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Bugs of task meteorology-dev
Total bugs: 192
Open bugs: 180
Fixed bugs: 12
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normal 18 72
minor 11 9
wishlist 5 28

Summary bugs page of task Meteorology-dev

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (795)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

2 serious, 14 important, 18 normal, 11 minor, 5 wishlist
531689 Please add documentation
813184 cdo: Depends on non-existing packages
922748 cdo FTBFS with flang compiler
922749 cmor FTBFS with the flang fortran compiler
531693 Include docs
793955 emoslib FTBFS on multiple architectures, test failures.
922610 emoslib FTBFS with flang compiler
143910 soname problems: sfs-lib package name without soname
408018 fftw2 should split MPI libraries into a separate package
577481 fftw-docs: tests in "examples" subdir fail many tests
800653 fftw: Using embedded code copy of texi2html leads to unreproducibility patch
942359 Please provide libfftw3-long3 on all platforms
948086 package fftw3 does not install cmake config files
977942 g2clib FTCBFS: multiple reasons patch
878349 gpyfft: FTBFS on non-Linux: CLFFT_INCL_DIRS is not defined upstream
922829 hdf-eos4 FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
922830 hdf-eos5 FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
354463 Undefined symbols/changed size between lapack and blas
694625 libblas3gf: DGEMV does not handle properly N=0
774640 liblapack3: SVD throws error -4 in 3.5.0-4 while it runs with version 3.4.1. confirmed, upstream
994670 libdap-dev: dap-config broken for foreign architectures
742219 librsl: fails to build with clang instead of gcc patch
749401 librsl: Inconsistent (and wrong) declarations of yywrap
893023 librsl FTBFS with flex 2.6.4-6 ftbfs
930092 librsl FTCBFS: abuses AC_CHECK_FILE patch, upstream
958188 librsl: upstream link (also deprecated Debian CVS note) newer version 1.50
540780 Supply versioned symbols for libterralib library
914033 libterralib FTCBFS: runs qmake for the build architecture patch
792824 libmagics++-dev: arch-dependent files in "Multi-Arch: same" package
922840 magics++ FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
983236 magics++: FTBFS with PROJ 8.0.0 ftbfs, patch, upstream
984223 magics++: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
820683 ncl: Conflicting declarations of variable ColorErr
855280 ncl-ncarg: cannot install ncl-ncarg from jessie-backports d-i
922850 ncl FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
983253 ncl: FTBFS with PROJ 8.0.0 ftbfs, upstream
991725 libncarg-dev: missing pkg-config requirements 'hdf' and 'hdf-eos'
989360 netcdf: Multiple security issues in ezxml security
922851 oasis3 FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
984264 oasis3: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
878704 open-coarrays: FTBFS on powerpc: get_array test times out upstream
922852 open-coarrays FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
790327 openturns: FTBFS on mipsel "package requires more than 1GB RAM; do not build on mips/mipsel. Stop." ftbfs, patch, wontfix
948602 openturns-examples has a hard-coded dependency on python bookworm, bullseye, experimental, sid
974476 python-ulmo: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
844309 spherepack: merge double precision version of spherepack from ncl into this package
922858 spherepack FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
837666 udunits: license change
986457 libudunits2-dev: broken symlinks: /usr/share/doc/libudunits2-dev/xml/udunits/udunits2*.xml -> ../../udunits/udunits2*.xml
861451 wreport: does not compile on kfreebsd and hurd (but did so in the past)

Open bugs in suggested packages

21 important, 72 normal, 9 minor, 28 wishlist
33975 [PR c++/6905] Suggested g++ warning: changed semantics of conditional expressions upstream, wontfix
55298 [PR c/3481, partly fixed in 3.2] function attributes should apply to function pointers too upstream
75269 [known limitation] Mangling in ObjC class and protocol names upstream, wontfix
75773 [PR optimization/3507]: appalling optimisation with sub/cmp on i386 upstream
107123 [PR optimization/3507, optimization/3996] Non-optimal code upstream
117563 [known upstream] g++: keyword "export" ignored upstream
122103 [PR other/9071] Warning for blocks not closed in same file as opened in upstream
123468 [PR c/6906] warn about asserts with side effects upstream
159838 [PR c/7853] gcc reports multiple symbol definitions on the wrong line upstream
173513 [PR optimization/9079] Inline constant function pointers fixed-upstream, upstream
195468 g++ fails to recognize illformedness of certain initializers upstream
204687 [PR 11877] gcc should use xor trick with -Os fixed-upstream, upstream
211586 [PR 13071] no way to exclude backward C++ headers from include path upstream
221291 [IA64] `asm' operand requires impossible reload upstream
222497 [PR 13947] ptr_fun doesn't recognise argument fixed-upstream, upstream
233673 [PR 14708] description of -ffloat-store in gcc man page incorrect/inaccurate upstream
273264 Lacking documentation of mixing dynamic and static linking
337340 [PR28319] sentinel attribute should support non-NULL sentinels upstream
352790 [PR28315] gcc doesn't use locale for default input charset upstream, wontfix
352920 cpp: Please undeprecate -I-
354700 [PR28321] gcc 4 does not notice C syntax error upstream
358050 line number in extra qualification error not ideal (end of declaration) fixed-upstream, upstream
365123 [PR 27453] gcov opens files with O_RDWR upstream, wontfix
382746 powerpc libgcc writes code to the stack upstream
386174 [PR29227] gcc sometimes doesn't recognize uninitialized variables upstream
405791 gcc-defaults: Please provide gcc-locales metapackage
425623 [PR34941] gcc: Option to warn on printf of ptrdiff_t without t size modifier
426809 [PR34942] -frepo only works with C locale fixed-upstream, upstream
428559 collect2 ENOSPC => exit status 1 with no stderr output upstream
428814 [powerpc] error: initializer element is not constant upstream
438641 gcc does not permit mixing -shared and -static objects when linking (or: please pass -static-libgcc automatically)
438816 gcc-multilib: Please provide target-gcc binary for the multilib architecture
471258 maildrop: Maildrop hangs indefinitely on arm when compiled with optimizations moreinfo
501560 [gfortran] Documentation lacks information about how to compile a module upstream, wontfix
503204 gcc-4.1: erroneously emits warning on C99-required #pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS upstream
533124 c99-gcc -I breaks POSIX conformance
551637 gfortran: GPREL16 error when linking fortran and C code moreinfo
552314 gcc produces invalid mips branch instructions
558728 [PR42550, fixed in 4.5] gfortran: Unable to give initial value fixed-upstream, upstream, wontfix
576945 unaligned relocations on armel when compiling without -g
588951 gcj-jre-headless: menus missing in Swing applications
591259 gcc-4.4 cannot compile kernel properly
605593 synaptic gfortran versioning wrong in lenny and sid
606333 [ia64] internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
608923 GCC 4.4 fails when dynamic_cast are used with dlopen/dlsym
612545 ICE (Bus error) building InsightToolKit on kfreebsd-amd64
627370 gcc-4.4 (Compilation does not occur properly due to some error)
657962 gcc-defaults: Add gcc-plugin-dev?
669297 gcc-defaults: defcheckout fails
669417 cpp: debcheckout fails
683447 gcc-defaults: provide fully qualified compiler names for dpkg multi-arch cross
693173 gcc-mingw32: float comparison fails assertion only with -std=c99
714521 base: (GCC|G++|something else in the toolchain) produces segfaulting code
714730 gfortran: binNMU is needed for all packages which contains Fortran90 .mod file when upgrading default version help
715262 Spurious -Warray-bounds warning
715271 Preprocessor handles _Pragma badly
717051 gcj-jdk: number of processors reported by Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors() is incorrect
719015 Double rounding bug in the conversion from decimal string to single precision floating point literals.
729611 GCC 4.8 -Wconversion raises false positive on shift operation
731060 gcc-defaults: Please move symlink of /usr/include/asm from 'gcc-multilib' to 'gcc' package wontfix
738834 gcc-4.7-arm-linux-gnueabi can't be installed due to unmet dependencies
751024 g++ 4.7.3 - Internal compiler error
756120 gcc-defaults: Please provide libstdc++-doc metapackage
763718 gcc-defaults is not binNMU-safe
770423 More GCC multiarch/cross
774623 Suspected bug in function printf()
780718 return in ?:-operator with function calls is incorrectly optimized
783328 gdc: Phobos D standard library not available on PowerPC
784681 g++ fails to build preprocessed code in mednafen
798149 Compilation with the -O2 flag on i386 can lead to stuck exec
804561 GCC can't compile a program using RDSEED intrinsics buster, jessie, sid
805422 ARM64 (AARCH64): Compiler accepts -fsanitize=undefined, without warning, but fails to link with "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lubsan" upstream
807491 gdc: -fmake-deps misses transitive dependencies
808728 gdc: Enable -Wdeprecated with -Wall or -Wextra
818996 Please enable -Wabi-tag warning for C++ programs
820831 gcc miscompiling memcpy
827243 [armhf] Miscompiles with -O2, throws deque::_M_new_elements_at_back
850892 gcc should not warn about the assignment-allocation character 'm' when POSIX is enabled upstream
858798 Wrong debug line numbers from g++ with varargs function
860117 gcc-defaults: gdc<cross-triplet>: unhandled directory to symlink conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE
872054 gcc-multilib: installation of gcc-X-multilib should not yield the installation of the default gcc
872891 gcc-multilib conflicts with GCC cross toolchains wontfix
874545 gfortran: when compiled with -fopenmp -O0, application generates a SIGSEGV
886638 gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu: wrong symbol address
889821 [gcc] gcc 7 and 8 error message on restrict-qualified parameter refers to wrong parameter
901943 gfortran aborts with internal compiler error: segmentation fault fixed-upstream, upstream
905266 gfortran: Write and read arrays in unformatted files do not work properly moreinfo
920582 gcc -v --help prints some output to stderr, not just stdout
958544 arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc does not use glibc in specified sysroot
958546 arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc ignores glibc in sysroot
959966 gdc -flto doesn't accept void main() signature.
977797 provide gcc-source metapackage
978947 gcc-defaults: please upload gcc-defaults/experimental (for gcc-11)
980277 gcc: c99(1) provided by c99-gcc(1) isn't conforming to POSIX
982414 gcc-defaults should provide a libgccjit-dev package
985837 document in README.source how README.Debian is generated from README.Debian.m4
989685 add gcc-for-host
159090 acct: "lastcomm -f -" broken upstream, wontfix
378809 please consider building a sfio package wontfix
597776 ksh: issues with colour prompt
721986 ksh: Command history file corrupted when starting multiple ksh
728225 Significant memory leak in ksh moreinfo, unreproducible
733631 ksh: octal support in arithmetic evaluation breaks ksh compatibility wontfix
736410 ksh killed by SIGSEGV due to overflow in subshell loop confirmed
742803 in vi-mode using <esc>= on an empty line lists from /dev confirmed
803615 ksh: builtin -l lists nonexistent builtins
807011 ksh: Conditional variable expansion problem in while loop
821806 ksh does not export symbols to loaded "built-in" modules upstream
831871 ksh: less in function broken when ksh93 is an interactive shell
862326 ksh: 'set -m' is broken in non-interactive shells: ksh stops after each external command fixed-upstream
864632 ksh package does not include libraries needed to load "loadable built-ins"
879464 ksh: buffer overflow in sh_syntax()
894802 ksh: parsing of floating-point constants is broken in locales where the decimal point is not "."
908227 ksh: the status of the options should not depend on $VISUAL
919070 ksh: fails to add /bin/ksh to /etc/shells
940989 ksh: KEYBD trap with undefined associative-array elements kills shell
965072 ksh93: posix_spawn-related exec format error
973669 ksh: ignores tracked aliases during execution upstream
990264 ksh: output error is not checked for some builtins
622931 Possibility to express linking modes help
665806 pkg-config: please exit with non-zero exit code if requested variable doesn't exist
749048 pkg-config: Use /usr/lib/pkgconfig in cross-builds on Ubuntu patch
751899 [pkg-config] Allow bootstrapping with the bundled glib patch
751922 [pkg-config] Modify the control file for bootstrapping with the bundled glib patch
752869 pkg-config: Please make --variable=flags --libs act like `--cflags --libs`
771837 pkg-config: typo in pkg.m4: "occurence"
824774 pkg-config: please support DPKG_ROOT in dpkghook script patch
967969 pkg-config-crosswrapper wrongly asks to install dpkg-dev even if installed already patch
984504 pkg-config: "pkg-config --cflags" incorrectly omits -I flags
992620 pkg-config: stores different system library paths if built with/without merged-/usr patch

Done bugs

974446 cdo: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
978780 cdo: ftbfs with autoconf 2.70 bookworm, sid
984046 emoslib: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
984957 libgadap-dev: bash-completion script installed to wrong location patch
992964 gadap: FTBFS due to RPC removal from glibc bookworm, ftbfs, patch, sid
994300 gpyfft: Removal of the python3-*-dbg packages in sid/bookworm bookworm, sid
972411 /bin/ksh93: ksh: ksh93 -c 'kill %-4' crashes with segfault
993016 libdap: Includes rpc/types.h which is no longer provided by libc6-dev bookworm, ftbfs, patch, sid, upstream
984251 ncl: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
993992 ncl: FTBFS on i386, mipsel, mips64el ftbfs
937214 openturns: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, experimental, sid
966768 openturns: Unversioned Python removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, experimental, sid
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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