743247 gnuplot: Running load destroys arguments from call fixed-upstream, upstream
748400 gnuplot: Buffer overflow in epslatex terminal fixed-upstream, upstream
748966 Excess argument in call to function int_error fixed-upstream, upstream
750636 gnuplot doesn't work if $GNUTERM contains an unsupported terminal
755900 has multiple copies of some nodes!
755903 Have to invoke gnuplot with two copies of same input file
757906 Dependency solution problems currently with gnuplog
761470 gnuplot-qt: please provide a desktop file and icons
762006 gnuplot-x11: incorrect tic positions with y2tics
764751 gnuplot-tex: Post-install scripts should run texhash
770189 gnuplot-qt error
834396 gnuplot-x11: assertion failure rotating splot with mouse
837869 gnuplot: autoscale on y axis buggy with smooth kdensity
841137 gnuplot5-qt: double free or corruption
844484 gnuplot-qt: "Warning: slow font initialization" + graph not displayed in the window
847995 gnuplot: segfault on plot, with wxt, and "Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions"
859206 gnuplot: Recompile with more parallel axes
868594 gnuplot: Link against GNU readline to insert non-ascii interactively
880450 gnuplot: bad right margin when xtics label are rotated and aligned
880999 gnuplot: Segfault with false formatted command input
884538 gnuplot-qt: corrupted double-linked list
901614 gnuplot: clipped line segments disappear
905102 gnuplot-doc: gnuplot.pdf does not have images
909649 gnuplot: out of range data in tikz terminal when scaling y with two decimals fixed-upstream
914705 gnuplot: set title ... boxed is undocumented
914709 gnuplot: Mouse coordinates makes little sense in multiplot mode in wxt terminal
914713 gnuplot: set errorbars fullwidth breaks normal plots that use yerrorlines
942570 gnuplot: plot not updated with wxt/gtk3/gnome-shell/wayland
951406 gnuplot: "-" and two 'using' doesn't work in plot/splot
985248 gnuplot: format string bug in PS_load_fontfile()
989028 missing terminal types patch, upstream
989029 gnuplot-doc: spurious menu at the end of Section 4 of breaks navigation in info patch, upstream
991686 gnuplot: invalid utf8 input via terminal
1019249 gnuplot-qt: 5.4.4 uninstallable
1024630 gnuplot should not build-depend on emacs-nox only
1027303 gnuplot-doc: The Info manual contains a spurious Texinfo comment "@c <3 [...]" patch, upstream
1064982 with GNUTERM=wxt, "gnuplot -persist" hangs if gnuplot cannot draw before stdin is closed, e.g. with FVWM's ManualPlacement
565216 octave: add support for loading HDF5 created outside Octave fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
598059 octave3.2: axis equal/square incorrect for gnuplot 4.4 fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
675509 octave: FLTK graphics backend not compatible with --no-line-editing option upstream, wontfix
741097 octave: nox package of Octave
783624 octave: Bad plotted data against time with long arrays confirmed, upstream
913638 Please, Depends: info-browser | info wontfix
921207 octave: gives wrong results when used with MKL
933300 liboctave-dev should not depend on a toolchain wontfix
954858 octave: GL warning 1.3 not suported
978029 octave: unable to load appropriate font
998842 octave: inv() causes segfault if io package pre-loaded
1061644 octave-dev: The package should include an fragment pointing to the shared libraries confirmed
1071613 octave-dev: Inconsistent behavior of %!error and mexErrMsgIdAndTxt on different architectures fixed-upstream, upstream
1036483 ompl: please add autopkgtests (to add coverage for python3-matplotlib)
1045703 ompl: Fails to build source after successful build ftbfs, sid, trixie
979306 QVTKOpenGLWidget.h: No such file or directory
983620 python3-vedo: Segfault rendering example files
1016549 python3-vtk9: disturbed access of vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow
1035426 libvtk9-dev ships uncompilable headers
1050506 vtk9: shipped FindEXPAT.cmake is broken with CMake 3.27+ ftbfs

Done bugs

966378 gazebo: exits with code 255 attempting to create a joint in model
1004795 gazebo: FTBFS with ffmpeg 5.0 fixed-upstream, ftbfs
1011657 gazebo ftbfs: missing symbol from libtiff*
1029285 vtk9: build the IO/GeoJSON module
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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