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Bugs of task meteorology
Total bugs: 98
Open bugs: 85
Fixed bugs: 13
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serious 2 1
important 14 7
normal 17 19
minor 12 4
wishlist 2 7

Summary bugs page of task Meteorology

Immediately looking into bugs of the dependencies of this task is advised (565)*

Open bugs in dependent packages

2 serious, 14 important, 17 normal, 12 minor, 2 wishlist
922747 cdftools FTBFS with flang compiler
531689 Please add documentation
813184 cdo: Depends on non-existing packages
922748 cdo FTBFS with flang compiler
922749 cmor FTBFS with the flang fortran compiler
977206 cylc: Wrong homepage
988875 cylc-flow: broken symlink: /usr/share/cylc/examples/admin -> ../../doc/cylc/examples
585954 Please reactivate the test suite
957123 dballe: ftbfs with GCC-10 bookworm, bullseye, ftbfs, sid
769178 drslib: wrong homepage url
977791 ecaccess: Wrong homepage + new version
993631 cfgrib FTBFS: test failures ftbfs
531693 Include docs
793955 emoslib FTBFS on multiple architectures, test failures.
922610 emoslib FTBFS with flang compiler
862932 ferret-vis: ppl and font directories not recognised
922819 ferret-vis FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
984126 ferret-vis: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
922827 flexpart FTBFS with Flang Fortran compiler
984128 flexpart: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
922828 flextra FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
984129 flextra: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
715700 [Mayhem] Bug report on grads: bufrscan crashes with exit status 139
716002 [Mayhem] Bug report on grads: gribscan crashes with exit status 139
716459 [Mayhem] Bug report on grads: wgrib crashes with exit status 139
748643 Missing "unsigned" causing type conflict
967514 gwyddion: depends on deprecated GTK 2
994670 libdap-dev: dap-config broken for foreign architectures
792824 libmagics++-dev: arch-dependent files in "Multi-Arch: same" package
922840 magics++ FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
983236 magics++: FTBFS with PROJ 8.0.0 ftbfs, patch, upstream
984223 magics++: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
922841 metview FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
820683 ncl: Conflicting declarations of variable ColorErr
855280 ncl-ncarg: cannot install ncl-ncarg from jessie-backports d-i
922850 ncl FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
983253 ncl: FTBFS with PROJ 8.0.0 ftbfs, upstream
991725 libncarg-dev: missing pkg-config requirements 'hdf' and 'hdf-eos'
543162 [ncview] segfault when clicking on "Axes" button confirmed, upstream
922820 pyferret FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
974465 pyferret: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
889321 python-grib: Segmentation fault reading NCEP grib file
844309 spherepack: merge double precision version of spherepack from ncl into this package
922858 spherepack FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
750101 vistrails: significant file duplication in binary package
966055 vistrails: Uses old name of sip module
983230 xygrib: FTBFS with PROJ 8.0.0 ftbfs, upstream

Open bugs in suggested packages

1 serious, 7 important, 19 normal, 4 minor, 7 wishlist
753618 wishlist: gnudatalanguage-nox package
877294 gnudatalanguage: gdl segfaults while running testsuite upstream
976912 coyote: FTBFS on ppc64el (arch:all-only src pkg): Magick: abort due to signal 6 (SIGABRT) "Abort"... bullseye, ftbfs, sid
790327 openturns: FTBFS on mipsel "package requires more than 1GB RAM; do not build on mips/mipsel. Stop." ftbfs, patch, wontfix
948602 openturns-examples has a hard-coded dependency on python bookworm, bullseye, experimental, sid
641542 paraview: Please use xdmf2 package rather than internal versionof xdmf
654839 Paraview should use system VTK libraries
688875 paraview: cannot select and copy current time upstream
753685 dist-packages/paraview/ColorMaps.xml missing
754968 paraview: cmake crashes when find paraview
820453 paraview: "Help -> ParaView Guide" gives error
837796 paraview: segfaults when performing query-based selections
842405 paraview: can't load hdf5 file: vtkSISourceProxy: Failed to create vtkXdmfReader
892293 paraview: errors when saving animations as AVI files [regression]
894462 paraview: edges are blotted [regression]
900364 paraview: Paraview viewer mishandles fractional Qt screen scaling
922855 paraview FTBFS with the Flang Fortran compiler
924196 paraview: warning on wayland, Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland
952390 paraview: 3rd party plugins dir violates directory standards fixed-upstream
954329 paraview: opacity incorrectly handled by the debian bullseye(testing) package paraview-5.7
959677 paraview: Python calculator does not work
962728 wishlist: package F3D
979446 paraview: Lots of Git-LFS pointers in source tarball and Salsa Repository
982601 python3-paraview Conflicts: python3-vtk9
983584 paraview: reproducible builds: Embeds running kernel in header files and binaries patch
984283 paraview: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
985009 python3-paraview: SyntaxWarning during package installation
991238 vtkPVWebExporter.cxx:63 WARN| Failed to import paraview.web.vtkjs_helper module.
702354 Useless (and possibly undefined) conversion from double to enum
710289 r-base-core: Partial upgrades from wheezy to jessie are broken
752609 r-base-dev: Please provide a method to run upstream unit tests at package build time
812544 r-base: FTBFS in a clean sid pbuilder enviromwent
861636 FTBFS when sources imported into git
862112 r-base-dev: Generate reproducible output independently of the build path patch, upstream
888399 r-base-core: [m68k] bogus "missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed" errors upstream
916773 r-base: CRAN packages fail to install.
928653 r-base: change R_LIBS_USER default location
982465 r-base: dyn.load not useful for system libraries

Done bugs

974446 cdo: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
978780 cdo: ftbfs with autoconf 2.70 bookworm, sid
984046 emoslib: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
983235 gnudatalanguage: FTBFS with PROJ 8.0.0 fixed-upstream, ftbfs, upstream
978833 gwyddion: ftbfs with autoconf 2.70 bookworm, ftbfs, sid
993016 libdap: Includes rpc/types.h which is no longer provided by libc6-dev bookworm, ftbfs, patch, sid, upstream
984251 ncl: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
993992 ncl: FTBFS on i386, mipsel, mips64el ftbfs
937214 openturns: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, experimental, sid
966768 openturns: Unversioned Python removal in sid/bullseye bullseye, experimental, sid
984303 pyferret: ftbfs with GCC-11 bookworm, sid
974466 pygrib: autopkgtest must be marked superficial
851421 vistrails: Requires no longer provided python-qt4 QtWebKit module bullseye, buster, sid, stretch, upstream
*To estimate the overall status of the packages in the dependencies of a metapackage a weighted severity is calculated. Done bugs are ignored and bugs in dependent and recommended packages are weighted by factor three compared to suggested packages. Release critical bugs have a much larger weight than important, while the contribution of normal bugs is even smaller and minor bugs have a very small weight. Wishlist bugs are ignored in this calculation. The resulting sum is compared to some boundaries to find a verbal form. The actual numbers need some adjustment to make real sense - this evaluation method is in testing phase.
The severities of bugs are weighted as follows:
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