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Bugs of task typesetting
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Open bugs: 282
Fixed bugs: 16
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Summary bugs page of task Typesetting

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (1977)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

6 serious, 36 important, 127 normal, 31 minor, 75 wishlist
172237 auctex: cjk-latex should be supported by default upstream
295730 auctex: Generated style files shadow upstream-provided versions confirmed, upstream
346389 auctex: please don't clobber texinfo-mode by default wontfix
378577 Should installation cater for home-made emacsen flavors?
409795 auctex: should recommend xpdf | pdf-viewer ; and possibly use evince or other pdf viewers as fallback confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
624735 Displays \it with an italic '\' confirmed, upstream, wontfix
639370 [auctex] Please install flyspell-babel wontfix
771788 auctex: unable to install on wheezy-backports
921328 auctex: please generate and install auto-loads.el (upstream Makefile target)
990300 auctex: reproducible builds: Embedded timestamps in .el files confirmed, patch, pending
1016230 auctex: FTBFS: ! LaTeX Error: File `hypdoc.sty' not found. bookworm, ftbfs, pending, sid
704527 biber: Character "(" not allowed in key although valid in BiBTeX moreinfo, upstream, wontfix
148876 dia: Automatic layout of diagram by use of graphviz. fixed-upstream, upstream
226981 no support for EER diagrams fixed-upstream, upstream
274831 shapes in ~/.dia should override global ones fixed-upstream, upstream
292326 Old drawings incorrectly rendered when opened by a newer version of Dia upstream, wontfix
292329 Include the version of the producing program in data files fixed-upstream, upstream
294916 allow addition of connection points fixed-upstream, upstream
294917 allow temporary disabling of grid fixed-upstream, upstream
328108 allow to change the color for each line in UML diagrams fixed-upstream, upstream
328429 dia: Save the viewport of the window when saving the document fixed-upstream, upstream
405829 dia: Empty text objects should not be created fixed-upstream, upstream
405831 dia: Minimal visual feedback when adding connection point to line fixed-upstream, upstream
405832 dia: Mirroring and rotation operations would be nice. fixed-upstream, upstream
405833 dia: Dia cannot read this fig file. fixed-upstream, upstream
492400 should not use absolute Image paths (esp. SVG export) fixed-upstream
492401 should terminate on SIGINT (^C) confirmed, moreinfo, upstream, wontfix
497896 dia: incomplete uml to c++ code generation fixed-upstream
510249 dia: does not comply with xdg_config fixed-upstream, upstream
519721 dia: jigsaw pieces are different sizes (standardised height) fixed-upstream
601356 dia: Page orientation always Portrait when exporting to PDF fixed-upstream, upstream
623724 dia: can not import Plain SVG created with inkscape. Example attached. fixed-upstream, upstream
657158 dia-gnome: segfaults when exporting to a Dia shape file fixed-upstream, upstream
664049 dia: Can not active ibus input method in Dia fixed-upstream, upstream
698220 WARNING **: only first BezPoint can be a BEZ_MOVE_TO
715817 [Mayhem] Bug report on dia-gnome: dia-gnome crashes with exit status 139
715818 [Mayhem] Bug report on dia: dia-normal crashes with exit status 139
725150 dia-gnome reports error on startup. moreinfo
748034 Declarations of function prop_desc_list_find_prop differ in const-ness
748811 dia: Last page omitted from printing under certain conditions
775580 /usr/bin/dia-gnome-integrated: Rulers enabled causes cursor to "flicker" and sometimes dissapear unreproducible
781904 Export to png gets text width wrong
825245 cannot input anything in Text object unreproducible
885999 dia: Crash on trying to simple scale object fixed-upstream, patch
900060 Provide binary package containing CLI dia, without GUI dependencies
900521 [dia] The application hangs when "help()" is entered in the Python console upstream
947728 dia: Text objects disappear after setting angle to a nonzero value upstream
967312 dia: depends on deprecated GTK 2
1016234 feynmf: FTBFS: ! LaTeX Error: File `hypdoc.sty' not found. bookworm, ftbfs, sid
223861 transfig: include support for sml
300211 xfig: PGF export ?
1012150 gummi: Gummi segfaults
997972 haskell-pandoc-citeproc has been deprecated upstream
518450 impose moves pages incorrectly, parts cut off
1007692 impose+: please consider upgrading to 3.0 source format bookworm, sid
1012845 pdftoipe: Patch for compatibility with Poppler >22.03 patch
383441 does not respect xinerama heads moreinfo, upstream
443854 cannot paste into plain-text import window confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
445301 Other ideas for opening files fixed-upstream, upstream
877718 jabref: new upstream version 4.0
895440 jabref: [~Unable to connect to libreoffice confirmed, unreproducible
901378 jabref: wrong syntax after import of arxiv reference upstream
926537 jabref: depends on unirest-java
566801 jeuclid-cli does not work on simple example
876733 jeuclid: Unclear licensing
260642 please consider having latex -src as default upstream, wontfix
407019 Please implement "new view" to get >1 editor views on the same .tex document upstream
438628 kile freezes during startup unreproducible
567126 kile: syntax checking/highlighting slows down when typing large documents upstream
604559 kile: Parsing for creating structure is to slow upstream
645177 kile: mouse wheel and dynamic wrapping upstream
657936 Kile shouldn't need to depend on texlive
671519 kile: Files missing in the open file dialog upstream
707282 kile: French localization : wrong output when no error at compilation l10n, upstream
718423 [kile] Files and Projects view broken, with nested \input
728520 kile: Please, add -synctex=1 to LaTeX modern configuration
746552 kile: Consider not hardcoding Okular as PDF viewer
767413 kile[Regression] : "Configure Kile" is gone. Inverse search and forward pdf not working anymore upstream
822167 kile: Extremely slow startup
832749 kile: Freeze on close project when using virtualbox mounts
955007 kile: Kile can't replace the circumflex accent by it's Latex equivalent upstream
961972 kile: Kile crashes with "Segmentation fault" error moreinfo
550273 recognise \<space> as a valid command
550288 custom verbatim environment problems despite PICTUREENV
723127 latexdiff: MATHBLOCKflalign left due to unnecessary (but correct) double curly brackets
726313 latexdiff: Unmatched math environment in generated diff file. upstream, wontfix
856200 latexdiff: New upstream website
808839 Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.scilab.forge.jlatexmath.TeXFormula confirmed, moreinfo, upstream
198380 lyx: ASCII export puts signature in wrong place for letter template confirmed, upstream, wontfix
198381 lyx: footnotes laid out very poorly in ASCII export confirmed, upstream, wontfix
271233 lyx-qt: blank line in address causes letter failure confirmed, upstream
288842 latex-xft-fonts: Please use more sensible Menu-names wontfix
316906 lyx: Changing temp folder path causes change of default fonts. upstream
397463 lyx: should use current locale for defaut document language l10n, upstream
408865 Should be automatically generated from pfb source
457232 lyx: Fails to fully parse document for display. upstream
516017 lyx: undefined textcolor used with English / Hebrew documents fixed-upstream, upstream
516020 lyx: latex package hyperref seems to interfere with LyX's coding of mixed Hebrew / English documents upstream
611970 Please hide ttf-lyx from the font selector wontfix
637043 lyx: Program listing within Box with simple frame causes LaTeX error confirmed, upstream
724820 lyx: should be able to encode Unicode characters showing encircled alphanumerics like ⑨ⓘⓄ patch, upstream
730111 lyx: package should be dependent on rcs
758875 A few bugs from the very first usage in Italian upstream
767072 lyx: default papersize neglect /etc/papersize ? l10n
786698 lyx: No mandatory rcs check-in before closing Lyx
816173 lyx: Lyx failed to start if the $HOME/.lyx does not exist upstream
836329 fonts-lyx: bad fonts rendered with matplotlib
858535 lyx: Does not display ooint symbol confirmed, upstream
918504 lyx: `lyx --export latex ` outputs loads of errors [patch attached] upstream
923939 .uuid file persists
929909 dpkg: warning: while removing fonts-lyx, directory '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/lyx' not empty so not removed
935814 lyx unable produce pdf if the document path contains cyrillic symbols upstream
975678 lyx: Strict imagemagick policies render LyX unusable when working with vector graphics
980044 warning: while removing fonts-lyx, directory '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/lyx' not empty so not removed
981985 lyx: Frequently takes 100% CPU and hangs, sometimes until killed, sometimes just for seconds moreinfo, unreproducible
977179 mlpost: reproducible builds: Embeds build time in various binaries patch
977180 mlpost: reproducible builds: examples.tar.gz includes user, group and file mode patch
888468 pandoc: please support new YAML fields "front/back-notice" for LaTeX and HTML5 output patch, upstream
910280 pandoc: Please reduce the binary size wontfix
963128 pandoc: conversion from docbook: missing space between firstname and lastname confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
963129 pandoc: conversion from docbook: missing releaseinfo information confirmed, fixed-upstream, upstream
969475 pandoc: does not work with reveal.js 4.x
979124 pandoc: new upstream version
1011783 pandoc: FTBFS: make: *** [/usr/share/cdbs/1/class/ build-ghc-stamp] Error 25 ftbfs
220441 pybliographer: pybcheck breaks some string commands
236104 pybliographer: please don't close database when doing medline query
236162 pybliographer: Would be nice if pybliographer created BibTeX keys in long author-year format
437017 pybliographer: when saving, does not canonicalize order of entries
444080 pybliographer: sorry to bother again... 1.3.4 is out...
785394 pybliographer: Please remove redundant call to dh_scrollkeeper (in experimental)
817635 pybliographer: Removal of debhelper compat 4 ftbfs
1013380 pybtex-docutils: FTBFS with Sphinx 5.0, docutils 0.18: dh_auto_test: error: pybuild --test --test-pytest -i python{version} -p "3.9 3.10" returned exit code 13 ftbfs
934036 sketch: FTBFS in stretch (LaTeX error) confirmed, ftbfs
1013388 sphinxcontrib-bibtex: FTBFS with Sphinx 5.0, docutils 0.18: dh_auto_test: error: pybuild --test --test-pytest -i python{version} -p "3.9 3.10" returned exit code 13 ftbfs
35576 docbook-stylesheets: Rendering problem with program listings
216283 prosper: \date does not work with serpaggi wontfix
237382 prosper: Wrong handling of stated .eps file wontfix
276173 Please add a list of associated packages
302435 tetex-bin: dvips info error
327480 Please separate the .pfb files of Type1 fonts and make them available to X11
344790 hyperref: off by 1 error with pdf bookmarks and tocdepth
350992 TeX Policy and TeXLive packages disagree on TEXMFMAIN usage
366842 tetex-base: unclear license and origin situation of Base 35 PS fonts
368731 TeX Policy and TeXLive packages disagree on TEXMFMAIN usage
406530 tetex-base: unclear license and origin situation of Base 35 PS fonts
426283 prosper: 'p' as om 'page' is not translated l10n, wontfix
441287 texlive-latex-base: wish "man latex" mentioned the -help option
447406 Added ams and cm type1 fonts to grace
448100 texlive-base: Added ams fonts to be used by grace.
466403 texlive-latex-base: input encodings should work in math mode too
478594 latex-beamer: Please support email on title slide
478704 texlive-xetex: make OpenType fonts available to defoma
483215 texlive-latex-recommended: license status of extsizes is not documented in the upstream distribution upstream
498552 LaTeX package curve should be moved into texlive-latex-extra
511855 man page translated for latex.1 wontfix
526746 prosper: overlays stopped working properly after upgrade to Lenny wontfix
531681 texlive-base-bin: should recommend ghostscript-x
532815 latex-beamer: Please include the "beamerthemeprogressbar"
538103 latex-beamer: Wrong navigation bottun position when "show notes on second screen=bottom"
548825 texlive-latex-base: \pdfinfo with hyperref should not have undefined behavior upstream
548896 Please rename the texlive binary package to texlive-medium/minimal/whatever
564871 texlive-full: Please create a BD package
570376 texdoc barfs if BROWSER has multiple colon-separated commands fixed-upstream, pending
572688 texlive-latex-base: missing line when printing with xpdf or via pdftops (poppler-utils)
574605 latex-beamer: nested itemize yields variable vertical space between items of the same level
596699 /usr/share/texmf-texlive/scripts/tetex/ Texdoctk's Settings window higher than screen
596994 texlive-base: Sould suggest ghostscript-x instead of ghostscript.
598351 when compiling a document using lmodern w/ T1 encoding the tfm files from the EC fonts are read
611582 missing manpage for /usr/bin/pdfatfi
669351 Please provide a 'latex' package
678972 texlive-full: Old format files not deleted
683944 texlive: Please set TEXMFCNF by default
721626 texlive-base: .pfm files really needed?
836441 texlive-base: Please don't install useless texdoctk.desktop
852980 texlive-luatex: sbuild prevents luaotfload-tool to create a HOME cache directory
859118 texlive-base: does not handle colon-delimited BROWSER environment variable fixed-upstream, pending
872223 tex-common: fails to configure, fmtutils reports errors about missing files
873071 texlive-fonts-recommended: Please consider shipping fourier font
877862 Proposal: Split texlive-full to texlive-full-utils and texlive-full-docs
930292 texlive-luatex: lualatex uses huge memory for Noto CJK fonts l10n, upstream
940928 texlive-latex-recommended: File 'pgfcore.sty' not found during minimal example Beamer compile
985397 /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/tikzposter/tikzposter.cls: tikzposter.cls: licensed under non-existing version 2.0 of LPPL
986042 texlive-base: Post-installation script fails with exit status 1
992296 texlive-latex-recommended: index package warns that \markboth and \markright have changed fixed-upstream, patch, wontfix
1001090 latex-beamer: backport bugfix for bibliographies to Bullseye wontfix
1003126 texlive-latex-recommended: xcolor package doesn't respect /etc/papersize
1003449 texlive-base: Reproducible configuration file ls-R: sychronise both variants of mktexlsr patch
1003634 texlive-latex-base: \fontseries broken: seems to be cumulative until {m} or so?
170477 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
181444 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
184072 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
184086 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
189616 jadetex: Japanese JadeTeX
234884 Cannot generate PDF when callouts are used
310148 xmlto: pdf output fails with LaTeX errors
345637 xmltex: behaves as if --force-confold had been given
427443 provide a documentation index (like tetex had)
444084 tex4ht: you-on gets extra space moreinfo
450941 texlive-fonts-extra: cannot use mathtime/belleek
468225 pdfjam: pdfnup does not use /etc/papersize moreinfo
536380 HTML mode is spewing some XML wontfix
536393 HTML mode is specifing image sizes in points, in violation of HTML standard (and sanity)
537284 Ligature fi becoming ø in avant garde
554637 tex4ht: Leaves intermediate files wontfix
554998 Glitches when using hyperref and math mode
554999 tex4ht: mk4ht should fail when it encounters errors
572226 tex4ht: Incorrect output for align, eqnarray, inline longrightarrow
596703 texlive-publishers has dependencies on files texlive-bibtex-extra but doesn't even recommend it
604054 if hyperref is loaded before glossaries then text size is adapted wrongly
615596 tex4ht: mk4ht dblatex file.tex fails with xtpipes error fixed-upstream, patch, pending, upstream
635834 texlive-latex-extra: dependency problem: fancytooltips requires acrotex which is not packaged wontfix
659772 landscape sciposter + hyperref + latex + dvips = center-mirrored image
675869 make PDF smaller with version1.4
683163 xmlto fail to convert example docbook to PDF (LaTeX Error, missing \item?)
744309 FTBFS Please rebuilt from source flash file
764122 MnSymbol and new[tp]x shouldn't be in the texlive-fonts-extra ghetto
767872 tex4ht: htlatex fails without non-zero exit status
772378 texlive-latex-extra-doc: bashism in /bin/sh script
774942 texlive-latex-extra: package description has too many blank lines and is too long
801505 texlive-latex-extra: complaint about weong file in dpkg trigger
807211 texlive-latex-extra: bug in cool.sty; dependency on texlive-fonts-extra
862966 texlive-fonts-extra: Missing yinitas.tfm which makes yfonts.sty unusable
866114 texlive-fonts-extra: Icon errors when installed alongside fonts-font-awesome moreinfo
877769 Q: files (.tex, .cls, Makefile, etc...) compressed to .gz (but seem should not)
877770 Q: Why -doc package depends on tex?
899413 texlive-latex-extra: beamerthemeAachen.sty is missing package tangocolors
916796 IEEEfull.bib: cannot be read in encoding 'utf8' by biber
917996 texlive-pstricks: gs gives undefined in --execute-- when using color.tex with pstricks on plain tex.
929558 texlive-fonts-extra: STIX2 fonts cannot called by their font names by xelatex & fontspec.sty
930850 texlive-latex-extra: Update listings macro separator
941823 tabu: cell background colours broken
953073 texlive-fonts-extra: TwemojiMozilla.ttf is included in 4 Debian packages
958562 texlive-extra-utils: missing man page for pdfcrop
974724 no useful documentation of pdfjam commands wontfix
992269 texlive-bibtex-extra: Missing beebe bst stiles like abstract.bst
997024 [greek]babel + cleveref + pagenumbering + label = ☇
1008808 texlive-games: [chess.sty] Incorrect usage of babel breaks package wontfix
1011759 texlive-extra-utils: Script pdfjoin has vanished wontfix
597860 texmaker: Accents in Spanish with UTF-8
627161 texmaker: incorrectly picks up \input-ed files from newcommand statements
644566 texmaker executable of amd64.deb 'is not aware' of user's environment variables
682074 texmaker: Restore session does not work after fresh boot
724689 texmaker: Greek intonation problem
898261 texmaker: Texmaker should use /usr/share/hunspell as default directory for dictionaries upstream
790675 texstudio: doesnt start asymptote
233682 !commando ends in insert mode confirmed, help
254619 vim-latexsuite: Overwrites pastetoggle option
282753 vim-latexsuite: support for latex-beamer
312816 vim-latexsuite: <F5> doesn't work properly when showcmd is set confirmed
378176 vim-latexsuite: Allow me to disable AucTeX bindings
403140 vim-latexsuite: disables ":abb" abbreviations in insert mode
407351 Alt-I stopped working confirmed, help, wontfix
499004 disable placeholders selectively for empty braces/brackets
554888 vim-latexsuite: Alt-keys don't work (also after remapping) confirmed, help, wontfix
567348 vim-latexsuite: sometimes open package files after a compilation error confirmed, upstream
630382 '.tex -> .dvi -> .ps' compile rule not respected in vim-latexsuite moreinfo
661518 Interference between TCTarget and TVTarget commands
731001 local configuration files for vim-latexsuite are not red
30955 xfig terminates w/o warning if there is no space left on device
42352 xfig: WISH: CAD-like catch for better drawing with lines
69729 xfig: zoom factor doesn't respect physical display size
79612 xfig: "Move Points" on compound breaks arc in compound
99486 Text justified vertically
159932 xfig: dead keys do not work in text input
210362 xfig: Symbol font does not display correctly help, unreproducible
282133 xfig: Handling of libraries is rudimentary
297768 xfig: "Save as" over an old .fig complains if that .fig happens to be empty
298831 xfig Version 3.2.5 alpha 5 doesn't map symbol font correctly help, unreproducible
299084 xfig: add export options for fig2ps
318884 xfig: Xfig draws a figure 5 times on start-up
329621 Bottom and right toolbars disappear after extreme resizing
342512 xfig: Crash while editing text element
427616 xfig: Screen organisation is messed up when resizing
427961 xfig: Provide an interface for managing different depth combinations for fig2dev -D
722321 xfig: Crashes upon start when using two displays of different width

Open bugs in suggested packages

7 normal
302437 tellico: Exported XML isn't valid confirmed
400398 tellico: Tellico doesn't preserve the selection of rows to display
891934 tellico: Strange crash at startup after new install
898268 tellico: Tellico crashes when importing Audio CD Data
904259 [tellico] persian/arabic script: bracket confusion (due to left-to-right digits and right-to-left characters) l10n
904260 [tellico] field "production year" allows no manual entry of persian digits while import through CSV works l10n
960494 [tellico] Tellico doesn't import mp3 data anymore

Done bugs

885800 dia: Don't Build-Depend on libart bookworm, bullseye, buster, sid
936393 dia: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, sid
689310 fails to get any entry from a valid(?) .bib file (works with moreinfo, unreproducible
992023 latexdiff: with \cite commands -->source with mismatched braces fixed-upstream, upstream
991060 mlpost FTBFS with imagemagick with the #987504 change ftbfs
942896 tellico test rely on the network bullseye, buster, ftbfs, patch, sid
627463 texlive-latex-base: link to PDF is not made properly
550381 tex4ht: Creates invalid html document
637127 biblatex: Version 1.6-1 breaks "refsection=part" functionality
670040 pdfannotextractor & pax do not work at all patch
697728 pdfjam: No --no-landscape with --nup possible
742276 pdfannotextractor & pax do not work at all patch
792676 libpdfbox-java: fails to find org.pdfbox.cos.ICOSVisitor class patch
1003255 Using pst-all makes dvipdf emit a transparency-related warning even if transparency not used
1012488 texlive-latex-extra: Using animate from latex-extra together with pictex from texlive-pictures gives fatal error
1015085 texworks-manual: FTBFS: make[4]: *** [Makefile:66: index.ind] Error 1 bookworm, ftbfs, sid
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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