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Bugs of task presentation
Total bugs: 82
Open bugs: 80
Fixed bugs: 2
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Summary bugs page of task Presentation

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (630)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

20 important, 33 normal, 11 minor, 16 wishlist
816081 dspdfviewer: FTBFS on big-endian architectures (testsuite): 4287168392 != 4294936831 help, upstream
640406 Option to advance two slides at a time
854266 pdf-presenter-console: real fullscreen sometimes requires a trick fixed-upstream
855525 movie areas are not clickable in the audience screen
860124 pdf-presenter-console: dual-screen setup not working, both fullscreen views on same monitor
894548 pdf-presenter-console: Toggle pointer and drawing mode do not work
981018 pdf-presenter-console: LaTeX demo is not distributed and cannot be composed
170477 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
181444 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
184072 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
184086 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
189616 jadetex: Japanese JadeTeX
234884 Cannot generate PDF when callouts are used
310148 xmlto: pdf output fails with LaTeX errors
345637 xmltex: behaves as if --force-confold had been given
427443 provide a documentation index (like tetex had)
444084 tex4ht: you-on gets extra space moreinfo
450941 texlive-fonts-extra: cannot use mathtime/belleek
468225 pdfjam: pdfnup does not use /etc/papersize moreinfo
536380 HTML mode is spewing some XML
536393 HTML mode is specifing image sizes in points, in violation of HTML standard (and sanity)
537284 Ligature fi becoming ø in avant garde
550381 tex4ht: Creates invalid html document
554637 tex4ht: Leaves intermediate files wontfix
554998 Glitches when using hyperref and math mode
554999 tex4ht: mk4ht should fail when it encounters errors
572226 tex4ht: Incorrect output for align, eqnarray, inline longrightarrow
596703 texlive-publishers has dependencies on files texlive-bibtex-extra but doesn't even recommend it
604054 if hyperref is loaded before glossaries then text size is adapted wrongly
615596 tex4ht: mk4ht dblatex file.tex fails with xtpipes error fixed-upstream, patch, pending, upstream
635834 texlive-latex-extra: dependency problem: fancytooltips requires acrotex which is not packaged wontfix
637127 biblatex: Version 1.6-1 breaks "refsection=part" functionality
659772 landscape sciposter + hyperref + latex + dvips = center-mirrored image
670040 pdfannotextractor & pax do not work at all patch
675869 make PDF smaller with version1.4
683163 xmlto fail to convert example docbook to PDF (LaTeX Error, missing \item?)
697728 pdfjam: No --no-landscape with --nup possible
742276 pdfannotextractor & pax do not work at all patch
744309 FTBFS Please rebuilt from source flash file
764122 MnSymbol and new[tp]x shouldn't be in the texlive-fonts-extra ghetto
767872 tex4ht: htlatex fails without non-zero exit status
772378 texlive-latex-extra-doc: bashism in /bin/sh script
774942 texlive-latex-extra: package description has too many blank lines and is too long
792676 libpdfbox-java: fails to find org.pdfbox.cos.ICOSVisitor class patch
801505 texlive-latex-extra: complaint about weong file in dpkg trigger
807211 texlive-latex-extra: bug in cool.sty; dependency on texlive-fonts-extra
862966 texlive-fonts-extra: Missing yinitas.tfm which makes yfonts.sty unusable
866114 texlive-fonts-extra: Icon errors when installed alongside fonts-font-awesome moreinfo
877769 Q: files (.tex, .cls, Makefile, etc...) compressed to .gz (but seem should not)
877770 Q: Why -doc package depends on tex?
899413 texlive-latex-extra: beamerthemeAachen.sty is missing package tangocolors
916796 IEEEfull.bib: cannot be read in encoding 'utf8' by biber
917996 texlive-pstricks: gs gives undefined in --execute-- when using color.tex with pstricks on plain tex.
929558 texlive-fonts-extra: STIX2 fonts cannot called by their font names by xelatex & fontspec.sty
930850 texlive-latex-extra: Update listings macro separator
941823 tabu: cell background colours broken
947064 texlive-fonts-extra: fourier-orns.sty broken, docs using the Fourier font no longer compile
953072 texlive-fonts-extra: NotoColorEmoji.ttf is included in 3 Debian packages
953073 texlive-fonts-extra: TwemojiMozilla.ttf is included in 4 Debian packages
958562 texlive-extra-utils: missing man page for pdfcrop
974724 no useful documentation of pdfjam commands wontfix
987778 texlive-latex-extra: fails to declare dependency on libspreadsheet-parseexcel-perl
990360 texlive-publishers: update revtex to v4.2 fixed-upstream
990494 texlive-latex-extra: missing dependency on texlive-science for invoice.sty
992269 texlive-bibtex-extra: Missing beebe bst stiles like abstract.bst
997024 [greek]babel + cleveref + pagenumbering + label = ☇
733944 zathura: please implement a window-resize-open option upstream
733945 zathura: please implement a pages-prefetch option upstream
733946 zathura: is there a way to disable continuous view? upstream
733949 zathura: please implement a zoom to selection command upstream
755998 zathura: Won't open compressed files upstream
756020 zathura: search use lot's of memory upstream
799832 zathura: Internal links always go to the top of the target page
809391 zathura: please implement a way to split the window
811176 zathura: dashes missing in printed output, including previews
849282 zathura: please implement support for video playing in PDF document
872422 zathura: "current page / number of pages" hidden after selection
892894 zathura: Add file /usr/lib/mime/packages/zathura
909323 zathura: Blocks in full width mode.
941556 zathura: page count mismatch when more than one page fit the window

Open bugs in suggested packages

Done bugs

976080 pdfxup doesn't work anymore fixed-upstream
989621 texlive-latex-extra: incompatible regexpatch.sty version fixed-upstream, upstream
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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